(all) joking aside 说正经的。 I admit, it's really funny but, joking aside, we need to find a way to clean up this mess. 我承认确实很好笑,但是说正经的,我们还是要想办法把这 烂摊子收拾干净。 joking aside, can you introduce us? 说正经的, All 你能介绍我们俩认识吗?

  1.speak for itself 无需解释。 E.gWe don't need to do any promotion for the book. Let the content speak for itself. 我们不用给这本书做宣传,让内容自己说话。The product is a huge success. The profits speak for themselves. 这件产品非常成功,看盈利就知道了。
  2.speaking of which 说到这。 E.gI have to work overtime tonight, speaking of which, don't forget to feed the dog. 我今天晚上要加班,说到这,别忘喂狗。I am stuck in traffic, speaking of which, did you hear the news.....我堵在路上了,对了,你听新闻说....了吗?
  3.speak the same language 看法一致。 E.gJack and John are really tight. They speak the same language about almost everything. Jack 跟 John 关系特好,俩人对几乎所有问题都看法一致。 We don't speak the same language when it comes to politics. 我们在政治上看法永远不投机。
  4.speak too soon. 话说得太早了。 E.g The other day I was just talking to my husband about the kids not getting sick this winter, but I spoke too soonthey had ear infections two days later. 那天我还跟老公说今年冬天孩子没生病,结果话说早了,两天后他们就得了中耳炎。 we speak. 正在。 E.gThey're talking to the lawyers as we speak. 他们正在跟律师 谈。The pink slips are being sent out as we speak. 解雇通知正在往外发。speak of the devil 说 曹操, 曹操到。 Is Jack in today? B: Speak of the devil. (Jack 今天来了吗?说曹操, A: 曹操到。 )
  6.Speak for yourself. 你只代表你自己,不代表我。 E.gA: Yesterday's party was the best ever. B: Speak for yourself. (A: 昨天的派对是最棒的。B: 我可不这么觉得。) A: We're really getting old. B: Speak for yourself. (A: 咱们现在真是老了。B: 说你自己吧,我不这么觉得。)

  1.抗争到最后一刻:won't give up without a fight. \ go down fighting. E.gWe won't give up without a fight. 我们不会轻易放弃, 一定要抗争到最后一刻。 stand behind our principles We and will go down fighting. 我们坚持原则,一定要抗争到最后一刻。
  2.fight like cats and dogs 在一起就掐。The two sisters used to fight like cats and dogs when they were young. 这姐俩小时候没事老吵。 The couple decided to seek marriage counseling because they fought like cats and dogs. 这对夫妻老吵架,所以决定通过婚姻咨询寻求帮助。

  1.(口语)take it easy! 放轻松(跟别人说再见时就可以说 take it easy) 。easy does it! 慢点, 轻点。It's easy for you to say. 你站着说话不腰疼。go easy on me 手下留情。 A: Let's play chess. B: Only if you promise to go easy on me. (A: 下盘棋。B: 那你得答应我手下留情。)
  2.easier said than done. 说说容易做起来难。 E.g I know I need to find a better job, but it's easier said than done. 我知道要换个好点的工作,但真找起来就没那么容易了。Going to the gym three times a week is easier said than done. 每星期去三次健身房说说容易,做起来难。
  1) It's as easy as A, B, C.
  2) It's as easy as 1, 2,
  3) It's (as) easy as pie.
  4) It's a piece of cake.
  5) It's child's play.
  6) It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
  7) It's like taking candy from a baby.
  8) It's a walk in the park.

  1.Two wrongs do not make a right. 别人做错事不受罚, 不等于你做错事就是对的。 Mom: Why did you push your brother? Kid: He drew on my book. Mom: But you know, two wrongs do not make a right. (M: 你干嘛推弟弟?K: 他在我书上瞎画。M: 他不对,可你推他也不对啊。)
  2.on the wrong side of history 站在历史的对立面, 不符合历史潮流。 up on the wrong side of get the bed 起床起错了边, 引伸为一天气都不顺。 比如, What's wrong with you today? Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? 你怎么了?干嘛一天都那么气不打一处来?
  3.hang out with the wrong crowd 跟不学好的人鬼混。 He used to hang out with the wrong crowd. 他原来曾跟不学好的孩子一起鬼混。 也可以用 fall in with the wrong crowd 代替。 His grades plummeted after he fell in with the wrong crowd. 他开始跟坏孩子鬼混后,成绩一落千 丈。
  4.wrong answer 回答是错误的; 陌生人打错电话, 你接起来可以说 Sorry, you've got the wrong number. 对不起,你打错号了;wrong way 路走错 了;wrong size 衣服尺寸不对;比如, 去退衣服的时候,客服问你为什么退,你就可以说,I bought the wrong size. 我买错号了。
  5.don't get me wrong. 别误会。Don't get me wrong. I was only trying to help. 别误会,我不过 是想帮忙。Don't get me wrong. I am on your side. 别误会,我是站在你这边的。Don't get me wrong. I didn't intend to offend you. 别误会,我并不是想冒犯你。
  6.back the wrong horse 支持不可能赢的人或事。There is no way he could win the election. You are backing the wrong horse. 他不可能选上, 你支持错人了。 bark up the wrong tree 错怪人了。 I didn't do this. You are barking up the wrong tree. 不是我干的,你错怪我了。

