接下来请你们耐心和细心,试着体验采摘知识果实带来的开心吧! 接下来请你们耐心和细心,试着体验采摘知识果实带来的开心吧! I. choose and write.(请你为下列图片选择正确的词组,注意书写规范) 分) (6 (请你为下列图片选择正确的词组,注意书写规范) (
II. Read and fill in blanks. (根据所给首字母,用单词的正确形式填空 (10 分) 根据所给首字母, 根据所给首字母 用单词的正确形式填空)(
  1. Zhang Peng is m a snowman.
  2. I often p sports with my friends.
  3. In spring, we can f kites.
  4. When's y birthday?
  5. W season do you like best?
III. Choose the correct answer. (选择正确的答案)( 分) 选择正确的答案)(10 )( ( )
  1. What's your favourite season? A. I like fall best. summer. B. February is my favourite. C. I swim in

  2. My parents usually get up 6:
  40. A. on B. in C. at

)3 . What's the date today? A. It's Tuesday. B. It's cool C. It's April 1st.

)4 . Is Amy answering the phone? A. Yes, he does. B. No, she is writing a letter. C. No, he isn't.

  5. August is the month of the year. A. seven B. ninth C. eighth

  6. What is Mike doing? He A. running B. swims in the river C. is walking

  7. do you like summer? I can swim in the river. A. Why, Because B. Why, And C. Which, Because

  8. There is a call you. A. for B. on C. at

  9. ?
They are listening to music. A. What do they do? B. What are you doing? C. What are your grandparents doing? ( )
  10. Apples are sweet fall. A. on B. in C. at
IV. Read and choose.(读一读,选择正确的答句)( 分) )(5 (读一读,选择正确的答句)( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. What do you do on the weekend? )
  2. When is Children's Day? )
  3.Which season do you like best? )
  4. Are you climbing the mountain? )
  5. What are you doing? A. No, I'm going hiking. B. I'm doing homework. C. June 1st. D. Winter. I can play with snow. E. I often do homework and go hiking.
V. Read and write. (连词成句 (10 分) 连词成句)( 连词成句
  1. I, leaves, on, pick, the, up, weekend, often, (.)
  2. he, making, is, snowman, a, (?)
  3. season, like, do, best, which, you (?)
  4. birthday, my, is, in, June, grandpa’s, (.)
  5. is, dinner, cooking, in, brother, kitchen, the, my, (.)
VI. Reading comprehension. (阅读理解 (9 分) 阅读理解)( 阅读理解 (A) Mike: Hello. This is Mike. Is that Wu Yifan? Wu: Yes, this is Wu Yifan. What are you doing, Mike? Mike: I'm watching TV. What are you doing? And how is everybody doing?
Wu: Just fine. I'm doing the dishes. My father is writing an e-mail in the study. My mother is sweeping the floor. And my brother is playing chess with my sister. Mike: What do you do on the weekend? Wu: I visit grandparents and go shopping. Mike: Do you want to go to the nature park? Wu: Sure. What time? Mike: At 1:
  30. Wu: OK. See you later. Mike: Bye. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。. ( )
  1. Wu Yifan is watching TV and Mike is doing the dishes. ( )
  2. Wu Yifan's father is writing an e-mail in the bedroom. ( )
  3. Wu Yifan visits grandparents and goes shopping on the weekend. ( )
  4. Wu Yifan wants to go to the Children's Park at 1:30 with Mike. (B) My name is Amy. I'm from Canada. I usually get up at 6:30, and I often go hiking on the weekend. I like spring best. It's windy and warm. And I like winter, too. Because my birthday is in December, and I can play with snow. Today my parents are going shopping. My brother is swinging in the garden. I'm watching TV. Do you want to be my friend. My QQ is 408981124, and my telephone number is 66781
  15. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。 ( )
  1. Amy often goes hiking. A. on Sunday ( B. in spring C. on the weekend.
  2. Which is Amy's favourite season? A. Spring. B. Winter. C. Spring and winter.
  3. Why does Amy like winter? Because. A. her birthday is in December B. she can play with snow C. A and B
  4. Is Amy's brother going shopping? A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn't. C. Yes, he is swinging in the garden.
  5. What's Amy's telephone number? A. 408981124 B. 6678115 C. 408981124 and 6678115



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