弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧
攀登英语网 www.climbenglish.com 搜集整理,转载请注明出处 攀登英语网提供大学英语听力、课件和教案免费下载,欢迎访问。 全新版大学英语听说教程第二册听力原文 2-1-A Statement 1: Hello, welcome to "This Week's Sports". The big news this week is the basketball championship. It started on Friday. Los Angeles Lakers beat Philadelphia 76ers, 108 to
  96. Lakers won. Statement 2: Utah Jazz played Miami Heat. Jazz lost the game. They lost by just one point. The score was 111 to 1
  10. Statement 3: Detroit Pistons beat Indiana Pacers. The score was 135 to 1
  30. Pistons won. Statement 4: And in the last game Houston Rockets played New York Knicks. Knicks won, 75 to
  69. That's it for basketball action. Thank you.
2-1-B Why Don't You Join Me at the Gym Sometime? Peter: Hi, Laura. Where are you heading with that big bag? Laura: Hi, Peter. I'm off to the gym. I've got to stay in shape, you known. I try to go three times a week, but I'm busy so I can't always make it.
Peter: I know more women who work out than men. What's the main reason you work out? For your health, or to look good? Laura: To be honest, for both. With women, good looks are always a very important consideration. Peter: If they were honest, most men who work out would admit that they also do it to look better, and not merely for health reasons. Laura: How about you? Do you get any regular exercise? Peter: I do a lot of walking, for exercise and enjoyment -- sometimes ten to twenty kilometers at a time -- but I never go to the gym like you do. Laura: Well, walking is good exercise. How about sports? Peter: Not since my school days. I used to love playing baseball, but it's impossible to get enough people together for a game now. Mostly I just watch sports on TV. Laura: I play tennis fairly regularly with my friends, and sometimes go swimming and cycling by myself. Peter: Oh, I forgot about that. I go cycling sometimes too. And I often go swimming on vacation, but only recreational swimming. Laura: Why don't you join me at the gym sometime? I can get you a guest pass. Peter: Well, maybe someday, but I'm pretty lazy about things like that. 2-1-C Watching a Game Alan: Going to the football game today, Betty? Betty: No, but I'll be watching it on television with some friends. Alan: Weren't you able to get any tickets? Betty: I didn't try. I really don't go to games so often. Alan: But don't you enjoy going? Don't you find it exciting to be part of the crowd?
Betty: Oh sure, nothing beats the atmosphere at a sporting event: the cheering, all that energy. But sometimes it's just too inconvenient getting into and out of the stadium before and after the game. And if you watch the game with friends, or at a bar or restaurant ... Alan: ... you've basically created your own crowd. Betty: That's right. Another reason why I like to watch sports on television is that I simply find it easier to follow the action on TV. Alan: Yeah, sometimes it is a little difficult to keep track of the ball when you're sitting in the stands. Betty: Especially when your seats are high up in the grandstand, and far from the field. Alan: It's like you're watching from an airplane, sometimes. Betty: Also good sports commentators on television can add to your understanding and enjoyment of the game. Alan: After listening to you I'm starting to wonder how they are able to sell any tickets to these games! 2-2-A

