一 词汇 (15 分) A: 我们都为考试后暑假制定了不同的计划,请根据提示将下列词汇和短语归类。 A. easygoing B. chess C. polite F. nice G. get a part-time job J. do more exercise K. have a cold D. eat healthy food H. computer L. go sightseeing E. swimming I. delicious

  1. I have made many friends .They are , and just like me .
  2. We all have our own vacation plans . Some will join the , or club .
  3. Others are going to ,, and during the summer. B: 根据各句提供的情景, 在空白处填上一个适当的单词。
  1.Mary is a clever and hard-working girl, so she never in many exams .
  2. Yao Ming is very famous in NBA, which is short for National Association .
  3. Many teenagers in China may enjoy the fast at the Mc Donald’s now .
  4. Students should study hard instead of going to the Internet to talk .
  5. We Chinese people usually use to lift food to the mouth . 二 单项选择(20 分)
  1.Do you surf the Internet on Saturdays and Sundays ? Yes, but I don’t because I have a lot of homework to do . A. some time B. sometime C. some times D. sometimes
  2. you enjoy many years of health and happiness ! A. Must B. Can C. May D. Need
  3. Please take my seat , granny . Thank you very much for making for me , my boy . A. room B. a room C. the room D. rooms
  4. will our school sports meet be held ? In about two weeks . A. How long B. How soon C . How often D. How far
  5. That’s the most beautiful bird in the zoo , ? No, I think the one in the cage is the most beautiful . A. doesn’t this B. is it C. doesn’t it D. isn’t it
  6. Mow many people were present at the meeting ? two hundred , though there were some empty seats left . A. At least B. At most C. At last D. At all
  7.Please your coat, Bill . OK , Mum . It’s really very warm here . A. put on B. take off C. take away D. put up
  8. How are you getting on with your little sister , Jim ? Very well . But last Sunday I had with her because of the toy horse . A. words B. the words C. word D. a word
  9. What do you hope when I see your sister ? Please tell her I’m waiting for her in front of the cinema . A. me to do B. me doing C. I will do D. I would do
  10. Why does your mother never travel with and your father ? Because she thinks traveling is always dangerous . A. what B. that C. which D. whether
  11. Where is Mr. Robert , do you know ? I can’t find him anywhere .
He to Australia on business . A. has gone B. went C. has been D. is going
  12. Look! How dirty the river and the banks are ! It’s really terrible . We must to keep the environment clean and tidy . A. make our minds B. try our best C. do our best D. A , B and C.
  13. What do you think of Jim ? . Not only study hard at school but also he is a good child at home . A. he is B. is he C. does he D. he does
  14. No matter I go , I can find my way back . Really? You are talking big again ! A. when B. What C. How D. where
  15. used to be two big stone lions in front of the house . Do you mean that two big stone lions stood in front of the house in the past ? A. It B. There C. This D. That
  16. How much did you the doctor the medicine ? Twenty dollars in all . A. Pay for , for B. pay , for C. pay , and D. pay for , and
  17. Do you know the Kings well ? Only a little . They are the oldest in our village . A. women B. men C. person D. ones .
  18. Do you know ? He’s ill in hospital A. what wrong with him is B. what’s wrong with him C. what him is wrong D. what wrong him is
  19. , the vitamin C in them will be destroyed (破坏) . A. If vegetables are cooked too long B. If cooked too long C. If cooking too long D. If being cooking too long
  20. When he got to the station , the train for ten minutes . A. had left B. has left C. had been away left 三 阅读理解 阅读下列短 文,根据短文内容完成下列各题。 (每空一词,共计 10 分) A We each have a memory. That’s why we can remember things after a long time . Some people have a good memory and they can easily learn things by heart, but some people can only remember things when they say or do them again and again . A good memory helps one learn a language well . Everybody learns his own language when he is a small child . He hears the sounds , remembers them and then he learns to speak. Some children are living with their parents in foreign countries . They can learn two languages easily because they hear, remember and speak the two languages every day . In school it is not easy to learn a foreign language because the students have little time for it and they have to learn other subjects, too. Our memory can get better and better if we do more and more exercises. Do you want to learn a foreign language well ? If so , you must do a lot of listening and speaking .
  1. We can remember things after a time because we each have a .
  2. A man with a memory can learn many by heart .
  3. If a child often hears , remembers and two languages every day he or she can these languages easily .
  4. At school , it is not easily for the to learn a foreign language well because they
have time for it and they have to learn other subjects , too.
