?英语的词汇和表达方式原本非常丰富,但许多人学了多年英语,临到开口时语 言却依然单调贫乏,甚至词不达意,针对这种情况,给出不同话题和情境下丰富 多样的美式英语表达法,以帮助读者打开思路,提高交流能力。 ?Introduction 介绍 ?Making introductions 给人作介绍 ?
  1. Jane, Tom. Tom, Jane. ?
  2. Jane, this is Tom, Tom, this is Jane. ?
  3. Jane, I'd like you to meet my friend Tom. ?
  4. Jane, have you met Tom? ?
  5. Jane, do you know Tom? ?
  6. Look, Tom's here. Tome, come and meet Jane. ?
  7. Jane, this is Tom. He's a friend from college. ?
  8. Jane, Tom is the guy I was telling you about. ?
  9. Do you know each other? ?
  10. Have you two met ? ?
  11. Have you two been introduced? ?
  12. Allow me to introduce Professor Linda Ferguson of Harvard University. ?
  13. Let me introduce our guest of honor, Mr.David Morris. ?
  14. If you want to be introduced to the author, I think I can arrange it. ?Making a self-introduction 作自我介绍 ?
  1. May I introduce myself ?
  2. Hello, I'm Hanson Smith. ?
  3. Excuse me, I don't think we've met. My name's Hanson Smith. ?
  4. How do you do? I'm Hanson Smith. ?
  5. I'm David Anderson. I don't believe I've had the pleasure. ?
  6. First let me introduce myself. I'm Peter White, production manager. ?
  7. My name is David. I work in the marketing department. ?After being introduced. 被介绍与对方认识后 ?
  1. I'm glad to meet you. ?很高兴认识你。 ?
  2. Nice meeting you. ?很高兴认识你。 ?
  3. How nice to meet you. ?认识你真高兴。 ?
  4. I've heard so much about you. ?我知道很多关于你的事儿。 ?
  5. Helen has told me all about you. ?海伦对我将了好多你的事儿。 ?
  6. I've been wanting to meet you for some time. ?很久以来我一直想见你。 ?
  7. I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. ?认识你我觉得非常高兴。 ?
  8. It's a privilege to know you. ?认识您是我的荣幸。
?Greetings and farewell ?Greetings(问候) ?
  1.A: How are you doing? ?你好吗? ?B: I'm doing great. ?我很好,棒极了! ?
  2.A: What are you up to? ?近来在忙些什么? ?B: Nothing special. ?没什么。 ?
  3.What a pleasant surprise running into you! Let's talk over coffee. ?碰到你真是太好了,我们边喝边聊。 ?
  4.I've been thinking about you lately. Where have you been hiding? ?最近我一直在想你。你藏到哪去了? ?Farewell(再见) ?
  1.I really must be going now. ?我现在必须走。 ?
  2.Nice to have met you. Let's keep in touch. See you later. ?很高兴遇见你。保持联系。再见。 ?
  3. Take care of yourself and give my best regards to your parents. ?多保重,请代我向你父母问好。 ?
  4. I had lots of fun tonight and enjoyed every minute of the party. I hope that someday maybe you'll visit my family in Shanghai. ?今晚我玩的真的很愉快,这个晚会的每分钟我都很快乐。我希望将来有一 天,你也许能来上海我家做客。 ?一步登天训练 ?Since English is not your native tongue, you must develop the muscles of your speech organs to produce unfamiliar sounds. When you read, read as loudly as possible, as clearly as possible and as quickly as possible. Tongue muscles` training is of great importance in learning any foreign language. ?因为英语不是你的母语,所以你必须训练和发展你发音器官(声带,舌, 口,鼻腔等)的肌肉,以便发出陌生的声音。当你读的时候,要尽量大声,尽量 清晰和快速,口腔肌肉训练在学习任何语言时都是非常重要的。 ?Dialogue 对话 ?
  1. Long time no see! ?A: Hi, Jane. Long time no see. How are you getting along? ?B: Keeping busy. Yourself? ?A: I'm just taking one day at a time. ?B: You are bound to have that kind of feeling since the economy is declining. Oh, it's twelve o'clock now. I'm sorry, but I've got to be on my way. ?A: But you just got here. Can't you stay a little longer? ?B: That's very nice of you, but I am afraid I really can't. ?A: It's too bad that you have to go. ?B: Thanks very much. It was a great party.A: It was our pleasure. ?
  2. Keep your fingers crossed. ?A: Ann, it's your turn to sing. ?B: So soon? I'm nervous. ?A: Come on. Take a deep breath. Get ready to go.
?B: What if I don't do well? ?A: Don't worry about that. You'll do fine. ?B: All right. I think I'll try to pluck up my courage. Keep your fingers crossed for me. ?
  3. Look before you leap. ?A: Dad, I want to marry Andrew. ?B: Are you serious? Marriage is not a game. Look before you leap. ?A: Thanks for your good advice. It's a big decision for me. ?B: You've got to think it over. ?发音训练 ?Mike like to write by the nice bright light at night. ?麦克喜欢在夜晚明亮的灯光下写字。 ?额外成就感 ?开心学英语 ?Learn English through Jokes ?笑话是最好的学习资料之一,如果谁能通过讲述英文笑话让外国人狂笑不 止的话, 一定是个英语水平很高的人! 这需要比较漂亮的发音, 恰到好处的神态, 符合情景的语气语调,当然首先他需要具备一个活泼开朗的心。放下生活的各种 重负,享受“笑话学英文”给你带来的无穷乐趣吧! ?经典范例一: ?Voice on phone: ?“Is that Mr.Roamer’s second wife?” ?“No, I’m his third; you’ve got the wrong number. ?经典范例一: ?“My husband is crazy about me, He says such nice things in his sleep .But it’s funny, he always calls me by the wrong name.” ?(短评)平时我们要大量的搜集笑话,因为它是很棒的学习材料,它还可 以: ?
  1、 巩固语法
  2、 增强语感
  3、 学习地道口语
  4、 增加单词量和丰富惯用法
  5、 培养幽默感,成为最会说英语笑话的人
  6、了解西方文化和西方人的心态。能把 这些笑话流利地讲出来,就是好样的!就是成功!就是英文好!另外这也是验证 翻译能力的最佳测试:把英语笑话翻译得让中国人笑!
表 达

