弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧
Unit 1
  1、他这次考试的失败使他意识到定期复习功课的重要。 His failure in the exam has made him aware of the importance of reviewing his lessons regularly.
  2、请一定不要忘记离家前你父母对你说过的话。 Be sure not to forget what your parents said to you before you left home.
  3、我确信她的英语知识对这项工作来说是足够的了。 I'm sure her knowledge of English is adequate for the job.
  4、这篇文章的目的是告诉学生怎样培养良好的学习习惯。 The purpose of this article is to tell the students how to develop good study habits.
  5、在当今时代,人们越来越多地依靠计算机(computers)来解决各种各样的问题。 In our age, people depend more and more on computers to solve various kinds of difficult problems.
  6、略读不仅可以帮助你对将要阅读的东西有所了解,还可以帮助你读得快些,提高你的阅读理解力。 Skimming not only helps you get some idea of what you are going to read but also helps you read faster and improve your comprehension.
  7、有些人以为男孩子比女孩子聪明。然而,事实未必如此。 Some people believe that boys are cleverer than girls. This is not necessarily the case, however.
  8、即使智力一般的学生也可以通过改进学习习惯习惯而成为优等生。 Even students of average intelligence can become top students by improving Unit 2
  1、幸好附近有家医院,我们立刻把他送到了医院。 Fortunately there was a hospital nearby and we took him there at one.
  2、胜利登上乔治岛后,船长向指挥部发了一份无线电报。 After succeeding in landing on George Island, the captain sent a radio message to his headquarters.
  3、他决心继续他的实验,不过这次他将用另一种办法来做。 He is determined to continue his experiment but this time he’ll do it another way.
  4、她读这部小说时,不禁想起了她在农村度过的那五年。 When she read the novel, she couldn’t help thinking of the five years she had spent in the countryside.
  5、玛丽觉得单靠自己的力量执行她的计划是困难的。 Mary thought it difficult to carry out her plan all by herself.
  6、我们认为他不能在一刻钟内走完那段距离,但他却成功地做到了这一点。 We didn't think he could cover the distance in a quarter of an hour, but he succeeded in doing it.
  7、甚至在他的医生告诉他患有肺癌之后,奇切斯特仍不肯放弃环球航行的宿愿。 Even after his doctor told him he had lung cancer, Chichester would not give up his old dream of sailing round the world.
  8、我正忙着在做一种新的捕鼠(rats)装置时,马克走来拖着我出去看花展了。 I was busy making a new device for catching rats when Mark came and dragged me out to a flower show. Unit 4
  1、接受这份工作就得经常在周末上班,但约翰并不在意。 To take this job would involve working on weekends frequently, but John didn’t mind.
  2、众所周知,肺癌至少部分地是由于吸烟过多而引起的。 It is well know that lung cancer is caused at least in part by smoking too much..
  3、我祖父母说,发明电视的那个人曾住在他们那个地段。 My grandparents said that the man who invented television had once lived in their neighborhood.
  4、我提议咱们会后马上去办公室找史斯密教授,邀请他参加我们的英语晚会。 I propose that we go to find Prof. Smith in his office right after the meeting and invite him to our English evening.
  5、她因那病开过两次刀,身体十分虚弱,几乎站不起来。 their study habits.
Having been operated on twice for the disease, she was so weakened that she could barely stand up.
  6、教育家们认为,伴随着电视机长大的一代人,在电视机前花的时间太多,以致没有足够的时间学习了。 Educators think that the generation growing up with television spend so much of their time in front of the to study.
  7、我真希望你能拿出一个比这更好的解决办法来。 I do hope that you can come up with a better solution than this.
  8、乍一看,这幅画并不好,但经过仔细观察,我们才发现它的的确观察,我们才发现它的确是一幅杰作。 At first glance the picture didn’t look very good, but after examining it carefully we found that it was indeed a masterpiece. Unit 7
  1、萨姆买不起他极想要那种照相机,因为那相机太贵了。 Sam could not afford (to buy) the camera he longed for because it was too expensive.
  2、整个上午他都在忙惊天动地写那篇故事,只是偶尔停下来喝杯茶。 He was busy writing the story all the morning , only breaking off occasionally to have some tea.
  3、他是个富人家的儿子,不过看上去已经家道中落了。 He is the son of a wealthy family, but he seems to have come down in the world.
  4、他常利用她缺乏(lack)生意头脑(business sense)而欺骗她。 He often took advantage of her lack of business sense to cheat her.
  5、王教授,请您赏光来参加我们星期六的英语晚会好吗? Prof. Wang , would you do us a favor by coming to our English evening this Saturday? TV that they do not have enough time

