Chapter 8 Argumentation arguing a fundamental activity and an important skill to persuade your audience to accept your point of view about a controversial point with sound reasoning Persuasion and argumentation when you hope to get your readers to agree with you (to convince readers), you’ll write something of this kind. two kinds of appeal in your writing: persuasion appeals to emotion argumentation appeals to reason ? An argumentation should be debatable Computer automation has brought about a lot of changes. Computer automation has increased unemployment. An argumentation should have a clear standpoint ? for or against a point rather than something in between A terminally ill patient has the right to an assisted suicide. Homosexual citizens in our society must be granted full legal spousal benefits, equivalent to those of the heterosexual. ? An argumentation assumes actual objections to your proposition ? Of the arguments against capital punishment, two are heard most often:
  1. That hanging a man (or frying him or gassing him) is a dreadful business, degrading to those who have to do it and revolting to those who have to witness it.
  2. That it is useless, for it does not deter others from the same crime. ? ? ? An argument essay deals with both confirming and refuting An argument will support its own proposition by showing why its proposition is strong. It will also point out errors of logic and failures of insight of the opposition to show where the opposition’ argument falls short / breaks down or why the opposition is weak. s ?
Suppose you are writing an essay arguing that your college should use the money intended to build a campus health and fitness center to upgrade the library instead. From reading the school paper, you know that supporters of the center say it will help attract new students to the college. How would you rebut that point? Most students choose a college because: a) they can afford it b) they like its academic programs and facilities c) they like its teaching staff Besides, many students may not be able to afford the fee for using the center
Strategies for Argumentation
  1) Acknowledge differing viewpoints
  2) Grant their merits (if appropriate).
  3) Rebut(反驳) differing viewpoints.
  4) Use reasoning to support your argument
  5) Use polite tone with tactful, courteous language. When to acknowledge opposing viewpoints? The earlier, the better ideally, in the introduction. Three ways to acknowledge opposing viewpoint:
  1) to cite the opposing viewpoint in your thesis statement
  2) to use one or two sentences (separate from the thesis) in the introduction to acknowledge the differing view.
  3) to use a paragraph (within the body of your essay) to summarize opposing opinions in greater detail.
  1) Although some students believe that studying a foreign language is a waste of time, two years of foreign-language study should be required of all college students.
  1) While local TV newscasts can provide a valuable community resource, too often such programs provide mere entertainment at the expense of solid news.
  2) Love and Learning Towards love and learning, college teachers and students hold controversial views. The majority of college teachers, especially old teachers, argue that students should give up love and concentrate on learning. They say that campus love is time-and-energy-consuming and tears students away from their main task. If a student ever falls in love, he will undoubtedly neglect his studies and gradually lag behind his classmates. It is true that some students in love turned out to be that way, but it does not follow that campus love definitely leads to poor performance and therefore should be forbidden. On the contrary, many students who fall in love are studying better because they have stronger motivation, work harder and have greater efficiency. Grant their merits (if appropriate) Suppose you were arguing against the use of computers in writing classrooms. You might say: Granted, students who are already accustomed to computers can use them to write papers more quickly and efficiently. But for students like me who write and think in longhand, a computer in the classroom is more a hindrance than a help. Use a polite and reasonable tone ? It’s silly to think that one should teach his children at home. ? What a ridiculous idea that gays and lesbians should have the right to marry! ? My opponents think that college athletes should be exempted from normal class
attendance policies. ? ? ? Everybody knows that … People with any intelligence agree that … Do not refer to your opponents, just to the counterpoint.
About persuasion Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274, Italian philosopher), who knew more about education and persuasion than almost anybody who ever lived, once said that when you want to convert someone to your view, you go over to where he is standing, take him by the hand (mentally speaking), and guide him to where you want to go. You don’t stand across the room and shout at him. You don’t order him to come over to where you are. You start where he is, and work from that position. That’s the only way to get him to change his attitude. ? I have never known a single passionate and prejudiced argument to win over a person who disagreed with it, or even to persuade a person who was neutral on the subject. The chief reason is that all passionate and prejudiced arguments overstate their case and understate their opponents’ case. When you think that someone is wrong, and you disagree with him, the first task is to determine in what way he is right. This is right. For no view can be entirely wrong, and everybody has a little piece of truth by the tail. This is the piece we start with, we work from there, and concede as much as we honestly can. A philosopher said that we have no right to oppose a position until we can state that position in a way that fully satisfies those who hold it; until, indeed, we can make out a better case for it than the proponent(辩护者)himself can. When pointing out opposing arguments: 指出反方论点的说法 ?
  1. Opponents of this idea claim / maintain that … ?
  2. Those who disagree / are against these ideas may say / assert that … ?
  3. Some people may disagree with this idea. When stating specifically why they think like that: 指出反方论据的方法 ?
  1. They put forward this idea because … ?
  2. They claim that … since … ? ? ? ? Reaching the turning point: 转折 However, but On the other hand,
When refuting the opposing idea, we may use the following strategies: 反驳 A. compromise but prove that their argument is not powerful enough: ? They have a point in thinking like that. ? To a certain extent they are right. B. completely disagree:
? After seeing this evidence, there is no way we can agree with what they say. C. say that their argument is irrelevant to the topic: ? What we are discussing here is not what they are trying to prove. ? Their argument is irrelevant.



