四级水平测试题型简介 四级水平测试题型简介
第一部分为听力测试,占总成绩的 40%,测试时间为 40 分钟。 第二部分为写作测试,分为两部分: I 基本写作(basic writing) ,为说明文或议论文。 II 要求考生写一篇长度为 120-140 字的应用文;这一部分包括 3 大类:
  1.申请信(application letter) ,主要是求职和求学信;
  3.摘要(summary)。 第三部分为口语测试,单独举行。
申请信主要包括入学申请与求职应聘。 无论是哪一种一般都包括以下三个方面的 内容:
  2)主要介绍自己的情况包括年龄、专业、学历、 资历、特长、兴趣等;
  3)敦请对方关照。 范文一: 范文一 Dear Sirs, I would like to apply for the Research Studentship which I saw advertised in the 2005 brochure of Study and Research in the United Kingdom, issued by the British Council. I am twenty-eight, and have a first degree in Law from the Beijing Institute of Political Science and Law (20
  00). Since graduation I have been working in legal practices which specialize in labor relations. I am particularly interested in the setting up of legal models in a Chinese context and in the application of computer technology in the legal field generally. If you think I might be suitable, I would be very grateful if you could send me some information about the Studentship and an application form. Thank you. Yours faithfully, Chen Hong 范文二: 范文二: Dear Sirs, I am writing to request admission into the Department of English Language and Literature at your University for the fall semester of 20
  05.it is my long-cherished
desire to pursue comparative study of Chinese and Western literature at a university in the United States. I graduated from the Dept. of Foreign Language & Literature at Nanjing Normal University. I am currently a teacher of English for English major students at Southeast University. I shall appreciate it if you would forward the necessary application forms for admission with information about financial aid to the Department of English Language and Literature at your University for a Master’s degree of Arts. I am looking forward to your response at your earliest convenience. Sincerely yours, …
二、英文简历范文 英文简历范文 Personal Information:
Name: XXX Date of Birth: July 12, 1986 Gender: Male Address: 39 South College Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China Zip Code: 100081 E-mail: XXXXX Telephone: XXXXX
Work Experience:
Nov. 1998- present :CCIDE Inc. Director of software development and web publishing. Organized and attended trade shows (Comdex
  99) . Summer of 1997: BIT Company Technician of various web sites designing. Designed and maintained the web site of our division independently from s electing suitable materials, content editing to designing web page by FrontPage, Photoshop and Java as well ;
1991 - August 1996 Dept.of Automation, Tsinghua University, B.E.
Achievements & Activities:
President and Founder of the Costumer Committee Established the organization as a member of BIT President of Communications for the Marketing Association Representative in the Student Association
Computer Abilities:
Skilled in use of MS Frontpage, Win 95/NT, Sun, JavaBeans, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Interdev, Distributed Objects, CORBA, C, C++, Project 98, Office 97,
Rational RequisitePro, Process, Pascal, PL/I and SQL software
English Skills:
Have a good command of both spoken and written English .Past CET-6, TOEFL: 623; GRE: 2213
Aggressive, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment. Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths.
摘要是对原始文献(或文章)的基本内容进行浓缩并写成语义连贯的短文,不需加 入任何主观评论和解释,摘要写作要求简明扼要,用词准确。写作摘要时应该注 意以下几点: (
  1) 摘要的长度不应超过原文的三分之一,一般是原文的四分之一或五分之 一,考试时应遵守规定的字数限制。 (
  2) 在做摘要时考生切忌照搬原文,应该用自己的语言来写。一篇摘要应该 是语言的再创造,而不是原文词语的简单堆砌。 (
  3) 摘要应与原文的观点保持一致,为了使摘要条理清晰,无特殊情况应按 原文的逻辑顺序排列。 (