  6、看外表他一点也不像是个八十多岁的老人。 He does not seem to be an old man in his eighties, considering his appearance.
  7、他们肯定没打算把他培养成一名工程师,我猜想他们永远也不会这样做。 Undoubtedly they do not have the intention of making an engineer of him, and I suspect they never will.
  8、我怀疑这家工厂什么质量控制也没有。经过一周的观察,我发现情况果真如此。 I suspected there was no quality control whatsoever in the factory. After making observations for a week I found it was indeed the cases. Unit 9
  1、某些化学药品不该混和在一起,因为它们可能引起剧烈的反应。 Certain chemicals should not be mixed, as they may have a violent reaction.
  2、最近的事件证明他们对政府新的外交政策所持的态度是正确的。 Recent events have proved that their attitude to the government's new foreign policy is correct.
  3、这位古希腊哲学家似乎能够用简单的文字表达复杂的思想。 This philosopher of ancient Greece seemed able to put complicated thoughts into simple words.
  4、那个国家一再卷入战争。 Over and over again, the nation has got involved in foreign wars.
  5、我们就这个问题进行了一番非常热烈的讨论,然而要确切地说出每个人讲了些什么却不容易。 We had a very heated discussion about the question. However, it’s not easy to tell exactly what each person said.
  6、在过去二十年中,对于癌的起因的研究在数量上有了很大的增长。 In the past twenty years, there has been a great increase in the amount of research being done on the cause of cancer.
  7、人们学习的能力似乎是无限的。 There seems to be no limit to human beings' ability to learn.
  8、科学家们一致认为更好地了解人脑将有助于人们充分利用其无限的潜力。 Scientists all agree that a better understanding of the human brain will help man to make full se of its limitless potential.
Unit 3
  1、那位演员似乎很乐意在剧中扮演一个次要角色。 That famous actor seemed content to play a minor part in the play.
  2、国庆节要到了,咱们把寝室彻底打扫一下吧。 National day is round the corner. Let’s give our bedroom a thorough clean.
  3、她非常勉强地同意让一位年青的医生为她作手术。 She agreed, very reluctantly, to be operated on by a young doctor.
  4、他们已安排好让我们明天去游览长城,我相信我们在那儿一定会玩得很开心。 They’ve arranged for us to visit the Great Wall tomorrow . I’m sure we’ll have a good time there (we’ll enjoy ourselves there).
  5、老人读完信后失望之极,竟用颤抖的手指把它撕得粉碎。 After reading the letter the old man was so disappointed that he tore it into little bits with trembling fingers.
  6、老两口为他们的孙子感到骄傲,因为他在第二十六届奥运会上获得了两块金牌和一枚铜牌。 The old couple were proud of their grandson, who got/won two gold medals and one bronze medal at the 26rd Olympic Games.
  7、即使他的祖母不能来参加他的生日宴会,她也会寄给他一件可爱的礼物。对这一点汤姆深信不疑。 Even if his grandmother could not come to his birthday party, she would send him a lovely present. Tom was sure of that.
  8、昨天是玛丽的二十岁生日。她父亲寄给她一双靴子,她母亲为她买了一盒巧克力糖。而她的男朋友则给她一束红玫瑰。 It was Mary’s twentieth birthday yesterday. Her father sent her a pair of boots. Her mother bought her a box of chocolates. And her boy friend brought her a bunch of red roses. Unit 5
  1、史密斯医生从窗口望出去,突然看到一个年轻人正向他的诊所奔来。 Looking out of the window, Dr. Smith caught sight of a young man running towards his clinic.
  2、艾米过去除了咖啡什么都不喝。 Amy used to drink nothing but coffee.
  3、迈拉得知丈夫在事故中受了伤便哭了起来。 Myra broke into tears when she learned that her husband had got injured in an accident.
  4、我们好几天没有看见怀特小姐了。她是病倒了还还是怎么了? W haven’t seen Miss White for quite a few days. Has she fallen ill of something?
  5、研究所所长亲自查明一切都没有问题。 The director of the research institute came in person to make sure that everything was all right.
  6、伦尼今天早晨上学又迟到了。他应该早一点起床的。肯定是昨晚睡得太迟了。 Lennie was late for school again this morning. He ought to /should have got up earlier. He must have stayed up too late last night.
  7、嗨,你不应该把那些孩子赶跑。他们是来帮忙的,不是来捣蛋的。 Say you oughtn’t to have driven away those kids. They came to lend you a hand, not to make trouble.
  8、对护士来说,坚持这项规定是很重要的。 It is important for nurses to stick to this rule. Unit 6
  1、据报道,那条铁路曾因洪水而停止修建。 It was reported that the building of the railway had been held up by a flood.
  2、罢工结果,资方接受了工人的要求。 The strike resulted in the management accepting the workers’ demands.
  3、煤矿工人们决定为争取更好的工作条件举行罢工。 The coalminers decided to go on strike for better working conditions.

