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Abstract Painting A student handed in a blank canvas during a final test in an art school. "Where is the painting?" The teacher asked. The student pointed at the paper and said, "Here." "What did you paint?" "The horse was eating." "Where is the hay?" "The horse ate it all." "Where is the horse?" "No point for him to stay if there is no more hay for him to eat." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:This examination paper(试卷) is very easy. Take Medicine After seeing the doctor, Lee paid for the appointment and the medicine. The pharmacist gave him 2 bags of medicine and said, "Big one 2 tablets per day. small one one tablet per day." When Lee arrived home, Lee called over his 2 sons. He gave the big one 2 tablets per day, and he gave the small one one tablet per day. He murmured to himself, "I don't understand why the pharmacist asked my kids to take the medicine, not me." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:If you are sick, you should go to the hospital to see a doctor. Sorry A woman enters a bank with her two-year-old daughter in her arms. The daughter has a piece of bread and offers it to the bank clerk who shakes her head with smiling. "Be a good girl and don't do that." says the woman to her daughter, and then she turns to the clerk saying, "I'm sorry. Please forgive her for we just came from the zoo." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:The clerk told me the bank wouldn't open tomorrow. From Which Country A 7-year-old Chinese girl was watching TV with her uncle. They were watching a football game together, the uncle said to his niece, "Black hair is Chinese, red or blonde hair is from another country." The uncle was not sure whether his niece understood, so he said again, "Chinese people have black hair." "I see. My grandfather has white hair. Where is my grandfather from?" asked the little girl. 句子练习 It's 练习: ( 重播) on 句子练习: hard to understand why such good football match is not rebroadcast 转播, TV. Who is that A mother asked her kids to go to bed. Then she removed her makeup(卸妆), washed her hair, and put on her pajamas. A loud noise came from her kids' room and she lost her patience. She wrapped her hair in a towel 手巾, ( 手巾) and rushed into their room yelling. She ordered them all to go to bed. After she left, the 3-year-old girl asked, "Who is that?" 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:She removed her makeup with a towel around her upper garment(上衣). Head Exercise A fat woman is complaining to her doctor. "Doctor, my weight has passed 90 kg(Kilogram). What shall I do?" "You should do some exercise." "What exercise should I do?" "It will be some simple head exercise, from left to right, then from right to left." "How many times a day?" "I'm not sure, whenever someone offers to treat you, you should do the exercise until he or she leaves." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:She is always complaining about her overweight.
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To Find Joy In One's Own Way 自得其乐 One day, Alexandre Dumas went to a German restaurant. He wanted to try German mushrooms, but the waiter did not understand his French. He had an idea. He drew a mushroom on the paper. The waiter understood and left. Alexandre Dumas was glad and he was thinking, "My drawing is not as good as my writing, but I canexpress myself with it." A quarter of an hour later, the waiter returned holding an umbrella and said, "Sir, here you are." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:The shop assistant said in French with a smile, "Please leave your umbrella at the door". The Woman Who Loves You Best Mike returned home after work and parked his car in the courtyard. His wife was watering the flowers. When she saw the car was dirty, she saw the car was dirty, she cleaned it. As she wanted to give her husband a surprise, she walked into the room and said to him, "Mike, the woman who loves you best has cleaned the car for you." With a surprise, Mike asked, "Really? When did my mother come?" The Difference Mr. Rockefeller asked for the cheapest room in a hotel. The reservationist(预订员) asked, "Why do you stay in the cheapest room while your son always requests the best room?" "Because his father is rich and my father is poor." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:This hotel charges(收费) very low prices. The English-Channel A good swimmer swam across the English-Channel. Many people surrounded him when he reached the shore and greeted him warmly. An old woman came over to him and asked in a friendly manner, "Don't you know that a boat goes across this channel?" 