弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧
Unit 1 Friendship be good to 对….友好 add up 合计 another time 改时间 get sth done 使…被做 calm down 镇定下来 have got to 不得不 be concerned about 关心;挂念 walk the dog 遛狗 make a list of 列出 share sth with sb 和某人分享某物 go through 经历;仔细检查 hide away 躲藏;隐藏 set down 放下;记下 a series of 一系列;一套 be crazy about 对…着迷 on purpose 故意 in order to/ so as to 为了 face to face 面对面地 according to 按照;根据…所说 get along with 与…相处 pack up 收拾,打理行装 have trouble with sb/sth 同某人闹意见;做…有困难 fall in love 相爱 throw away the friendship 放弃/终止友谊 try out 试验;试用 join in 参加(活动) communicate with sb 和…交际 far and wide 到处 look to sth 注意,留心某事 cheat sb (out) of sth 骗取某人某物 have the/a habit of doing sth 有做…的习惯 be ignorant of 无知的
  1. I wonder if… 我想知道是否….
  2. It’s because… 这是因为…. 此从句中 because 不能用 since 或 as 代替
  3. What do you think a good friend should be like? 你认为一个好朋友应该是什么样
  4. While walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. =While you were walking the dog, …在遛狗时,你不小心让狗挣脱了绳子,结果狗被车 撞了。 (当 while, when, before, after 等引导的时间状语从句中的主语与主句的主语一致时, 可将从句中的主语和 be 动词省去。 )
  5. Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to, like your deepest feelings and thoughts? 你想有一位无话不谈、能推心置腹的朋友吗?
  6. I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 我已经很久不能去户外,所以我变得对自然界的所有东西 都很感兴趣。
  7. I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound. 我记得非常清楚,曾有 一段时间,湛蓝的天空、鸟儿的歌唱、月光和鲜花,从未使我心醉神迷过。
  8. It was the first time in a year and a half that I’d seen the night face to face. 这是我一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚。
  9. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. 如果您给我提些建议,我 会非常感谢的。 (I would be grateful if… 委婉客气提出请求)
  10. It’s a good habit for you to keep a diary. 记日记对你来说是个好习惯。
  11. She found it difficult to settle and…
  12. This series of readers is very interesting.
  13. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  14. People are told that their actions should be as gentle as the wind that blows from the sea.
Unit2 English around the world in…ways 在…方面 be different from 与…不同 play a role/ part (in) 在…中担任角色;在…中起作用;扮演一个角色;参与 play an important role/ part 在…中起重要作用 because of 因为;由于 such as 例如 believe it or not 信不信由你 come up (vi) 走进;上来;发生;被讨论 come up with 提出
come up to a place 参观某地 ever before 从前 at the end of 在…末期 even if/ though 即使 be based on 在...基础上 close to 距离…近 make (good/ full) use of (好好/充分)利用 change…into 把…变成 in the early days 在早期 from one place to another 从一处到另一处 take…with…随身携带 the same…as 与…相同的 at present 目前 as a rule 通常;照例 be present at 在席;出席 carry out a rule 执行规则 be absent from 缺席 be a native of 是…人 present sth to sb / present sb with sth be native to 是…的土产动物/植物 at sb’s request 应某人的要求 have a command of 掌握 make a request 请求 give commands 命令 request that …(should)+v 原形 in one direction 朝一个方向 an international language 一门国际语言 an international organization 一个国际组 织 in the 1600’s = in the 1600s as we know 正如我们所知
  1. However, they may not be able to understand everything. (然而,他们可能不是什么都懂。 )
  2. This is because Britain ruled India from 1765 to 19
  47. (这是因为英国于 1765 年到 1947 年统治过印度。)
  3. All languages change when cultures communicate with one another. (当不同文化互相沟通时,所有的语言都会发生变化。)
  4. What the British call “petrol” the Americans call “gas”. (美国人把被英国人称作“petrol”的东西称作“gas” 此处 what 引导宾语从句) 。
  5. Actually, it was based more on German than present day English. (实际上,当时的英语更多地是以德语为基础的,而现代英语不是。)
  6. …those who reported the news were expected to speak excellent English.
  7. The US is a large country in which many different dialects are spoken. (in which= where, 其引导定语从句。 美国是一个大国,国内说着许许多多的方言。)