  4、我很想买下这本英文词典,遗憾的是我身上带的钱不够。 I’d like very much to buy the English dictionary Unfortunately , I haven’t got enough money on me.
  5、我想先和你讨论一下这篇文章的英译稿,然后再把它寄给霍布斯先生。 I’d like to talk over with you the English translation of the article before sending it to Mr. Hobbs.

  6、那位外国专家希望在三年内达到所有的目标。 The Blacks happened to be at the cinema when their house caught fire.
  7、一个科学家要跟上本领域的新发展,你认为必须做些什么? What do you think a scientist must do in order to keep up with the latest developments in his field?
  8、作者认为,如果优秀工人经常得到加薪和提级,他们就会有更大的生产积极性。 The author thinks that if excellent workers get frequent pay increases and promotions, they will have greater incentive to produce. Unit 8
  1、她弯腰捡起手帕在桌子上把它弄平。 She stooped to pick up the handkerchief and smoothed it out on the table.
  2、他那句话的含意是他想在政府部门找个工作。 The implication of his statement is that he'd like a job in a government department.
  3、她停顿了一会,用一块小手帕擦了擦嘴,然后又继续给我们讲衬衫厂里发生的事情。 She paused a moment, wiped her mouth with a small handkerchief and then went on to tell us what had happened in the shirt factory.
  4、亚当斯先生发现他十三岁的儿子正从他的皮夹子里偷钱大为震惊。 Mr. Adams was greatly shocked to find his 13-year-old son stealing money from his wallet.
  5、 “请不要打断我, ”亚当斯先生对妻子说: “我正在跟汤姆谈他刚才做的事情。 ” “Please do not interrupt me , ” said Mr. Adams to his wife. “I’m talking to Tom about what he was just done.”
  6、我怎么能为他讲的话负责呢? How can I be responsible for what he says?
  7、小男孩急于想减轻那位妇人的痛苦,但不知道该怎么办。 The young boy was eager to make the woman less unhappy, but he did not know what to do.
  8、他努力控制住自己的感情,假超前享受没有听见那个令人悲痛的消息。 With an effort, he held in his feelings and pretended not to hear the sad news. Unit 10
  1、教授走进教室时,我们正兴致勃勃地讨论中东的形势。 We were caught up in a discussion about the situation in the Middle East when the professor walked into the classroom.
  2、一辆卡车驶进了学校积雪覆盖的操场。 A truck pulled into the snow-covered playground of the school.



   Unit 1 1、史密斯太太对我抱怨说,她经常发现与自己的十六岁女儿简直无法沟通。 Mrs. Smith complained to me that she often found it simply impossble to commynicate with her 16-year-old daughter. 2、我坚信,阅读简写的(simplified)英文小说是扩大我们词汇量的一种轻松愉快的方法。 I firmly believe that reading simplified Eng ...


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