  1. The weather today: a fine day is in store nearly everywhere, with the best of the sunshine in southern and central areas of Britain. A pleasant day, then, with long sunny periods developing. Light winds. There will be light winds with a maximum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Looking at the outlook for the next few days, it will become mostly cloudy with heavy showers moving in from the west.
  2. A storm in Changchun, capital of Northeast China's Jilin Province, claimed four lives on Sunday. The storm lasted about three minutes from around 8 p.m. The winds reached speeds of over a hundred miles an hour, causing serious damage and a widespread power failure. 攀登英语网 www.climbenglish.com 搜集整理,转载请注明出处 攀登英语网提供大学英语听力、课件和教案免费下载,欢迎访问。
2-2-B Did You Hear the Weather Forecast? Alan: Oh, look at the sky, Michelle! It's starting to get cloudy. Michelle: I see it. I hope it doesn't rain. I thought it was going to be a fine day today. Alan: That's certainly what the department was hoping for when they chose today as the date for the annual picnic. Michelle: You can't have a picnic without good weather. You need sunshine for all the eating and games and entertainment. Alan: Yeah, sunshine -- but not too much! Do you remember last year? Michelle: I sure do. It was so hot all we did was look for shade, look for ways to escape from the sun. Alan: And no one wanted to participate in any of the planned activities. All we wanted was cold drinks. And then dozed off. Michelle: If there had just been the tiniest breeze to cool us off... Alan: But there wasn't. Just that burning sun, without a cloud in the sky, and the temperature just seemed to climb higher and higher. Michelle Well, we don't have that problem this year, apparently. Alan, did you hear the weather forecast? Is it supposed to rain? Alan: I don't know. I didn't catch the weather report. But maybe if it rains, it will only be a short shower which cools things off a little. That might not be bad. 2-2-C
A Thunderstorm Lili: Look, Betty, the sky has turned completely black! Betty: Oh, wow. A big thunderstorm is coming. But I guess it won't last long. Lili: Yeah, maybe for about twenty minutes or so it's going to seem like it's the
end of the world. And then the sun will come out again. Betty: I like storms like this. Summer is dramatic. What do you think, Lili? Lili: Yes, these storms do come quite suddenly in the summer. I often seem to get caught without an umbrella. Betty: But it's not so terribly getting caught in the rain occasionally in the summer. Now if you got all wet during a cold, dreary winter day -- that really would be horrible. Lili: True. Ah, it's starting to rain now. Here it comes. Yes, it's starting to pour. Betty: Here comes the lightning and thunder too. Lili: At least it's supposed to clear up later this afternoon, and to be fine this evening. Betty: That's good, because I'm going to meet some friends tonight. Lili: Well, most likely you will have a very pleasant evening, because this storm should take some of the humidity from the air. Betty: Yes, I must admit that these Chinese summers are very humid. Lili: More humid than in the US? Betty: Well, I can't speak about the whole country. But as far as New York goes, I'd say that the weather here in Shanghai tends to be hotter and more humid. Lili: But I think our winters are milder. Betty: Yes, I'm sure they are. We probably also get more snow in New York than you do here.
  1. M: Have you ever been to that big restaurant opposite the school gate?
W: Yes, many times. Whenever my friends come to visit me, I'll take them there to eat. Q: Does the woman enjoy the food in that restaurant?
  2. W: Is there something wrong, sir? M: My wife and I have been kept waiting for nearly an hour for our meal. Q: Is the man satisfied with the restaurant's service?
  3. W: Where is the cake I made this morning? M: We ate it, mom. Can you make another one for us? Q: Do the children like the cake?
  4. W: I hear you like chicken very much. M: Next to beef. Q: Does the man like chicken best?
  5. M: Have you tried this wine before? W: No, never. It's the first time, but it's really to my taste. Q: Does the woman like the wine?
  6. M: John, do you want a soda? W: Soda? I think it tastes like medicine.
Q: Does John want a soda?
  7. W: Why, the fish is left almost untouched. M: Well, it would be good if it were less salty. Q: Does the man like the fish?
  8. M: Hi, Sue, would you like to eat out tonight? W: Oh, I'd really like to, but my sister may come to visit me this evening. Q: Will Sue eat out with the man tonight? 2-3-B What about Dining Out? Peter: Hi, Kate. Kate: Hi, Peter. How have you been? Peter: Oh, OK, I guess. And you? Kate: Not too bad. We haven't seen each other for a while, have we? Peter: No, we haven't. So that makes me ask... Do you have any plans for this Saturday? Kate: No, not yet, I don't think so. Why? Peter: What do you think about getting together and going out to dinner this weekend? Kate: That would be great. Do you have any particular place in mind? Peter: Well, I think I'd like to eat something that's not too heavy. I've been eating a little too much lately. Kate: Me too. Peter: I love Italian food, but maybe we should skip that this time. They always seem
to serve so much food in Italian restaurants, and you end up eating more than you wanted to. Kate: Chinese food would be good. Peter: Yes, or maybe some Japanese sushi. That style uses a lot of natural flavors, and not much oil or cream or heavy sauces. Kate: Yes, either of those choices would be good. Let's just meet on Saturday night, and decide then where to eat. Peter: That's fine by me. 2-3-C Eating Out A: Well, here we are -- not too crowded. B: Great! Let's order quickly so we can chat a little. A: OK. What are you in the mood for? B: Something light. I went out for pizza at lunch and I'm still full. A: There are three salads. Or you could have soup and a sandwich. B: What are you having? A hamburger, I suppose. A: No, actually I ate out last night too, but we had fast food at McDonald's, then a late snack at Kentucky Fried Chicken. B: Oh, dear. Well, maybe you should have the chicken salad. A: Yes, I think so. Look, the daily special is spaghetti. That sounds good. B: Oh, the prices are great, too. I'll have that as well. A: Now let's decide on drinks. B: I'll just have coffee and a glass of iced water. A: Italian food needs red wine. you know.
B: But we have to go back to work. A: OK, a Coke then. B: Here comes the waitress. Let me order first. 2-4-A Dialogue 1: M: What's the trouble? W: I feel dizzy and my whole body aches. M: How long have you been sick? W: Two or three days now. M: How's your appetite? W: I've got no appetite. The sight of food simply turns my stomach. What's wrong with me? M: You seem to be generally run-down. Q: What is the most probable relationship between the two speakers? Dialogue 2: W: What's the matter, Jack? You look pale. M: Oh, I feel terrible. W: Why? What's the matter? M: I have a splitting headache and a sore throat. W: Why didn't you tell me? M: I thought they might go away, but I feel worse this morning. I'm aching all over. W: Hmm. You feel warm, too. You must have got a fever. There's a pretty bad flu going around, you know.
Q: What is the most probable relationship between the two speakers? 2-4-B Going to See the Doctor D: So what's your trouble? P: Well, doctor, I haven't been feeling well lately. My biggest problem is that I'm having trouble sleeping. D: Have you tried any of the sleeping medications available? P: I've tried one or two, but they don't seem to help. D: How long have you had this problem? P: Three or four months -- it's been rather a long time now. D: Are you suffering from an unusual level of stress in your life lately? P: Not more than usual. My biggest worry is the fact I can't sleep. D: Well, some people don't need as much sleep as others. P: But I feel tired all day, so it is a problem for me. D: Have you been experiencing any other symptoms? P: I've also had a lot of indigestion lately. D: Well, you are a little overweight, aren't you? P: Yes. And I've gained about seven kilograms this past year. D: You really should try to lose at least that extra weight. Do you get much exercise? P: No, not very much. D: Physical activity is very important. P: So what do you recommend, doctor? D: I will give you some medication for your insomnia and your indigestion. But I also
recommend that you begin a regular exercise program. P: But I have neither the time nor the money to go to a gym. D: You don't need to go to a gym. A simple walking program would be very beneficial for you. I think you'll find that diet and exercise will be very helpful in taking care of your recent complaints. 2-4-C Eating Apples You probably know a famous saying about the importance of eating apples. It is, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Now, a new American study shows eating apples may help fight cancer, too. Research scientists at Cornell University in New York say a combination of chemicals found in apples is important for good health. The study shows that the combination of chemicals plays an important part in anti-cancer activity. The scientists say the chemicals are in both the skin and the flesh of apples. Results of the study were reported in the publication Nature. The Cornell researchers studied the chemicals, or extracts, taken from the skin and flesh of red apples grown in New York State. They studied the effectiveness of the apple extracts in fighting cancer. The researchers treated colon (结肠) cancer cells with fifty milligrams of apple extract (苹果汁). Extracts from the apple skin reduced the growth of cancer cells by forty-three percent. Extracts from the fruit's flesh reduced the growth of cancer cells