  4) )摘要要做到内容完整,没有大的遗漏,使读者无需查看原文就能够获得 原文的主要内容。应重点反映主要观点,删除细节 范文 将下面这篇约 500 词的原文按要求写成约 150 词的摘要。 原文 How New York Became America’s Largest City In the 18th century New York was smaller than Philadelphia and Boston. Today it is the largest city in America. How can the change in its size and importance be explained? To answer this question we must consider certain facts about geography, history,and economics. Together these three will explain the huge growth of America ? s most famous city. The map of the Northeast shows that four of the most heavily populated areas in this region are around seaports. At these points materials from across the sea enter the United States, and the product of the land are sent there for export across the sea. Economists know that places where transportation lines meet are good places for making raw materials into finished goods. That is why seaports often have cities nearby. But cities like New York needed more than their geographical location in order to become great industrial centers. Their development did not happen simply by chance. About 18
  15,when many Americans from the east coast had already moved
toward the west, trade routes from the ports to the central regions of the country began to be a serious problem. The slow wagons of that time, drawn by horses or oxen, were too expensive for moving heavy freight very far. Americans had long admired Europe’s canals. In New York State a canal seemed the best solution to the transportation problem. From the eastern end of Lake Erie all the way across the state to the Hudson River there is a long strip of low land. Here the Erie Canal was constructed. After several years of work it was completed in 18
  25. The canal produced an immediate effect. Freight costs were cut to about which had been smaller than Philadelphia one-tenth of what had been. New York City, and Boston, quickly became the leading city of the coast. In the years that followed, transportation routes on the Great Lakes were joined to routes on the Mississippi River. Then New York City became the end point of a great inland shipping system that extended from the Atlantic Ocean far up the western branches of the Mississippi. The coming of the railroads made canal shipping less important,but it tied New York even more closely to the central regions of the country. It was easier for people in the central states to ship their goods to New York for export overseas. Exports from New York were greater than imports. Consequently,shipping companies were eager to fill their ships with passengers on the return trip from Europe. Passengers could come from Europe very cheaply as a result. Thus New York became the greatest port for receiving people from European countries. Many of these people remained in the city. Others stayed in New York for a few weeks, months, years, then moved to other parts of the United States. For or and these great number of new Americans New York had to provide homes, goods, and services. Their labor helped the city be come great. 摘要 How New York Became America’s Largest City New York was once smaller than Philadelphia and Boston,but now it is America’s largest city because of geography,history and economics. New York was located at the seaport where materials were imported to the US and the products of the US were sent abroad across the sea. The city was further developed when the Erie Canal was completed in 18
  25.This linked Lake Erie to New York via the Hudson River and the cost of transporting goods to those who had settled inland was cut down. In addition, the Great Lakes were soon linked to the Mississippi. Later,railroads tied New York closer to the central states,whose goods were exported via New York. Fewer goods were imported,so cheap passages were available from Europe. New York became the main port for receiving Europeans, many of whom stayed in the city and helped it become great.



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   英语应用文写作指导 应用文,尤其是信函,是人类交际的重要媒介,是人与人之间表达情感、传递信息、沟 通思想的重要桥梁。书信往来在大学生活中起着重要的作用,无论你在国内求职,还是想联 系国外学校,无论你想和身处异地的老朋友叙谈友情,还是想和新朋友加深了解,书信都可 以发挥重要的作用。 然而,虽然人人了解信函的重要作用,但写成一篇好的书信并非易事。尤其是用外语来 写信时,需要掌握一定的技巧,并经过反复练习,才有达到较高的水平。 在书信类写作题目中,常常是给定一个情景,然后在理解的基础上,给相关的人 ...


   求职信 求职信应写得认真,有礼貌,表示出对该单位的向往之情;详细介绍自己的情况,包括受教育、专业、工作经历等方面情况;写清楚求职意向;如有必要,随信附上有关应征材料(如个人简历等),并在信后说明。 ⑴例题:假设你是一位即将毕业的经济学(Economics)专业的大学生,看到《光明日报》(Guangming Daily)上登载的某一个公司招聘销售人员的广告,你想应聘这个职位,请以Zhang Hua的名义写一封求职信。 范文: Dear Sir, I am writing in response ...


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