Critical Writing (
General structure Thesis/structure/logical development
Argumentation or argumentative essay
Definition: Explore your own ideas about a subject Present your personal opinions or ideas about that subject Take your stand & write as if you are trying to persuade an audience to adopt new beliefs or behavior The primary objective: to persuade people to change beliefs that many of them do not want to change
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Overall structure (close-form writing)
3-5 paragraph essay

  1. Introduction (motivation, thesis statement).
  2. 1st body development (topic sentence, supporting examples).
  3. 2nd body development (topic sentence, supporting examples).
  4. 3rd body development (topic sentence, supporting examples).
  5. Conclusion (thesis restatement & so what)
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Possible organization patterns
Pattern 1: Thesis statement PRO idea 1 PRO idea 2 PRO idea 3 Conclusion
Possible organization patterns
Pattern 2: Thesis statement PRO idea 1 PRO idea 2 CON(s) + Refutation(s) Conclusion
Possible organization patterns
Pattern 3: Thesis statement CON(s) + Refutation(s) PRO idea 1 PRO idea 2 Conclusion
Possible organization patterns
Pattern 4: Thesis statement: CON idea 1 CON idea 2 CON idea 3 Conclusion > Refutation > Refutation > Refutation
Thesis development
Thesis: the main opinion or idea about a subject is called a thesis and presented in a thesis sentence/statement. Thesis development: Elicited by introducing a problem or a phenomenon (a hook) Supported by arguments (topic sentences in the body part; related to the thesis) Supported by a conclusion (restatement of the thesis; so-what)
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Structure (paragraphing) development
Topic sentence (Paraphrase of the TS.) Support/Illustration by examples (facts, others’ opinion, statistics, personal experience etc.) Wrap-up (conclusion)
Logical development
What is logic? Logic is the means by which you know things. Two main paths to logical knowledge induction & deduction Induction: a method of logic that arrived at a general conclusion based on the observation of specific incidents or examples The conclusion reached by induction is a generalization (subject to error) Inductive reasoning provides us with a probability, not certainty
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Logical development
The biggest problem with inductive reasoning occurs when the sample incidents or examples are too small compared to the overall possible number (hasty generalization). e.g.,
  1. Since Seve ate seafood once and fell ill, seafood will always make Seve ill.
  2. Don’t drink beer any more, because you were allergic to beer last time.
  3. ... it is a widely known fact that all adolescents look forward to earning money
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Logical development
Deduction: a method of logic in which a conclusion is drawn from two premises, one major & the other minor. A premise is a statement or assertion that you are already certain is true. Used properly, deductive reasoning can supply certainty.
Logical development
Syllogism 1 (right?)
Major premise: Each person who works for Technotech must have a security clearance. (a general statement) Minor premise: Beth works for Technotech. (a specific example) Conclusion: Beth has a security clearance. (conclusion)
Syllogism 1 (right?)
Major premise: The French love wine. Minor premise: Giselle is French. Conclusion: Giselle loves wine.
Logical development
In syllogism 2, the trouble is with the major premise (hasty generalization in induction) The major premise,The French love wine, based on induction is subject to error because induction can only provide probability. A better major premise: Many French love wine. A correct conclusion: Giselle is likely to love wine.
Logical development
Logical relations used in paragraph development Definition Classification Exemplification Comparison & contrast Cause & effect Logical fallacies
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Analyzing an essay

Read & discuss The general structure The thesis development The structure (paragraphing) development The logical development
Group discussion on: campus on-line matrimonial agency Your opinion Supporting arguments Evidence conclusion Write an argumentative essay on this topic after class Pay special attention to your overall structure
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Write an argumentative essay on the discussed topic in 300500 words. Find information & have a presentation on: The differences between Chinese & English argumentation (group
  3) What are the differences between fact & opinion? How is opinion usually expressed? What can be evidence? (group
  4) Give a list of interesting topics for our argumentative essays (group
  1) Read Chapter 9 of the book: Developing an Argument: College English Composition (
  3). Ding, Yen-Ren, et al.
Peer Review
Is the structure well organized? Is there a clear thesis statement? Are the arguments related to the thesis statement? Is the supporting evidence relevant? Is the material ordered logically? Are that any spelling, grammar, punctuation errors? If you are not completely convinced, please provide better evidence to support the writer’s position.

