? Para.1:
  1) Believe it or not/Like it or not, these years have witnessed a boom in…/a popularity (resurgence/worsening/crisis/ decline/growth/revival/spread ) of…in our society/on the Chinese campus.
  2) According to…, people, especially college students, are showing more and more interest in …
  3) To get a better sense of it, it is necessary for us to find out its causes.
? Para. 2:
  4) A closer analysis/study/ observation of the phenomenon can find that three main factors are well worth our concern/should call for more of our concern.
  5) In the first place, it is the product of…, for which…(原因
  6) 原因I) 原因 In the second, it is seen, among…, as an ideal way of…, since… (原因
  7) 原因II) 原因 And above all, it is an inevitable result of…(原因
  8) While…, in fact,… 原因III) 原因
? Para. 3:
  9) The effects of this change on our social/college life are positive/ negative/a mixed one.
  10) On the one hand,...(分析
  11) 分析I) 分析 On the other,...(分析
  12) With more and 分析II) 分析 more…added / attached to the trend, I am fully convinced / I am deeply worried, it will certainly … / is bound to…in the time to come.
What Causes a Boom in Celebrating Foreign Festivals
  1.近几年大学校园出现了一股过洋节热; 近几年大学校园出现了一股过洋节热; 近几年大学校园出现了一股过洋节热
  2.阐明导致该现象的原因; 阐明导致该现象的原因; 阐明导致该现象的原因
  3.分析该现象的社会影响。 分析该现象的社会影响。 分析该现象的社会影响



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