英语写作中很绝的结尾句!让写作提高不止一个档次。 来源: 英语写作中很绝的结尾句!让写作提高不止一个档次。) 来源: 赵光 远的日志

  1.The most effective means to solve this problem is that . In that case, .
  2. Everything has its own two sides, no exception with AAA. For one thing, . for another, .
  3. My experience tells me that to needs a thorough and persevering process, and in this process you had better abide by the principles mentioned above.
  4. On the whole, it is high time that we recognized the significance of .
  5. As a result, we should take some effective methods to .
  6. Judging by the figures, we can draw a conclusion that .
  7. In a word, the whole society should pay close attention to the problem of . Only in this way can in the future.
  8. In my opinion, we should place much emphasis on the importance of .
  9. But and have their own advantages. For example, , while . Comparing those two, however, I prefer to .
  10. In my opinion, is just as common as . If , it may be very useful. Whatever , the key point lies in .
  11. Are their opinions correct? To my mind, the first idea seems . As for the second idea, .
  12. As a popular saying goes, . In my opinion what really counts is not , but . I believer that as long as , we will . So I am for the opinion that .

  13. In my opinion, both sides are partly right. When we , we should take into consideration all aspects of the problems, and then make the right decision.
  14. Personally, I believe that . Consequently, I’m confident that a bright future is awaiting us because .
  15. In my opinion, all of the people should be brave enough to show our disapproval and criticism when confronted with .
  16. People are coming to realize the importance of . They have begun to try their best to . We believe that .
  17. All in all, we cannot live without . But at the same time we must try to find out new ways to cope with problems that would arise.
  18. Whatever you do, please remember the saying- . If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you’ll definitely benefit a lot from it.
  19. With the development of society, . So it’s urgent and necessary to . If every member is willing to contribute himself to the society, it will be better and better.
  20. It is difficult to say whether is good or not in general as it depends very much on the situation of . However, from a personal point of view I find .
  21. It is essential that effective actions should be taken to end the situation.
  22. It is no doubt that special attention must be paid to the problem of .
  23. But both and have disadvantages. For example, . Which to choose, or ? Careful consideration is necessary before you make your own choice.
  24. From what has been discussed above, we may reasonably arrive at the conclusion that .
  25. We must search for a quick action, because the present situation of is grievous, if allowed to proceed, will certainly lead to
  26. No doubt, if we ignore the problem, there is every chance that will be put in danger.
  27. We need to take a second look at the matter from a wider standpoint, otherwise, we won’t .
  28. It is high time that . Here are some of the measures that might be taken immediately.
  29. In conclusion, we should know about the problem of , and object to . Only in this way .
  30. Although it is affected by many factors, still there are certain ways that can make the situation better. The most import is . Another way is . Still another one is .
  31. Many solutions are offered here, all of them make some sense, but none is adequate enough. The problem should be studied in depth.
  32. No easy method can be at hand to solve the problem of . But the common recognition of the importance of might be the first step on the right way.
  33. It is clear, therefore, that the task of demands great attention.
  34. We may have a long way to go before we reach the final goal. But once we are on the way, the chance to reach it is greater.
  35. But for me, I would rather think of the matter in an optimistic way. Because I believe .
  36. We all know the story of . this lesson tells us that , we should .
  37. My own point of view is that is a normal behavior in our society. There is no doubt that . As an old saying goes, .
  38. If we can’t take useful means, we may not control this trend, and some undesirable result may come out unexpectedly, so what we should do is .

  39. However, this graph may not predict the entire situation in the future. I believe .
  40. From the graph it is evident that .
  41. From all the reasons above, we know that great changes had taken place in . And I believe that .
  42. Taking into account all of these factors, we may reach the conclusion that .
  43. For the reasons given above, I strongly recommend that .
  44. Given the factors I have just outlined, I believe that .
  45. Therefore, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that .
  46. Recognizing the fact that should lead us to conclude that .
  47. In short, I support the statement that it is better to because .
  48. After pondering this question on many occasions, I have finally reached the conclusion that is something I truly want to do and it is worthwhile.
  49. My point of view in largely results from the fact that .
  50. Now after close examination, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that .
  51. From what has been discussed above, you can get your preference. Personally, I think has more advantages.
  52. On the one hand, it has helped china . On the other hand, it has increased china’s , and at the same time, made great contributions to our national development.
  53. In my opinion, to solve this problem there might be two ways. One way to tackle this question is . Another way that is worth adopting is .

