A. 开头

  1、There is an interesting and instructive picture which goes like this: .

  2、 has become a hot topic among people, especially among the young, and heated debates are right on their way.

  3、Recently, has been brought to such popular attention that
(e.g. Recently, the problem of global warminmg has been brought to such popular attention that governments at all levels place it on the the top of the agenda.).

  4、One of our ancient philosophers said, . Chinese people have always been holding this idea to be one of their standards of morality.

  5. No one,regardless of race, religion or nationality, would deny that... 或:Everyone would agree that...
B 结尾

  1) Only in this way/Only when....../Only through......, will/can we......或:It is only if/when......that we will......
It is only if all sides of society take their roles fully that we will achieve the society we want.

  2) As long as......we will be able to....../the problem is bound to......
As long as we persist in spreading scientific knowledge among the masses,all the superstitions are bound to go out of our life.

  3) With a constant/steady improvement in ......(或With the gradual worsening of......) sth.will......
With a steady improvement in our legal system,this problem will sure be solved earlier or later.

  4) In a word,there is every/little chance/probability/possibility that.......in time to come.A
In one word,there is every chance that this Chinese Traditon will continue to entertain millions of Chinese citizens.
C. 中间


  1). A great number of solutions are being offered. Some people suggest that . Others argue that .

  2). But I don’t think it is a very good way to solve . For instance, . Worst of all, .

  3). My suggestion to deal with/solve/relieve the problem are as follows. In the first place,.... Secondly,.... Finally

  4). If we let the situation go as it is, .... By that time, .... 如果让这种情况继续发展下去,那么到那个时候,......。

  5) If......, will there be anything that can make me even happier? 如果(我们怎么怎么做),那将没有比这令我更高兴的了。

  2.It 结构

  1) It is advisable to exercise(拥有)patience in dealing with such complicated situations.

  2) It is necessary that young and old people should communicate more with each other.

  3) It is certain that fresh air and exercises are more enjoyable and beneficial than medicine.

  4) It is well known that many of our problems are caused at least in part by failure to communicate.

  5) It seemed to me that the only thing that matters is to learn through failure.

  6) It pays in the long run (从长远的角度看......)to introduce new technique.


  1) Drinking,eating,and smoking excessively can do severe harm to even a young person’s health.

  2) The art of communication requires learning the language and culture of the audience.


  1) Fresh vegetables are nutritious(有营养的);furthermore,they re cheaper than frozen ones.

  2) Helping others will not only bring joy into other people’s lives,but also added happiness into our own.


  1) It’s important to set aside time for relaxation,hobbies ,and entertainment as well.

  2) A harmonious atmosphere is essential(necessary / critical / indispensable)to achieve success.

  3) Global warming can endanger our lives so much that we are obliged to make a careful study of the problem and try to find out a lasting solution to it.


  1) The purpose of a test is to show what you have leaned about a subject.

  2) The intent is not to catch everyone but rather to catch enough to spread the word.

  3) Competitive sports are recommended to young adults to prepare them for the competitive world of college and business.


  1) Too much work and too little rest may lead to loss of health.

  2) If you try to learn too many things at a time,you may get confused.

  3) By consistent hard work we will be able to achieved our objectives (目标). 转载请注明来自www.cetok.cn


  1) Jobs and work do much more than most of us realize to provide happiness and contentment.

  2) Work is more than a necessity for most human beings;it is the focus of their lives,the source of their identity and creativity.

  3) Rather than a punishment or a burden,work is the opportunity to realize one’s potential.

  4) The more scientists find out,the more questions they are unable to answer.


  1) Without the distraction of TV,they might sit around together after dinner.

  2) As long as the brain is given plenty of exercise it keeps its power.

  3) Were it left to me to decide whether we should , I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

  4) Without a degree and with no vocational experience their chances of getting good jobs are slim.


  1) Takefor example,

  2) An illustration(例证)may make the point clear.


  1) The government should be taking effective(有效的)measures to overcome current difficulties.

  2) As college students, we are obliged to make every effort to help support the Olymic Games.

  3) The school authorities should invest more energy and money in improving working and living conditions for the teachers.


  1) While it may be more convenient to possess a car,it is also expensive and troublesome at times.

  2) Although I do not earn a great deal of money for this job,the pleasure I receive from the work makes it worthwhile.


  1) Because of(owing to) the pressure(压力)of examinations, many students are left with little or no free time.

  2) Perhaps it’s because few of us know how to accept compliments(赞扬)gracefully.

  3) That is why housework is considered as such a dreary grind(乏味的苦差事)。

  4) The reason for this is that


  1)One of the greatest problems facing the 21st century will be what to do with all the rubbish produced in the world.

  2) To travel abroad is a desire shared by many people,but few can afford to do it.

  3) Cheating is now considered to be a major problem in colleges and universities.

  4) Many people find it harder and harder to keep up with the radical changes that characterize our time.

  5) At first thought, the problem seems far too involved (复杂),but it can certainly be solved when seriously dealt with .

  15. There be结构

  1) There are other techniques that might help you with you studying.

  2) There is much that we can learn from the Chinese classic works.

  3) There is no sense(道理)in leaving important decisions to inexperienced people.
The rapid progress in science and technology has given a powerful shove-ahead to the productive forces of the world and the economic and social development of humanity. 科技的快速发展带给世界生产力和人类经济和社会的发展一个强劲的推动力
...can help one stand tall and aim far, broaden one’s vision and give full play to one’s intelligence and wisdom on the broad arena of the modernization drive. 站的高看的远,开扩自己的视野,在现代化建设的大舞台上充分发挥个人才智
Let’s join hands and work together to contribute a greater part to the harmony of our society. 让我们携手共同奋斗,为建设和谐社会作出更大的贡献!
Famous scientist Marie Curie once said," Nothing is life is to be feared; it is only to be understood." In the same ways, once we understand the casuses of this phenomenon, we can confidently believe that we will solve the problem with the following means:

  1. admittedly 应当承认: Admittedly, a few governments have taken timid measures.

  2. simply 简而言之: The answer is simply money.

  3. surely 肯定地: This is surely the most short-sighted policy you could imagine.

  4. increasingly 不断增长地 While money is eagerly collected in vast sums with one hand, it is paid out in increasingly vaster sums with the other.



   议论文 A.正反观点对比型 正反观点对比型 正反对比首先要引出人们对某个问题的不同看法, 然后提出作者自己的看法。 近年来正反观 点对比型作文出现频率较高,以历年评卷的经验,建议以三段式来论述,要求论点突出,论 据有理,论述有力。 第一段:提出论点,一般只写三句。 第一段:提出论点,一般只写三句。 第一句: 争论焦点, 第一句:When it comes to/ when asked about 争论焦点,people’s opinions about it vary from person ...


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