Module 2
课题 Module2 听说课 Module2 听说课
学 习 目 标 学习 重点 难点 学具 准备
朱春洁 主审教师 杨华
To understand conversations about sports To process information of sports in the listening. To ask and give information about what kind of sport one can do

  1. New words
  2. 情态动词 can 的用法
多媒体 录音机
Unit 1 I can speak English
写出下列短语 打篮球 踢足球 打乒乓球 弹钢琴

骑马唱 游泳
Listening and vocabulary
  1.Match the words with the pictures. (活动
  1) 一听
  2. Listen and check what Lingling can do. Use pictures to help you.(活动
二听 听活动 3 的对话,完成活动 4 的表格。 三听 听录音补全对话
Miss Li: Please Betty and Tony our school . They are from Beijing . This is Betty. Betty: Hello. My name’s Betty. I ‘m from .I’m 13 years old and I’m a student. I play football and I can play basketball . I can , but I speak Chinese. This is Tony. He’s my friend.

Module 2
Tony: Hello. My name’s Tony. I’m 11 years old. I’m from and I can speak English. I can play football and , and I can a bike.
Ling Ling: you swim? Tony: No, I can’t. And I can’t .
Pronunciation and speaking
Listen and repeat the words.

/p/play piano /t/table Tony tennis /k/can can't
/b/bike Betty basketball /d/old friend ride student /g/English
fc1 n and repeat the sentences.
She can speak English. He can't speak English

  1. 情态动词 can 的用法
  1)can 是情态动词, 表示说话人的语气和情态,后面跟动词原形一起构成谓语。
  2)can 的意思是 “能,会” ,表示一种能力。 I can sing an English song.
  3) can 后面加 not 构成否定结构 can’t ,意思是 不能。 He can’t speak Chinese.
  4) can 放在句首,构成一般疑问句, Can you say it in English? Can I have a look at your watch
Module 2

  2. play 与球类运动连用不加“the ” ,与乐器名词连用的时候要加“the”。 Eg: play the piano play the violin play tennis , play basketball
  3.welcome 的用法
  1) welcome 作动词,意思是“欢迎” 。 They welcome me.
  2)welcome to ……. 欢迎到某地 Welcome to China .
  3) welcome sb. to …… 欢迎某人到某地 Welcome your friend to our school. 练一练 We wlcome her our class. B. in C. to D. for
  4. I can speak English, but I can’t speak Chinese.
  1) speak + 语言 Eg:speak Chinese speak to sb. 和某人说话
  2)say + 说话的内容
  3)but ,语气表转折 I want to go , but I can’t .
一 单项选择
  1、Can you play piano? A、a B、an C、the
  2、Can you dance? yes, I . A、do B、can C、 can’t
  3、Can he Write English? No,he A、can B、 can’t C、does
  4、She can basketball . A、play B、playing C、plays
  5.Can you play the ? A. soccer B. volleyball C. piano D. football
  6.He can play chess, he can’t play it well . A. and B. or C. but D. the
  7. Can you help me ? . A. Yes , I can. B.Yes , I do . C. Yes , I am. D.No, I can.
  8. Please welcome your friends our city.
Module 2
A. to B. at C. in D. on
  9. Can you it in Chinese? A. speak B. say C. talk D. tell
  10. Can Betty Chinese well ? A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell 二、首字母填空
  1. Can Jim’s sister ra bike?
  2. My father and mother are my p.
  4. Please wDavid to our school.
  6. We can play the pin the room.
  7. Can Li Ming swim? No ,he c. 三、句型转换
  1. Lucy can speak French.(改为否定句) Lucy French.
  2. They can play basketball.(改为一般疑问句) play basketball?
  3. Can the boy play the piano.(作否定回答) , . 四 补全对话
  1、贝蒂会说英语,但她不会说英语。 Betty English,she speak Chinese.
  2、你的朋友会骑马吗???会。 your friends ? Yes , can.
  3、那个女孩不会打网球。 The girl tennis.
  4、托尼会游泳吗???不会。 Tony ? No , he .
教 或 学 后 思 熟练掌握情态动词 can 的用法 作 业
Module 2


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