  1.Where can I wash my hands? ?请问洗手间在哪里? ?
  2.I'm mad about Bruce Lee.
?我疯狂喜欢李小龙。 ?
  3.Don't beat around the bush. ?别拐弯抹角了。 ?
  4.Are you pulling my leg? ?你在开玩笑吧。 ?
  5.You're the boss. = It's up to you. ?一切听你的。 ?
  6.Over my dead body. ?你休想。 ?
  7.I got sick and tired of hotels. ?我对宾馆厌倦透了。 ?
  8.Laughter is the best medicine. Time is the great healer. ?笑声是最佳的良药。时间是最好的治疗。 ?
  9.Everyone has his fifteen minutes of fame. ?每一个人都会有机会成为 15 分钟名人。 ?
  10.I don't mind staying up late. ?我不在乎熬夜。 ?
  11.I don't feel up to that. ?我觉得我不能胜任那工作。 ?
  12.We are in the same boat; we both failed the exam. ?我们处境相同,考试都没及格。 ?一步登天训练 ?奥斯卡颁奖典礼致辞 ?I’m very grateful to receive this award for “best actress”. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this great honor. There are many people I’d like to thank. First of all, I want to thank my parents for bringing me into this world. I also want to express my gratitude to all of my teachers over the years, but especially to my acting teacher, Jim Jones!I also want to thank my husband, for his understanding and kindness. And finally, I want to express my appreciation to all of my friends for their support, especially to Martin Miller, for being there when I needed him. This award means a great deal to me. ?Words can’t express how honored I feel at this moment. I will remember this night for the rest of my life! Thank you very much.
?获此“最佳女主角”奖的荣誉,我深表感谢。这种感激之情实在无法用语言来表达。我 想感谢很多人。首先,我想感谢我的父母把我带到这个世界上。另外,我还想对这么多年来 教过我的老师说声:“谢谢”,尤其要感谢我的表演老师吉姆-琼斯!我要感谢我的丈夫对我 的理解与支持。最后,我想感谢所有支持过我的朋友,特别感谢马丁-米勒,每当我需要他 时,他总在我身边。这个奖对我来说意义重大。任何话语也表达不了此时我所感到的万分荣 幸。我今生将永远记住今晚的美好时刻!非常感谢!
?Dialogue 对话 ?
  1. Make a pass at ?A: Oh, Tim. Long time no see. I’ve heard that you and Betty are through. How come? You told me that she is your kind of girl and you take her seriously. ?B: Yes, it was love at first sight. But you know she always played with love and she made a pass at every boy she met. I've had it. ?A: Oh, she is? OK, forget it. So what about your new girlfriend. ?B: She has an impressive personality and attractive figure. I find I have fallen in love with her, but I don't have the courage to tell her. We are still just on the
speaking terms yet. ?A: Don't get too involved. Maybe soon you will find her many defaults unbearable. Anyway, I hope you have better luck this time. ?B: Thank you. I'll need it. ?
  2. It never rains but it pours. ?A: I have 11 messages on my answering machine! ?B: Oh, you're very popular today. ?A: But nobody has called me for weeks. ?B: It never rains but it pours. ?
