一、夯实基础,养成良好的写作习惯是前提 首先要调动学生主动学习的积极性。 第二、要加强词汇、语法、句型教学及操练。 第三,努力创造课内外的语言环境,学生的各项语言技能是相互依存、相互促进 的。教师在课堂上组织教学的过程就是与学生交际的过程。教师在教学实践过程 中,应以学生为中心,尽量多给学生提供机会和情景。让他们进行模仿、回答、 复述等,以促进他们写作能力的形成。因此,在平时的阅读课教学中有意识的培 养学生进行逻辑思维的能力显得尤为重要。如 : ①topic sentence,要求学生通过阅读找出每一段的关键词及关键句; ②short summary of each paeagraph,要求学生用自己的话归纳出每一段的大 意; ③best title,要求学生根据每一段的内容写出标题; ④infer and imply,要求学生根据阅读内容及教师有意所设置的问题品出文章 的弦外之音,培养学生联想及空间想像能力; ⑤paraphrase,要求学生用自己的话解释文中的新词、习语及难句,旨在培养学 生熟练运用近义词、同义词及其同义结构的能力; ⑥short passage,要求学生将所学的课文缩写成一篇 80 到 100 字左右的短文, 培养学生的概括能力;等等。 第四、 课前三分钟的 free talk 是提高学生听说能力及逻辑思维的一种好的方法, 学生联系自己的生活实际,叙述自己的生活、校内外见闻、同学趣事及课文学习 后的体会等。听说能力的提高,必然会促进写作能力的提高。 二.训练技巧,提高作文档次是目标 有了扎实的基本功,还应掌握一定的写作技巧。据统计,近几年全国英语 高考卷中的写作,主要是关于记人、叙事、写信和通知或看图作文等内容的记叙 文、议论文和应用文。 最近几年的高考作文题表明,看图作文在高中作文教学 中有着举足轻重的地位。 无论是记叙文、议论文还是应用文,在具体的写作过程中,我们均可以按 如下方式进行训练。
  1.首先,认真审题立意,确定写作中心。找出根据这个中心能够扩展的材料有哪 些。要避免写那些与中心内容无关紧要的细节。以命题作文“The Classmate I Admire Most”为例,文章的主题是关于记叙我最欣赏的一位同学,因而就不能 泛泛谈论这位同学的家庭关系、社会背景等,而要紧紧抓住这位同学身上能够吸 引你的地方展开。
  2.其次,围绕中心,列出写作提纲。提纲一定要包含所提供的情景、要点,同时 要尽量使用自己熟悉的词汇与句型。仍以“The Classmate I Admire Most”为 例。提纲可以 ①Who is the Classmate I admire most?
②My reasons. (Some examples) ③What can I learn from the Classmate.
  3.根据字数多少,扩展成篇。扩展的内容一定要紧扣主题,千万不要写那些与主 题不相关的内容。扩展时要注意短文的字数,以避免由于字数不够引起的扣分。 在写的过程中也有一些值得遵循的规律,以下几点可供参考。
  1、在整篇文章中,努力避免只是用一、两个句式。要灵活运用各种句式。如倒 装句、强调句、省略句、主从复合句、对比句、分词短语、介词短语等。
  3、改变句子的开头方式,不要一味以主、谓、宾、状的次序。可以把状语置于 句首,或用分词等。
  4、学会使用过渡词,即关联词。如: ①递进 furthermore, moreover, besides, in addition, then,what's more, what was worse ,once more,etc ②转折 however, but, nevertheless, afterwards,etc ③总结 finally, at last, in brief, to conclude, in a word, in general, generally speaking, in short, as you know, in the end ;etc ④强调 really, indeed, certainly, surely, above all, etc ⑤比较、对比: just like, just as, in the same way, more or less, sooner or later, on the contrary, on the other hand ; ⑥并列: and, also, as well as, and then , ⑦顺序、 动作过程: first, firstly, first of all, second, secondly, at first, at last, next, ⑧时间:now, then, afterwards, soon, five minutes later,before long, shortly after that, soon after supper, to this day, just now, just then ⑨结果:thus, therefore, so, as a result, seeing that, luckily, unfortunately ⑩解释和说明: that is to say, namely, for example, actually, and so on, such as, believe it or not, to tell you the truth,according to this, for this reason .
  6、确定文章用第几人称写,基本时态是什么。一句话,要使所写文章连贯 (coherence),形体不散,逻辑经得起推敲。
(一)掌握技巧 一 掌握技巧 掌握技巧: (
  1)注意篇章结构,合理布局 开始部分(opening paragraph)??说出文中的要点、核心问题。 正文部分(Body paragraphs)??围绕主题开展叙述、讨论。 结尾部分(concluding paragraphs)??对全文的总结和概括。 要做到全文中心突出、段落之间必须是有机地联系,内容完整、连贯。前后呼应,祛除与主
题无关的内容. (
  2)确定主题句 主题句是对全文的概括,是文章的主旨。它能在文章中起到“画龙 点睛”的作用。通常主题句出现在一篇文章的开头,而后,全文对主题句所提出的内容进行 解释,扩展。 写主题句应注意以下几点: ①归纳出你要写的文章的几个要点 ②提 炼出一句具有概括性的话 ③主题句应具有可读性,抓住、吸引读者。 (二)巧用连接词 要想使文章有整体性、连贯性,就要学会正确使用连接词 二 巧用连接词 表示罗列增加 First, second, third, First, then / next, after that / next, finally For one thing … for another…, On (t he) one handon the other hand,Besides / whats more / in addition / furthermore / moreover / anoth er / also, Especially / In particular, 表示时间顺序 now, at present, recently,after, afterwards, after that, after a while, in a few days,at first, in the begi nning, to begin with, later, next, finally,immediately, soon, suddenly, all of a sudden, at that mome nt, as soon as, the moment form now on, from then on, at the same time, meanwhile, till, not … until, before, after, when, while, as during, 表示解释说明 now, in addition, for example, for instance, in this case, moreover furthermore, in fact, actually 表示转折关系 but, however, while, though, or, otherwise, on the contrary, on the other hand, in contrast, despite, in spite of, even though, except (for), instead, of course, after all, 表示并列关系 or, and, also, too, not only … but also, as well as, both… and, either …or,neither …nor 表示因果关系 because, because of, since, now that, as, thanks to…, due to…, therefore, as a result (of), otherwis e, so…that, such…that 表示条件关系 as (so) long as, on condition that, if, unless 表示让步关系 though, although, as, even if, even though, whetheror…, however, whoever, whatever, whichever, wherever, whenever, no matter how (who, what, which, where, when, whom) 表示举例 for example, for instance, such as…, take… for example 表示比较 be similar to, similarly, the same as, in contrast, compared with (to)…just like, just as, 表示目的 for this reason,, for this purpose, so that, in order to, so as to, 表示强调 in deed, in fact, surely, certainly, no doubt, without any doubt, truly, obviously, above all, 表示概括归纳 in a word, in short, in brief, on the whole, generally speaking, in my opinion, as far as I know, As we all know, as has been stated,as I have shown, finally, at last, in summary, in conclusion, (三)掌握常用句型 掌握常用句型:下面列举比较常用的。 三 掌握常用句型
  1. in order to 为了实现他的梦想, 他学习非常努力。 He worked very hard in order to realize his dream.

