Mr and Mrs Moore were invited to a Christmas party at a hotel one year. They 1 their car outside and went in. Mr Moore had never got drunk (醉) before, so he was 2 not to drink too much, 3 his friends asked him to drink more 4 . During the party,Mrs Moore found that she had 5 to bring her bag, so she asked her husband to go out to the car and 6 it for her. He 7 so,but on his way back to the hotel gate,he heard a car horn(喇叭) blowing near his own car. He thought 8 might be in need of help and went over to the car with the 9 . He found a small black bear sitting in the driving-seat and blowing the horn. When Mr Moore 10 the party, he told several people about the bear, but of course they did not believe him and thought he was drunk. When he took them out of the hotel to 11 that his story was 12 , he found that the car with the 13 in it had gone. There were so many 14 about Mr Moore‘s black bear during the next week that he at last put an advertisement(广告)in the newspaper;“If anyone saw a black bear blowing the horn in a car outside the Century Hotel 15 the evening of Christmas Day, please tell…” Tow days later 16 Mrs Richards called him and said that she and her husband had left their pet (宠物) bear in their car outside the Century Hotel for a few minutes that evening, and that 17 he had blown the horn. Mrs Richards did not 18 to think there was anything 19 about that.“Our bear likes blowing car horns,”she said,“and we don‘t 20 when we are not driving the car.”
  1. A. pulled
  2. A. polite
  3. A. whether
  4. A. all along
  5. A. learned B. stayed B. careful B. until B. once again B. known C. left C. glad C. or D. hid D. afraid D. though D. for ever
C. just then C. remembered
D. forgotten

  6. A. buy
  7. A. said
  8. A. one
  9. A. noise
B. get B. went B. someone B. voice
C. send C. did
D. return D. thought
C. his wife C. cry
D. the bear
D. shout C. got rid of D. got back to

  10. A. was sent to
  11. A. show
B. was seated at
B. notice B. correct
C. require C. true C. bag C. smiles C. in C. /
D. promise D. exciting D. driving-seat D. calls D. on D. some C. maybe D. seem D. bad D. worry D. almost

  12. A. interesting
  13. A. horn
  14. A. laughs
  15. A. for
  16. A. the
  17. A. quickly
  18. A. mean
  19. A. useful
  20.A. agree 答案:
B. bear B. shouts B. at B. a
B. completely B. have B. strange B. like C. know
C. common C. mind

  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A
  6. B
  7. C
  8. B
  9. A
  10. D
  11. A
  12. C
  13. B
  14. A
  15. D
  16. C
  17. C
  18. D
  19. B
  20. C
Your junior high school years are coming to the end. After the big exam, most of you will go to 51 in a senior high school. 52 are you expecting from senior high? 53 hear what plans some students have for the future.
  1. Zhou Jie, 15, from Shanghai, “ I have heard that although Senior 3 is a 54 year, students feel less stressed out in Senior 1 and Senior
  2. I hope there will be time to enjoy 55, especially tennis. The Tennis Masters Cup will be held in Shanghai. I am going to volunteer to help out and I am sure I will enjoy it.”

  2. Jin Li, 16, from Harbin, “ I really enjoy science. I am crazy about 56 model planes, although I am not good at
  57. I will learn more science in senior high. Anyway, sometime in the future I amgoing to build a super model plane.” 3 Wwang Ya, 15, from Xiamen, “I hope I can be 58 in senior high school. I am only 155cm, I want to be 162 cm. 59 most of the girls in my family don’t grow any taller than 160cm. I hope I am different.” 4 Li Fan, 15, from Puyang, “ I hope I can make friends. In senior high, I will meet different people from different areaas. I hope I can learn nw things 60 them. 51A walk B study C play D write 52A When B How C What D Where 53A Let’s B It’s C What’s D That’s 54A hot B hard C light D kind 55A book B show C photo D sport 56A making B sitting C cooking D cleaning 57 A us B him C it D her 58A shorter B stronger C thinner D taller 59A So B But C When D if 60A to B for C from D at

