For a better understanding between parents and children Nowadays there is often a lack of un derstanding between parent and child. Parents often complain about their children's "unreasonable" behavior, while children usually think their parents too "old-fashioned." Then, when a child has a problem, he usually goes to his intimate friends for sympathy and advice, leaving his parents totally in the dark. There are some possible reasons for the present situation. First, the two generations, having grown up at different times, have different likes and dislikes for the things around them and thus have little in common to talk about. Second, parents and children, due to the misunder standing between them, may even feel it uncomfortable to sit face to face with each other talking. Finally, with the pace of modern life becoming faster and faster, both parent and child are too busy to spare enough time to exchange ideas, even if they find it necessary to communicate. As a result, the gap between them is growing wider and wider. To bridge this so-called generationgap, in my opinion, both parent and child should make an effort. The children should respect their seniors. The older generation, on the other hand, should show solicitude for the young. As for their differences, both generations should make allowance for each other. If they will take the first step by actually talking to one another, it won't be long before the arrival of a better understanding be tween parent and child. 假设你是李红, 问及你高考后暑假的安排, 假设你是李红,你的一位美国笔友 Robert 写 E-mail 问及你高考后暑假的安排,请根据以 下要点,写一封100词左右的 email 回复他 可以适当增加细节。 回复他, 可以适当增加细节。 下要点,写一封 词左右的
  1. 学开车
  2. 参加英语培训课程
  3. 去北京看奥运会
  4. 游览北京的名胜 注意: 根据以上内容写一篇短文 不要逐句翻译,可适当增加细节以使行文连贯。 根据以上内容写一篇短文, 注意:
  2.要准确使用语法和词汇;使用一定的句型、词汇,清楚、连贯地表达自己的意思; 要准确使用语法和词汇; 要准确使用语法和词汇 使用一定的句型、词汇,清楚、连贯地表达自己的意思;
  3.词数:100个左右。开头已给出,不计词数。 词数: 个左右。 词数 个左右 开头已给出,不计词数。 Dear Robert: How time flies! The happy days we shared often shines in my memory. What about you? As you know, my college entrance exam is approaching, which also announces the end of this sort of pressing study life. However,I intend to have a meaningful summer vacation. First, I will learnt to drive to get a driving license, which is a new activity for a high school graduate in China. I will have a good rest, enjoying my hobbies. Then I will take some English course to improve my English communication ability, With the 2008 Olympics beginning, I will be a participant of it, watching the basketball match between China and the US. I have been dreaming of Kobe’s performance long. After that, I will pay a visit to some tourist attractions to widen my horizon. That is the plan for my vacation. I am looking forward to being told about your arrangements of vacation. Give me your quick reply soon, OK? Best wishes! 如今世界粮食短缺,价格飞涨,给部分地区造成社会动荡。 如今世界粮食短缺,价格飞涨,给部分地区造成社会动荡。假设在你校开展的研究性学习 你们小组以“World Food Crisis”为题进行研究,现在请你代表你们小组向全体同学简 为题进行研究, 中,你们小组以 为题进行研究 要介绍你们的研究成果。主要内容如下: 要介绍你们的研究成果。主要内容如下: 造成的原因