  2. in order that 她 拼 命 干 活 以 便 到 六 点 时 把 一 切 都 准 备 就 绪 。 She worked hard in order that everything would be ready by 6 o’clock..
  3. so…that 他们太累了,除了伸懒腰什么都做不了了。 They were all so tired that they could do nothing but yawn.
  4. such…that 天气非常冷,以致于街上一个人都没有。 It was such a cold day that there was nobody on the street.
  5. would rather do … than do 他 宁 愿 听 他 人 讲 而 不 愿 自 己 说 。 He would rather listen to others than talk himself.
  6. prefer doing to doing 他宁愿在精心准备后去做报告。 He prefers making speeches after careful preparation.
  7. prefer to do…rather than do 比 起 女 人 , 男 人 总 是 宁 可 在 家 睡 觉 也 不 愿 花 那 么 多 时 间 来 购 物 。 Compared with women, men always prefer to sleep at home rather than spend so much time shopp ing.
  8. not only…but also 在短短的三年的时间里她不但完成了所有课程,而且还获得了博士学 位。 In just three years, she had not only finished all the lessons, but also received her doctor’ s degree.
  9. either … or 如 果 考 试 过 关 , 你 可 以 买 一 个 MP3 或 去 云 南 玩 一 趟 。 You could either buy an MP3 or go to Yunnan for a visit if you pass the exam.
  10. Neither … nor 他是一个无聊的人,既不爱娱乐,也不爱读书。 He is a boring man. He likes neither entertainment nor reading.
  11. as well as 他善良又乐于助人。 He was kind as well as helpful.
  12. …as well 这个小孩活泼又可爱。 The child is active and funny as well.
  13. One…the other 你看见桌子上有两只笔吗?一支是红色的,另一支是黑色的。 Have you seen two pens on the desk? One is red, the other is black.
  14. Some … others 每 个 人 都 很 忙 , 有 些 在 读 书 , 有 些 在 写 作 。 Everyone is busy in classroom. Some are reading, others are writing.
  15. make…+adj /n 我们所做的可以让世界更美丽。 What we do will make the world more beautiful.
  16. not…until 直到他告诉我发生的事,我才了解真相。 I didn’t know the truth until she told me what happened.
  17. as if 他 夸 夸 其 谈 好 像 什 么 事 都 知 道 。 He talks a lot as if he knows everything.
  18. It is no use (good) doing… 假装不懂规则是行不通的。 It’s no use pretending that you didn’t know the rules.
  19. find it + adj to do… 我觉得作听力时有必要作笔记。 I find it necessary to take down notes while listening.
  20. It is + time since… 我已经有两年没见他了。 It is two years since I last met him.
  21. It is + time when… 我到电影院时已经八点钟了。 It was 8 o’clock when I got to the cinema.
  22. It is + time before… 不久我们就会再见面的。 I won’ be long before we can meet again. t
  23. It is … that … 我 最 珍 视 的 是 友 谊 。 It is friendship that I value most.
  24. It is + n / adj + that / to do … 每 个 人 都 必 须 懂 得 如 何 使 用 计 算 机 It is a must that everybody should know how to use computers.



