1.This is our school.
  2.We live and study here every day.
This is our school, where we live and study every day.
Revision of the Attributive Clause 定语从句复习
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Attributive Clause:
定语从句在从句中起定语作用, 定语从句在从句中起定语作用,修饰句 某一名词或代词, 中的某一名词或代词 中的某一名词或代词,被定语从句修饰 的词叫先行词 的词叫先行词(Antecedent)。定语从句需 adverbs): 用关联词(relative pronouns and adverbs):
基础知识回顾: 基础知识回顾:

  1. The teachers who are present at our class are all experienced teachers.
  2. Our class is a big family which consists of 12 girls and 50 boys.
  3. Yao Hui is the boy whose English study is whose very good in our class.
  4. The school where we are studying is very famous.
  5. As we all know, our school is 50 years old.
基础知识回顾: 基础知识回顾 关系词及其意义
指代人 who, whom, that, as 指代事物 which, that, as 所属关系 whose where = 词 词+which 指 关 when (= 词 系 词+which 指 why (=for+which 指 词 关 系 代 词
归 纳 总 结
Relative pronouns used in attributive clauses
Antecedent Subject persons Object Possessive whose Note A relative pronoun can be omitted when it is used as the object in an attributiv e clause
whom/ who/that who/that
which/ that
which/th at
whose/of which
This is the house which/that we bought last month. 这是我们上个月买的那幢房子。 restrictive The house, which we bought last month, is very nice.这幢房子很漂亮,是我们上个 月买的。 nonrestrictive
限定性 restrictive定语从句与非限定性nonrestrictive定语从句
限定性定语从句是句中不 可缺少的组成部分, 可缺少的组成部分,主句 和从句之间不用逗号隔开
非限定性定语从句是对 主句先行词的补充说明 ,没有这种从句不影响 主句意思完整.一般 主句意思完整 一般用逗 号把主句和从句分开 引导词: 引导词: who,whom,whose,which, of which,when,where等, 等 不用that,不能省略 不用
引导词: 引导词:关系代词和关系 副词, 副词,作宾语时一些关系 代词可以省略
考 点 难 点

  1.that与which 与
  2.对the way的考查 对 的考查
  3.介词 关系词 介词+关系词 介词
  4.as的 的
  5.对where的考查 对 的考查
  6. 考查
1:先行词是 先行词是everything, nothing, anything, 先行词是 something, much, little, none等不定代词或 等 由不定代词any, some, no, much, few, little, 由不定代词 every, all等修饰时 引导定语从句用 等修饰时, 引导定语从句用that不用 不用 which。 。
  2:先行词被形容词最高级或序数词修饰且指物时 最高级或 修饰且指物时, :先行词被形容词最高级 序数词修饰且指物时
  1. 指物,介词后。 指物,介词后。 引导定语从句用that 。 引导定语从句用 3: 先行词中既有人又有事物时,引导定语从句用 先行词中既有人又有事物时
  2. 。 that用于非限制定语从句中 4:先行词被 先行词被the very, the only等修饰且指物时 引导定 等修饰且指物时,引导定 先行词被 等修饰且指物时 语从句用that。 语从句用 。
  5:当先行词前面有who/which等疑问代词时,只用 等疑问代词时 :当先行词前面有 等疑问代词 that。 。
只使用which应遵循的规则 只使用that应遵循的规则 应遵循的规则 应遵循的规则 只使用 只使用
  2: 考点 :the way用做先行词 用做先行词
填上合适的关系词并分析原因: 填上合适的关系词并分析原因: 缺状语
  1.The way that/in which/不填 he explained the 不填 sentence to us was not difficult to understand. that/ which/不填 不填
  2.The way he explained to us was quite simple. 缺宾语
高考题链接: 高考题链接:

  3. What surprised me was not what he said but he said it. (04湖北) 湖北) 湖北 A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which
  3:介词 关系词 考点 :介词+关系词

  1. Do you know the boy __ whomyour mother to is talking? with which
  2. He gave me some novels I am not very familiar.
  3. I still remember the day whichI first got on to Paris.
  4. 译:这是我要照顾的小孩。 这是我要照顾的小孩。 This is the child whom/ that I will look after.
  5. (06浙江 I was given three books on cooking, 浙江) 浙江 the first I really enjoyed. A. of that B. of which C. that D. which
结论: 结论 介词加上关系代词引导的 定语从句,关键是判断介词的选择 关键是判断介词的选择, 定语从句 关键是判断介词的选择 方法一是看从句谓语部分缺少什 么介词(习惯搭配 习惯搭配),再则可以通过 么介词 习惯搭配 再则可以通过 整个句子整体含义来判断,结合生 整个句子整体含义来判断 结合生 活实际来判断. 活实际来判断
难点一: 的用法 难点一:as的用法
as\that\which as
  1. It is such a big stone nobody can lift. that
  2. It is such a big stone nobody can lift it. As
  3. is known to all, he is the best student.
  4. Jim passed the driving test, which surprised everybody in the office.
归纳: 引导限制性定语从句先行词前常被 引导限制性定语从句先行词前常被such, the 归纳:as引导限制性定语从句先行词前常被 same, so, as 修饰,即构成 修饰,即构成such…as , the same …as, so…as, 结构,做题时容易忽略。as在定语从句中应充 结构,做题时容易忽略。 在定语从句中应充 当成分如:主语、宾语或表语。 当成分如:主语、宾语或表语。 as 与which引导定语从句都能指代整句内容,但定语从 引导定语从句都能指代整句内容 引导定语从句都能指代整句内容, 句位于句首 句首时 意为“正如 恰如”。 正如、 句位于句首时,只能用 as, 意为 正如、恰如 。
模拟训练 :

