2. intermingle
  3. interconnected
  4. interdependent
  5. interplay
  6. intermarriage
  7. interpersonal
  8. interactive IX
  1. As to what actually happened to the headquarters
  2. As to where I should go to further my study
  3. as to how different they are and why we want to keep them both
  4. as to whether or nor I should remain at the college working as a teaching assistant
  5. as to whether the old hard ware is to be replaced by new hardware X
  1. There is no use trying to help those who do not help themselves
  2. it is no good trying to solve the issue between the nations by means of war
  3. There is no sense refusing to accept it
  4. There is no point in having a load of money
  5. there is no harm in spending some time thinking about what sort of career you might wish to pursue XI
  1. An interesting question therefore remains as to how far Microsoft can go with Gates as its CEO.
  2. There’s/It’s no use complaining since nothing ever changes as the result of a complaint. What’s important is to take measures to prevent similar events from happiness.
  3. Learn to accept the fact that some people you thought were friends turn out to be enemies.
  4. As you would expect from the book’s title, there are many references to what kind of man Gates is.
  5. The prosperity of the company stems from hardworking and thrifty of the entire staff.
  6. He said nothing at all on the subject of the play which was put on for the first time Saturday night. XII
  1. 至于那天晚上他是怎么死的,事实上我无法解释,而且也许不会有任何可能的解释了。
  5. 与评价父亲不同,人们评价母亲依据的是其为母之道的成功或失败。对于母亲来说,一 切都取决于孩子最终成为什么样的人。
新视野大学英语(第二版)答案 (重编版)(免费版) 新视野大学英语第三册答案

  6. 人们会发现这个网站很有价值,因为我们投入了大量时间准备网站的信息。 XIII 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 B 5 A 6 D 7 B 8 D 9 C 10 A 11 D 12 B 13 D 14 C 15 A 16 C 17 D 18 C 19 A 20 D 第二版新视野大学英语读写教程第三册 unit8 答案
新视野大学英语(第二版) 新视野大学英语(第二版)第三册 Unit 8
Section A Vocabulary III.
  1. mount
  2. resembles
  3. implication
  4. prohibits
  5. deliberate
  6. debate
  7. classified
  8. guidelines
  9. split
  10. generated Exercises on Web course only:
  11. categories
  12. breed
  13. commission
  14. draft
  15. confusion IV.
  1. within reach
  2. fall into
  3. in terms of
  4. get around
  5. regardless of
  6. referred to
  7. What if
  8. in the first place
  9. concerned about
  10. identical to Exercises on Web course only:
  11. in the wake of
  12. comparable to
  13. puzzling over V.
  1. K
  2. E
  3. M
  4. O
  5. F
  6. H
  7. N
  8. A
  9. I
  10. B Collocation VI.
  1. duties
  2. emotions
  3. interests
  4. experience
  5. responsibility
  6. love
  7. characteristics
  8. memories
  9. information
  10. belief Word Building VII.
  1. transposition
  2. transatlantic
  3. transmigrants
  4. transformed
  5. transnational
  6. transoceanic
  7. transshipped
  8. transported VIII.
  1. nonexistent
  2. non-stop
  3. non-art
  4. non-college
  5. non-productive
  6. non-profit
  7. non-fiction
  8. non-violent Sentence Structure IX.
  1. What if I say no
  2. What if they don’t know
  3. What if we can’t finish it on time
  4. What if this happens to us someday
  5. What if he has lied to us X.
新视野大学英语(第二版)答案 (重编版)(免费版) 新视野大学英语第三册答案