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   恒星英语学习网 http://www.hxen.com 同学们也许认为英语写作十分难.要么拿到题目,自己无从下手;要么自己洋洋洒 洒下笔千言,却没有几句是正确的.其实,掌握具体技巧,经过一定时间训练,英语写 作是可以征服的. 1. 扎实基本句型的训练 写文章以句子为开始,因此我们要学会用句子来表意,大量练习写句子.英语有五 种基本句型:(1)主+谓;(2)主+谓+宾语; (3)主+系动词+表语;(4)主+谓+间接宾语+直接宾语;(5)主+谓+宾语+宾补. 当然还有许多常用句型,如 There ...


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   Smart 词汇记忆组群 1: : plausible a.似乎合情理的,似 乎可信的 applause n.喝彩;夸奖,称赞 applaud v.喝彩;称赞 acclaim v.欢呼,喝彩;n.喝彩 claim v.①要求,索赔②声称, 主张③值得;n.①[C]权利,要求 权,所有权②(for, on)索赔③主 张,断言 exclaim v.呼喊,惊叫 exclamation n.感叹,惊叹 reclaim vt.①收回②开垦 proclaim vt.宣布,声明 announce v.①宣 ...

苏教版中考英语复习各单元要点7B U1

   (牛津初中英语总复习) 7B Unit 1 一.【精选词汇】 【精选词汇】 一重点短语 1. would like to live next to a restaurant (p6) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉would like/want sth 想要某物,would like/want to do sth 想做 某事, would like sb to do sth 想让某人做某事; 注意疑问句 Would sb like to do sth? Yes, I'd like/love to. ...


   贺词: 贺词: Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year. 祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快乐新年。 With best wishes for a happy New Year! 祝新年快乐,并致以良好的祝福。 I hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year. 谨祝新年快乐幸福,大吉大利。 With the compliments of the se ...


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