  8. …there is more than one kind of English in the world. (more than one+单数可数名词,作主语时,谓语用单数)
  9. It is not easy for a Chinese person to speak English as well as a native English speaker. (对于一个中国人来说把英语说得跟以英语为母语的人一样好是不容易的。) 句型:It is + adj/n+ for sb to do sth 对于某人来说做某事是… 扩充:It is + adj+ of /for sb to do sth 当句式中形容词修饰 to do sth 时用 for; 若形容词修饰 sb,则用 of. eg: It’s kind of you to help me carry the box. 附:
  1. either…or…和 neither…nor…连接两个名词作主语,谓语动词采取就近原则。
  2. be different in 强调在某方面的不同 be different from 强调在各方面的不同
  3. in the end 最后,最终 后无 of 结构 三个表示最后最终的用法: ⑴finally: 按照顺序的最后,常与 first, secondly 等连用 ⑵at last: 经过长时间等待直到最后 ⑶in the end: 经过长期曲折斗争努力,终于… 如:战争等
  4. 与人交谈,常会有听不清楚或听不懂的情形,遇到这种情况该如何开口呢? ⑴Pardon? ⑵I beg your pardon? I don’t understand./ Sorry, I can’t follow you. 对不起,我没听懂,请再说一遍好吗? ⑶Could you say that again, please? / Could you repeat that, please? 请再说一遍好 吗? ⑷Could you speak more slowly, please? 请你说得慢一点好吗?
  5. include ─ including; included identity ─ identify actually ─ actual (adj); rapidly ─ rapid (v) government (n) ─ govern(v) wide (adj) ─ widen (v); broad (adj) ─ broaden (v) foreign ─ foreigner; solve (v) ─ solution (n)
  6. petrolgas ; liftelevator; flatapartment filmmovie; sweetscandy; postmail
Unit3 Travel Journal one-way fare 单程票 round-trip fare 往返票 dream of/ about doing sth 梦想做某事 graduate from 从…毕业 go for long bike rides 做长途自行车旅行 persuade sb to do sth= persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事 persuade sb not to do sth= persuade sb out of doing sth 说服某人不做某事 get sb interested in 使某人对… 感兴趣 insist on (one’s) sth/ doing sth 一定要;坚持要 the best way of doing sth/ the best way to do sth 干某事的最好办法 at an altitude of 在…海拔上 attitude to/ toward(s) 对…态度 care about 忧虑,关心 care for 喜欢,照顾 care to do 愿意/同意做某事 change one’s mind 改变主意 to my mind = in my opinion make up one’s mind to do 决心干某事 determine to do sth ( 动作) / be determined to do sth (心理) 决心干某事 give in (to) 投降;屈服;让步 give in (vt) 上交 give up 放弃 give up doing/sth as usual 像往常一样 at midnight 午夜 make camp 野营,宿营 put up one’s tents 搭起帐篷 sth be familiar to sb 某事为某人所熟悉 sb be familiar with sth 某人熟悉某事 can’t wait/ can hardly wait to do sth 迫不及待想干某事 for one thing… for another (用来引出某事的理由)一则… 二则… take one’s breath away 使某人大吃一惊
  1. It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River. 强调句基本句型:it is/ was…. that….其中指人时可用 who(主),whom(宾)。
  2. Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that
we (should) find the source of the river. insist that….(should)+ v 原形 坚持要;坚持要求 insist that….陈述语气 坚持说;坚持认为
  3. Have you ever seen snowmen ride bicycles? (metaphor)
  4. To climb the mountain road was hard work but to go down the hills was great fun.
  5. Good luck on your journey.
  6. The lake shone like glass in the moonlight. (simile)
Unit4 Earthquakes have time to do 有时间做某事 happen to do 碰巧做某事 shake hands with sb 握手 burst into tears/ laughter burst out crying/laughing 突然哭/笑起来 in ruins 成为废墟 cut across 穿过、横穿 blow away 吹走、刮走 fall down 倒塌 rescue workers 救援人员 be pleased to do 乐意做某事 make/ give a speech 发表演说 judging….from 根据……来判断 tens of thousands of 成千上万 dig out 挖掘 a great/ large number of =a great many/good 大量的 be trapped in/ under 陷入……/ 陷在……下面 the high school speaking competition 高中演讲比赛 have sb do sth= make sb do sth= let sb do sth 让某人做某事 come to an end (vi) = put/ bring sth to an end = put/ bring an end to sth 结束某
事 be proud of / take pride in 以……而自豪 invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 think little of 对……评价低 invite sb for/ to sth think highly of 对……评价高 one-third 1/3 two-thirds 2/3 seventy-five percent 75% agree with sb give out 发出(气味等) ;分发;耗尽 agree to sth give off 发出(气味等) agree to do sth give away 赠送;泄露 agree on sth 达成一致意见 give back 归还 right away= right now= at once= immediately 立刻 as you know 正如你所知道的 be known as 作为……而知名 as is known to all 众所周知 be known for 因……而出名 as could be expected 正如可以预料到的 it is useless doing sth 干某事是无用的 happen= take place= come about= break out 偶发 有计划 偶发 战争等爆发
  1. It is always calm before a storm.
  2. Now, imagine there has been a big earthquake. 此句为 There be 句型
  3. Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide. 现在分词表伴随
  4. It seemed that the world was at an end.
  5. Water, food and electricity were hard to get. 句型:主语+ be + adj + to do 其中 to do 用主动形式表示被动含义
  6. All hope was not lost. all 与 not 连用 表示部分否定
  7. It’s never too late to learn. 活到老,学到老。 附:分词用法 之 作定语 falling leaves 正在落的叶子 boiling water 正在沸腾的水 fallen leaves 已经落在地上的叶子 boiled water 开水
Unit5 Nelson Mandelaa modern hero lose heart 丧失勇气 worry about 担心(动作) lose one’s heart to sb/sth 爱上,喜欢上 be worried about 担心(状态) in trouble 处于不幸中 be sentenced to 被判处 be out of work = lose one’s job 失业 be equal to 相等的,平等的 as a matter of fact = in fact = actually 事实上 beg for 乞讨 blow up 充气,爆炸 set up 建立,创立;设置,竖起 send up 发射,使上涨 set about 着手做某事 (set about doing sth) go up 上升,增长;被兴建 set off 出发,动身 set up 设立,建立;设置,竖起 set out 陈列,摆出;开始(set out to do sth) be active in = take an active part in 积极参与,在……活跃 keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 die for 为……而死 stop sb (from) doing sth die from 死于(外因) prevent sb (from) doing sth die of 死于(内因 如:饥饿,寒冷,疾病等) put sb in prison= throw sb into prison= send sb to prison 把……投入监狱 advise sb to do sth 建议某人做某事 advice 不可数 a piece of advice advise doing sth fight for 为争取……而斗争 advise sb on sth fight against 为反对……而斗争 advise that (should)+ v 原 fight with 同……并肩作战/ 同……斗争 have problems/ difficulty/ trouble with sth work out 算出 have problems/ difficulty/ trouble (in) doing sth have a go= have a try
be willing to do sth 乐于做某事 realize one’s dream of 实现…… 的梦想 answer violence with violence 以暴制暴 break the law 违反法律 come to power 当权,上台 social activities 社会活动 equal (adj)equally (adv)equality (n) (n)violent (adj) cruelty (n)cruel (adj)cruelly (adv) educated (adj)education (n) willingunwilling 不愿意的 activeinactive 不活跃的