  1. 气候变化,造成粮食减产 气候变化,
  2. 工业发展,城市化加速,耕地减少 工业发展,城市化加速,
  3. 世界能源价格上涨,使用粮食生产生物燃料 世界能源价格上涨, 应对的措施
  1. 注重环保,改善生态 注重环保,
  2. 严格保护耕地
  3. 富国支持穷国,促进世界和谐 富国支持穷国, 你如何做出自己的贡献 注意: 内容包括以上要点, 注意:
  1. 内容包括以上要点,但不要逐句翻译
  2. 字数 字数150左右,文章开头已提供,不计入总词 左右, 左右 文章开头已提供,
  3. 参考词汇:城市化 urbanization 生物燃料 biofuels 参考词汇: Hello, everyone, Now I’ll tell you something about our research project The World Food Crisis on behalf of our group. As you know, food shortages have hit many countries in the world and even caused social unrest in some areas. But who is responsible for the current world food crisis? First, annual world grains output has declined because of climate change. Then lots of farmland has been lost due to the rapid development of industry and urbanization. Besides, faced with the rising energy prices, people have turned to the production of biofuels, which has worsened the severe situation. Then what should we do to deal with the problem? On one hand, we should focus on the environmental protection and improve the ecology. On the other hand, strict measures should be taken to protect farmland. Of course, to build a harmonious world the developed countries should take their responsibilities to help the poor ones experiencing food shortage. As for me, I will call on the people around me to live thriftily. And for the moment, I think, we should study hard to develop science and help solve the food shortage in the future.
Internet ? A Two-edged Sword
  1. Internet 的功绩。 的功绩。
  2. Internet 的弊端。 的弊端。
  3. 结论。 结论。 Internet is playing an increasingly important role in people’s life. As a newborn information delivering system, the Internet has made seas of information available at our fingers’ tips. Besides, the Internet serves as the most convenient means for communication. Through the Internet, people can discuss various problems and make friends who share common views. But just as a coin has two sides, Internet has its own drawbacks which should not be neglected. First, it costs an alarming amount of money to construct the system and the cost is very high to most Chinese consumers. Second, it is sometimes difficult for people to find the right information they are looking for since there is too much rubbish on the net. Finally, it is also difficult to prevent the net from the invasion of criminals. Therefore, the Internet should be viewed as a two-edged sword, which presents us with both conveniences and troubles. But we should not give up eating for fear of choking.
The best policy, as I see it, is to further develop the net and exert proper supervision over it so that it can benefit us in a better way. My opinion on Campus Love Campus love isn't a newly-born phenomenon. Some people are strongly against it while some others think it's natural. I don't advocate it. The reasons are as follows. First of all, undergraduates are neither fully psychologically mature nor able to assume the responsibility, especially freshmen and sophomores. Second, they may indulge in it, thus dilapidate their study, which isn't rare. Third, some just take advantage of it to kill time, avoid boredom with much time at their own disposals, have someone keep company, etc. What's more, some change dating "partners" frequently, holding a paradox opinion that they could show off their charm or accumulate experience, but more often than not, they would leave a bad impression, such as lacking the sense of responsibility, on others, especially their former sweethearts. Last, the proportion of successful couples is too low. The overwhelming majority reach the same end-parting just before graduation, forced by reality, etc. So, look before you leap, discard campus love and make a wiser decision after graduation. My View on the Negative Effects of Some Advertisements
  1.现在有些不良的商业广告 .
  2.这些广告的副作用和危害性 .
  3.我对这些广告的态度 . Nowadays there are a lot of false advertisements in society. They have caused many harms to society. Cenerally, their harm can be listed as follows. First, they exaggerate the functions of the goods they advertise and mislead consumers. Second,stone advertisements contain obscene contents and bring about spiritual pollution. Third, they seriously damage the credit of businesses because the shops which sell those goods will be distrusted and even considered the conspirators of those advertisers by consumers. Personally, I am usually vigilant against any advertisements and so I have never been taken in. However, some people are credulous and are easily taken in. Therefore, in my opinion, effective measures must be taken to ban false advertisments and protect consumers' interests. First, all the advertisements must be strictly censored by the authorities concerned before they are published. Besides, severe punishment must be inflicted on those who publish illegal advertisements. In concluslon, false advertisements must be eliminated in our society.
The Way to Success Everyone tries to achieve success in his/her career. But one finally attains his aim while other fails. Why? The one continues his cause to the end through long period of hard struggles, but the other is easily disappointed and stops halfway. Strong will, perseverance and diligence are the three essentials of success. A man of
strong will and perseverance always has an inflexible spirit. He sticks to his cause no matter how tough it might be. Dr. Sun Yat-sen was such a man. Many of his attempts failed, but he held to his purpose with firmness and finally succeeded in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty. Diligence means steadiness in one's work and study. Su Qin stabbed himself in order to keep attentive to studies. Mark often worked 15 hours a day. Life is short and we have too much to do. Without diligence no one can achieve anything. I believe that where there is a will there is a way, and that success belongs to those who suffer long years of patient toil and constant efforts.
Directions:The summer vacation is drawing near. You, Liming by name, want to find a part-time job. Write an application letter of about 120-150 words within 30 minutes. Dear Sirs, I'm Li Ming, a sophomore majoring in English at XX University. I read in yesterday's newspaper that you are looking for a part-time secretary and I think I'll prove to be a real find for you. During the past two years at university, I’ve taken over 18 compulsory and optional course, and have according improved my ability of English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation considerably. Besides, I have learned a lot about foreign relations and trade. At leisure, I always try to grasp every precious opportunity to practice English with native speakers. As a matter of fact, I've already tried some translation and interpretation jobs. I once worked as a temporary interpreter at the East China Export Commodities Fair. In addition, during the past two years, I have been working as a part-time tour guide. My jobs offered me good opportunities to improve my English and work competence and I enjoy them very much. Two weeks from now, I will be on holiday again. If you can grant me the honor to work for your company as a secretary for two months, I'd feel obliged. Thank you for reading my application letter. I'm looking forward to your reply.
Global Shortage of Fresh Water
  1. 人们以为淡水是取之不尽的 提示:雨水、河水、井水 人们以为淡水是取之不尽的(提示 雨水、河水、井水……) 提示:
  2. 实际上淡水是非常紧缺的 提示:人口增加、工业用水增加、污染 实际上淡水是非常紧缺的(提示 人口增加、工业用水增加、污染……) 提示:
  3. 我们应该怎么办 It is widely believed that froth water will never be used up because we can get it from rain, rivers and wells. As a matter of fact, such belief is wrong and possibly dangerous. Scientists have revealed that despite the fact that the 70% of the earth's surface is covereclwith water, a little part of it is fresh water. Ninety percent of fresh water is stored in the Antarctic zone and cannot be directly used. Fresh water is used to feed people and propel machines. With the increasing number of the population and factories, the amount of fresh water in use is also growing rapidly. It is estimated that if such growth is not controlled, the fresh water will be used up
by the next century. Another dangerous factor is that the water pollution including industrial wastes and poisonous gases which eventually blacken rivers and form acid rains. We still have time if we act just now. We must tell all the othem the importance of fresh water and the danger we are facing. We can control the number of factories and the wastes they produce. We can also develop new ways to use our limited fresh water more economically. 全球淡水缺乏 人们以为淡水是取之不尽的,因为我们可以从