  1. Review chapters on argumentation
  2. Presentation focusing on: The differences between Chinese & English argumentation (group
  3) What are opinion and fact? How are they expressed? What can be evidence? (group
  3. Write an argumentative essay on the discussed topic in class.
  4. Give a list of interesting topics for our argumentative essays (group
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   高考英语议论文写作指导 议论文通过议论或说理来表达作者的见解和主张. 作者对某一问题持有一种看法,为了使读者同意自己 的看法,提出若干理由,企图说服他人. 议论文的写作步骤: 议论文的写作步骤: 1. 引言(introduction).由于英语作文受时间.字数的限制.因此,审清题意之后在引言段中作者就必须简单解释要讨论 的问题,并明白地亮出自己的观点,如提倡什么,支持什么,反对什么. 2. 主体段(main body).主体段是议论的过程,作者必须有足够的证据(adequate proofs ...


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英语 议论文 写作指导

   Critical Writing (2) General structure Thesis/structure/logical development Argumentation or argumentative essay Definition: Explore your own ideas about a subject Present your personal opinions or ideas about that subject Take your stand & wri ...


   英语专业毕业论文写作指导意见一、 论文的选题 关于本专业毕业 英语专业本科生毕业论文选题可以在三个大的方向中进行, 即英语文学,语言学和翻译学。各个大方向中又可以选择小 的方向,具体解释如下: 1)英语文学:选择英语文学的毕业论文选题可以从三个方 向进行: 国别文学研究、 文学批评理论研究和比较文学研究。 在进行国别文学研究选题时,一般选取英国文学或美国文学 中的某一经典作家(如海明威) ,某一经典作品(如《双城 记》,某一写作手法(如象征手法的运用)或某一文学思潮 ) (如浪漫主义运动)作 ...


   中考英语作文写作指导 现在,书面表达是中学生学习英语应掌握的一项基本技能,它要求学生有扎实的语言基本功,具备一定的审题能力、想象能力、表达能力和评价能力等。大部分学生的英语写作能力较差,具体说来,学生书面表达中主要存在以下错误: 1.时态误用 主要表现在两方面:1)学生写作之前没有判断整篇文章主要用哪种时态,常出现该用一般现在时的句子,用了一般过去时;而该用将来时的句子,用了完成时。 2)时态构成表达错误。由于学生对各种时态掌握不好,常常将 ...


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   The Role of L1 Influence and Lexical Aspect in the Acquisition of Temporality System in L2 English Name: *** Student Number: 007 Sun Yat-sen University August, 2009 本文目的是通过实例分析,帮助你更好的了解在应用语言学方面的毕业论文是"长 成什么样的. "范文的每部分都附有说明和建议,希望这能使你更好地了解和掌 ...


   英语写作指导 写作顺序: 写作顺序: 一、审好题 仔细审查所给的内容提示, 特别要研究题目的核心词汇, 明确要求写的内容,确定文章的 体裁、人称、时态等,理顺思路,确定主旨。 二、写提纲。 写提纲。 审好题后,写出这篇文章的提纲。以 How to keep healthy. 为例。 How to keep healthy. 开头:Nowadays, more and more people concentrate on the health problem. How can we keep ...


人教新版英语四年级上册 Lesson 21

   英语组_ 英语组_四_年级电子教案 授课人:魏玉梅 第四单元 时间:2008.11.12 课题 Unit 4 How ' s the weather today? 课型 新授课 Lesson 21 教学目标 在 19、20 两课书的基础上,引导学生继续学习用 It’s hot today.等 语句描述天气,巩固 Shall we…?语句功能,能用 Can I have…?语句 提出请求,并能进行简单的对话交流; 通过冷、热水的对比和学生的亲身感受学习单词 water, cold, hot. ...


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