  1. Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. only 放在句首且后接状语时 (作状语: 副词; 介词短语; 状语从句) 要使用部分倒装, 才用一般疑问句语序。 Only yesterday did his father tell him the truth. Only when his father came back did he go to bed. (从句无需倒装,主句要倒装)
  2. He strongly believed in the three principles: nationalism; people’s rights; people



   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 Unit 1 Friendship be good to 对….友好 add up 合计 another time 改时间 get sth done 使…被做 calm down 镇定下来 have got to 不得不 be concerned about 关心;挂念 walk the dog 遛狗 make a list of 列出 share sth with sb 和某人分享某物 go through 经历; ...

人教新课标高中英语必修1 各单元重点词组句子归纳总结

   新课标必修 1 Unit1 Friendship 重点词组句子归纳总结 重点词组: 重点词组 be good to 对….友好 add up 合计 calm down 镇定下来 make a list of 列出 another time 改时间 have got to 不得不 hide away 躲藏;隐藏 a series of 一系列;一套 in order to/ so as to 为了 pack up 收拾,打理行装 get sth done 使…被做 walk the dog 遛 ...


   高一英语必修( 高一英语必修(一)重点句式 1. There was a time when …曾有一段时间 曾一度 曾有一段时间/曾一度 曾有一段时间 曾一度…… 例句:There was a time when I hated to go to school. 我曾一度不喜欢上学。 练习:1) 曾有一段时间房价很高。 2)我曾一度与父母相处的不好。 类似的句式:There are times when …有时常会 有时常会…… 有时常会 例句:1.There are times when ...