  54. As far as I am concerned, I trust the advantages mentioned above exceed the disadvantages.
  55. For me, is a glory and it is the most important thing I have to take into feasible consideration.
  56. As regards me, I tend to pick , for . What’s more, .
  57. If I were given a choice between and , I would certainly prefer . For me, .
The World Expo in 20
  10(世博会)英文作文 The World Expo in 2010(2010 年世博会) The World Expo in 2010 Shanghai will host the 2010 World Expo. The World Expo has a long history but it has never been held in Asia. So the 2010 World Expo is an honor for all of the Asians. ()ur government has promised that it will be the best one. And Shanghai, as a host city, will have more chances to develop quickly. As a student in Shanghai, I should learn English well so that I can be a volunteer in the Expo to help foreigners know more about Shanghai. How To Be A Lovely Citizen(如何成为一个可爱的上海人) Great changes have taken place in Shanghai and more and more people throughout the world are focusing their attention on Shanghai now. As a citizen of Shanghai, I feel I must spare no efforts to do my bit. First, I decide to help plant more trees to make our city more beautiful. Second, I should obey seven nos and be good at learning from others. Third, I should study hard so that I can do something better for my city in the future. Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Certificate Craze On Campus. You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:
  3)你的看法 Certificate Craze On Campus
行文思路 本题属于提纲式文字命题。提纲第 1 点指出一种现象,提纲第 2 点要求分析产生这种 现象的原因,提纲第 3 点要求谈谈“我”对该现象的看法,由此可判断本文应为现象解释型作 文。 根据所给提纲,本文应包含如下内容:描述近几年大学校园内的“考证热”;分析越来越 多的大学生热衷考取各种证书的主要原因;阐述“我”对大学生“考证热”的看法。 高分范文 Certificate Craze On Campus In recent years, getting a certificate has become a new craze among college students. [1]Just randomly ask a student on campus what he or she is busy doing, [2]quite possibly, you may get the answer [3]that he or she is preparing for a certificate [2]of some kind. [4]Why does this craze appear? [4]There are mainly two reasons behind this phenomenon. First, [5]it is the employment pressure that forces college students to get more certificates. With the admission expansion of colleges, a lot more graduates have to face the fierce competition in the job market. How can one make himself more competitive? More certificates at hand, maybe. Second, diploma and certificates are still important standards [6]by which many employers measure a person’s ability. In order to increase the qualifications for a job, the students compel themselves to run from one exam to another. [7]From my point of view, we should be more rational [8]when it comes to certificates, [9]since certificates [2]do not necessarily prove one’s ability. Being crazy in getting certifications blindly is [10]nothing but wasting time. To conclude, we should focus on improving our ability [10]but not getting a certificate of no practical value. 【亮点点评】 [1]祈使句使用恰当。randomly 意为“随意地,随机地”。 [2]限定词使用恰当,使文章表达更严谨,增强了说服力。 [3]that 引导同位语从句,修饰 the idea。 [4]设问句引出原因,容易引起注意。 [5]强调句型,此处是强调主语。 [6]which 引导非限制性定语从句,充当介词宾语。 [7]用于引出“我”的观点。 [8]“当谈到或提及…时”。 [9]since 引导原因状语从句,表示既定的原因,常译为“既然”。 [10]“只是,仅仅”。“而不是”。 佳句临摩
  1.佳句:You may get the answer that he or she is preparing for a certificate of some kind. 临摩:离婚率上升尽管令人难过,但却是不争的事实。 .

