弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧
  1) 一般病情 一般病情: He feels headache, nausea and vomiting. (他觉得头痛、恶心和想吐。) He is under the weather. (他不舒服,生病了。) He began to feel unusually tired. (他感到反常的疲倦。) He feels light-headed. (他觉得头晕。) She has been shut-in for a few days. (她生病在家几天了。) Her head is pounding. (她头痛。) His symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, excessive fatigue, fever and chills. (他的症状包括没有食欲、体重减轻、非常疲倦、发烧和发冷。) He feels exhausted or fatigued most of the time. (他大部份时间都觉得非常疲倦。) He has been lacking in energy for some time. (他感到虚弱有段时间了。) He feels drowsy, dizzy and nauseated. (他觉得昏昏欲睡,头晕目眩和想吐。) He feels as though everything around him is spinning. (他感到周围的东西都在打 转。) He has noticed some loss of hearing. (他发觉听力差些。) She has some pains and itching around her eyes. (她眼睛四周又痛又痒。) (
  2) 伤风感冒: 伤风感冒: He has been coughing up rusty or greenish-yellow phlegm. (他咳嗽带有绿黄 色的痰。) His eyes feel itchy and he has been sneezing. (他眼睛发痒,而且一直在打喷嚏。) He has a fever, aching muscles and hacking cough. (hacking = constant) (他有 发烧,筋骨酸痛和常常咳嗽。) He coughed with sputum and feeling of malaise. (malaise = debility) (他咳嗽有 浓痰,而且觉得很虚弱。) He gets a cold with a deep hacking cough. (他伤风咳嗽。) He has a headache, aching bones and joints. (他头痛,骨头、关节也痛。) He has a persistent cough. (他不停地在咳。) He has bouts of uncontrollable coughing. (他一阵阵的咳嗽,难以控制。) He has hoarse and has lost his voice sometimes. (他声音嘶哑,有时失声。)
He has a sore throat and a stuffy nose. (他嗓子疼痛而且鼻子不通。) His breathing is harsh and wheezy. (他呼吸时,有气喘似的呼哧呼哧作响。) He has a stabbing pain that comes on suddenly in one or both temples. (有时突 然间太阳穴刺痛。) He has a runny nose, sneezing or a scratchy throat. (他流鼻水, 打喷嚏和喉咙沙哑。 ) (
  3) 女性疾病:更多信息请访问:http://www.24en.com/ 女性疾病:更多信息请访问: She has noticed one lump in her breast. (她发觉乳房有个肿块。) There is a hard, swollen lump on her right breast. (她右乳房有肿块。) Her left breast is painful and swollen. (她左乳房疼痛且肿大。) She has heavy bleeding with her periods. (她月经来的很多。) Her vaginal discharge is white or greenish-yellow and unpleasant smelling. (她 阴道分泌物带白色或绿黄色,而且气味不好。) She has noticed occasional spotting of blood between periods. (在月经来的前后, 她有时也发觉有滴滴达达的流血。) She has some bleeding after intercourse. (性交后有出血。) She feels some vaginal itching. (她感到阴部发痒。) She has painful periods and abnormal vaginal discharge. (她月经来时疼痛,而且 阴道有不正常的分泌物。) (
  4) 手脚疾病 手脚疾病: His both hands and feet ache all over. (他两手两脚都很酸痛。) He has pain on the sole of his feet. (他脚底很痛。) There is a wart-like lump on the sole of right foot. (我右脚底有个像肉疣般的硬 块。) His ankles look puffy and they pit when he presses them with his finger. 就有小坑痕。) The pain in his left foot is accompanied by redness and swelling. (左脚酸痛,并 有红肿。) The joints near his fingernails and knuckles look swollen. (指头和指节旁边的关节, 似乎有肿大。) He has numbness and tingling in his hands and fingers. (他的手和指头感到麻木和 刺痛。) His legs become painful following strenuous exercise. (激烈运动后,他的腿就痛。) His knee is misshapen or unable to move. (他的膝盖有点畸形,也不能动。) There are some swellings in his armpit. (他的腋窝肿大。) He is troubled with painful muscles and joints. (他的筋骨和关节都痛。) (pit = small dent form;句里的 they 和 them 都是指 ankles)(他的足踝好象肿了,用手按,