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:It takes a ship two hours to cross the channel. One's Own Profession 最拿手的 ( , A doctor wasn't good at curing a cold. One day, when he was working the night shift 轮班) he received a patient with a bad cold. Unhesitatingly, he led the patient into an air-conditioned room and turned the air-conditioner to the lowest temperature which made the patient feel in a blue funk (恐怖,怯懦). Seeing this, the doctor explained, "Only in this way can your cold be converted into pneumonia(肺炎) which is my profession." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:The air-conditioner was so cool that it gave me a bad cold.. Recovery A madman always believed himself be a rat 总觉得自己是老鼠) but with the help of his doctor ( , he recovered. On the day when he was to leave the hospital, the doctor walked him to the gate. Suddenly, a cat came into sight and the man was scared speechless. The doctor asked, "Why are you still afraid of the cat since you have recovered from your illness?" The man replied, "I know I'm not a rat anymore, but does the cat know that?" 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:Doctor told the patient, "You've recovered and can leave the hospital.".
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To Deserve One's Reputation A professor was giving a test to a very clever 6-year-old boy. professor: "When is your birthday?" Boy: "March
  30." professor: "What year?" boy: "Every year." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:He past the intelligence test. It's Difficult To Tell Who Will Win A duck and a crab had a race and they arrived at the finish line at the same time. The judge said, "Let's decided the winner by playing Scissors, Stone, Cloth." The duck replied angrily, "Are you trying to fool me? I can only show cloth and the crab always shows scissors." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:The referee(裁判) announced him winner of the 100-meter race. The Most Cheerful Audience During a box match, a boxer has his teeth smashed out. All of the audience feels terrible except one, who looks very happy and enthusiastic. A curious audience member sitting beside him can't help asking him, "Sir, are you a boxing coach(教练)?" "No, " he replys , " I'm a dentist." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:Boxing matches are very popular in Thailand(泰国). It's Good To Get Up Early A father tries to convince his 7-year-old son one of the disadvantages of sleeping late. Finally, the Father comes to a solution by saying," Remember, the early bird gets the worm." The son isn't convinced(不服气) at all, "Is it bad luck for the worm to get up early?" Reply A Scotsman was going to London and he wanted to visit his old friend on the way. He forgot the address so he sent a telegram to ask his father," Do you know Thomas's address? Please reply quickly." He received the reply on the same day saying, "Yes, I know it." French Pub One night in Pairs, France, an American tourist walked into a pub by the river. After several drinks, the tourist found he was the last customer except for one other man who buried his head upon a table in the corner. He called the waiter to pay the check "Monsieur, would you like one more drink?" asked the waiter. 'No more, thanks! But I think it's time for you to close." "It's not time, not yet." " But the street is already empty." "We're here to serve the last customer as long as he stays." Replied the waiter who casted a look at the sleeping customer in the corner. "Well," responded the American, "I really appreciate your thoughtful service. But that gentleman must have slept there long enough. Why don't you send him home?" "Well, we'll do that when our boss says 'YES'. Each time we wake up that gentleman, he pays the bill again and again. He is our boss's favorite customer." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:The customer pays according to the bill. Have The Boss 吃老板 A man who doesn't know any French goes sightseeing in France. He walks into a restaurant but he can't figure out what is on the menu. His pride won't allow him to show his ignorance of French, so he recklessly points at a line on the menu and says, "I'd like to have this one. I think it must taste wonderful!" The waiter looks surprised, "That's our boss!" 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:Please bring me a menu. I'd like to order the French dish now.
