Directions:For this part you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition a composition according to the direction provided here in below.
  1. For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Zhang Ying. Write a letter to Xiao Wang, a schoolmate of yours who is going to visit you during the week long holiday. You should write at least 120 words according to the suggestions given below in Chinese.
  1. 表示欢迎。
  2. 提出对度假安排的建议。
  3. 提醒应注意的事项。 [参考范文] A Letter to a Schoolmate Jane 23 2001Dear Xiao Wang, I'm so glad to hear from you and learn you'll come here to share the holiday with me soon. As you are going to stay a week here, we should make a careful plan. First, for the first two or three days, I will show you around the city to visit some historic sites. Then we can spend one or two days doing some shopping. Finally we can spend a day in bookstores to find some books. Of course we should set aside some time talking about good old days. What do you think of it? Before coming here, you'd better book the two-way tickets in advance. While on the train, take care of yourself. At the railway station, you can take bus No.1 to our school. I am looking forward to your coming. Best wishes! Yours Zhang Ying

  2. For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition titled Practicing Tennis for Your Health. 你是某网球健身俱乐部的宣传人员,需要向顾客介绍俱乐部的情况以吸收更多会员。 内容应包括:
  1. 俱乐部简介
  2. 参加方法 Practicing Tennis for Your Health [参考范文] Dear friends, Welcome to our tennis club to practice tennis for body- building. As is evidenced in many countries, health and fitness have become the primary concern of many people. This is the very place where you can lose weight and keep fit, a comfortable place where you can escape from constraints of routine work, and an interesting place where you can make new friends of various types. We provide different tennis practicing programs to meet your needs. If you are a beginner, our first-class coaches will train you in person until you master the tennis
skills. If you are already a good player, our top-grade drillmasters as well as other excellent club members will satisfy you in your practice. Armed with the latest tennis equipment and the best teaching team, our club is available any time upon demand. Dear friends, now all you need to do is just fill out an application form and get a membership card. Join us and we are here for you, for your health and for your better life. [详细解析] 这是一篇商业性宣传稿。可以把各类健身俱乐部的宣传册子,校园里形形色色 的俱乐部宣传海报作为参考。介绍中,突出俱乐部的优势。组织文章时,先对有兴趣入会 的顾客表示热忱欢迎,然后具体介绍俱乐部的情况,最后说明申请成为会员的程序。措词 造句要富于激情,有吸引力和说服力;句式丰富,生动活泼。 第一段:简单的开场白, 欢迎大家来到网球俱乐部;第二段:介绍俱乐部的大致情况;第三段:说明参加方法。

  3. For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition entitled Asking for Leave of Absence. You should write at least 120 words according to the following guidelines: Your name and role: Sam, a sophomore in English Class Two Your Foreign Teacher's name: Ms. Riddle Incident: you cannot come to her class for some reason Task: write her a note, asking for leave of absence [参考范文] Asking for Leave of Absence To: Ms. Riddle, my dear Oral English teacher From: Sam, a respectful sophomore student of yours in Oral English Class Two Date: January 8, 2005 Subject: Asking for Leave of Absence Dear Ms. Riddle, I would like to know if I could ask for a casual leave of absence from your Oral English class this Wednesday morning. Yesterday evening I got a phone call from my cousin, who is now running a small firm in the suburbs of this city. He needs an interpreter for two days but cannot find the most reliable person, so he wants me to have a try. Personally, I regard this as a golden opportunity to put what I have learned in your class into practice, but I need your permission of absence. If you think I may go and help him get over the difficulty, I am confident that I'll do a good job and both of us will be grateful. Earnestly yours, Sam [详细解析] (点评)广请假条”属于便条。一般说来,便条的语言偏向于口语化,比正式函件 要随意些。格式上,便条是应用文中较灵活的一种,可以在右上角写上日期,然后直接写 "Dear Jack, ”等。这篇范文的格式偏向于公司内部的“备忘录”,信头有“收件人”、“发件人”、 “日期”及“主题”等项, 显得比较正式。 从正文看, 语言也是正式的, 适合题目规定的语境(收 信人是自己的老师)。应用文要简明(concise)、具体(concrete)、完整(complete)、得体有礼 (courteous),范文充分体现了这几点。开头用 1 would like to know 订 I could..提出写这 . 个便条的目的,然后用较长篇幅说明请假的原因,令人信服。

假设你过生日时收到了 Lucy 让人送来的鲜花, 写信向她表示感谢。 信的内容应包括: 表达感谢之意
提出回报对方 期待对方做客 [参考范文] Dear Lucy, I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your beautiful flowers. I'd like you to know how much your flowers meant to me. You have a positive genius for selecting the right gift. I not only enjoyed your flowers, the delicate vase. I shall ever remember this gift as one of the most precious things in my life. I will not be very busy the following days. I hope to have the opportunity of reciprocating. Would you kindly let me know what time you are at convenience? I will feel very happy if you have time to make me a call. How nice it would be to see you again and I am looking forward to seeing you next time! I repeat my thanks again for you lovely flowers. Please give my kind regards to your family. Yours truly, Huck

  5. For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Jill. Write a letter to your friend Li Fang You should write at least 120 words according to the situation given below in Chinese: 假设你的好朋友李芳是大学四年级学生,正在考虑是考研生继续深造、还是大学毕业 后就踏上工作岗位。请你给她写封信表明你的态度。 June, 2003 [参考范文] Dear Fang, I understand that you are in a dilemma. Although so many graduates are eager to set feet on their work-life road, there are still some who prefer to start their new life after gaining another degree to make better preparation for entering society. In my opinion, the latter are more admirable. You are good at all your courses these years, so if you do like to spend another two or three years on campus, you should stick to it. In today's society, the achievement and status you can get and the devotion you can make are no doubt in proportion to your educational background and degrees, coupled with the efforts you put in them. If you want to stride to your destinations more smoothly and easily, why not head for the further study courageously? Whichever you choose, I firmly believe your industry will ensure your success. After all, it is you who have the final say on the final choice. Best wishes. Yours sincerely,