She is troubled by the pains in the back and shoulders. (她的后背和肩膀都痛。) His knee has been bothering him for some time. (他的膝盖不舒服,已有一段时间 了。) (
  5) 睡眠不好: 睡眠不好: He is sleeping poorly.(他睡不好) He has difficulty in sleeping, inability to concentrate.(他不易入睡,也难集中精神。 ) It is usually hard for her to fall asleep when she goes to bed at night.(她晚上就 寝,很难入睡。 ) He wakes during the night or early morning and finds it difficult to fall asleep again.(他晚间或清早醒来后,再也不能入睡。 ) He has nightmares occasionally.(他有时做噩梦。 ) (
  6) 男性疾病: 男性疾病: He urinates more frequently than usual.(他小便比平时多。 ) He has difficulty controlling his bladder.(他很难控制小便。 )(bladder:膀胱) There are some lumps on his testicles. (他的?丸有些硬块。 ) He has had burning or pain when he urinates.(他小便时感到发烫和疼痛。 ) He is passing less urine than usual.(他小便比平时少。 ) He has had painless swelling in his scrotum.(他的阴囊有不痛的肿大。 ) He feels lack of interest in sex.(他自觉对性的兴趣大减。 ) He has difficulty starting his urine flow.(他小便不畅通。 ) His urine stream is very weak and slow.(他小便流动得很慢很弱。 ) He dribbles a little urine after he has finished urinating.(他小便后,还会有少量零 星地滴下。 ) He has had some discharge from his penis.(他的阴茎排出一些流脓。 ) His urine is cloudy and it smells strong.(他的小便混浊,而且气味不好。 ) He has a dull heavy ache in the crotch.(他的胯部感到隐痛。 ) He has a small leakage of urine when he coughs or sneezes.(他咳嗽或打喷嚏时, 会有点泄尿。 ) He has trouble urinating.(他小便有困难。 ) (
  7) 呼吸方面: 呼吸方面: His breathing has become increasingly difficult.(他呼吸越来越困难。 ) He has to breathe through his mouth.(他要用口呼吸。 ) He is short of breath, even when he has not been exercising, he is breathless. (他喘气;即使不运动,他也是上气不接下气。 ) His cough is more like wheezing.(他的咳嗽有呼哧呼哧的响声。 ) His cough is dry, producing no phlegm.(他是干咳,没有痰。 )
He has coughed up blood.(他咳嗽有血。 ) His nose stuffed up when he had a cold.(他感冒时鼻子就不通。 ) He coughs up a lot of phlegm (thick spit) on most days.(他多半时间咳出浓浓的 痰。 ) He has a feeling of tightness in the chest or a feeling that he is suffocating.(他 胸部觉得闷闷的,好象透不过气来。 ) (
  8)口腔毛病: 口腔毛病: 口腔毛病 He has pain in his teeth or jaw. (他的牙齿和下巴疼痛。) He has some problems with his teeth. (他牙齿有问题。) The tooth hurts only when he bites down on it. (他咬东西时,牙齿就痛。) His gums are red and swollen. (他的牙床红肿。) His tongue is red and sore all over. (他的舌头到处红和痛。) His breath smells bad and he has a foul taste in his mouth. (他口里有怪味。) His gums do bleed. (他牙床有出血。) He has some sore swellings on his gum or jaw. (他的牙床和下巴肿痛。) He has sore places on or around the lip. (他的嘴唇和周围都很痛。) There are cracks at the corners of his mouth. (他的嘴巴角落破了。) There are some discolored areas inside on his tongue. (他舌头里边有些地方颜色 怪怪的。) (