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Unexpected Enthusiasm A mean, stingy(吝啬的, 小气的, 缺乏的, 有刺的)boss of the canteen is giving orders to his waiters and waitress, "Today, be sure you are courteous to every guest and give them as much rice as they ask for. Understand?" " Yes, sir. But you did not allow us to give them more rice before. Will some distinguished guests come today?" One waiter asked the boss in a low voice. "No, " the boss replied, "It's because the rice has all been badly over cooked." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:The services in this restaurant are enthusiastic and considerate(热情周到). Awful 不得了 Mr. Wang said to his two friends proudly, "My wife gave birth to twins after reading the book TWO HAPPY BROTHERS." "That's a piece of cake, " one of his friends replied, "My wife gave birth to triplets after reading THREE MUSKETEERS(持步枪的士兵, 步兵)三个火枪手." Having heard what they both said, the third friend burst into a shocked cry, "My God. How awful it would be. I must go home at once since my wife is reading ALIBARBA AND FORTY THIEVES." Obedient 听话 Mr. Wang has four kids and they are all very naughty. One day, the kids were fighting when he returned home from work. His wife was glad to see him home and said, "It's great that you came home." Mr. Wang was happy because he thought the kids respected him. She continued, "Only you obey my orders. Get me some salt from the shop." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:My child is very good. She is neither naughty nor rowdy(吵闹). Price Sara takes her husband to a fashionable clothing store. She wants to buy one of the fashionable items. She puts on one dress, and models it for her husband in front of the mirror. She looks at her husband and says, "Let's buy this one. Such a pretty dress makes me feel 6-7 years younger." Her husband checks the prices: 10,000 USD. He said, "But such a high price makes me feel 7-8 years older." 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:Young people like pursuing fashion(年轻人喜欢追求时尚). Only God Can Pass It After receiving the math test paper from the teacher, Tom couldn't solve any of the problems. Then he wrote on the test paper, "Such a difficult test only God can pass. I can not." Later, Tom got the test results from the teacher who wrote, God 1
  00. Tom
  0. Price Lang just received his monthly salary so he took his wife to a luxury restaurant. They were surprised when they saw the bill. "Why is a glass of wine so expensive?" asked Lang. The waiter replied, "A glass of wine will be charged as the price of a bottle, the same for other items." Lang's wife became very pale, "I just had a piece of whale" 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:This is a luxury restaurant. Both wines and dishes are very expensive.
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To Change A friend who sells clothes came to have a couple of drinks at my home. After a few glasses of wine, he was tipsy and he said to me, "Hey, man, you have changed your house, your computer, and your car, are you going to change your wife next?" Unexpectedly, his wife who was next to the dining room heard what he said. After my friend left, she said to me, "We do not need to change the house, the electrical appliances, the computer or the car; but you have to change your friend." 句子练习 We 练习: ( . 句子练习: sell both garment and household electric appliances 我们既做服装生意也做家电生意) Call The Police One day, the police station received a telephone call whose voice was very urgent. "Sir, help!" Please help quickly. "Take it easy, Miss. What has happened?" "A cat is climbing into my room." "It won't be a problem." "Yes, yes. That cat is very dangerous. That cat is very dangerous." "Don't panic, Miss. A cat is not dangerous at all." "Sir, is this police station 110? If yes, you must come to save me since I called you. Be quickly. The cat has come in. It's dangerous." "Who are you, Miss?" "'I'm a parrot." Answered the voice at the other end. 句子练习 练习: 句子练习:Call the police in an emergency(当遇到危险和紧急情况时,应立即向警察局报警). Requested By The Audience "I came to tune(调试) the piano." "I didn't call the piano tuner." "No, you did not but your neighbor did." Give It To Me David has his first girlfriend. One day, they went to a noodles restaurant. David finished quickly, but his girlfriend was still eating. He asked tenderly, "My dear, are you still hungry?" She felt warm and happy and replied, "Not anymore." Then David said, "Good. If you are not hungry anym



