英语应用文范文 祝贺信与道歉信 2007-06-28 20:13 (
  4). 祝贺信 祝贺信(Letter of Congratulations):祝贺信的写作与普通信件没有什么 : 大区别,但应注意:
  1. 必须包括对收信人的称谓。
  2. 必须包括对收信人的祝贺。
  3. 必须包括写信人的姓名。
  4. 措词真诚、轻松愉快,切忌言过其实。 Sample: Dear Guojun, I heard that you graduated with high honors from Southeast University last month. I know that all your family must be very proud of you, and as your friend, I feel the same. I wish you greater and more brilliant success in your studies and work in the future. With best wishes. Yours sincerely, Qi Zi 常用祝贺信用语
  1. Warm congratulations on your success in passing the entrance examination to … university. 热烈祝贺你考上了……大学。
  2. Please accept our sincere wishes for your… 请接受我们对您……的衷心祝 愿。
  3. I extend my best wishes for your success. 衷心祝愿你成功。
  4.May each new year bring you new hope. 愿每个新年都给您带来新的希望。 (
  5).道歉信 .道歉信(Letter of Apology) Sample: May 5 Dear Carole, I am very sorry that I missed your phone call yesterday. I shall be at home tomorrow morning. Would you please call me again? Sincerely yours, Lisa 道歉信常用语句
  1. Please accept my sincere apologies. 请接受我们诚挚的道歉。
  2. Please accept my sincere apologies for the lateness of my birthday greetings.
  3. I am sorry I missed your … 对不起,我错过了你的……
  4. I’ve to offer you an apology for not coming to your party. 未能参加你的庆 祝会,我得向你道歉。

  5. Please accept my sincere apologies for… 请接受我对……诚挚的歉意。 Ex. 就下述内容写一封道歉信: 你的一位朋友昨天来看望你,你正巧外出未遇,对此你写信表示歉意,并约 他明天再过来。 May 5 Dear Tom, I am very sorry that I was out when you called on me yesterday. Could you come again tomorrow evening as I have something important to discuss with you? Sincerely yours, Lisa 慰问信 慰问信应写得真切, 注意措辞, 对轻病或者小损失, 慰问信应写得轻松一些。 相反,对严重病情或重大损失,信就应该写得深沉一些。慰问信写时应注意:
  1. 写给受伤人的信要简短,中肯。信中不必问询事故发生的过程、原因、 见证人等。
  2. 慰问信中应写一些被慰问者喜欢或熟悉的事物,如病人的爱好、兴趣等, 以使病人得到宽慰。
  1. 向朋友问候 A letter of inquiring after someone’s health Dear [John]: I am extremely sorry to hear that your illness, which we had thought was clearing up, has become more serious, and that your have had to go into hospital. Let us hope that it will be for only a very short time, and that you will soon be out and about again. Everybody here sends his best wishes to you for a quick recovery. With kind regards, Yours sincerely, 亲爱的[约翰]: 听说你病了,我深感不安。原来我们还以为您的病情有所好转,事实上却反 而加重,而不得不住进了医院。但愿这是短时间的,很快不会恢复健康。这里每 个人都祝愿您早日痊愈。 特此问候

  2. 问候朋友的母亲 Inquiring after the health of a friend’s mother Dear [Mr. Wang], I felt very sorry indeed when I heard of [your mother]’s illness, and am anxious to know how [she] is of late. Under a separate cover I am sending [her a box of assorted biscuits] with my best regards. Sincerely yours 亲爱的[王先生]: 听说您的母亲身体欠安,深表忧虑。不知令堂近况如何,实为惦念。随信另 寄上[什锦饼干一盒],并致以最良好的问候。 您忠诚的 [吴洋]