  2.佳句:Diploma and certificates are still important standards by which many employers measure a person’s ability. 临摩: 在过去的三十年,发展中国家在许多方面都取得了很大的进步,其中包括健康 水平的提高。 .
  3.佳句:From my point of view, we should be more rational when it comes to certificates. 临摩:我认为,对于我们来说,更重要的是尽可能提高自己的能力而不是获得更多的证 书。 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Students’ Pursuit for Famous Brands. You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:
  3)你如何看待这一现象 Students’ Pursuit for Famous Brands 行文思路 本题属于提纲式文字命题。提纲第 1 点指出一种现象,提纲第 2 点要求分析产生这种 现象的原因,提纲第 3 点要求谈谈“我”对该现象的看法,由此可判断本文应为现象解释型作 文。 根据所给提纲,本文应包含如下内容:描述目前热衷于大学生追求名牌的现象;分析大 学生热衷名牌的原因;阐述“我”对大学生追求名牌的看法并提出建议。 高分范文 Students’ Pursuit for Famous Brands Nowadays many college students like t



   1.The most effective means to solve this problem is that . In that case, . 解决这个问题的最有效的方法是……。如果那样的话…… 2. Everything has its own two sides, no exception with AAA. For one thing, . for another, . 任何事情都有它的两个方面,AAA也不除外,一方面……另一方面…… 3. My experience tells ...

英语 写作中的常用短语

   写作常用短语回放 写作常用短语回放 常用短语 " " " " " " " " " " make a fool of 愚弄 找借口 make an excuse 给人搭便车 give one a lift 打电话 give someone a ring take chances 冒险 bear .....in mind 牢记在心 pull a long face 板着脸 对…充耳不闻 turn a deaf ear to 充耳不闻 be dismissed from school 被开除 t ...


   英语写作中的常用句型汇总 作者: 作者:Admin 来源: 浏览: 来源:英文写作网精华文库 浏览:5458 2011分享到: 2011-3-3 分享到: 第一部分 常用于引言段的句型的 2 类表达方式 一、议论文常用句型 1. It is a fact that…. 2. It is well-known that…. known 3. There is no doubt that…. 4. I think that…. 5. Contrary to the popular thought ...


   英汉表达差异??英语写作中的拦路虎 英汉表达差异??英语写作中的拦路虎 ?? 有位专家曾做过这样一个实验:他找了两位二十岁左右的西班牙小伙子和中国小伙子, 让他们在同一时间内用英语写同一篇作文,结果,西班牙小伙子潇潇洒洒地写了五百多 字,意思表达基本明了,但拼写语法错误不胜枚举,改动处不多;而中国小伙子只拘谨 地写了不到三百字,拼写错误不多,但语法改动不下二十余处,使人难以流畅地阅读。 显然,前者只注意思想的表达,后者则有很强的语法意识???生怕犯语法错误,这种 意识在相当程度上影响了思想的 ...


   有位专家曾做过这样一个实验:他找了两位二十岁左右的西班牙小伙子和中国小伙子,让他们在同一时间 内用英语写同一篇作文,结果,西班牙小伙子潇潇洒洒地写了五百多字,意思表达基本明了,但拼写语法 错误不胜枚举,改动处不多;而中国小伙子只拘谨地写了不到三百字,拼写错误不多,但语法改动不下二 十余处,使人难以流畅地阅读。显然,前者只注意思想的表达,后者则有很强的语法意识???生怕犯语 法错误,这种意识在相当程度上影响了思想的表达。由此可见,不同社会文化背景的人,会有不同的思维 方式和思维习惯,在学习新的 ...


   英语写作宝典 在莱曼英语所倡导的五种英语语言能力中, 写作被认为是必修的重要课题之一。 它既是英语 学习短期目标??考试所要求的内容之一; 又是英语学习的长期目标??交流所必需的能力 之一。毋庸置疑,英语写作是集基础知识,基本能力和课外信息于一身的综合体现,同时, 又要兼顾到写作者高超的写作技巧。 因而, 没有扎实的英语语法知识; 没有长期不懈的训练; 没有科学的方法指导; 没有广博的课本以外的知识和信息, 写好一篇优秀的英语作文是非常 困难的。 要知道, 英语写作对于培养一个人的英语思维方 ...


   初中英语写作技巧 书面表达,首先要抓住所给的提示,然后运用所学词汇、语法及句型,避繁就简,简明 表达要讲的内容。 那么,如何才能做好英语写作题呢?这里介绍五个要诀以供参考。 1. 紧扣中心; 2. 意思连贯; 3. 富于变化; 4. 注意时态; 5. 不“生造”句子。 书面表达是一项能够充分考查学生语言综合运用能力的题型, 一般来说, 书面表达采取 情景作文和控制作文两种形式。情景作文多为看图填词、看图写话、看图作文等形式,后者 指根据所给条件进行写作的形式。 以上两种书面表达形式,都不同于 ...