   Joke Overview 看笑话 Abstract Painting A student handed in a blank canvas during a final test in an art school. "Where is the painting?" The teacher asked. The student pointed at the paper and said, "Here." "What did you paint ...


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   1、既然说到了,我也说一个,外国人在我们中国也这样,去年差不多这个时候带我们老板的儿子JOE去一家我常去的牛肉面店里面吃面,牛肉面店老板习惯的问我加多少牛肉,我说两份,JOE非得问我老板说的啥,解释给他听了之后他跃跃欲试的对老板说:“一头牛!”老板当时崩溃了,后来他告诉我,他突然想起我教他的量词了??牛论头…… 2、有同学初到英国的时候,不知道英语的coach就是美语的bus,暗自纳闷:这去哪儿跟教练有啥关系? 3、我玩过第18个笑话:(在加国)上公交车司机问我是哪站上的(where r u ...


   One or Two 一还是二 Customer: Waiter, I've only got one piece of meat in my dish. Waiter:Just a moment, sir and I'll cut it in two. 顾客:服务员,我盘子里怎么只有一块肉? 服务员:先生,请稍候,我去把它切成两块. I can not see it at all After supper, the parents were busy playing mah-jong wi ...


   1. Being rather bald, I have long been used to comforting myself on a visit to the hairdresser with the opening remark,"Grass doesn't grow on a busy street," However, I was not prepared for the response of one barber:" We always say ...


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   Give Me a Dollar 给我一块钱 Son: Dad, give me a dime. Father: Son, don't you think you're getting too big to be forever begging for dimes? Son: I guess you're right, Dad. Give me a dollar, will you? 儿子:爸爸,给我一角钱。 父亲:儿子,你不认为你已经长大了,不该再老是一角一角地要钱了(该自立了),不是 吗 ...



   考研英语的复习历来是考研复习的关键, 考研英语的复习历来是考研复习的关键 很多同学因为英语不能过关而与研究生生活 失之交臂。 笔者结合多年的教学经验和的广大同学的实际备考情况, 建议大家应在复习时做 好如下的几项工作: ① 将词汇进行到底 词汇是基石。词汇量积累的多少非常影响考生在做题时的信 心、心态、做题速度以及准确率。在我们做整张英语试卷的前70分的书面英语 的理解时,尤其如此。有的同学可能会有这样的疑问:我在前一段的复习过程 中单词已经背的差不多了, 现在还再复习单词是不是有点浪费时间 ...


   全国专业技术人员职称英语等级考试 2011 年全国专业技术人员职称英语等级考试模拟试题(卫生类) 考试时间:120 分钟 考试总分:100 分 第 1 部分:词汇选项(第 1~15 题,每题 l 分,共 15 分) 下面共有 15 个句子,每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语划有底横线,请从每个句子后面所 给的 4 个选项中选择 1 个与划线部分意义最相近的词或短语。 答案一律涂在答题卡相应的位 置上。 1 In 1840 Lucretia Most and Elizabeth Stanton w ...


   背英语单词方法 请大家想一想,英语是谁发明的?英国人呗!英国人认不认识汉语?不认识!那么英国人在 学英语单词的时候需不需要记住单词的汉语意思?不需要, 英国人的英语课本里根本就没有 汉字,何谈记住单词的汉语意思?那么既然英国人学英语不需要记住(甚至根本就见不到) 单词的汉语意思, 那么中国人学英语为什么要去记住单词的汉语意思呢?这种做法大家不觉 得奇怪吗? 然而由于中国人学英语时都在背单词的汉语意思, 因此大家反而觉不出“背汉字”有什么奇怪 的了。其实仔细想一想,这个行为真的很奇怪,奇怪的根 ...


   复习,记忆方法的总结"口诀": (1)记单词,要"五到",眼嘴手脑齐开炮;读写背默各几遍,印象清晰记得牢.("五到"记忆法) (2)记过单词莫靠边,几天之后再看看;似忘非忘又温习,反反复复印心间.(循环记忆法) (3)单词多了别心烦,分片分组来攻占;五个一组先吃掉,几组连成一大片.(分组记忆法) (4)结合词组句子记,有情有景有意义;重点段落须背诵,理解深刻有乐趣.(理解记忆法) (5)要想单词不写错,语音一关还得过;读音规律掌握好 ...


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