  1.why buy a cow when you can get milk for free? 有免费的为什么还要花钱去买呢?I don't need a car. I can always ride with my roommate. Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free? 我不需要车,我随时可以搭我室友的便车,有现成免费的,干嘛还要自己花钱去买呢?

  2.Don't have a cow! 淡定!别慌!A: Today is our 10-year wedding anniversary. I totally forgot. My wife is gonna kill me! B: Don't have a cow. You still have time to buy her a gift. (A: 今天是 我结婚十周年纪念,完全忘了,老婆肯定跟我急。B: 别慌,你还有时间去买礼物啊.) clue someone in 告诉某人。 have no idea what you're arguing about. Could either of you clue me I in? 你们吵什么我完全听不懂,你们俩谁先告诉告诉我行吗?clue someone in 也可以改为 fill someone in. 比如开会迟到了问同 事,what did I miss? Fill me in. 我错过什么了?告诉我 一下。 lucky 可以跟哪些词连用。You are a lucky dog. (你运气真好) It's your lucky day. (今天算你走 运) The interview might be my lucky break. (这次面试可能是我的一次好机会) You can thank your lucky stars that your girlfriend didn't find out. (你女朋友没发现,算你走运) smart as a whip 和 sharp as a tack 形容某人特别聪明。Jack is smart as a whip. His IQ is way above average. Jack 特聪明,智商远远高出平均水平。 Jenny is sharp as a tack, but if you ask me, she might be too smart for her own good. Jenny 太聪明,要让我说,她可能会聪明反被聪 明误。 level with someone 意思是跟某人坦白讲, 实话实说。 gonna level with you. I don't think you I'm guys are a good match. 我跟你直说吧,我觉得你们俩不配。Come on, level with me, do I look fat in this dress? 老实说,我穿这件裙子是不是显得很胖? beggars can't be choosers. 求人就不能挑三拣四。I asked my friend Janice to lend me a cocktail dress. The one she gave me is one size too big. But I guess beggars can't be choosers. 我向朋友 Janice 借鸡尾酒会穿的礼服,她给我的那件尺寸大了一号,不过,求人也就不能那么挑了。 a quick study (非正式)形容某人学什么一学就会。Although I don't have any retail experience, I am a quick study. 虽然我没什么零售行业的经验,但是我这人学什么一学就会。The rookie is a quick study. He learned all the plays within a week. 新球员学东西很快, 一个星期就学会了所 有战术。



   旅行机构词汇 旅行社:travel agency 报价:quotation 包价旅游:package tour 团体旅游:group tour 散客:individual tourist 住宿:accommodation 膳食:meals 交通:transportation 游览:sightseeing 衣食住行:clothing, meals, accommodation/shelter, transportation 旅游口译词汇 点:spot, site, resort, destin ...


   >BEC2口语04年12月考试情况考生反馈 (备注:向这些同学致意,感谢他们/她们把宝贵的考试经验分享给我们。也希望受惠的各位能在自己考完试后发送EMAIL到TRACY的信箱。分享金钱,你得到的少了;分享知识,你获得更多。) >PART 1:考官问了大约4-5个私人问题。有点出乎意料的多。(TRACY备注:包括学什么,干什么工作,以及一两个下列的OPEN QUESTIONS。) >PART 2:考官给考生一人一张纸(上面有3 ...


   Colleague / co-worker / peer 同事 Superior 上级 Subordinate 下级 Recruit 招募 Orientation 介绍性知道 Promotion 晋升 Training opportunity 培养机会 Pay Performance appraisal / evaluation / review / assessment 绩效评价 De?表示相反的过程 Inflation ? deflation 通货膨胀 ? 通货紧缩 Centralize ...