   浅谈英语写作教学 浅谈英语写作教学 洛龙三中 黄昊 写作在英语学习中是培养和提高语言能力的有效手段, 它有助于巩固和掌握所学词汇、语法等语言知识,有助于训 练直接用所学语言进行思维,有利于提高驾驭语言的能力。 而且近年来,中考题型中加强了写作能力的测试,这无疑是 给我们的总复习提出了更高的要求。中学生该如何写好英语 作文呢?写作能力的提高不是一蹴而就的,而是一个循序渐 进的过程。如果要在有限的时间内收到最好的效果,让学生 在中考中发挥出最佳水平,在总复习中,就需要老师的正确 引导、学生的自我 ...


   高考必背疯狂英语成功之路13篇.迅速提高写作 成功之路第一篇:暑假打工 文体:记叙文 【题目要求】 暑假过后,你的外籍教师要同学们汇报自己假期所从事的社会活动和自己的感想。请写一书面材料交给外教: 你在2005年暑假到一家肯德基(KFC)快餐店做保洁员(cleaner)工作,你每天工作7个小时,为期3周,这项工作辛苦且枯燥,并使你感到非常的疲惫,这几乎使你半途放弃。 在新学期开始之前,你终于坚持完成了这项工作,并且认识到了劳动(labor)的意义,你认为这是一次成功的体验。 注意: 1.必须用 ...


   有没有什么高考英语作文万金油句子? 有没有什么高考英语作文万金油句子? 模版 1 Some people believe (argue, recognize, think) that 观点 1. But other people take an opposite side. They firmly believe that 观点 2. As for me, I agree to the former/latter idea. There are a dozen of reasons behi ...



   浅谈如何学好英语(一) 首先,必须澄清如下几点:我并非英语教学专家,也没有在英语国家取得很高的学历,甚至 还不能做到听说自如。我只是一个普通的海外华人,在我英语水平很差的情况下来到加拿大,在 不断的英语学习过程中总结了一些心得体会, 并且我现在仍然在不断的学习中。 这篇文章只是和 一些朋友分享一下英语学习的经验, 探讨一下英语学习的方法, 不具有权威性、 指导性, “抛 就是 砖引玉”的那块砖。如果你认为还有点参考意义,我将十分欣慰。更希望你指出我的不足,留下 你的宝贵意见,你我共同斟酌、改 ...


   Lesson 1 A private conversation Last week I .(去看戏) I had a very good seat. The play was very interesting. I did not enjoy it. A young man and a young woman me. (坐在我的身后)They were talking loudly. I got very angry. I could not hear the actors. I (回过 ...


   高中英语教学中的 高中英语教学中的翻译教学实践初探 上海市青浦高级中学 2010-9 [摘要] 培养高中生的语言应用能力是高中英语教学的首要任务, 也是时代发展的必 然要求。 伴随着各种新教学法的应用, 传统的翻译法受到强烈的冲击, 几经沉浮。 21 世纪应用语言学和翻译学理论不断发展,人们开始重新审视翻译教学法。高 考英语中句子翻译的在总卷分数中占到 20 分,这说明了翻译作为写作能力的基 础体现,越来越受到关注。证明在高中英语教学中有效的使用翻译教学法,能促 进高中学生写作技能的提高。 ...


   读英语句子的一点概括 我发现好多同学对于英语句子的阅读和理解存在很大的问题,对此,我个 人分析了一下,相信对大家学习一定会有帮助. 首先, 首先,我们要了解下句子的成分这个概念.所谓句子的成分就是句子的组 成部分.句子是由什么组成的对我们尤为重要.英语句子一般是由主语,谓 语,宾语,表语,状语,定语,同位语等组成的,这就是句子的成分很简 单吧.还要很清楚什么是句子的主干成分,什么是句子的修饰成分.在句子 中,主语,谓语+宾语或是+表语就构成句子的主干成分,而状语和定语就是 句子的分支结构,就 ...


   6 级作文模板 级作文模板: 1)先背 3 个句子 ) 1 Nowadays with the rapid development of advanced ……., more and more….. are commonly and widely used in everyday life.(讲重要性 讲重要性) 讲重要性 2 The popularity of digital …will have great influence on our work, study and everyda ...