   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 攀登英语网 www.climbenglish.com 搜集整理,转载请注明出处 攀登英语网提供大学英语听力、课件和教案免费下载,欢迎访问。 全新版大学英语听说教程第二册听力原文 2-1-A Statement 1: Hello, welcome to "This Week's Sports". The big news this week is the basketball championshi ...


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   攀登英语网 www.climbenglish.com 搜集整理,转载请注明出处 攀登英语网提供大学英语听力、课件和教案免费下载,欢迎访问。 全新版大学英语听说教程第一册听力原文 Unit 1 Part A 1. 1) How are you doing? 2) I’d like you to meet my classmate 2. 1) I’m 2) May I introduce 3) to you 4) Pleased to meet you 5) It’s a ...


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   《商务英语口语 900 句》 出版发行:广东世界图书出版公司 ISBN 7-5062-6878-7/H.0471 中国加入 WTO 以后,急需培养一大批既懂得国际经贸知识,又熟练掌握商务英 语的人才.为了让更多的经贸人员尽快适应我国对外贸易迅速发展的经济形势, 我们编写了《商务英语口语 900 句》一书. 本书市作者对自己多年商贸英语教学实践和商务世纪现场谈判经验的总结,涉及 范围全面,内容充实,语言规范,景点,适用面广,实用性强,可以说不但是一 本理想的商务口语培训教材,也是一本非常实用的 ...


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