  5. If we want to learn a foreign language well , we must a lot of and speaking . 四 动词填空 阅读短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。 It was getting dark. Some children and two Canadian women were still skating on the lake near a hotel. They 1 (have) a good time. A boy said to his friends, "I 2 (not skate) on real ice so far. It's wonderful! Look! I am flying ! "Suddenly the ice 3 (break). One of the boys fell into theater. The children shouted, "Help! Help!" They didn't know what they 4 (do). The two Canadian women heard them and skated over 5 (help) the boy. The ice was thin. The two Canadians fell into the water, too. But they tried their best 6 (save)the little boy. They knew they 7 (be)quick, or the boy would be frozen. Many guests from the hotel 8 (run) over to help; The boy and the two Canadian women were out (not feel) well. She 10 (send) to hospital at of water at last. One of the women 9 once. She felt happy because the boy was safe. 五. 改写句子 按括号中的要求完成改写后的句子,每个空格填一个单词。 (10 分)
  1. Jim’s father usually gets up early in the morning. (改为一般疑问句) Jim’s father usually up early in the morning?
  2. Bill lived in a small village called Gum Tree near the town of Ashland ten years ago. (划线提问) Bill ten years ago?
  3. “ Walk along this street, and take the third turning on the left.” the policeman said to us. (改写 句子,句意不变) The policeman told us along that street and the third corner.
  4. Did they catch the animals in the forest and then put them into the cages in the zoo?(改被动语 态) the animals into cages in the zoo they in the forest?
  5. Things can be bought with your credit card and there is no need for you to take the money out of the bank.(改写句子,句意不变) You the money out of the bank you can buy things with your credit card. 六、单词拼写(共 10 小题,计 10 分) 根据句义完成句中已给出首字母的单词。
  1. My parents often tell me not to eat much j food. It’s bad for our health.
  2. He left a m saying he would be a little late.
  3. He ran f than any of the other boys in his class.
  4. My uncle and his son were c to China and would stay at my house.
  5. Our work starts at eight, and f at twelve.
  6. We all know that Albert Einstein was a German but he had to leave h and stayed in the US till the end of his life his because of the Second World War.
  7. ?Could you please help me put the clothes in the box? ?Sure, no p .
  8. My parents said that they couldn’t go to school when they were young and they learned English t .
  9. In China many people, e the old like Peking Operas very much.
  10. There is only one restroom in the street. It isn’t quite c for people. 七、短文填空(共 10 个空, 计 10 分)
阅读下面短文,根据所给的首字母,在空白处填入一个适当的单词,使短文内容通顺。 每空限填一词,将完整的单词写在后面的横线上。 A Dear Sir/Madam, I have seen your advertisement for a teacher in the magazine Guangzhou Education. I think I’m suitable for the j 1 . I’m 28 years old. I finished my high school education in Xiamen, and then went to university in Fuzhou. I studied languages, with English as my m 2 , I always got good scores for all my subjects. At university, I was a very active student. I was chairman of the English Film Club and a m 3 of the university squash team. I’ve traveled to a number of English-speaking countries. I think my English language skills have improved a lot as a r 4 and I can teach senior classes without any problem. I have w 5 as a teacher for four years. I’ve taught at a well-known language school in Hangzhou. This has been a good experience. I’ve taught special courses in Writing for Business, showing people how to write good business letters and e-mail m 6 . I’ve also started a new course: Spoken English for Tour Guides. All these e 7 have helped me become a good teacher. I’m a warm and friendly person, and my students e 8 their lessons. I would like my students to work hard, but I think language learning can be fun. I encourage students to use English outside the classroom, do projects and take part in English langue a 9 . I’ve helped students put on plays and give concerts of English songs. I want to live in Guangzhou and teach in your school. I hope for an i 10 so I can tell you more. Your sincerely, William Fang
B 阅读下面短文,根据所给的首字母,在空白处填入一个适当的单词,使短文意思完整。 What’s the coolest kind of transportation(交通工具) for middle school students back from the winter holidays? A racing bike? A car? No, it’s a special (
  1)k of shoe called Heelys(暴走 鞋). Heelys look just like common (
  2)s shoes, but they have a wheel hidden in the heel(鞋 跟). So instead of (
  3)w , kids can “fly” around in them. “Wearing Heelys is fun and (
  4)c ,” said Wu Peng, a boy who wore them on his first day back at No. 6 Middle School in Beijing. Wu Peng said he loves the shoes so much that he wears them (
  5) w he goes. Sometimes he even (
  6)f his parents’ car to the supermarket on his Heelys! Other students think these are very cool, (
  7)b some haven’t been so lucky with their Heelys. It’s reported that some (
  8)c have fallen down while using these shoes, and some have been hurt. “Heelys wheels are on the heels of the shoes, so it’s (
  9) e to fall,” said Liu Rui, a doctor at the Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing. Even (
  10)w , Liu said, “Wearing Heelys for a long time could stop young people from developing their ankles(脚踝) and legs.”