  1. He is such a lazy man nobody wants to work with. (04 模拟训练) 模拟训练) A. as; him B. that; / C. as; / D. whom; him
  2. Mrs. Black took the police back to place she witnessed the robbery. A. the same; as B. the same; where C. the same ; that D. as the same; as
模拟训练) (05 模拟训练)
难点二:一些特殊词之后的where 难点二:一些特殊词之后的
where引导的定语从句先行词大多数情况下是 引导的定语从句先行词大多数情况下是 表示地点的名词,但也有特殊情况。 表示地点的名词,但也有特殊情况。

  1. I’ve come to the point where I can’t stand him. 我已经到了无法容忍他的地步了。 我已经到了无法容忍他的地步了。
  2. The country is in the situation where a war will break out at any time. 国家正处在随时有可能爆发战争的局势中。 国家正处在随时有可能爆发战争的局势中。
解析:如果定语从句分别修饰 解析:如果定语从句分别修饰point, situation, part, condition和case等表示抽象意义的词,常用 等表示抽象意义的词, 和 等表示抽象意义的词 常用where 引 意思是“到了某种地步 在某种境况中” 到了某种地步, 导,意思是 到了某种地步,在某种境况中 。
高考题链接: 高考题链接:

  1.We are trying to reach a point both sides will sit down together and talk. (06山东) 山东) 山东 A. which B. that C. where D. when
  2. Do you have anything to say for yourself? Yes, there’s one point we must insist on . 江西) (06江西) 江西 A. why B. where C. how D. /
做题要灵活:要分析句子成分, 做题要灵活:要分析句子成分,选择恰当的 关系词。 关系词。
难点三.综合考查 难点三 综合考查
近年来,高考对定语从句和其它从句如:强调句、 近年来,高考对定语从句和其它从句如:强调句、 名词性从句和状语从句等的综合考查越来越多, 名词性从句和状语从句等的综合考查越来越多,这就要 求考生有扎实的基础知识和较强的综合分析能力。 求考生有扎实的基础知识和较强的综合分析能力。
综合考查一: 综合考查一:定语从句与强调句
where\that 定语从句 where
  1.This is the libraryI borrowed the book. that
  2.It is from this libraryI borrowed the book.
  3. Where did you last see Mr. Smith? 强调句型 It was in the hotel I lived. A. that B. which C. where D. when
综合考查二: 综合考查二:定语从句与同位语从句 that/which that
  1. We all have heard the news our team won. that/which
  2. We don’t believe the news he told us yesterday. 综合考查三: 综合考查三:定语从句与表语从句 ◆ The place the bridge is supposed to be built should be the cross-river traffic is the heaviest. 江苏) (05 江苏) A. which; where B. at which; which C. at which; where D. which; in which

  1. We should go to the place B we are most needed. C
  2. We should go to the place needs us most. A. it B. where C. that D. what C
  3. It was Octoberwe met in Damiao for the first time. A
  4. It was in Octoberwe met in Damiao for the first time. A. that B. which C. when D. while

  5. He is such a good teacher B we all like him. C
  6. He is such a good teacher we all like. A. whom B. that C. as D. which
  7. The news came the British Queen’s mother celebrated her 101th birthday in good health, isn’t surprising, because she lives an easy life and gets the best medical care. A. that; which B. which; which C. that; that D. when; as
(05 模拟训练) 模拟训练)

  8. He left the key he had been an hour
before. He left the place he lived for many years. A.which B where C the place which D.the place (where引导地点状语从句,相当于in 引导地点状语从句,相当于 引导地点状语从句 the place where) (where 引导定语从句,修饰 引导定语从句,修饰the place)

  1.By nine o'clock, all the Olympic torch bearers had reached the top of Mount Qomolangma, appeared a rare rainbow soon. (2008福建) 福建) 福建 A. of which B. on which C. from which D. above which 解析:原句应该是这样的:A rare rainbow soon appeared . . 这里显然应该填上“above Mount Qomolangma”。我们可以 将它改写为above which并用来连接这两个句子
  2.The man pulled out a gold watch, were made of small diamonds. (2008陕西卷 陕西卷) 陕西卷 A. the hands of whom B. whom the hands of C. which the hands of D. the hands of which 解析:“表的指针”是用钻石造的。这里涉及到了所有关系。 在定语从句中,对于事物的所有关系我们可以使用whose + 名 词,the + 名词 + of which 或of which the + 名词这三种形式。 D项符合 the + 名词 + of which 结构,所以是正确的。