  3. The last of the big spender! ?A: Janice is mad at Jim. ?B: Why? ?A: He never pays for anything on their dates. Not even for a cup of coffee. ?B: She should know better. Jim is the last of big spenders. ?发音训练 ?Write the correct words on the right blackboard. ?在右边的黑板上写上正确 的字。 ?额外的成就感 ?高级甜言蜜语 ?
  1.I’m so in love with you. ?我深深地爱上了你。 ?
  2.I love you more than you’ll ever know. ?我比你想象中的更爱你。 ?
  3.You’re so beautiful when you smile. ?你笑起来真美。 ?
  4.I didn’t know what love was until I met you. ?我以前从来不知道爱为何物,直到遇见了你。 ?
  5.We were meant to be together. ?我们注定要在一起的。 ?
  6.No one can make me smile the way you do. ?没有人能像你那样让我笑逐颜开 ?
  7.You’re the only person who understands me. ?你是唯一理解我的人。 ?
  8.Our relationship is so special. ?我们的关系是如此的特别。 ?
  9.I’ve never felt this way about a woman before. ?我以前从未对一个女人有过这样的感觉。 ?
  10.You’re the only one I want. ?你是我的唯一。 ?疯狂爱情 ?Once, I let a true love slip by before my eyes, only to find myself regretting when it was too late. Nothing in the world can be as painful as this. If God would give me another chance, I would tell the girl I love her. If our love had to be set a time limit, I wish it would be 10,000 years.
?曾经有一份真诚的爱情摆在我的面前,但是我没有去珍惜,等到失去了的时候才后悔莫 及,尘世间最痛苦的是莫过如此.如果上天可以给我一个机会再来一次的话,我会跟那个女孩 子说”我爱你”.如果非要把这份爱加上一个期限,我希望是一万年!
? How's everything? ?一切都好? ?What's up?
?近况如何? ?What's new? ?有什么新鲜事? ?What's happening? ?在忙什么? ?How are you? ?你好吗? ?Nice to meet you. (适用于第一次见面) ?很高兴见到你。 ?Nice to see you again. (适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人) ?很高兴再见到你。 ?How have you been?(适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友) ?你过得怎么样? ?Long time no see. (适用于很久没见的朋友) ?好久不见。
办公室会话: 办公室会话:打招呼
办公室里怎么打招呼?其实没有那么复杂,学学下面这些对话实例,轻松去建立 你的人际关系吧。 ?(
  1) ?A: Hi, Jane, how are you doing this morning? ?嗨,简,今天早晨感觉怎样? ?B: I'm all right, thanks. Just a little tired. ?还好,谢谢。只是有点累。
?A: You worked overtime last night? ?昨晚加班了吧? ?B: Yeah, I got home at about
  2. ?是啊,我昨晚 2 点才到家。 ?(
  2) ?A: Hi, Tim. How are you? I haven't seen you for a long time. ?嗨,蒂姆,你好吗?好久不见了。 ?B: I'm fine. I've been out of town. I just got back. ?很好。我出差去了,刚回来。 ?A: Where did you go? ?去哪了? ?B: I went to New York for a meeting. ?去纽约开了个会。 ?(
  3) ?A: Hi there! My name is Terry. You're new around here, huh? ?嗨,我叫特里。你是新来的吧? ?B: Yes. My name is Mark. I just started a couple of weeks ago. ?是的。我叫马克,刚来几个星期。 ?A: Well, if there's anything I can do for you, let me know. ?哦,如果有什么需要帮忙的,尽管找我。 ?B: Thanks. I really appreciate that! ?非常感谢!
GREETINGS ?打招呼 ?Hello. ?你好. ?Good morning. ?早上好. ?How are you doing? ?你好吗?
?Not bad. ?还不错。 ?What’s up? ?怎么啦?/有什么新鲜事发生吗? ?It’s nice to meet you. ?见到你很高兴。 ?It’s nice to see you again. ?很高兴又见到你。 ?I’m surprised to see you here. ?想不到在这里见到你。 ?Long time no see. ?好久不见了。 ?How have you been? ?你近来过得怎么样? ?Hi, there. ?嗨,你好。 ?How are th



