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  1、 That man knows the future Nasreddin was cutting a branch of a tree in his garden. While he was sawing, anothe r man passed in the street. He stopped and said, 'Excuse me, but if you continue to saw t hat branch like that, you will fall down with it.' He said this because Nasreddin was sitting on the branch and cutting it at a place between himself and the trunk of the tree. Nasredd in said nothing. He thought, 'This is some foolish person who has no work to do and goes about telling other people what to do and what not to do.' The man continued on his way. Of course, after a few minutes, the branch fell and Nasreddin fell with it. 'My God!' he cri ed. 'That man knows the future!' and he ran after him to ask how long he was going to liv e. But the man had gone.
  2、You'll soon get used to it? An old man died and left his son a lot of money. But the son was a foolish young ma n, and he quickly spent all the money, so that soon he had nothing left. Of course, when t hat happened, all his friends left him. When he was quite poor and alone, he went to see Nasreddin, who was a kind, clever old man and often helped people when they had troub les. 'My money has finished and my friends have gone,' said the young man. 'What will h appen to me now?' 'Don't worry, young man,' answered Nasreddn. 'Everything will soon b e all right again. Wait, and you will soon feel much happier.' The young man was very gla d. 'Am I going to get rich again then?' he asked Nasreddin. 'No, I didn't mean that,' said th e old man. 'I meant that you would soon get used to being poor and to having no friends.'
8 Nasreddin put two big baskets of grapes on his donkey and went to market. At midday it was very hot, so he stopped in the shade of a big tree. There were several other men there, and all of them had donkeys and baskets of grapes too. After their lunch they went to sleep. After some time, Nasreddin began to take grapes out of the other men's baskets and to put them in his. Suddenly one of the men woke up and saw him. 'What are you doing?' he said angrily. 'Oh,' said Nasreddin, don't worry about me. I am half mad, and I do a lot of strange things.' 'Oh, really?' said the other man. 'Then why don't you sometimes take grapes out of your baskets and put them in somebody else's baskets?' 'You did not understand me,' said Nasreddin. I said,that I was half mad, not quite mad.'
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纳斯瑞丁将两大筐葡萄放在他的毛驴背上,赶着驴向市场去。中午时,天气 很炎热,他在一颗大树的树荫下停了下来。那里还有几个人,他们都带着毛驴并 驮着一筐筐葡萄。吃完中饭后,这些人就睡觉了。过了一会儿,纳斯瑞丁就开始 从别人筐里拿葡萄往自己筐里放。 突然,一个人醒来并看见了他在干这件事。“你在干什么?”他愤怒地说。 “哦,”纳斯瑞丁说:“不要为我担心,我是个半疯子,而且常常做一些奇 怪的事。” “啊,是吗?”另一个人说:“那么你为什么不有时从你的筐中拿葡萄往别 人筐里放呢?” “你还没明白我的话,”纳斯瑞丁说: “我说我只是个半疯,并不是全疯。”
9 There was a big garden near Nasreddin's house, and it had a lot of fruit trees in it. One day Nasreddin saw some beautiful apples on one of them. He went home and got a ladder, put it against the high wall of the garden and climbed up. Then he pulled the ladder up, put it down on the other side, and climbed down into the garden. Just then a gardener came round a corner and saw him. 'What are you doing here?' he shouted. Nasreddin thought quickly and then said, 11 am selling my ladder.' 'Selling your ladder? In somebody else's garden? Do you think I believe such a stupid story?' said the gardener and came towards Nasreddin with a stick. 'It is my ladder,' said Nasreddin, 'and I can sell it where I like. You needn't buy it if you don't want to.' And he took his ladder and climbed over the wall again.
