ds around 20,0
  00. They say more than 18,000 Tickets have been sold. Q: How many tickets are left now?
  2. W: I was planning on signing up for the swimming class. Bit I heard it’s full. M: Really? That’s strange. There were nine swimming classes last semester, and this semester there are five more. Q: How many swimming classes are there this semester/
  3. W: How far do you jog every day? 5 kilometers? M: No, about 15km. I have to run that far to stay in good people. Q: How far does the man run each day?
  4. M: How many people will come to your home to watch the World Cup Final? Want me to bring anything? W: Probably like 15 or
  20. I’ve got most things covered. Maybe just bring a six-pack or something else to drink. Q: About how many people will come to watch the World Cup Final?

  5. W: How many people do you think will enter for the City Marathon? M: I’m not sure. It was 250 last year. But someone told me the number is likely to double this tear. Q: How many people are likely to enter for this year’s City Marathon?
III. Listening In
Task 1: Yao Ming
I first saw Yao Ming back in 19
  97. Nike had just signed a contract to sponsor the Shanghai Sharks. 贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 打造宁大专业的互易平台 -7-
整理, 本材料由贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 整理,原材料来源于互联网 We had a little party to introduce ourselves and get to know the players. A few of us were there when the team walked in. They looked normal, most about 6’4’’ or so. Then, a thin, baby-faced guy about 7’5’’ came in. We were all surprised at seeing him. We couldn’t believe his size. And when he started hitting three-pointers, we were really blown away! Our guys in the U’S’ didn’t believe that there was a Chinese kid that tall. To convince them, we had to bring him to a Nike camp in Paris that summer. Yao had always played against kids who were older than him. This was the first time he was competing with players his own age. Del Harris, then the Lakers coach, was at the camp. He fell in love with Yao Ming. He was telling everybody, “I got to have a picture with that kid. One day he’s going to have a real impact on the NBA.”
Task 2: Ronaldo
Ronaldo will become the first three-time winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year Award this Tuesday. Ronaldo played his early football with amateur clubs. By the time he was 16, he had signed his professional contract with a Brazilian club. He played very well, gaining a goal almost in each game. He was still only 17 when he went to seek his fortune in the European Leagues. At a Dutch club, Ronaldo got 30 goals on 33 matches. Back home, he was a member of the Brazilian team that won the World Cup in the U.S .In 19
  94.Although he did not get to play a single minute in that tournament, he was soon being described as the new Pele. He moved to Bracelona in 1996, and the next summer became a member of Inter Milan. He quickly became the hottest property in football, winning the FIFA World Player of the Year Award in 1996 and 19
  97. As he took the award in 1999 for the third time, there was no doubt that his name would live on in history.
  1. He played his early football with amateur clubs.
  2. He signed his professional contract with a Brazilian club.
  3. He went to Europe to seek his fortune in the European leagues.
  4. He was described as the new Pele.
  5. He won the award for three times: in 1996, 1997 and 19
Task 3: Physical Exercise
More and more people today are realizing the importance of regular physical exercise. Physical exercise can make you strong and healthy. By doing some form of physical exercise every day, your level of energy will increase and you will sleep better at night. There are many different forms of physical exercises that suit different tastes and needs of different people. Take track and field events, for example. Throwing the javelin can strengthen your arm and upper body. The long jump and high jump can strengthen your legs. Basketball, football and volleyball are also good forms of exercise. Be careful when choosing the right type of exercise for yourself. Id your heart is weak, for example, you should start with some light exercise. If you are overweight, know your limits. In a word, don’t overdo it. Healthy form energy better different tastes careful choosing
Task 4: An Announcement
贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 打造宁大专业的互易平台 -8-
整理, 本材料由贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 整理,原材料来源于互联网 Open interested checkup apply PE Department exercise opportunity
IV. Speaking Out
Asking for and Giving Directions Model 1 Where’s…, please? Now Your Turn
New student: Excuse me. Where’s the gym, please? Lisa: You see that library building over there? New student: Yeah. Lisa: The gym is behind it. New student: Thank you very much. Lisa: Any time.
Model 2 Sorry, I’m new here, too. Now Your Turn
New student: Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the tennis courts? Ashley: The tennis courts? Sorry, I don’t know. I’m new here, too. New student: OK, thanks anyway. (Then the new student asks James.) New student: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the tennis courts are? James: See the Student Activities Center over there? They’re in front of it. New student: Thanks a lot. James: No problem.
Model 3 Go straight ahead till… Now Your Turn
New student: Excuse me. I wonder if you could tell me how to get to the school stadium. John: Just go straight ahead till you reach the riverside, then turn right and walk until you see the students’ cafeteria. Turn left, and walk about five minutes. You’ll see Hudson Hall, a dorm building. The school stadium is on the opposite side. New student: Thank you very much. John: You’re welcome.
V. Let’s Talk
Jim: Hey Jack, hurry up! The game’s going to start any minute mow. What are you doing 贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 打造宁大专业的互易平台 -9-