  3. I'll give you my friend's home address, I can be reached most evenings. (08北京卷) A. which B. when C. whom D. where
  4. All the neighbor admire this family, the parents are treating their child like a friend. (2008安徽卷) A. why B. where C. which D. that 这两道题非常相似。两句的先行词分别为address和family ,后面的从句缺少地点状语,所以要用in which 或where 作为关系词连接。 第3题稍微有些难度。首先,有些同学没有理解这句话的 意思,“我会给你我朋友的家庭住址。在这个地址,大部 分的晚上你都可以找到我”。后面的句子如果改写为“you can reach me most evenings”则更容易理解。

  5. Those successful deaf dancers think that dancing is an activity sight matters more than hearing. [ 2007 天 津卷] A. when B. whose C. which D. where
  6. We shouldn’t spent our money testing so many people,most of are healthy[2007 北京卷] A. that B.which C. what D. whom
  7. By serving others, a person focuses on someone other than himself or herself, can be very eye-opening and rewarding. [2007 湖南卷] A. who B. which C. what D. that

  8. The thought of going back home was kept him happy while he was working abroad.[2007 上海春] A.that B.all that C.all what D.which
  9. Chan’s restaurant on Baker Street, used to be poorly run, is now a successful business. [2007 浙江卷] A. that B. which C. who D. where
  10. Human facial expressions differ from those of animals in the degree they can be controlled on purpose. [2007 重庆卷] A. with which B. to which C. of which D. for which
Our class is a big family ; It consists of 12 girls and 50 boys. Most of them are mainly from the countryside. Zhao Qiang is a kind-hearted boy. He is always ready to help others. He is such a good boy that we all like him. Our class is a big family which consists of 12 girls and 50 boys, most of whom are mainly from the countryside. Zhao Qiang is a kindhearted boy, who is always ready to help others. He is such a good boy as we all like.



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   生活中常用的小技巧 1吃了辣的东西,感觉就要被辣死了,就往嘴里放上少许盐,含一下,吐掉,漱下口,就不辣了; 2.牙齿黄,可以把花生嚼碎后含在嘴里,并刷牙三分钟,很有效; 3.若有小面积皮肤损伤或者烧伤、烫伤,抹上少许牙膏,可立即止血止痛; 4.经常装茶的杯子里面留下难看的茶渍,用牙膏洗之,非常干净; 5.仰头点眼药水时微微张嘴,这样眼睛就不会乱眨了; 6.嘴里有溃疡,就用维生素C贴在溃疡处,等它溶化后溃疡基本就好了; 7.眼睛进了小灰尘,闭上眼睛用力咳嗽几下,灰尘就会自己出来; 8.洗完脸后, ...

开放英语3形成性考核册 参考答案

   学前记录卡 1 (Units 1~6)学习过程:(略)(依据个人学习实际选填) 学习内容:1、Units 1~6 中主要学习了哪些重要的语法项目? 1)动词及时态 一般现在时、现在进行时、一般过去时、过去进行时、一般过去时被动语 态、过去完成时 2) 描述发展趋势的词 ; 短语动词 ; used to do sth. always/forever/keep doing sth. 3)连接词 but/so; 用代词、and、but 和 with 连接句子 4)定语从句 2、这六个单元中我感觉最 ...


   Unit 1.英汉互译 one how often do you exercise 1 ○(锻炼,运动) 3 ○(网络,互联网) 2 ○ (几乎不,几乎没有) 4 ○(约摸,几乎) 5 6 ○(健康,健康状况) ○(一次) 7 8 ○(次,次数) ○(两次,两倍) 10 11 ○(节目、表演;程序) ○(活跃的,积极的) 12 13 14 ○(不同,差异,区别) ○(junk) ○(ever) 15 16 17 ○ (interviewer) ○(drink) ○(lifestyle) 18 ...


   BTV 调查少儿英语培训机构视频 报 告 撰写人: 王宇 撰写人: 一. 内容分析: 一)背景: 1.少儿英语培训机构北京有上千家,每年还以三成的速度增长;家长们遭遇择校难。 2.少儿英语培训机构调查发现:家长想把孩子送入英语培训机构,决策权基本上是家 长50%, 孩子50%,家长们表示更关心孩子们的想法。 3.BTV 财经报道记者从儿童当调查员,家长当调查员入手,分析挑选少儿英语培训机 构的“秘密武器” 。 二)儿童调查 1.内容概况: 内容概况 内容概况: 人物:女孩 Vicky 4.5 ...