靠近纳斯瑞丁的家有一座大花园,花园中有很多果树。一天,纳斯瑞丁看见 一颗果树上有些苹果长得很好。他就回家去拿了一个梯子,把梯子靠在花园的高 墙上后就爬了上去。然后拿起梯子,把它放在墙那边,下了梯子就进了花园。正 好这时,花园的园丁从墙角转过来看见了他。
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“你在这里干些什么?”花园的园丁叫喊道。 纳斯瑞丁很快想了想,然后说道:“我正在卖我的梯子呢。” “卖你的梯子?在别人的花园里卖梯子?你认为我会相信这种蠢话吗?”说 着,花园的园丁拿着根棍子向纳斯瑞丁走来。 “这是我的梯子,”纳斯瑞丁说:“我想在哪里卖就在哪里卖。如果你不想 要就不买好了。”接着,他拿着梯子又爬过了围墙。
10 Nasreddin woke up in the middle of the night and saw something white in his garden. It seemed to be moving towards the house. 'That is a thief!, he thought, and he took his gun and shot at him. Then he went back to bed, because he was too frightened to go out of the house in the dark. The next morning Nasreddin went out and saw one of his white shirts hanging' on the clothes-line in the garden. His wife had washed it the day before and hung it out to dry. Now it had a bullet-hole right through the middle of it. 'My God,' said Nasreddin, 11 was lucky last night. If I had been wearing that shirt, the bullet would have killed me!' And he called his neighbours together and asked them to thank God for saving him.
纳斯瑞丁半夜醒来,看见一个白色的东西在他花园里。看起来好像在向屋子 这边移动着。 “是贼!”纳斯瑞丁想,接着他拿出枪向贼射击。然后,他又上床睡觉了, 因为他害怕,所以不敢在黑暗中走出屋子。 第二天早晨,纳斯瑞丁出来看见他的一件白衬衣挂在花园里的晒衣绳上。是 他的妻子前一天将衬衣洗好后挂在外面晾干的。 现在在它中间有一个子弹孔正好 穿过。 “我的天,”纳斯瑞丁说:“昨夜我真是走运,要是我穿上这件衬衣,子弹 就把我打死了!”接着他就把邻居们召集在一起, 并要他们一块儿感谢上帝救 了他的命。
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12 When Nasreddin was a boy, he never did what he was told, so his father always told him to do the opposite of what he wanted him to do. One day, when the two were bringing sacks of flour home on their donkeys, they had to cross a shallow river. When they were in the middle of it, one of the sacks on Nasreddin's donkey began to slip, so his father said, 'That sack is nearly in the water! Press down hard on it!' His father of course expected that he would do the opposite, but this time Nasreddin did what his father had told him to do. He pressed down on the sack and it went under the water. Of course, the flour was lost. 'What have you done, Nasreddin?' his father shouted angrily. 'Well, Father', said Nasreddin, ,this time I thought that I would do just what you told me, to show you how stupid your orders always are.'
当纳斯瑞丁还是个孩子的时候,他从不照着别人说的去做,所以他爸爸想让 他做什么时,总是反着说。 一天,他们俩用毛驴驮着几袋面粉回家时,他们路过必经的一条浅水河。当 他们走到河中间时,纳斯瑞丁赶的驴子驮的一个口袋开始滑动,所以他爸爸说: “那个口袋快要滑到水里了!使劲将它向下压!” 纳斯瑞丁的爸爸当然预料他会反着做, 但是这一次纳斯瑞丁却照着他爸爸说 的做了。他向下压口袋,口袋掉到了水里。当然,面粉也就完了。 “你干了些什么,纳斯瑞丁?”他爸爸生气地叫了起来。 “哦,爸爸,”纳斯瑞丁说:“这一次我想我偏要照你说的做,让你看 看你的指挥一向是多么愚蠢。”
13 Nasreddin had lost his donkey. He was going about looking for it everywhere, and while he was looking, he was singing gaily. One of his neighbours saw him and said, 'Hullo, Nasreddin. What are you doing?'