   [编辑本段]简介   成人英语三级考试的目的是为了检测本地区成人教育系列中非外语专业的英语教学水平,保证成人本科毕业生学士学位的授予质量。成人英语教学的目的是培养学生具有较强的阅读能力,一定的英汉互译能力和初步的听力能力,使他们能以英语为工具。自1991年以来,北京地区成人高等教育英语三级统一考试已经连续举行了13次。 考试是一种标准化考试。由于北京地区尚不具备口试条件,目前暂只进行笔试。考试范围主要参照全日制文理科本科英语教学大纲所规定的一至三级除说的技能以外的大部分内容。在证书题型设计上, ...


   连环撞 a chain collision 黄灯 amber light 冲上人行道 drive onto the pavement 肇事逃跑司机 hit-run driver 辗过 run over 1. 交通规则 traffic regulation 2. 路标 guide post 3. 里程碑 milestone 4. 停车标志 mark car stop 5. 红绿灯 traffic light 6. 自动红绿灯 automatic tra ...

研究生综合英语2 习语详解

   Lesson one 1. manger [mein d?Y] n. (动物的等)食槽 The horses were crunching their straw at their manger. 这些马在嘎吱嘎吱地吃槽里的草。 a dog in the manger n. 占着茅坑不拉屎的人 Don't be such a dog in the manger-you didn't read the book until I asked to borrow it from you! 别这么占 ...


   欢迎下载英语听力 60 个必考习语详解 欢迎下载 1、across 1、表方位。 Let’s go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat. 让我们去街对面的餐馆买些吃的。 2、表动作,穿越。 You must go across the bridge and then turn right. 你必须先过桥,然后再往右拐。 2、age 1、年龄。最一般的表达。在此不赘述。 2、衰老。 the aging peo ...


   大学英语四级听力60个习语详解 1、across 表方位。   Let’s go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat.   让我们去街对面的餐馆买些吃的。   2、表动作,穿越。   You must go across the bridge and then turn right.   你必须先过桥,然后再往右拐。   2、age   1、年龄。最一般的表达。在此不赘述。   2、衰老。   the ...


   必考习语详 习语详解 英语听力 60 个必考习语详解 1,across 表方位. 1,表方位. Let's go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat. 去街对面的餐馆买些吃的. 馆买些吃的 让我们去街对面的餐馆买些吃的. 2,表动作,穿越. 穿越. You must go across the bridge and then turn right. 你必须先过桥,然后再往右拐. 过桥,然后再往右拐. 2,a ...


   大学英语四级听力 60 个必考习语详解 1,across 表方位. 1, 表方位. Let's go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat. 让我们去街对面的餐馆买些吃的. 2, 表动作,穿越. You must go across the bridge and then turn right. 你必须先过桥,然后再往右拐. 2,age 1, 年龄.最一般的表达.在此不赘述. 2, 衰老. the aging ...



   一、公共英语 PETS 三级 A 节作文预测 [题目要求]A foreign delegation is to visit your university. You are assigned to make a welcome speech on behalf of your class. Now write a welcome speech to 1)express your welcome, and 2)make a brief introduction to your universi ...


   Unit 2 Civil-Rights Heroes TEXT A TEXT ORGANIZATION 1. Part One Part Two Paras 1-5 Paras 6-23 It is high time to honor the heroes who helped liberate slaves by forging the Underground Railroad in the early civil-rights struggles in America. By citi ...


   Earthquake Wenchuan,a small city,was destroyed( [dis5trCi]破坏)by the earthquake.Many people were buried ([5beri]埋葬, 掩埋, 隐藏) underground.Many houses were collapsed([kE5lAps]倒塌, 崩溃, 失败, 虚 脱). The army([5B:mi]陆军, 军队, 大群, 大军 )comes to help people saving ...


   新目标 九年级(上 九年级 上) Unit 3 Unit3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes. Section A Warming up Do you agree? Or disagree? 1. Students should not be allowed to take mobile phones to school. 2. Students should be allowed to do homework w ...


   英语专业四级语法练习题 than 1. Mary is than Alice. (1992) A. more experienced a teacher B. a more experienced teacher C. more an experienced teacher D. more experienced teacher an experienced teacher, 比较级加在形容词前,因此 B。 the two, Bob is student. (1995) A. Of, mor ...