你用的上的英语口语 学习必备

   没事就用这些词练练你的嘴皮子~~ 没事就用这些词练练你的嘴皮子~~ ●说吧,你是想死呢还是不想活了? 说吧,你是想死呢还是不想活了? 说吧 ●好久没有人把牛皮吹的这么清新脱俗了! 好久没有人把牛皮吹的这么清新脱俗了! 好久没有人把牛皮吹的这么清新脱俗了 ●你给我滚,马不停蹄的滚…… 你给我滚,马不停蹄的滚 你给我滚 ●人人都说我丑,其实我只是美得不明显。 人人都说我丑,其实我只是美得不明显。 人人都说我丑 ●无理取闹 必有所图! 无理取闹,必有所图 无理取闹 必有所图! ●天被熬亮了。 天被 ...


   1. I wonder if… 我想知道是否…. 2. It’s because… 这是因为…. 此从句中because不能用since或as 代替 3. What do you think a good friend should be like? 你认为一个好朋友应该是什么样的呢? 4. While walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. =While you were walk ...


   Unit 1 Friendship be good to 对….友好 add up 合计 another time 改时间 get sth done 使…被做 calm down 镇定下来 have got to 不得不 be concerned about 关心;挂念 walk the dog 遛狗 make a list of 列出 share sth with sb 和某人分享某物 go through 经历;仔细检查 hide away 躲藏;隐藏 set down 放下;记下 a ...


   必修 1 重点词组总结 Unit1 Friendship be good to 对….友好 add up 合计 another time 改时间 get sth done 使…被做 calm down 镇定下来 have got to 不得不 walk the dog 遛狗 make a list of 列出 hide away 躲藏;隐藏 be concerned about 关心;挂念 share sth with sb 和某人分享某物 go through 经历;仔细检查 set do ...


   人教版高一英语必修 3 词汇复习总结 15.keep one’s word 守信用; break one’s word, 失信 16.It be obvious that-clause 显而易见;一目了然 set in 开始; 17.glare at 怒视 stare at 凝视 18.move round 绕过 20.upset sb.使......不安 19.spy on 在暗中侦察;打探 Unit 1 17.set off 1.mean doing sth. 意味着; mean to ...


   30 天学不会英语 无效退款 宫方网站 www.28k.cn 单词 Unit 1 41. basin 42. challenge 43. support 44. dia l 45. design 46. advertisement 47. presentation 48. solve 49. accountant 50. tube 51. crowded 52. nearby 53. otherwise 54. forecast 55. crowd 56. lung 57. dista nc ...

人教版 新课标版 高一英语 必修1 Unit4 Earthquakes

   高一英语 Unit4 Earthquakes A NIGHT THE EARTH DIDN’T SLEEP 说课 稿 厦门乐安中学英语组 一、说课标 陈s在英语教学中落实新课程标准, 就是贯彻执行国家教育部关于课程改革的决定。 新课程标准 的三维教学观,具体到英语学科就是要整合发展学生语言技能、语言知识、情感态度、学习 策略和文化意识五个方面的素养, 培养学生综合运用语言的能力。 《基础教育课程改革纲要》 中明确指出:“教师在教学才过程中应与学生积极互动、共同发展,要处理好传授知识与培 养能 ...



   应聘英语辅导机构助教的标准简历范文 应聘英语辅导机构助教的标准简历范文 助教 个人简历 本人概况: 本人概况: 赵永文,男,1987 年 8 月生,汉族,中共预备党员,湖南邵阳 人,现就读于贵州财经学院,08 级国际经济与贸易专业。 英语及计算机水平: 英语及计算机水平: 高考英语 116 分,通过 CET4,具有很好的英语基础,应试能力 强。 计算机基础知识较高,通过 NCRE2,熟练基本操作,会五笔。 学习情况: 学习情况: 进入大学,一直担任班级学习委员,勤奋刻苦,成绩优异。 大一至大 ...


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   开场白 1. It's a pleasure for me to be here in front of you to present myself. 2. I'm happy to be here today to introduce myself. 3. I welcome the opportunity to introduce myself to you. 开场白中不但应表示你乐于参加此次的面谈, 而且也该说明自己接下来要谈的主题, 让别人 有些心理准备."It's a p ...


   英语单词速记法 1. With my own ears I clearly heard the heart beat of the nuclear bomb. 我亲耳清楚地听到原子弹的心脏的跳动。 2. Next year the bearded bear will bear a dear baby in the rear. 明年,长胡子的熊将在后方产一头可爱的小崽. 3. Early I searched through the earth for earthware so as ...