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'I am looking for my donkey,' answered Nasreddin. 'Don't you know where it is?' asked the neighbour. 'No, I don't.' 'Then why are you singing so gaily? Usually when somebody loses something, he is sad.' 'Yes, that is quite true,' answered Nasreddin. 'But you see, I am not yet sure that my donkey is lost. My last hope is that it is behind that hill over there. If you wait a little, you will hear how I will cry and complain if it is not there!' 纳斯瑞丁的毛驴丢了。他四处寻找,并且一边找一边高兴地唱着歌。 一个邻居看见他这副样子,就问:“喂,纳斯瑞丁,你在干嘛?” “我正在找我的毛驴呢,”纳斯瑞丁回答。 “你不知道驴子在哪儿吗?”邻居问道。 “我不知道。” “那么,你为什么还这么高兴地唱着歌呢?通常人们丢失了东西时总是很悲 伤的。” “是的,你说的很对,”纳斯瑞丁回答说:“但是你要知道,我并没有认为 我的驴子确实已经丢了。我的最后一个希望是驴就在那边的那座山后面。如果驴 不在那里的话,等一会儿,你就会听到我是怎样的哭喊和抱怨了。”
14 One winter Nasreddin had very little money. His crops had been very bad that year, and he had to live very cheaply. He gave his donkey less food, and when after two days the donkey looked just the same, he said to himself, 'The donkey was used to eating a lot. Now he is quickly getting used to eating less; and soon he will got used to living on almost nothing.' Each day Nasreddin gave. the donkey a little less food, until it was hardly eating anything.
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Then one day, when the donkey was going to market with a load of wood on its back, it suddenly died. 'How unlucky I am,' said Nasreddin. 'Just when my donkey had got used to eating hardly anything, it came to the end of its days in this world.'
  1. What was the matter with Nasreddin one winter?
  2. Why had this happened?
  3. What did he have to do?
  4. What did he do to his donkey?
  5. What happened after two days?
  6. What did Nasreddin then say to himself?
  7. What did he do each day after that?
  8. What was the donkey doing in the end?
  9. What happened to the donkey?
  10. When did it happen?
  11. What did Nasreddin say? 一年冬天,纳斯瑞丁身上只有很少一点钱了。这年他的庄稼长得很不 好, 他只得十分节省地过日子。 他给驴子喂的食料比过去少了。 两天以后, 驴子看起来和往日一样,纳斯瑞丁就自言自语地说: “这头驴过去习惯于 吃得很多,现在它很快就适应吃得比过去少了;很快它就会适应几乎什么 都不吃了。” 以后,纳斯瑞丁每天一点一点地减少喂驴的食料,直到这驴几乎什么 都不吃。 后来有一天, 当这驴子驮着一驮木头赶集去的时候, 它突然死了。 “我 真是太倒霉了,”纳斯瑞丁说:“就在我的驴子刚刚适应几乎什么都不用 吃时,它在这世上却又活到头了。 15 Nasreddin's wife was very ill, and at last she died. After a few months, Nasreddin married again. His new wife was a widow. Exactly seven days after he married her, she had a baby.
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Nasreddin at once hurried away to the market and bought some paper, some pencils, some pens and some children's books. Then he hurried back home again with these things and put them beside the baby. His now wife was surprised. 'What are you doing?' she said. 'The baby won't be able to use. those things for a long time Why are you in such a hurry?' Nasreddin answered, 'You are quite wrong, my dear. Our baby is not an ordinary baby. It came in seven days instead of nine months, so it will certainly be ready to learn to read and write in a few weeks from now.'
  1. What happened to Nasreddin's first wife?
  2. What did Nasreddin do?
  3. When did he do this?
  4. What was his new wife?
  5. What happened to his new wife then?
  6. When did it happen?
  7. What did Nasreddin do at once?
  8. What did he buy?
  9. What did he do with these things?
  10. How did his wife feel?
  11. What did she say to Nasreddin?
  12. What did he answer? 纳斯瑞丁的妻子得了重病,最后死去了。几个月以后,纳斯瑞丁又结 了婚。他的新妻子原先是一个寡妇。 正好在他们结婚七天以后,她生下一个孩子。 纳斯瑞丁马上赶到市场买了一些纸、铅笔、钢笔和一些儿童图书。然 后,他带着这些东西匆匆地回家,并把这些东西放在婴儿的旁边。他的新 婚妻子很吃惊。 “你这是在干嘛?”她说: “这孩子用这些东西还早着呢, 你忙什么?”
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纳斯瑞丁回答说:“你说的可太不对了,亲爱的。我们的孩子是个不 同寻常的孩子。他用七天而不是九个月来到世上,所以从现在起几星期以 后,他一定会愿意学习识字和写字了。” 16 Some of Nasreddin's old friends were talking about the young people in their town. They all agreed that old people were wi



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