  1、通读全文,整体把握大意 快速阅读全文,了解文章的体裁、背景、内容、结构,以及情节发展的前因后果。通读 全文时, 尽量避免文章空格的影响, 初步搞清文章的大概意思即可。 为进一步把握全文内容、 篇章结构、时态语态变化做准备,同时也为后面的答题创造条件。通读要求:粗、直、快, 最好在三分钟内完成。不要纠缠于一句话、一个空,否则会断章取义,进入误区。
  2、细读首句和尾句,深挖内涵启示 短文的首句通常能够透露出短文的特征,或叙事、或说明、或议论等。这是我们探索短 文全貌的“跳板”,可以通过首句的时态、语态判断文章的体裁,推测全文的大意及主题;短 文的尾句往往是文章的总结升华,或者是“点睛之笔”。我们可以从中得到重要的启示。因此 应该重视首句和尾句的作用。如真题解析中例 2 的首句和尾句的提示作用;再如 08 湖南省 湘潭市中考试题: 首句为 Communication is a problem for parents and children of all ages; 尾句 为 A good relationship with your parents can make you a better and happier person。根据这两句 话我们就可以知道:本文讨论关于处理父母与子女关系的问题,最后一句话点明观点“同父 母关系融洽可以使你成为一个更好、更快乐的人”。
  3、抓住关键词,注意前后联系 解题时要遵循忠于全文主题这一原则, 联系上下文展开逻辑推理分析, 要迅速找出那些 在短文中起重要作用的关键词,了解所提问题的特定语境,语篇的内在联系等。如 08 广州 市中考试题:短文的第一段用了 Thousands of years ago,第二段用了 Nowadays,这些关键 词能帮助提示我们:本文是介绍古今生活方式的变化,并且文章前后的时态也会相应变化。 另外,答题时还应遵循“先易后难”的原则,遇到个别难题不易判断时,可先跳过去,去 解决那些靠上下文能确定的问题, 随着下文的展开和文章的深入, 或许在前面难以判断的题, 在下文中能找到明确的提示。

  4、重读全文,细心推敲答案 在所有空格全部补全以后, 应根据填好的答案重读全文。 再读时要看一看文章是否顺畅, 前后有无矛盾之处,语法结构是否准确无误。
and 的基本用法是表示并列和对称关系。 (
  1)两个对等的宾语或状语之间,在肯定句中用 and, 但在否定句中,不用 and,一般用 or 或 nor。 (
  2)当一个句子中出现了两个否定词时,应该用 and 连 接并列成分。这时 and 表示的也是全部否定。 He did not talk loudly and also not clearly. 他说话声音不大, 也不清晰。 (
  3)and 用来连接条件分句和结果分句,意思是“……,那 么……”。当两个并列成分本身都是否定时,也要用 and 连接, and 在这种情况下,仍然表示全部否定。 (
  4)在 come, go, run, hurry up, stay, stop 等动词后,and 能 用来代替省略 to 不定式引导的目的状语。 Would you go and tell the children to shut up? 你能告诉孩子 们别再说话了吗? 注:有时 and 后可用第三人称单数或过去式。 例 8 He went and had a drink with us yesterday. 昨天他来了, 和我们喝了点酒。 用在 try, wait 等后,也有类似的用法,但只能用它们的原形 Try and get some water. 尽量拿点水来。 (
  5)祈使句 + and 表示条件。 Let’s give him some help, and he will be able to improve in his
studies. 咱们帮帮他,他一定会提高他的学习成绩。 (
  6)and that ( or those)…,……而且…… 其作用是补充前 面所说的话,以达到强调的目的。用来代表前一分句的全部或一 部分。 He speaks English, and that very well. 他会说英语,而且说 的很好。 (
  7)at once… and … 既 ……又…… The novel is at once interesting and instructive. 那部小说既有 趣,又有教育意义。



   Many teachers believe that the responsibilities for learning lie with the student. __71__ a long reading assignment is given, instructors expect students to be familiar with the __72__ in the reading even if they do not discuss it in class or take ...


   Mr and Mrs Moore were invited to a Christmas party at a hotel one year. They 1 their car outside and went in. Mr Moore had never got drunk (醉) before, so he was 2 not to drink too much, 3 his friends asked him to drink more 4 . During the party,Mrs ...


   2009中考英语完形填空专项训练题精选 雷州市杨家中学英语科组 整理:cnyao88 (1) Being not far from the sea, London is famous (1) its fogs. The worst of them (2) on December 4,1952. All movement in the town came to a stop. It was almost impossible to drive or ride in (3 ...