   English Writing 中考专题复习 书面表达 by Shen Aihong 中考考什么 2005--2010年河北省中考书面表达 2005--2010年河北省中考书面表达 --2010 试题 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 测试形式 中文提示 英文提示 英文提示 英文提示 英文提示 所属文体及内容 书信: 书信: 介绍新同学和近期活动 说明文: 说明文: 帮助同学学习生活 说明文: 说明文:怎样成为好孩子 说明文: 说明文:上学交通设施 说明文: 说明文:怎样上好 ...


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   中考英语写作问题七点拨 写作是一项能够充分考查学生语言综合运用能力的题型,也是中考中失分较多的一题。不少考生在练习英语写作时不得法,又苦于找不到提高的有效途径。纵观近年各地中考英语写作题,题材一般是写人、写事、写物、写景、日记、书信、通知、便条等文体。一般来说,不同的写作题材,它的人物,时间,写作的重点也是不尽相同的,但学生在写作过程中所犯的错误却基本一致。笔者在批阅2007年中考英语作文中发现诸多考生的作文出现了这样那样的问题,我们先看下面考生的作文. 例: 以“Chin ...


   假设你是李红,你的一位美国笔友 假设你是李红,你的一位美国笔友Robert写E-mail 写 问及你高考后暑假的安排,请根据以下要点, 问及你高考后暑假的安排,请根据以下要点,写一 词左右的email回复他 可以适当增加细节。 回复他, 封100词左右的 词左右的 回复他 可以适当增加细节。 1. 学开车 2. 参加英语培训课程 3. 去北京看奥 运会 4. 游览北京的名胜 注意: 根据以上内容写一篇短文 根据以上内容写一篇短文, 注意:1.根据以上内容写一篇短文,不要逐句 翻译,可适当增加 ...


   英语写作宝典 在莱曼英语所倡导的五种英语语言能力中, 写作被认为是必修的重要课题之一。 它既是英语 学习短期目标??考试所要求的内容之一; 又是英语学习的长期目标??交流所必需的能力 之一。毋庸置疑,英语写作是集基础知识,基本能力和课外信息于一身的综合体现,同时, 又要兼顾到写作者高超的写作技巧。 因而, 没有扎实的英语语法知识; 没有长期不懈的训练; 没有科学的方法指导; 没有广博的课本以外的知识和信息, 写好一篇优秀的英语作文是非常 困难的。 要知道, 英语写作对于培养一个人的英语思维方 ...