八、阅读表达 (共 5 小题,计 10 分)阅读短文,根据要求完成下面每个小题。 With the development of new computer technology, more and more things have been changed. But some people don’t think new computer technology is good for their lives. 3 They don’t want it to make their lives worse. For example, before television was invented, a family usually sat around the table to talk. They shared stories about what happened to them during the day, or talked about some news from the newspaper. Now we spend less time talking with our friends or family members, but more time in front of the TV or computer. Some people say technology has stopped family from boding(密切) like before. Whatever we think about computers, one thing is clear: technology changes the way we live. 4 Technology that sounded like science fiction ten years ago has become true now. No one knows just how far this technology will go. Some people believe that computers will one day help us with all our housework and that computers may even help us buy something we need. Let’s just hope in the future we still cook dinner in our house, and not with our computers. Some things are fine the way they are now. (一)根据短文内容简要回答问题。
  1. Why do some people think computer technology has stopper family bonding like before?
  2. What does the last sentence of this passage mean? (二)将短文中划线的句子译成汉语。
  4. (三)请给短文拟一个适当的题目。
  5. 九 情景交际 A: 从右栏中找出与左栏各句中相应得答语。计 10 分 ( Meet? ( )
  1. How far is it from your school to your home ? A. Good idea. When and where shall we me ( )
  2. May I borrow your ruler ? B. September 10th . It’s Teachers’ Day. ( )
  3. Your shirt is very beautiful . C. Two kilom



   英语试卷 (时间:50 分钟 总分:100 分) 注意事项: 1、 试题共六页,七大题。 2、 请考生在试卷上用蓝色或黑色圆珠笔、签字笔或钢笔作答。 题号 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 分数 第Ⅰ卷(50%) 一、 语音知识(10%) A) 找出与所给单词划线部分读音相同的词。 (5%) ( ) 1.any A.make B.factory C.many ( ) 2.often A.soldier B.come C.kilo ( ) 3.football A.food B.look C.bro ...


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   A a (an) art. 一(个、件……) abandon v.抛弃,舍弃,放弃 ability n. 能力;才能 able a. 能够;有能力的 abnormal a. 反常的,变态的 aboard prep. 上(船,飞机,火车,汽车等) abolish v. 废除,废止 abortion v. 人工流产,堕胎 about ad. 大约;到处;四处 prep. 关于;在各处;四处 above prep. 在……上面 a. 上面的 ad. 在……之上 abroad ad. 到(在)国外 a ...


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   第一章 我怎样学会英语 1.1哑巴英语的尴尬   我上中学时没有学过音标,基本上是跟着教师念,对不对不得, 而知。有时会闹出笑话,例如dining一room中的第一个i,不发 [i],而发[ai],但是教师读成[i],我们也就跟着读错了,后来才纠 正过来。上大学以后改学俄语,大学毕业以后又自学过一些英语, 能阅读有关的专业书籍。但是从来没有学过“听”和“说”,基本上 是“哑巴英语”。   1979年45岁时第一次随团去法国和德国参观。当时我能阅 读自己熟悉的专业书刊,算是代表团中英语水平比较高 ...


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