1, 关于 10 个景点的的重点。 , 个景点的的重点。
  2, 景点讲解提问的参考题。 景点讲解提问的参考题。 ,
  1) To talk about the leading feature of Wulingyuan scenic spots. ) The most characteristic landform feature is the quartzes sandstone peak forest and vallyes . 3000 odd peaks and 800 limpid waters make Zhangjiajie as beautiful as Chinese paintings.
  2) To list three famous towers in the southern China. Yueyang Tower, Yellow Crane Tower, King Teng Pavillion.
  3) To list 10 places of interests in China. Beijing, suzhou, guilin, hangzhou, Anhui, Xi’an, Changjiang, Taiwan, Chengde.
  4) What is Xiang Embroidery taken as the basic picture? Chinese Painting.
  5) In Mawangdui han tombs, Why has the female corpse been kept so well till now? Under the condition of deeply buried, well?sealed up, constant temperature, constant humidity, short of oxygen, no bacteria.
  3, 导游规范提问参考题。 导游规范提问参考题。 ,
  1) When should the OK ticket confirm the flight seats? 48 hours before the planned time.
  2) What preparatory jobs should a local guide do at the exit station? Confirm the tickets; to help the needy guests to wrap the luggage; weigh the luggage; remind the guests of keeping the passports, shopping receipts( especially the cultural relics and valuable medicine herbs), exchange memo; to help the guests to pay off all the bills; to get to the airport ahead of 2 hours.
  3) The differences of the individual tour and group package tour: The itinerary and arrangement of the trip; the means of paying; quotation; freedom limit; the number of the tourists.
  4) the 4 types of the language of a tour guide: Oral language; facial expressions; gesture language; uniform language.
  5) Who take care of the passports of China out?bound tourists at the moment of departure? Tour leader
  4, 应变能力提问参考题。 应变能力提问参考题。 , The Situations Discussion 1, One summer day, a local tour guide showed a group of American guests around ZhuoZhenyuan garden. On the tour, one of the guests got lost, one is summer sick, but the other guests would like to Lingering garden. As a local tour guide, What should you do ? 2, You are announcing something to the whole group, some of your guests make a bad noise, as a guide, what should you do ? 3, You are a national guide, you take a group of tourists to Su Zhou, but when you arrive in some airport in Suzhou, nobody meets you all. What should you do?
4, There is a popular saying among a group of foreign guests: It is the most unfortunate man who marries an American wife, who eats British food, who lives in the Japanese style house, who takes Chinese salary. You , as a Chinese people, as a tour guide, How should you explain it to your foreign guests? 5 , You are the local guide of a tour group . After one day’s sightseeing , some old people in the group feel tired. They want to go back to the hotel immediately so they can rest a little before dinner. There will be a concert in the evening that they would like to attend. But some people say they haven’t enough time to go shopping since they have been in China . They want to spend an hour or so in the friendship store. Why not visit another place of interest? Try to handle this situation. 6, In Shanghai. As we know, Shanghai is the “shopping paradise”. Often the foreign guests like to go shopping here, but today the guests are too tired to go shopping at night. The local guide didn’t tell the guests the dinning place, which is very close to the shopping place in advance, and take the guests to some shopping center, but the guests are not willing to get off the travel bus. Now, as a national guide, What should you do?
  5, 汉语言文学提问。 汉语言文学提问。 , 注意诗词, 对联, 名句等的翻译。
  1) 注意诗词, 对联, 名句等的翻译。 先天下之忧而忧, 后天下之乐而乐。 如: 先天下之忧而忧, 后天下之乐而乐。 A leader should plan and worry ahead of people, and enjoy the fruits after the people.
  2) Question: Is Arabic language one of the 6 working languages of the UN?
  3) 背诵诗词, 对联,名句等。 背诵诗词, 对联,名句等。 The complementary materials: Wulingyuan is not only famous for its natural scenery, but also for its rich resources of flora and fauna. It’s a treasure house of green plants and a paradise for wild animals. The mountains are covered with primitive secondary forests, such as dove trees, ginkgoes, Chinese Firs, lobster flowers, and other rare trees and flowers. Rhesus monkeys, civets, tragopans, golden pheasants, baby fish( giant salamander), and other animals and birds are active in the forests. Flora and Fauna Wulingyuan is a green treasure store and natural zoo. It lies in the Central China Botanic Region of the Sino-Japanese Botanic Zone, and was a refuge for many ancient species during the Quaternary Glacial Era. There are over 3000 species of plants, above 700 types of trees, up to 450 kinds of ornamental flowers, and about 116 species of vertebrates falling into 50 families. Over
  97.7% of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is clad with a vast expanse of primitive sub-tropical forests. There are 191 species of trees, of which many
are rare, including ginkgo and spruce. There are quite a few exotic flowers, too, such as the unique lobster flower, giant mountain lotus and various azalea, iron plum (乌梅) and orchid blooms (兰花) Flowers blossom here all the year . round, giving the area a beautiful fragrance. In addition, hundreds of species of animals are found in Wulingyuan. Among them are rare animals such as Chinese giant salamander, Asiatic wild dog, Asiatic black bear, clouded leopard, Chinese water deer, rhesus monkeys, civets and pangolins, and some 20 rare birds such as tragopan, golden pheasant, white-headed duck and red-billed leiothrix.


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