英语写作范文之议论文 英语写作范文之议论文
以下是朱泰祺老师在研究生英语入学考试写作专题讲座中的讲义,希望能给各位以些微帮助,同时起 个抛砖引玉的功能,到时候能见到各位更多的一些自己认为比较不错的笔记和摘录. 议论文 As is known to all, it is importanet to be/do ...I think there are at least two reasons fo r... For one thing,....For another,... Let's take...for example...Form waht I have mention ed above we can see that without...We cannot ...It is clear that,...plays an important par t in..... Different people ,however,have different opinions on this matter.Some people think that ....According to them,all of us should ...Others argue that....In their poinion,nobody ca n....without....Compared with...,...has a lot of advantages over....There is no doubt tha t...As a consequence,... In short,I firmly support the view that...It is because...So my conclusion is that...
寻茄克衫 5 月 12 日本人不慎在操场丢失一件绿色,领口有拉链的茄克衫.拾到者请把茄克衫还给失主克鲁奇.地 点九号宿舍楼 203 房间.
NOTICE OF ENGAGEMENT Mr. and Mrs. Holand Walshman have the honour to announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Lucy, to Mr. Samual Russell on Saturday, August 11, 19
  97. 订婚启事 荷兰德沃尔什曼先生及夫人荣幸地宣布,他们的小女露西与塞穆尔罗素先生于一九九七年八月十一 日(星期六)订婚,兹特敬告亲友.
ce of helping people out when they need it most by doing my part-time job. Besides, I like sports very much and I am physically well. Of course I do admit that I have some shortcomings. I can be shy when speaking in the presence of large crowds of people. Sometimes I am hesitant in making quick decisions. But I'm sure I will be able to overcome them. Now I'm applying for a position in your company. I believe a whole new working environment will surely provide better chances for me to build up future career and personal characters. Thank you very much.
英语写作范文之 英语写作范文之:如何初次建立联系
ATTN TO:slurry lian. Dear Madam: Compliment of the season to you. I know that this letter will come to you as a surprise, wi th the full hope that you will bear with us to assist me in this mutual transaction that will extend our both families I got your contact from the Cote d' Ivoire directory.I am madam Sussa n Toure from Abidjan in Republique of Cote d Ivoi
英语写作范文之 英语写作范文之英文 E-mail
I received your memo and will discuss it with Eric on Wednesday. Best, David 在电子邮件的使用者中还流行使用一些由首字母或读音组成的缩略词,如: d u wnt 2 go out 2nite:Do you want to go out tonight? lol:Laughing out loud oic:Oh, I see. mte:My thoughts exactly. brb:I'll be right back. c u 2morrow:See you tomorrow. fanx 4 ur elp:Thanks for your help. gr8:great btw:By the way imho:In my humble opinion asap:As soon as possible. 另外,网友们为了给枯燥的文字加入感情色彩,还创造了一种表示感情的小符号,英语叫 smiley. 如: :-)代表'I'm smiling at this', :-(代表'I'm sad about this'. 上述缩略词和小符号要视具体情况而定,不宜滥用. E-mail 的非正式的文体特点并不意味它的撰写可以马虎行事,特别是给长辈或上级写信,或者撰写业务 信函更是如此.写完信后,一定要认真检查有无拼写,语法和标点符号的误.当然 Outlook Express 等 软件的'拼写检查'功能可以助你一臂之力.
英语写作范文之推荐信用词 英语写作范文之推荐信用词
留学申请时,推荐信的作用很重要,好的推荐信对申请人来说能够起到事半功倍的作用.在写推荐 信时,必然会提及被推荐人的品性(Characters).介绍每个人独特的个性用词也十分讲究,下列 Characters 是国外大学所欣赏的形容词,请各位读者参考.列举该类词汇的目的并非要各位将之奉为圭 臬,而是希望在大家头痛脚痛浑身都痛的时候有个参考.请别忘了你的独特性,还请别忘了别人同你一 样看过这个表格. (
  1)Scholastic aptitude(学习方面的才能) a. Native intellectual ability(天赋) b. Imagination(想象力) c. Creativity(创造力) d. Capacity for analytical thinking(分析思考能力) e. Intellectual curiosity; spirit of inquiry(好奇心)f. Ability to work independently(独立学习工作的能力)g. Memory(记忆力) h. Accuracy(准确性) i. Methodology(研究方法) j. Capability for abstract reasoning (抽象推理的能力) k. Potential as a researcher (研究的潜力)
  1. Potential as a teacher(教学的潜力) m. Ability to express his ideas orally and in writing(口头或文字的表达能力) n. Capacity, desire and determination for good quality graduate work(获得学业成功的能力,愿望与决心) o. Probable success as a graduate student(作为研究生成功的可能性)
  2)Academic performance(学业上的表现) a. Breadth of general knowledge(知识丰富) b. Knowledge of literature in his field(本专业领域知识) c. Grade or achievement(成绩或成就) d. Industry, diligence(勤勉) e. Participation in discussion(讨论积极) f. Academic maturity(学业上的成熟) (
  3)Languages(语言能力) a. Ability to speak, understand, read and write the English language (听, 说, 读, 写英文的能力) b. Ability to read significant literature in other languages than English(英语以 外的语言阅读能力) (
  4)Character(品行) a. Honesty; integrity(诚实) b. Sincerity(诚恳) c. Sense of responsibility(责任感) d. Cooperation (合作) e. Enthusiasm(热诚) f. Conscientiousness(自觉性) g. Ethical and moral standards(伦理与道德标准) h. Reliability; dependability(可靠性)
英语写作范文之 英语写作范文之应用文的常用句型
1,I"d like ...to come to dinner 非常希望...共进晚餐 2,request the pleasure of 恭请... 3,The favor of a reply is requested 敬赐复函 4,May I have the honour of your company at dinner? 敬备菲酌,恭请光临 5,Thank you for inviting us to dinner 谢谢您邀请我们共进晚餐 6,I hope you"re not too busy to come. 我期望您会在百忙中光临 7,The reception will be held in ...,on ... 招待会定于...在...举行 8,We sincerely hope you can attend 我们期待您的光临 9,We are looking forward to ... 我们期待着.... 10,We have decided to have a party in honor of the occasion 为此我们决定举办一次晚会 11,Please confirm your participation at your earliest convenience 是否参加,请早日告之