   英语相互介绍用语 ?英语的词汇和表达方式原本非常丰富,但许多人学了多年英语,临到开口时语 言却依然单调贫乏,甚至词不达意,针对这种情况,给出不同话题和情境下丰富 多样的美式英语表达法,以帮助读者打开思路,提高交流能力。 ?Introduction 介绍 ?Making introductions 给人作介绍 ?1. Jane, Tom. Tom, Jane. ?2. Jane, this is Tom, Tom, this is Jane. ?3. Jane, I'd like you to ...


   Wish you happiness and prosperity in the coming year! 祝你新的一年快乐幸福! Wish you success in your career and happiness of your family! 事业成功,家庭美满! Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year.祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快 乐新年。 I hope you have a most ...


   状元谈英语学习方法:培养语感 状元谈英语学习方法:培养语感 林婵娟 2007 年海南文科状元 林婵娟 英语作为一门语言, 和汉语一样, 拥有自身的文化背景。 许多同学感到学习英语很吃力, 就是因为不了解它作为一门来自西方文化的外语所存在和使用的背景。 毕竟我们生活的世界 和西方文化有很大差距。而学习语言必须有语感,而语感不能单单靠读几个单词,几个句子 就能获得。我的建议是,在高一或者高二,英语学习难度开始加深而学习压力还不算大的时 候, 在课外时间找一些英文发音中文字幕的好莱坞大片来 ...


   英语 百科名片 英语(English)是联合国的工作语言之一,也是事实上的国际交流语言。英语 属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族下的西日耳曼语支, 并通过英国的殖民活动传播到世 界各地。由于在历史上曾和多种民族语言接触,它的词汇从一元变为多元,语法 从“多屈折”变为“少屈折”,语音也发生了规律性的变化。根据以英语作为母 语的人数计算, 英语可能是世界上第三大语言, 但它是世界上最广泛的第二语言。 世界上 60%以上的信件是用英语书写的,上两个世纪英国和美国在文化、经济、 军事、政治和科学上的领先地位使 ...


   Could 'Japanglish' be a legitimate language " "We wish all the time to be able to provide you fresh bread and to propose you a joy of eating life with bread," says the sign in my local bakery. "Especially, we want to be a host at di ...


   在英语教学中重视文化教育 浙江省湖州中学弁山校区英语组 姜海礁 [摘 要] 语言和文化有着密不可分的内在联系,英语文化的学习是英语课程的一个重要 组成部分。学习英语的过程就是对英语国家文化知识了解和掌握的过程,掌握英语必须跨 越英汉两种语言文化, 才能进行得体的交际, 所以教师在教学中必须重视英语文化的导入。 [关键词] 素质教育 文化教学 关键词] 跨文化交际 一、问题的提出 语言是文化的载体,是文化的主要表现形式,语言的本质差异就是文化差异。语言是 随着民族的发展而发展的, 它是社会民族 ...