  1. The Bosnian peace talks are continuing in Geneva today with the new proposals at the top of the agenda.
  2. All of Southern Africa is suffering from a severe drought with Mozambique and Zimbabwe among the worse-hit countries.
  3. The Europe Summit in Paris is drawing to an end with the US in danger of being completely isolated.
  4. With the King in prison, the chief commander came to power and ruled the country.
  5. With stability itself under threat, the reforms deserve all the support they can get. Translation XI.
  1. It sounds like a good idea, but what if it’s a trick?
  2. Cities and towns in this area suffered a lot from the earthquake with Jiujiang and Ruichang among the worst-hit.
  3. He complained that they should not have got involved in it in the first place.
  4. For Mary’s sake, I can lend you my car to get around your transport problem.
  5. In theory it’s feasible to clone a child to harvest organs, but in practice it would be psychologically harmful to the child.
  6. He published an article under the name of Braver which stresses the idea that the process of cloning animals would work for humans as well. XII.
  1. 你说你不会把时间浪费在约会上,但如果遇到吸引你的男子,你会怎么办呢?
  2. 为了帮助艾滋病患者,需要有新的措施,地方社团、非政府机构、政府和国际组织之间 要建立密切的合作关系。
  3. 上周,该国际传出消息说,他们正密切关注该地区的情况。
  4. 在导致数百人死亡的污染事件发生之后,政府开始起草环境保护指导方针。
  5. 正如这篇文章的作者所警告的,克隆人类可能是一件使人更加悲伤而非更加高兴的事。
  6. 在一些西方国家,有些父母准备克隆孩子,目的是进行非致使非致命器官的移植。 Cloze XIII.
  1. A
  2. B
  3. D
  4. B
  6. A
  7. C
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C
  11. C
  12. B
  13. B
  14. C
  15. A
  16. B
  17. D
  18. A
  19. D
  20. B Section B Reading Skills I.
  1. The title is actually a question. By using a question as a title, the writer tries to attract the readers’ attention. Obviously, it’s about the possibility or legality of human cloning. The writer will give us a thorough analysis as to who might take advantage of human cloning.
  2. The language is formal and serious. Besides, it is emotional. The evidence for this is the repeated employment of rhetorical questions.
  3. Altogether, there are seven questions, including the one in the title. Of the seven, four are rhetorical questions. They appear respectively at the end of Paragraph 2, Paragraph 3, Paragraph 4, and at the beginning of Paragraph
  4. Rhetorical questions are mainly intended to stir up the readers’ emotions, to put them off guard, making them ready to accept the writer’s opinion. Rhetorically, this is called emotional appeal. By
新视野大学英语(第二版)答案 (重编版)(免费版) 新视野大学英语第三册答案
using rhetorical questions four times, the writer of this text is appealing to the readers to accept the idea “Don’t just say no to human cloning”. With all the above in view, we can see that the text is persuasive. Comprehension of the Text II.
  1. F
  2. F
  3. T
  4. T
  5. T
  6. F
  7. T
  8. T Vocabulary III.
  1. resigned
  2. consent
  3. governing
  4. refusal
  5. disposed
  6. artificial
  7. desirable
  8. reproduce
  9. violated
  10. radical Exercises on Web course only:
  11. probable
  12. reflection
  13. resume
  14. panic
  15. opposition IV.
  1. She came up with a new idea for increasing sales.
  2. It makes sense to buy the most up-to-date version.
  3. If the day turns out to be wet, we may have to change our plans.
  4. Upon reflection, she decided to accept his offer.
  5. For the sake of a successful exhibition we should try our best to collect more famous paintings.
  6. We reserved two tickets in the name of Brown.
  7. We had to resign ourselves to taking a loss on the sale.
  8. Economic and social inequalities can never be viewed as positive and constructive forces.
  9. If he did move to Beijing, he’d stand a chance of getting a job.
  10. These policemen are frightened at the prospect that they face a population which has the most advanced automatic arms at its disposal.
新视野大学英语(第二版) 新视野大学英语(第二版)第三册 Unit 9
Unit 9 Section A Vocabulary III.
  1. invitation
  2. enforced
  3. cited
  4. awkward
  5. inherited
  6. dispute
  7. exposure
  8. valid
  9. verified
  10. justification Exercises on Web course only:
  11. editing
  12. division
  13. bind
  14. payments
  15. headline IV.
  1. She has certainly gained in confidence over the last couple of years.
  2. The actor made the headlines for having an affair.
  3. Greg’s parents are worried about his exposure to the kind of people they don’t approve of while he’s at college.
  4. The opposition parties are calling for the minister’s resignation over the scandal.
  5. The administration is in the process of drawing up a peace plan.
  6. She’ll end up penniless if she keeps spending as much as that.
  7. She lays bare her three unhappy marriages in her autobiography.
新视野大学英语(第二版)答案 (重编版)(免费版) 新视野大学英语第三册答案