  3. 祝贺朋友病愈 Congratulations on someone’s recovery Dear [Jane]: I learn, with very great pleasure, that the illness which has so cruelly caused great anxiety among your relatives and all those who know you has changed for the better and that you are now recovering, for which I therefore desire to congratulate you warmly. I hope that you will soon be completely restored to health. Yours sincerely 亲爱的[简]: 在您患病的这一期间内,亲戚朋友无不为你挂虑,听到你的病已有好转,并 已逐渐痊愈,十分快慰,特地向你祝贺。 望你早日完全痊愈。
  4. 慰问丧偶的朋友 A letter of inquiring to those who lost their husband or wife Dear [Mrs. Harper], I would like to express my sorrow at the recent death of your [husband]. In the long time it was my privilege to enjoy [Professor of Harper]’s friendship. I
found [him] a since and helpful associate, with whom it was a pleasure [to work]. The knowledge that my thoughts are with you at his time will, I hope, be of some comfort to you. Truly yours 亲爱的[哈珀女士]: 获悉你的[丈夫]最近逝世的消息,深表遗憾。 长期以来,能与[哈珀教授]保持友谊是我的荣幸。[哈珀教授]是一位我最乐 于与其一道[工作]的忠实而有帮助的朋友。 但愿我此时的问候,能给您带来一些安慰。 Unit 11 道歉信 因过失或疏忽做错了事,给别人带来了麻烦或损失,发觉后要立即写信给对 方赔礼道歉,这是一种礼貌。这类信要写得坦率,诚恳。
  1. 因未能践约赴宴致歉 Unable to keep one’s promise Dear [Miss Nancy], Much to my regret I was unable to keep my promise to attend your [birthday] party [last Saturday], owing to the fact that my [little son] was suddenly taken ill early [that day]. Hoping to see you soon. Truly yours, 亲爱的[南希小姐]: [小儿][上周六]突然生病,因此未能应约赴[生日]宴,殊觉抱歉,希原谅,再 见。 祝 好!
  2. 因迟复来信致歉 Because of answering one’s letter late Dear [David]:
I am afraid that you will think me unpardonably negligent in not having answered your letter dated [7, December] sooner, but when I have told you the reason, I trust you will be convinced that the neglect was excusable. When your letter arrived, I was just in [Hong Kong]. As my family could not forward it to me during my absence, it has been, therefore, lying on my desk until the moment when I took it up. Now the first thing I have to hasten to do is to write to you these few lines to express my deep regret. I enjoyed many pleasant sights during my trip. I shall be pleased to give you an account to of them when I see you next. Yours, 亲爱的[戴维]: 请原谅我收到您[12 月 7 日]的来信后迟迟未复,现将原因告诉您,相信您一 定会谅解的。您的来信到来时,我正巧在[香港],家人无法及时转递。你的信一 直放在我写字台上,直到我回到才看见,拖至今天才回信,深表歉意。 这次出去旅行饱览了许多美丽景色,下次见到您时,将告诉您一切。 祝好!
  3. 因未能及时还书致歉 Unable to return borrowed book on time Dear [Kate]: Excuse me for my long delaying in returning to you your “Robinson Crusoe” which I read through with great interest. I had finished reading the book and was about to return it when [my cousin] came to see me. Never having seen the book, [She] was so interested in it that I had to retain it longer. However, I hope that in view of the additional delight thus afforded by your book, you will overlook my negligence in not returning it sooner. Thanking you again for the loan. Sincerely yours, 亲爱的[凯特]: 我迟迟未能归还您的那本 《鲁滨逊飘流记》 请原谅。 , 该书我读得津津有味。 读完后,正预备归还您时,我的[表妹]来访,见这本书也感兴趣,定要借去一读。 为了让别人也能分享您那本书所给予的乐趣,我不能及时归还。我想再延迟些日 子奉还,谅您不会介意的。
再次感谢您的慷慨。 祝好!