1,Thank you very much for .... 十分感谢... 2,Many thanks for your ... 非常感谢您... 3,Please accept my sincere appreciation for ... 请接受我对...真挚的感谢 4,I am truly grateful to you for ... 为了...,我真心感激您 5,It was good (thoughtful) of you ... 承蒙好意(关心)... 6,You were so kind to send ... 承蒙好意送来... 7,Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality and I am looking forward to seeing you soon. 再次感谢您的盛情款待,并期待不久见到您 8,I find an ordinary "thank-you" entirely inadequate to tell you how much... 我觉得一般的感谢的字眼完全不足以表达我对您多么地... 9,I sincerely appreciate ... 我衷心地感谢... 10,I wish to express my profound appreciation for ... 我对..深表谢意 11,Many thanks for you generous cooperation 谢谢贵方的真诚合作
英语写作范文之 英语写作范文之简历中不该出现的话
致命的大错: 致命的大错:
1,"Finished 8th in my high school graduating class of
  10." 2,"Qualifications: No education or experience." 3,"I am relatively intelligent, obedient and loyal as a puppy." 4,"My compensation should be at least equal to my age." 5,"Reason for Leaving: It had to do with the IRS, FBI and SEC." 6,"Fired because I fought for lower pay." 7,"Size of employer: Very tall, probably over 6"5" . 8," "Please disregard the enclosed resume-it is terribly out of date." 9,"Reason for Leaving: My boss said the end of the world is near." 10,"Reason for Leaving: The owner gave new meaning to the word "paranoia." I prefer to elaborate privately."
1,"Here are my qualifications for you to overlook."
2,"Strengths: Ability to meet deadlines while maintaining composer." 3,"I am a rabid typist." 4,"Work History: Performed brain wave tests,1879-19
  81." 5,"After receiving advice from several different angels, I have decided to pursue a new line of work." 6,"Accounting cleric." 7,"As indicted, I have over five years of experience analyzing investments." 8,"Suspected to graduate early next year." 9,"Disposed of $
  2.5 billion in assets." 10,"Proven ability to track down and correct erors." 11,"Accomplishments: Oversight of entire department." 12,"Am a perfectionist and rarely if if ever forget details." 13,"Accomplishments: Completed 11 years of high school."
1,"Note: Keep this resume on top of the stack. Use all others to heat your house." 2,"Assisted in daily preparation of large quantities of consumable items in a fast-paced setting." (Translation: Short-order cook.) 3,"But wait...there"s more. You get all this business knowledge plus a grasp of marketing that is second nature." 4,"I have an excellent track record, although I am not a horse." 5,"My fortune cookie said, "Your next interview will result in a job"-and I like your company in particular." 6,"Title: Another resume from the "Profiles in Excellence" series." 7,"Also Known As: Mr. Productivity, Mr. Clever, Mr.Fix-it." 8,"Trustworthy references available upon request-if I give them a few bucks." 9,"Let"s meet so you can "ooh" and "ahh" over my experience."
英语写作范文之 英语写作范文之学术文章写作注意要点
以我在美求学的经验,向大家提一些尽量可以避免的写作常识问题,希望对大家的考试,乃至以后赴美求 学的漫漫征程有所裨益.时间所限,不可能写全,但是我会不断补充的.还有在文章中引用的那些片断,并 没有攻击作者的意思,只不过拿出来和大家探讨一下.
1,避免使用反问句,设问句.特别是作者也没有答案的问题. 例如: What's the objective of the information? Is it to make people more confused and astray? I partly agree with the author's contention that the enormous and otiose information sometimes render people lose their way and fail to consider question penetratingly and originally. 在作文的开头就扔出两个问题,然后接下来的陈述却与问题基本毫无干系.作为读者,首先要考虑那两 个问题的答案到底是什么,然后才能往下读.这些在中文里可能会被评作"引人入胜"的好词好句,在英语 的论文写作里面,可以说是最大的败笔之一.如果你一定要问问题的话,那就改成陈述句式,例如:Whether this issue is right or wrong? 可以改成:It has been a controversial issue that.....
2,避免集中使用"Be"动词,包括 is, are, has been, have been, etc.
即使 GRE 考题 statement 里面有很多"Be"动词,你也要避免照抄,因为 statement 是浅显地告诉你一个 idea,而不是向你展示 writing. 例如:What is the purpose of education? Some people may say that the purpose of education should be to create a totally academic environment that separates from the outside world, for, they think, this situation allows students to focus on their academic research work without being disturbed by practical concerns. In fact, this suggestion is harmful to the scientific research work. 这是某一篇文章的开头.我们现在只是分析语法问题.作者除了要注意不要使用疑问句以外,还有很重 要的一点:总共两三句话,出现 4 个"Be"动词.这种写法,在英语里面被称作"non-act"的动词."Be" 仅仅 表示一种状态,例如:"i am here", "you are there". 对于母语者来说,"Be"动词其实就是写在纸上,而 没有任何感情色彩.所以应该尽量避免成篇累牍地使用.我们的例子可以改为: Some people argue that the purpose of education lies in its strength in creating a totally academic environment separated from the outside world. They think this situation allows students to focus on academic research by excluding outside disturbance from practical concerns. However, this suggestion in fact does harm to the scientific research work. 我们可以看到,使用了 lie in, exclude, do harm to 以后,句子更有色彩了.
3,尽量避免重复使用单词或者词组.特别是近距离集中在某一两句话里使用. 例如:The author argues that to understand one's own culture, one must know about at least one another culture which is distinctly different from one's own culture. While as I am concerned, I can't agree with the author's assertion. 这一个开头,总共两行字,却连续出现了 4 个 One,3 个 culture.如果你把这段话大声朗读一下,就会 觉得别扭,好笑了.连续使用相同的单词或者词组(包括短句),体现的是作者词汇量匮乏,写作风格较差, 遣词造句能力不强.给读者的感觉就是昏昏欲睡. 很容易的我们就可以改正:The author argues that the knowledge of another distinctly different culture helps us to truly understand our own. However, I disagree with this assertion. 这句话把原来的三句



