Example One
(Making Appointment)
Wednesday, 21st March Dear Prof. Rainman, I’m sorry I couldn’t make our 11 o’clock appointment. Prof. Wolf’s lecture lasted a lot longer than I expected. I could meet you in the library Reading Room 4 tomorrow at 10, if that is convenient for you. If not, please leave a note in my mailbox #334, this afternoon. Thank you. Elizabeth
Example Three
(Asking for Leave)
7:30 a.m. Dear Mr.David, I very much regret I was unable to attend school this morning owing to a severe attack of illness. I am enclosing herewith a certificate from the doctor who is attending me, as he fears it will be several days before I shall be able to resume my study. I trust my enforced absence will not give you any serious inconvenience. Sincerely yours, Peter
Example Four
(Saying Goodbye)
8:30 A.M. Dear Peter: I have done all my things here. I sincerely thank you for the trouble you have taken for my sake. I am leaving for home by train at two this afternoon. This is to say goodbye to you. Please kindly remember me to your wife. Yours ever, Jack
Example Five
(Waiting for Message)
May 2, 2001 Dear Lucy, Can you think of a single good reason why you shouldn’t spend next weekend with us? I’ve just been out looking at the garden, and it’s beautiful, you’ll like it. Also, I’m going to have a young man here, a friend of Alva’s. His name is Peter Groesbeck. Other information you can find out for yourself. Bring your bathing suit, we will meet your usual Saturday morning train. Affectionately, Alan Liu
Example Two
(Leaving a Message
2nd August Ms. Zhao, A friend of yours, Li Ping, made a long distance call from Xian this morning while you went out. She asked you to book an air ticket for Shanghai at 9 o’clock, August 5, and make a reservation for hotel room tonight. I am sorry that I can’t pass on the message to you in your presence, because I was ordered to do something urgent. See you then. Mary
Example Six
(Leaving a message
July 20, 2001 Jack, Here are the two tickets I mentioned yesterday for the Beijing Opera “Farewell To My Concubine”. You may bring anybody along with you. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Xiao Zhang

  1. Asking for Sick Leave)
办公室秘书 W.F. 史密斯先生 亲爱的先生: 我因病不能上班,谨致歉意.医生说,我须卧 床休息.兹附上证明一张.我可能要过几天才 能上班.希望我的病不会给你造成甚大不便. 您的忠实的 福斯特
Aug. 18 Mr. W. F. Smith Office Secretary Dear Sir, I am awfully sorry that I can not come to the office today. Enclosed please find a certificate from the doctor who said I must keep the bed, It may possibly be a few days before I am able to resume my duties. I trust my absence will not cause you any serious inconvenience. Yours faithfully, Foster
邀友来访(Asking a Friend to Call)
亲爱的布鲁斯: 有空盼来我处一叙,我想请您对我下周上 课的讲稿提些意见和建议. 露西 星期五
Friday Dear Bruce, I shall be obliged if you can find time to favour me with a call at your convenience. Your advice and suggestions are needed in my preparation for the lectures to be given next week. Yours ever, Lucy
Putting Off a Meeting
小杨: 因举行校运动会,原订明天召开的团小组 会必须推迟.特此告之,并请转告其他同 志. 文平 星期四中午
Thursday Noon Xiao Yang, Just a line to tell you that tomorrow’s League group meeting has to be put off because of the school-wide sports meet. Please notify the other comrades. Wen Ping
通知 课外活动小组高兴地宣布,年度英语晚会 将于10月25日(星期五)晚上7点半在大礼堂举 行,节目有唱歌、朗诵讲故事等.入场券可到办 公楼205室课外活动小组领取. 2008年10月23日
NOTICE The Extracurricular Activities Group takes pleasure in announcing that its annual English evening is to be held in the assembly hall on Friday, October 25, at 7:30 p.m. The program includes songs, recitations and story-telling. Admission tickets may be obtained on application to the Extracurricular Activities group, Room 205, Office building. Oct. 23, 2008
通知 本星期六(10月26日)下午2时,全体教授和 副教授在学院会议室开会,讨论国际学术交流 问题,请准时出席. 院学术委员会 2008年10月25日
The College Academic Commission NOTICE All professors and associate professors are requested to meet in college conference room on Saturday, October 26, at 2:00 p.m. to discuss questions of international academic exchange. Oct. 25, 2008
English Speech Contest Hosted by the Student Union of the Scholl of Foreign Languages Studies, the 6th English Speech Contest will be held in the Lecture Hall of the School Building at 7:00 p.m., Friday, Oct
  12. All are cordially welcome! Student Union School Scholl of Foreign Languages Studies Oct 12, 2007



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   Example One (Making Appointment) Wednesday, 21st March Dear Prof. Rainman, I’m sorry I couldn’t make our 11 o’clock appointment. Prof. Wolf’s lecture lasted a lot longer than I expected. I could meet you in the library Reading Room 4 tomorrow at 10 ...


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2009北京市中考 英语试卷

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