   5.写作 新增的作文是一篇 100 字左右的应用性短文,文体包括有信件、便笺、备忘录等。满 分 10 分。其实,2003 和 2004 年的大纲都强调了要会写应用文,如书信、简历摘要和备忘 录, 但同学们在复习中一般不会将其作为重点来抓, 老师讲课的时候也主要以议论和记叙描 述类为主,且历年真题命题情况也是如此。但 10 大纲对写作部分的新要求我们要正视应用 文, 所以同学们平时要注意应用文写作的特定的格式要求, 有意识的掌握各类应用文的写作 方法。按照大纲的要求,要注重写作内容信息点覆盖的 ...


   辜鸿铭,精通九国的语言文化,国学造诣极深,曾获赠博士学位达 13 个之多。他的思想影 响跨越 20 世纪的东西方,是一位学贯中西、文理兼通的学者,又是近代中学西渐史上的先 驱人物。 辜鸿铭 10 岁时就随他的义父??英人布朗跳上苏格兰的土地, 被送到当地一所著名的 中学,受极严格的英国文学训练。课余的时间,布朗就亲自教辜鸿铭学习德文。布朗的教法 略异于西方的传统倒像是中国的私塾。他要求辜鸿铭随他一起背诵歌德的长诗《浮士德》 。 布朗告诉辜鸿铭:“在西方有神人,却极少有圣人。神人生而知之,圣人 ...


   学号课程号开始退出医院管理 医生编码 毕业院校 最高学历 学生信息年龄 月薪+津贴+奖金-医疗保险-养老保险 字符型(6) 字符型(30) 字符型(10) 实发工资 华中科技大学 外国语学院英语二学位教学计划 [ 作者:wzhw 来源:华中科技大学外国语学院 点击数:638 更新时间:2006-2-11 文章录入: wzhw ] 【字体: 】 课程名称 学时/学分 二下 (2-6 月) 二下暑假 (7 或 8 月) 32 开课时间 三上(9-次年 元月) 32 三下 (2-6 月) 三下暑假 ...


   英语学习方法 ?语言重运用,功到自然成 林语堂学英文要诀 林语堂先生(1895-1976), 现代文学家、翻译家,一生共出 版中文集三种,英文著作36种。 他从中国人学习英语的实际出发, 提出了一系列的英语教学方法和 英语学习方法,至今仍然值得我 们借鉴。 林语堂学英文要诀 " 一、学英文时须学全句,勿专念单字。学 时须把全句语法、语音及腔调整个读出 来。 " 二、学时不可以识字为足。识之必然兼用 之。凡遇新字,必至少学得该字之一种正 确用法。以后见有多种用法,便多记住。 " 三、识字不可 ...



   中华考试网.华文燕园 www.cne163.com 药片) 一.ZYBAN Tablets (药片) 1 ZYBAN is a prescription (处方) medicine to help people quit smoking. Studies have shown that more than one third of people quit smoking for at least one month while taking ZYBAN. For many patients, ...


   http://www.514t.com 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 2007 年 3 月公共英语考试二级模拟试题一及答案 PETS II 模拟考试笔试试卷 第一部分 听力理解 (略) 第二部分 英语知识运用 第一节 单项填空 A. failure as failure with 2. can you come on Monday or Tuesday? I’m afraid day is possible. A. either B. neither C. an ...


   2009 年高考英语专项练习大全之单项选择题 2009 年高考英语专项练习大全之单项选择题 (一)名词 1.To the sea captain’s surprise,he found that A.earth B.1and travel could also be quite pleasant. D.plain C.ground 2.Some famous singers live on the A.salary B.value from their record sales. C.bil ...


   网络聊天 100 句流行英语 1、 How are you doing?(你好吗?) 2、 I'm doing great(我过得很好。) 3、 What's up?(出什么事了/你在忙些什么/怎么了?) 4、 Nothing special(没什么特别的。) 5、 Hi、 Long time no see(嗨,好久不见了。) 6、So far so good(到目前为止,一切都好。) 7、Things couldn't be better(一切顺利。) 8、How about yourse ...


   怎样用英语骂人 1,Hey!wise up!放聪明点好吗? 2,Put up or shut up.要么你就去做,不然就给我闭嘴。 3,You eat with that mouth?你是用这张嘴吃饭的吗? 4,You are dead meat.你死定了。 5,Don't you dare!How dare you!你好大的胆子啊! 6,Don't push me around.不要摆布我。 7,You want to step outside?想到外去单挑吗? 1.Stop compla ...