   英语写作范文之议论文 以下是朱泰祺老师在研究生英语入学考试写作专题讲座中的讲义,希望能给各位以些微 帮助,同时起个抛砖引玉的功能,到时候能见到各位更多的一些自己认为比较不错的笔记和 摘录. 议论文 As is known to all, it is importanet to be/do ...I think there are at least two reasons for... For one thing,....For another,... Let's take...for exa ...


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大学英语课件Book1 Unit4

   Unit four Moving from Detroit to Hobbs Key Vocabulary Discussing the question Text presentation and language points Study of words and phrases USA map Key Vocabulary 1.Accidentally n. accident 车祸、故 车祸、 adj.accidental 偶然地 Eg: I met her in the street ...


   1、 常用与开头的短语、句式 (1) with the (rapidly)growing popularity of (computers/private cars) in China,the quality of our lives has been considerably changed。 (2) With the (rapid)growth of (our economy/population),many problems such as (water shortages/waste ...


   八下英语科第 1、知识目标 : 教 学 目 标 三单元(章)A 3a?4 课题(节)教案 have an unusual experience imagine, follow,strange, amazing , kid follow sb. to do sth, ⑷I followed it to see where it was going. 译: 其中 where it was going 是 结构,用陈述句语序。 ⑸Isn’t that amazing? 译: 课后补记 2、能力目标 ...


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   破解英语词汇记忆的密码 英语单词由三部分组成:前缀、词根和后缀。一个单词可以没有前缀和后缀,但通常一定要有词 根。什么是前缀?前缀就好比是汉字的偏旁部首,通常表示单词的方位和性质。什么是后缀?英 语单词比汉字多了后缀, 后缀表示单词的词性。 什么是词根?词根就是被大量使用的词素。 例如: 人、好人、坏人、男人、女人,其中的“人”就相当于汉语中的词根。 一个单词的灵魂是词根,所以我们重点要学习的是词根。 同源异形根与音变 在汉语中,同一个字的发音在不同的地区可能是不同的,各地的方言就证明了这一 ...