  8. Hoping that he might be able to shed light on the problem, I asked Paul to look at the engine.
  9. The outside influences have no bearing on what you can do for your basketball team.
  10. Thank you; I’ll store that piece of ness away for a time when I might need it. Exercises on Web course only:
  11. “Make no mistake about it,” he said, “this is the most serious threat our educational system has ever seen.”
  12. They worked much harder when they learned that they were in line for a wage increase.
  13. For a time, they argued over which TV program to watch.
  14. A car was stolen last nigh right under the nose of a security guard. V.
  1. N
  2. G
  3. I
  4. J
  5. E
  6. M
  7. D
  8. K
  9. C
  10. B Collocation VI.
  1. institutions
  2. security
  3. independence
  4. rewards
  5. markets
  6. crisis
  7. situation
  8. aid
  9. position
  10. damages Word Building VII.
  1. a tradition perfected by the Elizabethans
  2. an exhibition of fine Victorian furniture
  3. dance music with African roots
  4. lots of shops run by Asians
  5. make the British feel more European
  6. contemporary Italian literature
  7. some films of Hollywoodian style
  8. some novels of Jamesian style VIII.
  1. Premarital
  2. premature
  3. pre-game
  4. preplanned
  5. pre-school
  6. preexist
  7. presuppose
  8. prehistoric Sentence Structure IX.
  1. He listens to the radio while driving to work.
  2. He works in an American company while giving lectures on economics at a college in the evening.
  3. In some societies professional women are treated as equals on the job while being treated as servants at home.
  4. We should be pupils while serving as teachers.
  5. The two professors will exchange their views while attending a meeting in Paris. X.
  1. Not even once did this thought come to her mind.
  2. No sooner were they released by order of the court than they were rearrested by the police.
  3. By no means is it easy to pass the test when you are not spending enough time preparing.
  4. Seldom did the couple go to the theater together during their stay in the USA.
  5. Not until we understand the person who has the disease can we understand the disease.
新视野大学英语(第二版)答案 (重编版)(免费版) 新视野大学英语第三册答案
Translation XI.
  1. Word came yesterday that they were killed while trying to reach the summit.
  2. Under no circumstances shall I mention to anyone that I have turned down the invitation to her wedding.
  3. It made the headlines that the president’s wife threatened her husband with public exposure.
  4. That wealthy lady’s repeated demand for a premarital agreement greatly harmed her prospective husband’s self-esteem and ended up in his refusal to get married.
  5. Make no mistake about it, some women would insist on the right to get a divorce if their husbands did not earn as much as they expected.
  6. The casual discovery of the fingerprint shed some light on the murder he had been looking into. XII.
  1. 现如今太多的人似乎都是边看电视边吃东西,几乎没注意自己吃的是什么、吃了多少。
  2. 我怎么也没有料到没有我你会生活得这么惬意。
  3. 他在支票上伪造他哥哥的签名,以不正当手段得到了这笔钱,这件事后来被媒体曝了光。
  4. 他举了个典型的例子来说明警官是出于自卫朝那人开的枪,因为那人先朝他开枪。
  5. 专家普遍认为包含对人的健康有很重要的影响。
  6. 在中国婚前协议的例子不多,这说明婚前协议尚不为众人接受,尽管离婚会涉及财产分 配问题。 Cloze XIII.
  1. B
  3. A
  4. D
  5. B
  6. A
  7. B
  8. D
  9. C
  10. D
  11. C
  12. C
  13. A
  14. D
  15. B
  16. B
  17. D
  18. B
  19. A
  20. C Section B Reading Skills I.
  1. Yes. In the sense that “the structure of family life is undergoing extreme changes”.
  2. They are about marriages, parents, unmarried mothers and children in single-parent households.
  3. It says women tend to work longer hours than men both at home and on the job.
  4. It will be one to illustrate why getting a job is no longer optional for women.
  5. Fathers’ income usually exceeds mothers’ income, but it is women who usually contribute a larger proportion of their income to their family. Comprehension of the Text II.
  1. C
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. B
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A Vocabulary III.
  1. undergo
  2. released
  3. concludes
  4. overtaking
  5. maintain
  6. contribute
  7. vary
  8. adequate
  9. optional
  10. migrate Exercises on Web course only:
  11. rare
  12. urgent
  13. prime
  14. agenda
  15. dissolved IV.
  1. on/upon
  2. about
  3. to
  4. to
  5. for
  6. t


新视野大学英语(第二版)第四册_读写教程_课文Section B翻译

   SectionB unit1 夏日的一天,父亲让我去买些铁丝网和栅栏,用来围畜棚,把牛圈起来。 那时我 16 岁,最喜欢开上货车,沿着老磨坊路到城里去。 研磨机轮子上的水花在阳光下喷洒,在河道上空形成一道彩虹。我常在半路上把 车停下来,在河里洗个澡,凉快一会,享受一下天然空调。 太阳火辣辣的,不用毛巾擦,等我爬上岸边的土坡,穿过路边的壕沟,到达货车 时,身上已经都干了。 快进城时,有一段沿着海滩的路,我会在那儿拣贝壳,拣海藻,头顶就是正从轮 船上卸货的巨大的起重机。 但是,这次却有所不同。 ...


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   Unit 8 III. 1. mount 2. resembles 3. implication 4. prohibits 5. deliberate 6. debate 7. classified 8. guidelines 9. split 10. generated Exercises on Web course only: 11. categories 12. breed 13. commission 14. draft 15. confusion IV. 1. within rea ...


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