  6. Read the following advertisement carefully, and you, by name of Wang Peng, are then asked to write a reply to apply for the job. Remember to send your letter to the company as given
in the ad. You should write about 150 words. You should write neatly on Answer Sheet 中国四达国际经济技术合作公司(CSCIETC)诚聘文秘一员,要求如下: *年龄 20-30 岁,大专以上学历 *流利的英语听说读写能力 *熟练的计算机操作能力 *良好的沟通与协调能力 *有外企工作经验者优先 应聘者请将简历、联系方式以及待遇要求寄至: 上海市淮海中路 8560 号揽盛大厦人力资源部 邮编:200033 Department of Human Resources Lansheng BuildingN
  0.8560, Huaihai Zhong Road Shanghai, 200033 Wang Peng No.3120, Zhongshan Road Xu Hui District Shanghai, 200076 September 28th, 2003 [参考范文] Dear Sir or Madam, I learned from Beijing Youth Daily Oct.2 that your company is offering a position for a secretary, and it's a great pleasure for ale to write to explore the possibility of seeking tile job. I graduated two years ago from Beijing University of Technology, and obtained a bachelor's degree in the field of business management. During my stay in the university my major courses included macro-economics, business communication skills, marketing and computer applications. I was especially fond of the communication skills which enabled me to deal with people and things around well. Upon graduation I engaged with IIP China Branch as an assistant to the head of Marketing Department. My responsibilities consisted of carrying out market surveys, writing reports and organizing meetings within the department. This two-year experience has helped me a lot in many ways. In particular, I become increasingly aware of the importance of co-ordination and co-operation among co-workers. I also believe the experience will qualify me for the current vacancy in your company. I passed both CET-4 and CET-6 with high marks. My spoken English is also fluent enough to organize meetings in English, which was actually my routine work in HP. Most of my market reports were presented in English, as my former boss is a native English speaker. I enclose herein lily resume and some relevant documents as required. And if you need any further information on me, I also refer you to Mr. Johnson, my ex-colleague, who is available at 021-666688
  88. I appreciate your sincere consideration of me, and am looking forward to an early interview with you. Sincerely yours, Wang Peng [详细解析] (点评)写求职信是许多大学生就业时要经历的。许多学生手持四、六级高分证 书,却在就业时写不出一封像样儿的求职信。主要原因是求职信与一般的作文风格不同, 它属于应用文范畴, 有固定的格式和句式, 考生可参考以上的格式和信中内容的遣词造句。
假设朋友 Cary 邀请你参加一个聚会,但你因故不能参加,写信向他说明原因,并祝
  7. 聚会成功。 [参考范文] Dear Gary, Many thanks for your letter dated i5th August, inviting me to the party held on 25th August at your house. I am sorry to tell you that I shall not be able to turn up because I have to take care of my sick mother, who has been in bed for many days. As you said in your letter, many old classmates will attend the party. It's been years since I last saw some of them. What I should miss the chance of meeting you and other friends. Please give my regards to my friends. I hope that all of you will have a good time at the party. I think that we can get together some day in the near future. Yours truly, Huck

  3. For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write A President's Speech at the Student Union Meeting. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese:
  1. 总结前阶段学生会所取得的成绩
  2. 作为学生会主席,对今后的工作提出建议 A President's Speech at the Student Union Meeting [参考范文] Good morning, dear fellow students: I've called this meeting to share with you a few ideas on how the Student Union has worked since the beginning of this academic year and how it shall function next. In the previous two months, we have made great achievements in many ways. I'd like to thank everybody here for your tremendous efforts and full dedication to our work. Our fellow students are satisfied with our service as a whole. They spoke highly of the charity dance which raised a certain amount of money for the Project Hope. Additionally, last month's English Speaking Contest was also a huge success. However, we still have some way to go before we can meet most students' needs. Some students are complaining that our campus life is somewhat boring. I am therefore recommending to the union that we hold a series of football game on weekends, which are bound to enrich our daily life as well as make the whole university more harmonious. I dedicate myself to the work of the Student Union. I hope you will join me and put forward some suggestions for discussion. Thank you very much! [详细解析] 这一篇会议发言稿。构思时可考虑先以集体的名义总结前阶段的工作,后以个 人的名义提出未来的计划议案供集体讨论。素材组织方面,可联想校园生活中令人满意的 课外活动作为前阶段工作业绩;存在的遗憾作为今后工作需要努力克服的问题,并提出相 应解决计划。在语言组织上,务必注意两个议题之间的顺畅衔接。 第一段:向与会者简 要说明本次会议的议题;第二段:总结前阶段工作成绩;第三段:指出不足之处,提出解 决方案;第四段:鼓励大家积极提出建议。

  9. For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Zhang Ying. Write a letter to Xiao Wang, a schoolmate of yours who is go



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   书信题型写作是应用文写作中常见的功能性写作形式, 书信写作的准备一是宏观, 就是要掌 握它的格式,基本框架,就是先写什么,后写什么;二是微观,具体到语言如何使用。 一、书信写作考察的结构 ① 日期, 写信人应将写信日期(年, 日)放在书信正文的右上角, Jan. 30th, 2010。 月, 如 提醒: 考研书信写作没有要求考生必须写时间, 如果没有把握自己的时间书写格式是正 确的,建议考生不要写,以免出错反而扣分。 ② 称呼,称呼是写信人对收信人的称谓,称呼可以根据收信人的性别,职务,婚姻 ...


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