   高考英语议论文写作指导 议论文通过议论或说理来表达作者的见解和主张. 作者对某一问题持有一种看法,为了使读者同意自己 的看法,提出若干理由,企图说服他人. 议论文的写作步骤: 议论文的写作步骤: 1. 引言(introduction).由于英语作文受时间.字数的限制.因此,审清题意之后在引言段中作者就必须简单解释要讨论 的问题,并明白地亮出自己的观点,如提倡什么,支持什么,反对什么. 2. 主体段(main body).主体段是议论的过程,作者必须有足够的证据(adequate proofs ...


   Chapter 8 Argumentation arguing a fundamental activity and an important skill to persuade your audience to accept your point of view about a controversial point with sound reasoning Persuasion and argumentation when you hope to get your readers to ...

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   英语专业毕业论文写作指导意见一、 论文的选题 关于本专业毕业 英语专业本科生毕业论文选题可以在三个大的方向中进行, 即英语文学,语言学和翻译学。各个大方向中又可以选择小 的方向,具体解释如下: 1)英语文学:选择英语文学的毕业论文选题可以从三个方 向进行: 国别文学研究、 文学批评理论研究和比较文学研究。 在进行国别文学研究选题时,一般选取英国文学或美国文学 中的某一经典作家(如海明威) ,某一经典作品(如《双城 记》,某一写作手法(如象征手法的运用)或某一文学思潮 ) (如浪漫主义运动)作 ...


   中考英语作文写作指导 现在,书面表达是中学生学习英语应掌握的一项基本技能,它要求学生有扎实的语言基本功,具备一定的审题能力、想象能力、表达能力和评价能力等。大部分学生的英语写作能力较差,具体说来,学生书面表达中主要存在以下错误: 1.时态误用 主要表现在两方面:1)学生写作之前没有判断整篇文章主要用哪种时态,常出现该用一般现在时的句子,用了一般过去时;而该用将来时的句子,用了完成时。 2)时态构成表达错误。由于学生对各种时态掌握不好,常常将 ...


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   江苏技术师范学院外国语学院 英语专业毕业论文写作指导 江苏技术师范学院外国语学院 顾丹柯 黄启发 李顺春 张德福 编 2007 年 6 月 6 日 英语专业毕业论文写作指导 2 目 录 江苏技术师范学院外国语学院 ........................................................................................................................ 1 英语专业毕业论文写作指导 ..... ...


   How to Write a Composition ? 如何写好英语作文呢? 一.写好句子 1、句子要正确。 句子要正确。 2、句子要平行。 句子要平行。 句子要连贯。 3、句子要连贯。 句子要有逻辑性。 4、句子要有逻辑性。 句子要避免过多重复。 5、句子要避免过多重复。 句子要避免头重脚轻。 6、句子要避免头重脚轻。 7、句子要避免汉式英语。 句子要避免汉式英语。 二.写好段落 三.用好过渡词 四.写好开头和结尾 作文: 作文: 1.记叙文 1.记叙文 2.说明文 2.说明文 3.议论 ...


   英语写作指导 写作顺序: 写作顺序: 一、审好题 仔细审查所给的内容提示, 特别要研究题目的核心词汇, 明确要求写的内容,确定文章的 体裁、人称、时态等,理顺思路,确定主旨。 二、写提纲。 写提纲。 审好题后,写出这篇文章的提纲。以 How to keep healthy. 为例。 How to keep healthy. 开头:Nowadays, more and more people concentrate on the health problem. How can we keep ...


   三、写作 B 部分题型透 (一)图画式作文 从 2000 到 2009 年这十年间 B 部分写作考的都是图画式作文。从命题者的角度来说, 这是为了更好地考查考生的写作能力,如:理解、推断和书面组织。由于它只允许考生在规 定的范围内进行描述、分析,这就避免考试时套用考试前背好的范文的现象的发生。图画常 以漫画或照片的形式出现, 有的图画还有题目和提示性文字, 这是为了帮助考生理解图画的 内容。从应试的角度看,审题、谋篇、语言是写好作文的三要素。命题,图画及题中的文字 说明是用于审题的;而“写作 ...


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   美国人的饮食习惯 美国人在吃午餐和吃晚餐之前,通常要喝点鸡尾 酒,但在加利福尼亚州,人们大都喝葡萄酒。 同时,在吃主食之前,一般都要吃一盘色拉。炸 蘑菇和炸洋葱圈可作为开胃食品,牛排、猪排和鸡 (腿)为主食,龙虾、贝壳类动物以及各种鱼类,甚 至包括淡水鱼被统称为海鲜。炸土豆条则是深受人们 喜爱且几乎成了必不可少的食物。 另外,应特别注意的一点,如有吃剩的食物,一 定要打包带回家,以免浪费。 美国人在吃饭的时候是刀叉并用,而且他们的用 餐方式也是很有讲究的。因此,在应邀与美国朋友一 起吃饭时, ...


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   北京中考网?北达教育旗下 电话 010-62754468 北京中考网?北达教育旗下门户网站 电话 010-62754468 1 北京中考网?北达教育旗下 电话 010-62754468 北京中考网?北达教育旗下门户网站 电话 010-62754468 2 北京中考网?北达教育旗下 电话 010-62754 ...


   谈高中英语起始阶段的书面表达训练 广东肇庆中学 摘要 梁文 英语写作能力是多种知识,多种能力的综合.高中起始阶段书面表达的 训练,是高中学生写作训练的基础,又是培养学生养成良好写作习惯的开始,对发展 学生自主学习的能力,使其形成有效的学习写作策略是必要的. 关键词 写作兴趣 正确的表达能力 篇章结构 评改 全日制中学英语教学大纲规定, "写是书面表达和传递信息的交际能力,高中培养 初步的写作能力是英语教学的目的之一" 运用正确流畅的英文在国际范围内进行科技 , 文化交流是 ...


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