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   完形填空: 完形填空: 1、 (2009 广东 广东) 、 Water is the __1 of all the things we eat and drink . Not many people understand this but __2 quite true . The human body can go without 3 for a long time . We’ve got many examples for this . Yet two __4 three days wit ...


   中考英语完形填空(附答案) (1) It was the afternoon of April 1. The bell rang __1__ the end of school. The students __2__ their books into their bags. They were ready __3__ home. Just at the moment, their English teacher came into the classroom and said to them ...


   浙江省2005年各地中考英语试题完形填空题 浙江省2005年各地中考英语试题完形填空题 2005 英语 A. 杭州市 Fouad sits in the cafe? listening to the sad music playing on an old tape recorder. The song seems to go on forever. Fouad thinks it's 26 , but he doesn't want to hear it now. It's too sad ...


   高一英语完形填空专练 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 26-45 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D 中 选出能填入相应空白处的最佳选项。 Some people have sailed the world in quite small boats. It is not an easy thing 26. Sometimes the weather 27 bad. That can be the 28 of everyone ...

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   NO.1 NO.1、 manners(礼仪) How much do you know about manners(礼仪)? Different countries have (41) manners. In (42) Asian countries, it is good manners to take off your (43) before you go into a house. (44) in European (欧 (欧 洲)countries, even if they som ...


   2 Tel: 67445352 4145:BDDCC 4650CACAB 5155ADDBC 5660BBDAB 6165:CABDA 6670:DABCA7175:CAACC7680:AECFD 六 Last night, I was waiting for a taxi. After 5 minutes, I was 31 . The driver seemed to be angry. I asked him what the 32 was. He said he had just c ...


   登陆下载更多资料 量子场女生英语 8 高二英语完形填空专练 一 I arrived in the classroom, ready to share my knowledge and experience with 75 students who would be my English Literature class. Having taught in the US for 37 on 17 years, I had no 36 about my ability ...



   中国 MBA 教育网全球第一 MBA 专业门户 中国 MBA 教育网 在线客户服务中心 电话:(京)010-82863124 (津) 022-27824389 022-23040769 网址 中国 MBA 教育网全球第一 MBA 专业门户 中国 MBA 教育网 在线客户服务中心 电话:(京)010-82863124 (津) 022-27824389 022-23040769 E-mail:mbaedu@vip.1 ...


   办学理念:把您的孩子当成我们的孩子! 龙文教育-中小学生个性化教育集团 it?教学设计及测试 四年级下 Unit2 What time is it?教学设计及测试 一.学习目标 1、知识目标:能听懂、会说与生活相关的单词:breakfast, lunch, dinner English class.能会说日常交际 用语,并熟练回答: What time is it? It’s …o’clock… 2、 技能目标: 学会表达时间的句子, 能在现实生活中运用;能够听懂并发出一些指令, Time ...


   2008 年高考英语书面表达预测题 1.假设你校举办看图征文活动,题目为“How to protect your eyesight”。请你用英语写一篇短 文,指出图中所反映的现象,并从阅读时间,光线,眼保健操及睡眠等方面,谈谈保护眼睛 的具体做法. 注意:1. 词数 100-120 字; 2. 可适当加入细节,以便行文连贯。 3. 参考词汇:近视near-sighted How to protect our eyesight 参考范文】 【参考范文】 How to Protect Our ...


   小升初天天练(3) 一、用所给词的适当形式填空 1. (not smoke) here. I’m sorry. Can you see a sign on the wall? It means “No (smoke)”. 2. Their father (swim) very fast. Look, he (swim) in the sports hall now. 3.Where’s my camera? It (is) on the table a moment ago. 4. (do ...


   1-5. CBCAB 6-10. ABCDD 11-15. BACDC 16-20. CDDDA 21-25. CDABB 26-30. ADBDA 31-35. BBDCB 36-40. BCDBA 41-45. BCAAC 46-50. BBCCA 51-55. DAABD 56-60. DABAC 61-65. CCCCD 66-70. BACDC 71-75. DCCBD 76-80. DBBDD 81-85. AAABA 86-90. CACDB 91-95. DABDC 96-1 ...