   浅谈英语写作教学 浅谈英语写作教学 洛龙三中 黄昊 写作在英语学习中是培养和提高语言能力的有效手段, 它有助于巩固和掌握所学词汇、语法等语言知识,有助于训 练直接用所学语言进行思维,有利于提高驾驭语言的能力。 而且近年来,中考题型中加强了写作能力的测试,这无疑是 给我们的总复习提出了更高的要求。中学生该如何写好英语 作文呢?写作能力的提高不是一蹴而就的,而是一个循序渐 进的过程。如果要在有限的时间内收到最好的效果,让学生 在中考中发挥出最佳水平,在总复习中,就需要老师的正确 引导、学生的自我 ...


   高考必背疯狂英语成功之路13篇.迅速提高写作 成功之路第一篇:暑假打工 文体:记叙文 【题目要求】 暑假过后,你的外籍教师要同学们汇报自己假期所从事的社会活动和自己的感想。请写一书面材料交给外教: 你在2005年暑假到一家肯德基(KFC)快餐店做保洁员(cleaner)工作,你每天工作7个小时,为期3周,这项工作辛苦且枯燥,并使你感到非常的疲惫,这几乎使你半途放弃。 在新学期开始之前,你终于坚持完成了这项工作,并且认识到了劳动(labor)的意义,你认为这是一次成功的体验。 注意: 1.必须用 ...


   有没有什么高考英语作文万金油句子? 有没有什么高考英语作文万金油句子? 模版 1 Some people believe (argue, recognize, think) that 观点 1. But other people take an opposite side. They firmly believe that 观点 2. As for me, I agree to the former/latter idea. There are a dozen of reasons behi ...


   英语写作训练 一、应用文 1、书信 、 2、请假条 、 3、留言 、 4、 4、通知 5、借条 、 6、寻物启事 、 7、失物招领 、 2、请假条 、 昨天晚上你突然觉得不舒服,发高烧, 昨天晚上你突然觉得不舒服,发高烧, 咳嗽。大夫说你得了重感冒, 咳嗽。大夫说你得了重感冒,需要卧 床休息。请你给李老师写张病假条, 床休息。请你给李老师写张病假条, 请假两天,并表示康复后立即返校, 请假两天,并表示康复后立即返校, 你名叫王立,时间2008年6月5日。 你名叫王立,时间 年 月 日 范文 ...



   如需下载更多的免费仁爱版英语资源,请光临:中学英语资源网 Http://Www.Xskyy.Cn 作者:融江 仁爱版九年级英语上册词汇及短语汇总(完整版) 仁爱版九年级英语上册词汇及短语汇总(完整版) Unit 1 Topic 1 1. social 3. quick 社会的 快速的 进展 成功 教育 女主席 交流;通讯 10. policy 政策 11. recent 2. granny 奶奶 4. already 已经 5. progress 6. succeed 8. educatio ...


   09 年 MBA 英语阅读理解(精读精解)15 英语阅读理解( 精读精解) [日期:2008-10-10] 来源:太奇 MBA 网 作者: [字体:大 中 小] 背景: It was a brief, shining moment in Egypt's history--a time of epoc hal change presided over by a Pharaoh named Akhenaten and his beautiful wife Nefertiti. During hi ...


   各种优秀英语学习策略彻底评析 ***各种优秀英语学习策略彻底评析***/< 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程 体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程: http://www.pacificenglish.cnh[$w [逆向英语学习法] |Azpw< 创始人:钟道隆 q*4 网站:http://www.nx ...


   2010 大学英语四级作文高分句型汇总 I. 用于文章主题句 轻松应对四六级考试的秘诀…… 雅思图表作文经典句型总结 炎炎暑期,网校陪你宅家学! 1.不用说浮 It goes without saying that 子句 = (It is) needless to say (that)子句 = It is obvious that 子句 = Obviously, S. + V. 例不用说早睡早起是值得的。 It goes without saying that it pays to keep ...


   Unit 1 Lifestyles 私人信件 [典型例题] 典型例题] 山东)假设你是李华,曾在美国学习半年,现已回国。 (山东)假设你是李华,曾在美国学习半年,现已回国。你想 联系你的美国老师Mr.Smith,但没有其联系方式。 联系你的美国老师Mr.Smith,但没有其联系方式。请根据 Mr 以下要点给你的美国同学Tom写一封信: 以下要点给你的美国同学Tom写一封信: Tom写一封信 感谢Tom对你英语学习的帮助; Tom对你英语学习的帮助 1. 感谢Tom对你英语学习的帮助; 询问M ...