Getting to know new colleagues Punch in and punch out Working overtime and Covering for someone Promotion or Leaving the job
Getting to know new colleagues
New words
Cordial ['k?:dj?l] 诚恳的 ? Benign [bi'nain] 慈祥的
['k?li:g] ?
Accommodating [?'k?m?deiti?] 乐于助人的 ? Traditional custom [tr?'di??n?l] ['k?st?m] ? ? Occasion [?'kei??n] 场合 Intimate ['intimeit] 亲密的 Know sb. well by reputation [.repju'tei??n] ? 久闻大名
Getting to know new colleagues
Key sentences
It’s my first day at work. I’m reporting for work today, and I guess I was a little anxious to get here.
['??k??s] 忧虑的 ?
What am I supposed to do?
[s?'p?uz] 应该
Getting to know new colleagues
[.?:rien'tei??n]适应 ? ?
Welcome to our team. Don’t worry. I’ll give you an orientation. I’ll show you around.
I don’t think you have known each other. Let me introduce you to all of the people in this department.
Getting to know new colleagues

  1、I heard that you‘re getting married。
  2、I have never heard of him.
  3、 Have you heard from Mary?
I have heard a lot/so much about you. Nice to meet/meeting you.
If you need anything ,just tell me . Let me know if you have any problems.
Where is the printer /copier/fax machine/restroom?
['k?pi?] ?
Punch in and punch out
New words
Punch in/out [p?nt?] 打上班/下班卡 ? ? Commuter time [k?'mju:t?]上下班时间 Give a ride 搭车 Drive/walk to work 开车/走路上班 Finish work 下班 ID badge [b?d?](身份)胸卡 Approximately [?'pr?ksimitli]大概 ?
Walking commuters
Punch in and punch out
Key sentences
The early bird catches the worm。
Hi, good morning! You are so early today. Did you punch in ?
Let’s begin. Let’s get down to work.
Punch in and punch out
[‘ju:?u?li] 通常
How do you usually go to work? I guess it usually takes you about an hour or two to reach the office, right ?
It was a very busy day. All done!/I’ve finished it all. Let’s call it a day. Don’t forget to punch out.
Punch in and punch out
What time is it now? It’s ten to nine. Is your watch right? My watch is running fast.
Ten to nine/ten past nine/ten o’clock sharp
Working overtime and covering for someone
New words
Over time pay 超时工资 Under pressure ['pre??]有压力
  1、Double time ? 、 Workaholic [.w?:k?'h?lik]工作狂
  2、Time and one? 工作狂 、 Workday 工作日 Workload 工作量 OT(over time)加班 Cover ['k?v?]代替 ?
half/time and a half
Working overtime and covering for someone
Key sentences
The deadline is coming. I’m always tied up with my work. I’m under the gun.
I need to work overtime today. You can go home. We’ll finish the job. I just submitted a request for overtime.
Working overtime and covering for someone
Thanks for your hard work. Don’t overwork.
['si?ri?s]认真的 认真的
Don’t be so serious. Let’s fake it.
[feik]骗子 骗子
I need you to stay late. I’m sorry. I can’t stay late today. Don’t forget to write down your overtime hours on your time sheet. [?i:t]被单 ? 被单
Working overtime and covering for someone
Are you working overtime tonight? How about we go to eat after our graveyard/night shift.
[‘greivj?:d]坟地 ? 坟地
Could you cover for me tomorrow? Mary Lin is filling in during his absence.
[‘?bsns]缺席 缺席
Promotion or leaving the job
New words
Promotion [pr?'m?u??n] 提升 ? Candidate ['k?ndidit] 职位候选人 Challenge ['t??lind?]挑战 ?
Lay off 裁员 Demotion 降职
Leave a good impression [im'pre??n] 留下好印象 ? Resign[ri'zain]/quit/bring up resignation [.rezig'nei??n] 辞职 ? Hand over 移交 Take over 接管
Promotion or leaving the job
Key sentences
Paul has resigned/quit. Bill plan for his retirement. Who will take over/fill his position?
[k?n.gr?tju'lei??nz] ?
Many congratulations on your promotion. Best luck in your new position. I sincerely wish you being success in your new post.
Promotion or leaving the job
I’ve been here for too long. I want to change my environment. I sent in my resignation last week. To be honest, I’ve got a better offer.
['?nist] ?
That’s too bad. I feel really down.
Promotion or leaving the job
I can hardly believe it. You’re kidding? There is no doubt about it.
A:Good morning, Mr. lee, It’s a pleasure to meet you again. B:Nice to see you. A good beginning gets you half way to success. I hope you have a good day. A: Thanks. Can I meet my colleagues? B:Sure, come with me. Yi Fei, I would like you to meet our newcomer, Wang Bing, he just graduated from Yunnan university.
C:Nice to meet you. A:I am new to the working world and would appreciate your guidance. you need any help. A:Great. B:Well, as the other guys are still not in ,I’ll introduce you to them later. A:All right.
[?'pri:?ieit]感激 ?
C:That’s all right. I will try my best to assist if
挑战你的词汇: 挑战你的词汇:

  1、我今天来报到,我来到这里有点儿紧张。 、我今天来报到,我来到这里有点儿紧张。
I’m here. work today, and I guess I was a little to get

  2、已经可以下班了。 、已经可以下班了。

  3、我今天要加班了。 、我今天要加班了。
I need to I just today. for overtime. .

  4、我刚刚交了一份加班申请。 、我刚刚交了一份加班申请。
  5、我没有什么工作经验,请你多指教。 、我没有什么工作经验,请你多指教。
I am new to the working world and would


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