整理, 本材料由贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 整理,原材料来源于互联网 anyway? Jack: I’m just making some popcorn. Beer, popcorn, football! What more could you want on a Saturday afternoon? Jim: Yeah, I guess this is the next best thing to getting actual tickets to the game. I’m cool with just watching it here in the dorm. The TV will give us a better view. Jack: It’s gonna be a good game. I’m anxious to see some of the local players in action. Jim: Yeah, should be good… but not for your team. I don’t think they have a chance. Jack: Why not? We’ve got some good players. Jim: Maybe, but the other team has some of the best players in Europe. David Beckham, Michael Owen. How can your guys compete with them? Jack: Of course they’re good, but our local team is also excellent! Jim: OK, if you’re so confident, how about a bet? Jack: All right. Loser pays for a dinner at Pizza Hut after the match. Jim: Fine. I could eat some pizza tonight. Mmm. I can taste it now. Jack: Don’t forget to bring your wallet, Jim. You’re going to need it after you lose. Jim: Goal! Michael Owen. I think I’m starting to get hungry for some pizza! Jack: I think our goalkeeper was distracted. Jim: Yeah, right! (sarcastically) Jack: Hey! Our team’s got a corner. Only two minutes left. Maybe the game will end in a tie. Jim: Ooooh! Too bad, Jack. You guys almost did it! Jack: Well, time is up, and I’m starving. Let’s go to Pizza Hut. It’s on me! Jack( rooting for the home team) a,b,e,f Jim( rooting for the visiting room) c,d,g,h
For Reference a
A, say the score of the match excitedly. Wow! The score is 65:67 in favor of Lakers. B, discourage your partner and ask for wait-and-see. Come on! Rockets is striking back. He who smiles last smiles best. A, answer back, showing confidence in the visiting team. I don’t think so. Well begun is half done, you know. B, shout at the three-point shoot which leads to the home team’s advantage. THREE! 68:67 in Rockets’ favor. Come on, guys! Some more points! A, sign at the final loss of the visiting team and show your disbelief. Oh, Jesus. How can that be?
A, comment on the general performance of the team. These guys do a good job today, huh? B, agree but say what you see happening on the field. 贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 打造宁大专业的互易平台 - 10
整理, 本材料由贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 整理,原材料来源于互联网 Yeah. They’re really wonderful. Oh, the opposing team scored two goals within THREE minutes! A, show your extreme disbelief. Incredible! 2goal in 3 minutes! B, complain about the poor defense and save. What poor defense and terrible save of the goalkeeper! A, Show your disappointment by promising not to watch the team’s game later. My whole night id ruined. I don’t want to watch their game any more.
VI. Furthering Listening and Speaking
Listening Task 1: Sports in the U.S.
Sports are very important in the U.S. both for spectators and participants. Many people have jobs where they sit for most of the day, so when they have free time, they like to take part in more physical activities. Both team sports and individual activities are popular. Youth sports are played either in local clubs or for teams representing schools. Most major league sports recruit their players from college or high school teams. Specter sports are also a major part of American culture. Many Americans watch sports weekly, if not daily. Thousands of people attend professional and college sporting events to cheer on their local teams. Millions more choose to watch on TV and root from their own living rooms. On TV, American football, baseball and basketball are the most popular sports. Soccer has a long way to go before it is on the same level with the “big three”. Although there is some overlapping, football is played in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring and summer. American professional teams are privately owned and generally situated in major cities, so they have a large fan base to draw from. There’s no government involvement in these leagues.
  1. popular
  2. weekly
  3. local clubs
  4. big three
  5. fan base
Task 2: Walking
Generally, people travel by car, bus or subway in America. Rarely is a bicycle used as a method for transportation. In many cities and towns, Americans choose to walk. Walking is considered one of the best way to stay healthy. It is the world’s most natural exercise. About 50 million Americans are active in what is called “fitness” walking. They take short walks a few times each week to improve their health. Fitness walking can be done almost anywhere, anytime. No special equipment is needed. Experts advise drinking lots of water before and after each walk. They say the most effective way to walk is the natural way. A new study has provided details about the link between walking and your emotional health. A professional at California State University asked a group of students to describe their feelings of energy and tension. Then he sent them on a fast walk for 10 minutes. When the students returned, they reported feeling less tired and more energetic. The professor found short walks could also help make personal problems seem less serious. Indeed, one group of people said their problems didn’t seem as bad as they had been 贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 打造宁大专业的互易平台 - 11
整理, 本材料由贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 整理,原材料来源于互联网 before they went for a fast 10-minute walk.
  1. F
Task 3: The 27th Summer Olympic Games
The 27th summer Olympic Games were held in Sydney, Australia, in 20
  00. Thousand of athletes gathered there to take part in the first Summer Olympic of the new century. It was, however, not the first time for Australia to host the Olympic Games. Australia also played host in 1956, when the city of Melbourne was the site of the Games. The 2000 Olympic lasted a little more than two weeks, from September 15 to October
  1. The mascot of Sydney Olympic Games was, not surprisingly, a Kangaroo. There were some new events in the 1000 Olympic, such as women’s water polo and weightlifting. The Games were a great success. In sporting competition, athletes broke lots of Olympic and world records. Also, the event was a huge financial success for Australia, especially in the tourism industry.
  1. D
贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 打造宁大专业的互易平台 -
- 12
整理, 本材料由贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 整理,原材料来源于互联网
UNIT3 II. Listening Skills
Understanding Times and Dates

  1. W: Oh, look at the clock. It’s 5:
  15. I’ll be late for Jennifer’s birthday party! I was supposed to leave at 5 o’clock. M: Don’t worry! You still have some time. The clock is twenty minutes fast. Q: What time is it now?
  2. W: It’s 7:50, lazybones, and you’re going to be late for the meeting. M: God! I was sleeping like a dog. Well, I still have ten minutes. Q: When is the man’s meeting?
  3. M: Thank you, Laura. We’d like to go to the barbecue with you. What time should we be there W: Some people are coming around 11:00, and we’re going to play badminton, but we won’t eat until around 12:
  30. Q: At what time are they going to eat?
  4. M: I knew Dr. Smith’s birthday was October 26th, but I didn’t realize it was this Saturday. W: Let’s give him a surprise party. We could ask him to meet us at his office at 5, and then we



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