  9) 肠胃毛病: 肠胃毛病: He has a bloated, uncomfortable feeling after meal. (他饭后肚子觉得胀胀的, 很不舒服。) He has bouts of abdominal pain. (他有一阵阵的肚痛。) He feels bloated in his abdominal area. (他感到肚子胀胀的。) (注:胀胀的,像「puff up」 ,但不是真正的肿「swell up」 。) The pain is mainly in the lower (upper) right part of the abdomen. (痛是在肚子 下半部。) He has nausea and vomiting. (他有恶心和呕吐。) It is difficult or painful for him to swallow. (他吞下食物时会痛。) He has passed more gas than usual. (他放…比平常多。) He has been constipated for a few days. (他便秘了好几天。) He suffers pains when he moves his bowels. (他大便时很痛。) He has some bleeding from his rectum. (他的肛门出血。) He has noticed some blood in his bowel movements. (他发觉大便时有些血。) His bowel movements are pale, greasy and foul smelling. (他大便呈灰白色,含油 脂的恶臭。) His bowel movements are grey (or black) in color. (他的大便呈灰白色。)
He has trouble with diarrhea. (他拉肚子。) (
  10) 血压 感官: 血压&感官: 感官 His blood pressure is really up. (他的血压很高。) High blood pressure is creeping up on him. He has noticed frequent urination, increased thirst and unexpected tireness. (他 发觉常常小便,非常口渴和更加疲倦。) It is a chest pain that gets worse when he bends over or lies down. (他弯腰或躺 下时,胸部更痛。) He has noticed excessive sweating and unexplained tireness. (他体会到过度的出 汗和难以解释的疲倦。) He has a sharp pain in one area of his spine. (他的脊椎某部位刺痛。) He has pain in other joints including hip, knee and ankle. (其它关节疼痛包括臀部、 膝盖和脚踝。) His eyes seem to be bulging. (他的眼睛觉得有点肿胀。) He has double vision. (他的视线有双重影子。) He feels there is a film over his eyes. (他觉得眼里有种薄膜似的东西,挡住视线。) His vision in the right eye blurred. (他右眼视线模糊不清。) He has had some earaches lately. (他近来耳朵有点痛。) He has a repeated buzzing or other noises in his ears. (他耳朵常有嗡嗡的声音。)
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   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 如何用英文跟外国医生交流 (1) 一般病情 一般病情: He feels headache, nausea and vomiting. (他觉得头痛、恶心和想吐。) He is under the weather. (他不舒服,生病了。) He began to feel unusually tired. (他感到反常的疲倦。) He feels light-headed. (他觉得头晕。) She has been ...


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   问学堂右脑王英语学习机 http:F8507.asktang.com/ 购机使用优惠代码 F8507 享受价格和赠品双重优惠! 优惠代码: 享受价格 赠品双重优惠 价格和 双重优惠! 购机使用优惠代码: 弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 李阳疯狂英语经典句式(精华版) 李阳疯狂英语经典句式(精华版) 1. Absolutely. (用于答话)是这样;当然是;正是如此;绝对如此。 2. Absolutely impossible! 绝对不可能的! 3. ...


   “八五六八”英文学习必备资料-英语学习方法精讲 八五六八”英文学习必备资料学好英语非常重要。奇怪的是,这么多年来,平均智 商 93%的中国人却怎么也学不好平均智商只有 83% 的美国人使用的英语。 为什么我们的英语总是学不好, 最重要的就是方法不对。 为什么我们学不好英语: 再看一下我们的听力和词汇量为什么不好.四级听力 中最难的是 TOEFL 中最简单的,六级听力中最难的是 TOEFL 里的原题水平。所以,你的英语进步是在一个 台阶一个台阶的上,而且每上一个台阶你都要承受若 干的打击。在每 ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 age n.年龄 able a.能够 April (名)四月 air n.空气 airport n.机场 airplane n.飞机 [英]aeroplane any a.(用于否定句、疑问句等)任何 anyone pron.(用于疑问句,否定式)任何人 anything pron.任何(事物) anywhere ad.在(用于否定、疑问等)任何地方 ask vt.询问 apple n.苹果 absent a.缺席的 ...


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   编辑团体   《英语学习》[1]编辑部是一个充满生机与活力的集体。主编侯毅凌老师是北京外国语大学英语系教授。我们的编辑有着不同的专业背景,却有着共同的理念:将《英语学习》做成一本兼具知识性、学习性与趣味性、富于时代感的优秀英语期刊。同时,编辑部为了适应不同层次的读者需要,还推出了《阳光英语》系列读物以及有声读物《新锐空间》。这些读物秉承《英语学习》严格选材、精心制作的风格,赢得了读者一致好评。 《英语学习》杂志:从经典走向经典   在一个满是阳光的下午,一边翻阅清新雅致的版面,一边体会意境悠远 ...



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