1 It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance sports or music, and others are not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. A basic consideration to judge whether a person can be a Michael Jordan or Mozart is whether he acquires specific attributes, for example, whether he has the strong visual spatial intelligence to judge direction before scoring or the extraordinary capability of composing a symphony by arranging musical notes agilely. However, the consideration is not a must for those people opining that all the toddlers or teenagers, regardless of their intrinsically gifts, can be taught to pick up the professions of sports and music as their lifetime careers. Personally, I believe that all the people, possessing our respective and incomparable assets, like the long arms of Rafael Nadal or the awe-inspiring voice of Fergie, are born most suitably for merely defined occupations. In other words, a renowned tennis player like Nadal has few chances to accomplish the achievement of Fergie as a singer, and vice versa. Nonetheless, it must be admitted that the generality of persons are equally praiseworthy in dealing with the missions like playing tennis or singing as pastime, if they are appraised as amateurs, rather than masters. Whereas, when it comes to winning the championship of Australian Open or Grammy Award, it would be different for most of us, no matter how hard we have tried. First and last, two ultimate yardsticks to measure whether a person is a promising athlete or musician are his nature and the following nurture. Therefore, by no means can all of us be same even if we have withstood the same tough training, considering the discrepancies in inherent abilities.
2 Is Newspaper a Better Source of News
  1)For most of us today, television has become our main source of daily news. (
  2)This is unfortunate, however, because for several reasons newspapers should be regarded as a better source. (
  3)It is true that television news can vividly bring into our living rooms dramatic events of singular importance, such as space launchings, natural disasters, wars and so on, but it cannot cover important stories in the depth they may deserve because of its time limitation. (
  4)On the contrary, print news excels in its ability to devote as much space to a story as it sees fit, though it cannot compete with television visually. (
  5)Besides, television is essentially a passive medium. (
  6)Whether we like a particular piece of news or not, all we have to do is to sit in front of the tube and “let it happen”. (
  7)But a newspaper reader can select what he is interested in, skip what he thinks is boring or irrelevant and read it any time he likes to. (
  8)Most importantly, if all of us get news and information exclusively from television, there will be a decline in general literacy. (
  9)By contrast, although to follow and absorb a newspaper article is a little bit hard as it requires a high level of mental involvement, it helps to develop one’s intellectual skills. (
  10)When we consider television versus newspaper papers on the basis of nature, format and coverage, shouldn’t we think the latter is a better source of our daily news?
3 How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic? (
  1)Nowadays, heavy traffic has become the source of greatest complaint in many big cities. (
  2)As it has seriously affected people’s daily life and economic development, the highest priority of governments has been given to the problem and many experts have been called in for advice. (
  3)A great number of solutions are being offered. (
  4)Some people suggest that more streets and roads should be constructed. (
  5)The advantage is obvious: it can reduce traffic density and hence speed up the flow of buses and cars. (
  6)But traffic flows constantly rise to fill whatever scale of roads and highways are provided for them. (
  7)And in a city with booming industry, land is precious and cannot be extravagantly used for traffic. (
  8)So others argue that the number of bicycles and cars should be limited while more bus routes should be opened up because buses can accommodate more passengers. (
  9)But the decrease in the number of bicycles and cars might give rise to another new set of problems, such as inconvenience to people. (
  10)Since neither of the suggestions can effectively solve the problem of heavy traffic, there is an increased awareness that the two solutions may be combined with other possible solutions to produce the best effect
4 College Lectures and Discussion What is the difference between the lecture system and the discussion system the two teaching methods prevalent on campus both at home and abroad? As a senior, it is not very difficult for me to tell. They have both strengths and weaknesses. Many students like the lecture system because it helps to learn quickly and much more. Attending a well-prepared lecture is a most rewarding experience because it can open a new horizon for you and save you much time as well?time you might otherwise spend reading one book after another. Yet the fault of the lecture system is that it cultivates a bad habit of passive learning. Students bring their notebooks and even tape recorders to class to write everything down without thinking for themselves, let alone raise any question. On the contrary the discussion system encourages students to form their own ideas and opinions. To engage in frequent and even heated debate, you have to do a lot of homework beforehand, find answers yourselves and thus you develop the analytical skills which benefit both your academic career and your future life. However, it also has its weakness: students do not learn systematically. In my opinion, both the systems must be improved and a hybrid method may gain more popularity among us students.
5 Will Phones Kill Letter Writing? Young people nowadays tend to phone each other more often than write to each other. That leads some people to the worry that phones will kill letter writing. As a matter of fact, the worry is groundless. In my view, phones will never kill letter writing. Just as libraries or shops in the cyberspace can never replace the actual ones, phone calls will never kill letter writing. They are only another means to transmit information or express feelings. Although phone calls have advantages over letter writing, for example, they are much faster and people can also hear the voice, so letters are irreplaceable. First of all, they are much cheaper than phone calls. Secondly, they convey information accurately. Thirdly, unlike phone calls, letters can be kept and re-read. Based on the above analysis, I feel safe to say letter writing can never be replaced by phone calls, though we find a dwindling number of letter writers these days.
