Book 1 Unit 1
要求:浏览下面的短文, 要求:浏览下面的短文,思考划线部分的词或词组可用本单元的哪个词或词组 替代。 替代。 Anne used to live in Holland ( walk with a dog ( she watched the dog running free ( ) outside the building ( ), she felt happy. ). She would like to ). When
After they hid away in a building, she couldn't go outside. Therefore, she became deeply interested ( ( II. ) nature, even the thundering clouds. ) in everything about
Part I: 按要求填空 add vt. - n. ? additional adj.
concern vt. ? concern n. - adj. entire adj. - adv. indoor adj. - adv. German dust n. - adj. adj. ? outdoors adv.
n. - n.(pl.) - n. 德国
hide v. - 过去式 - 过去分词 Part II: 语法填空 More and more people have more access to the Internet and more and more are likely to make friends through such software as ICQ, OICQ, Skype and so on. Since we have more chances to make friends from other countries, it is important that we know about some rules of foreign countries. Here is some _1 (advise). _2 is known to all, _3 (Germany) are the most restrained people on earth. They would like to do things according to rules. So when dealing with them, you should be reasonable. Americans, however, are more
open-minded. They don’t like staying indoors and feel like taking part in some _4 (outdoors) activities. Sports can be a nice topic when you chat with them because they are crazy _5 sports. Moreover, Americans are straightforward. They will take a “no” for “no” and a “yes” for “yes”. So, don’t say “That will be nice, but I think there is a better way”. Just directly tell them that _6 don’t like the idea. Though we differ from each other in terms of characters, we do have something _7 common. If you show that you are __8 (concern) about them, your friends will definitely feel it. In _9 (additional), show your respect for certain special rules of other countries, and they will do the same in return. Respect, _10 is the foundation of
communication, is the best principle. III.
要求: 要求:试翻译划线部分的词或词组 交友的一系列(
  1. 写下(
  2. 别算计(
  3. 和 他 们 分 享 ( ( IV. 写作句型 )过的苦痛 )建议: )朋友的优点,忽略( )他们的缺点;
)你为他们做过些什么,多想想他们为你做过的; )你有过的喜悦,和你经历
要求:浏览课文,找出含有以下句型的句子, 要求:浏览课文,找出含有以下句型的句子,体会该句型的用法
  1. There was a time when + 从句 (注意时态 注意时态) 注意时态
  2. It was the first time that sb. had done … (注意时态 注意时态) 注意时态
  3. do sth. in order to do … (注意不要缺少谓语动词 注意不要缺少谓语动词) 注意不要缺少谓语动词
  4. happen to do … = do sth. by accident
  5. no longer do sth. = don't do sth. any longer V.
要求:用五句话完成下面的小短文,注意划线部分的词或词汇,注意句型。 要求:用五句话完成下面的小短文,注意划线部分的词或词汇,注意句型。 有一段时间我很沮丧 ( ),因为我的学习不好。一天我偶然在 )和他 ),朋友说他很关心 )我,也乐意( )帮助 )。 )交流,
街上碰到我的老朋友,我将我的心情和想法( 分享。为了使我平复心情( (
我的学习。 这是我第一次理解了 “患难见真情” ( 当你觉得沮丧时,你可以和朋友面对面( 之后你就不再不开心了。
VI. Grammar Study
Step I: 要求:利用新学的词汇和句型,完成两个朋友之间的对话。 要求:利用新学的词汇和句型,完成两个朋友之间的对话 新学的词汇和句型 (Allan and Jack (偶然碰到) each other in the street yesterday) Allan said, “Why do you (看起来很沮丧)?” “I am not getting along well with my friends”, said Jack. Allan said, “Can you give me some examples?” Jack said, “I am poor at study and my friends don't understand what I am (经历).”

( 分 享 )

( 心 情 和 想 法 ) with your friends so they will be (乐意帮助) you”, said Allan Jack said, “In addition, I am (为…着迷) nature and my friends laugh at me.” Allan said, “You should communicate with them (面对面), and if they don't understand, you can (忽 略) them.” “I am grateful that you have (平复我 的心情)”, said Jack. Step II: 使用情景 Direct Speech: Indirect Speech: Step III: 变化规则
  5. Step IV: 利用间接引语,将 Step I 的对话改成一段话 利用间接引语, Allan and Jack happened to meet each other in the street and Allan asked Jack why


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   “求职路 上英语口语面试问答大全 1 求职路”上英语口语面试问答大全 求职路 面试中面对外国老板连珠炮似的提问, 有没有觉得心慌意乱、无所适从?求职过程中面试尤为重要,回答问题, 如果能简明扼要,真诚中肯,合乎老外口味,那么录取机会必定大大增加。当然,有的问题,也要轻描淡写,以 免言多必失。 本篇摘录了若干面试中出现频率较高的问题及精彩回答,希望能在您求职路上助您一臂之力。 Q: Can you sell yourself in two minutes? Go for it. (你能在两分钟 ...

全国2008年10月高等教育自学考试电子商务英语试题 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 全国 2008 年 10 月高等教育自学考试电子商务英语试题 请将答案填在答题纸相应的位置上 小题, 一、词汇和语法(本大题共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分) 词汇和语法( 根据句子的意思选择一个正确的答案,错选、多选或未选均无分。 根据句子的意思选择一个正确的答案,错选、多选或未选均无分。 1. under a microscope, a fresh snowflake has a ...


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   单词 a 中文 art.一个 大量,许多 很多 种种;若干不同的 n.能力,才干 n.能力,能耐 有…的能力 a.有才能的,能够的 vt.废除(法律,习惯等);取消 prep.关于 prep.在…之上 首先,首要 ad.到国外;在国外 a.绝对的,完全的 ad.完全地,绝对地;肯定地 a.抽象的 n.摘要,梗概 vt.提取;摘录要点 n.荒谬 vt./n.滥用,妄用;虐待,凌辱 a.学院的,学会的;学术的 a.可以接受的 n.通道,入口;接近(或进入)的机会 a.易接近的;易受影响的(to) ...


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