  4. 因遗失借书致歉 Because of losing a borrowed book Dear [Frank]: I am terribly sorry to tell you that I have lost the valuable book you were so kind to lend me [last week]. I read it [everyday] and intended to finish it [next month]. [Last night] when I came to my room, it was nowhere to be found. I will try to recover it as soon as possible. If I fail to find it, I will get a new book for you. But I am afraid it can never take the place of the old one. Old books are like old friends. Once lost, they can never be replaced. They are connected with cherished associations which the new ones can never have. And for this irrecoverable loss, I am to blame. I was so careless with my things. This is a warning to me to be more careful in the future. Yours truly, 亲爱的[弗兰克]: 很抱歉,[上星期]您借给我的那本书竟遗失了。我[每天]都在看,准备[下个 月]看完。[昨晚]我回到我的卧室,到处也找不到那本书。我将尽力找到它。万一 找不到,我只好买一本新的还您。 但是,新书恐怕不能代替那本旧书吧!旧书跟旧友一样,一旦失去就不能再 得。旧书与往事相连,这种不可弥补的损失,皆由我起。我对待一切太大意了, 这次给我一个警告,叫我以后要小心。
查看文章 英语应用文写作范例 慰问信和邀请信 2007-06-28 20:12 慰问信(Letter of Condolence) 慰问信 Sample: April 6, 2000 Dear Bob, I’ve just heard that you are in hospital. I think you are very wise to find out once and for all what’s causing your trouble, and get it over.. I hope that by the time this not reaching you, you’ll be feeling a great deal better. I’m sure that now it won’t be long before you are
entirely an completely yourself again. Love, Jianwang 常用语句
  1. Tom and I send our love and our deepest sympathy to you both. 我和汤姆向 你们致以真诚和深切的慰问。
  2. Please accept my most sincere sympathy and best wishes. 请接受我最诚挚的 慰问和最美好的祝愿。
  3. I cannot tell you how sorry I felt when I was informed of your illness. 得知你生了病,我心里真不知有多难受
  4. All of us are hoping for your quick return to health. 我们都盼你早日康复。
  5. It is with great sorrow to hear of your illness. I should like to know how you are getting on now. 听说你病了,我很不安,不知你现在情况如何。 Ex.: 就下述内容写一封慰问信: 你的一位朋友在车祸中受伤,你去信表示慰问 参考答案: January 2 Dear Li Ming, I am very sorry to learn from Xiao Wang’s letter that you broke your leg in a traffic accident and I am anxious to know how you are now. Everybody here misses you very much and we all hope you will get well soon. If I can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Yours, Ma Jinfeng (
  2) 邀请信 邀请信(Letter of Invitation) Sample: January 2 Dear Huihui, We are planning a dinner party to celebrate our baby’s birth at Hilton and we want you to come. It’s next Saturday, January 11 at 6:00 p.m. at Hilton Hotel. We do hope you can make it as we are looking forward with great pleasure to seeing you. Affectionately yours, Lele 邀请信常用语句
  1. You are cordially invited to the dinner party. 诚邀您参加晚宴。
  2.We should be very pleased if you could honor us with your presence. 如您亲 临,我们将荣幸至极。
  3. Will you do us a favor by joining our party? 您能赏光我们的晚会吗?
  4. It would be an honor to me if you would accept our invitation. 如您接受邀 请,我将荣幸至极。
Ex.: 写一封邀请信,邀请你的朋友到你家住几天 参考答案: January 2 Dear Li Ming, I’ve just heard from Jiang Ling that you are going to visit our city. While you’re here, why don’t you come and stay with us for a few days or longer? Luckily, I’ll be on holiday when you’re in our city, so I could show you around. You’ll be greatly surprised at so many changes that have taken place here ever since you visited the city last time. I’m really looking forward to seeing you again. Do write soon and say when you can come. Yours, Ma Jinfeng (
  3)邀请信回信 邀请信回信(Letter of Accepting/Declining an Invitation) 邀请信回信 Sample: January 3 Dear Lele, It’s a great honor to receive your invitation. I’ll be very glad to be at the party next Saturday, January 11 at 6:00 p.m. at Hilton Hotel. Affectionately yours, Huihui 邀请信回信常用语句
  1. Nothing could give us more pleasure than accepting your kind invitation. 再也没有比接受你们的邀请更让我们开心的了
  2. It is with great pleasure that we shall come to your… at that time. 我们非常 高兴届时能前去参加你们的…..
  3.Please accept my sincere regrets for not being able to join you at your birthday party. 请接受我真诚的歉意,我不能前去参加你的生日庆祝会。
  4.I am very glad to be at your party. 我很高兴参加你的庆祝会。
英语应用文范例 明信片 2007-06-29 06:36
明信片: 明信片: 当你想给亲友一个简短的信息时, 可使用明信片。 通常明信片的一面是图画, 另一面供书写用。明信片的写法比较简单,在它的右面写上收信人的姓名和 地址,左面写寄信人要讲的话。习惯上,明信片不写寄信人的地址,但要签 上姓名。有人喜欢在明信片上写自己姓名的缩写词



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