6 Will Tourism Bring Harm to the Environment? In recent years, tourism has developed rapidly in China. Many people believe that tourism produce positive effects on economic growth and we should try our best to promote tourism. But what these people fail to see is that tourism may bring about a disastrous impact on our environment. As for me, I’m firmly convinced that too much tourists bring harm to the environment. The bad impact of tourism on the environment has mainly expressed itself in various ways. One way is the process of exploiting a new scenic spot. In order to attract tourists, a lot of artificial facilities have been built, which have certain unfavorable effects on the environment. This process usually breaks the ecological balance of the area. In some mountainous places, trees are being cut down to build hotels for others to see and explore the beauty of the mountains. Then land slides and mud-rock flows come up. Another way the development of tourism has damaged the environment occurs when tourists go to scenic spots. Some tourists don’t have the awareness to protect the environment, and ignorantly throw their garbage here and there. Some people even kill the local wildlife to eat, which badly damages the balance of the natural environment. It is wrong to sacrifice the environment for the growth of tourism. We must keep in mind that too much tourists bring harm to the environment. We need to find a balance between satisfying the needs of tourists and reducing to a minimum the pollution they cause.
7 Awards and prizes are given for excellence in various fields. Do these awards and prizes serve a useful purpose? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. A prize or award, whether it is the Nobel Prize, the Academy Award, or Best Handwriting Prize, is important. Such prizes can have economic, personal, and social effects that enrich the life of the recipient. Firstly, prizes like the Nobel Prize can be a cash award. But even for prizes that don't give money like the Academy Award can be profitable. An actress who wins Best Actress will be offered more roles and a higher pay than actresses who don't win the award. Even for the elementary student who received the school's Best Handwriting award may get a congratulations gift. Secondly, the personal benefits of receiving any award are evident. Any award winner is pleased that he or she has been recognized for his or her work. When people receive the Academy Award, they often cry they are so happy. Finally, everyone likes to be with a winner. A person who gets a prize often has many new, best friends. A winner's social life is much better than that of a loser. Awards serve a very useful purpose in that their economic, personal, and social benefits add to the recognition that there is more good than bad.
8 Learn From Books or Experience There has been much talk recently about whether we should learn from books or we should learn from experience. Some people think that learning from experience is more important while others hold different opinions. Personally, I side with the former, in the belief that experience is the best teacher. Admittedly, learning from books, as advocated by many, has its active role to play in our academic life. It can put us in touch with the great minds and arm our heads with massive knowledge. However, there are numerous merits for learning from experience, too. First things first, experience is the source of knowledge and understanding as well as meaning. Nowhere can the importance of learning from experience be described so vividly and accurately as in the old saying "Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced." Take the human progress as an illustration. Dating back to hundreds of thousands years ago, we humans were utterly ignorant. But by incessant practices, our ancestors cumulated massive experience, from which they acquired a great amount of knowledge, transforming our world from a primitive society into a highly-developed one. Second, unlike the theories recorded in books, experiences can apply to practical use. When we are at work, what we need is the experience of practical application instead of abstract theories in our books. Taking all these into account, we can draw a conclusion that learning from experience is more important than learning from books. Always remember the old saying given by Einstein --"The only source of knowledge is experience. "
9 People generally believe "Experience is the best teacher." While others hold that true source of knowledge is books. For my part, however, the most important, and sometimes the hardest, lessons we learn in life come from our participation in situations. Indeed, you can't learn everything from a book. Of course, learning from books in a formal educational setting is also valuable. It's in school that we learn the information we need to function in our society. We learn how to speak and write and understand mathematical equations. This is all information that we need to live in our communities and earn a living. Nevertheless, I think that the most important lessons can't be taught; they have to be experienced. No one can teach us how to get along with others or how to have self-respect. As we grow from children into teenagers, no one can teach us how to deal with peer pressure. As we leave adolescence behind and enter adult life, no one can teach us how to fall in love and get married. But experiencing our own triumphs and disasters is really the only way to learn how to deal with life. To conclude, knowledge gained both from experience and from books have their respective roles to play in our life. However, in my view, I think the former one is more important than the latter one
10 How do movies or television influence people's behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer. Do movies and television affect our behavior? A special concern is whether movies and television make children and society more violent. While people believe that movies and television do influence our behavior, both for the better and for the worse, I am convinced that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. Of course, movies do make people more violent. Actors can be killed and come back for another movie. Sometimes we confuse that with reality. Movies and television also influence our behavior because they make us less active. It is a passive activity. Is it any wonder that some people would rather live a fantasy life than their own? Nevertheless, watching movies and television ca



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