英语语法考点系列训练( ):名词 英语语法考点系列训练(一):名词
I. 选择填空 ( )
  1.?Can I help you? ?I’d like A. two pair of shoes of shoes ( for my twin daughters. B. two pairs of shoe C. two pair of shoe D. two pairs

  2.Jenny’s shoes were worn out. She wanted to buy a new B. shoes C. one from Jixi to Harbin? B. ten hour’s train C. ten hours’ trains D. pair
A. shoe (

  3.Is it about
A. ten hours’ train hours train ( )
  4. training.
D. ten
team in No. 4 Middle School used to help
with their
A. Boys’, the girls the girl
B Boy’s, the girl
C. The boys’, the girls
D. The boy’s,
( )
  5.Liu Xiang,21,is an Olympic winner in the proud of him. A.110-metre ( B.110-metres C.110 metre
D.110 metres

  6.The guide has
. She will show them to us. C. a new jacket D. some beautiful
A. some old paper pictures (
B. some special food

  7.-What class are you in, Mike? -I’m in . B. Class Two, Grade Three D. grade three, class two . D. two days time
A. Grade Three, Class Two C. class two, grade three (

  8.Nobody thought it easy to finish so much work in B. two-days time C. two day’s time
A. two days’ time

  9.?My prize is different from ?But is the same as mine. B. Dick’s;yours
A. Dick;yours (
C. Dick’s;your
D. Dick’s;yours

  10.?Do you know the woman over there? ?Yes. She’s aunt. C. Lily’s and Lucy D. Lily and Lucy’s
A. Lily and Lucy (
B. Lily’s and Lucy’s

  11.Don’t make so much B. mistakes
.The baby is sleeping. C. voice D. noise
A. things (

  12.-How far is it from your home to the school? -It’s about . C.10-minutes walk D.10 minutes’ walk
A.10 minutes walk (
B.10 minute’s walk

  13.?Can I help you, sir? ?Yes, I’d like five and some peas. C. meat D. banana .
A. potato (
B. tomatoes

  14.There are a lot of B. sheep, people
down there but hardly any C. sheeps, persons
A. sheeps, people (
D. sheep, peoples

  15.There are some B. leaf
on the ground. C. water D. leaves
A. leafs
( )
  16. All the foot of the hill you could hear nothing but the of the running water. A. shout ( B. noise C. voice D. sound
  17. Are there many on the farm? B. duck C. chicken D. sheep
A. horse (
  18. Lao She is the of Tea House. B. actor C. scientist D. writer
A. doctor
  19. ―How many are there in the box? ―There is only one.
A. potato (
B. potatoes
C. tomatos
D. radioes
  20. I'm hungry, could I please have . B. four pieces of bread D. three bottles of milk
A. a cup of tea C. two glasses of water
根据句意、英文释义和首字母提示,写出各单词的正确形式(每空一词)。 II. 根据句意、英文释义和首字母提示,写出各单词的正确形式(每空一词)。
  1. Many foreigners enjoy Chinese m
  2.It takes us thirty m (round cakes)on Mid-autumn Day.
to read English or Chinese in the morning. . .

  3. The poor people who received money from Bill Gates thanked him for his g
  4.Ms Zhao works in our school library. She is one of the most popular
  5.I don’t know his a in Beijing, so I can’t write to him. to the school.

  6.The headmaster met the foreign visitors at the e
  7.The boat can take us to the only i
  8.The shortest month of the year is F
  9.Winter is my favourite s
in the middle of the lake. .
because I can go swimming.

  10.?Excuse me, Mr Jenkins. Could I borrow your car? ?Sure! Here is the k .
III.根据所给句子的汉语提示,写出符合句意和语法的单词。 III.根据所给句子的汉语提示,写出符合句意和语法的单词。 根据所给句子的汉语提示
  1.You can see a lot of (风景)along the seaside in Qingdao. (专家的)invention. He told us it had

  2.The engineer spoke highly of the taken them two years to invent it.
  3.It’s only about an
  4.?Dad, where are my
(小时)flight from Qingdao to Beijing by air. (运动鞋)?I can’t find them.
?I’m sorry, dear. Go and ask your mother for help.

  5.He wrote a lot about his
(经历)as a country teacher. (竞赛). (挑战)in the world.

  6.John won the first prize in the diving

  7.The increasing population may be one of the greatest
  8.There are (百万)of books in the city library.

  9.I think Waikiki is one of the best
  10.They have had several they haven’t had a good idea.
(海滩)in Honolulu.
(讨论)about how to improve the old machine, but
IV.用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 IV.用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空
  1.When he saw the boy was in danger, Edison rushed out and carried him (safe). will always be remembered by her students and their

  2.Feng Ai’s love and parents in Yunnan.(kind)

  3.Look at the map. Guilin is in the
  4.I’m a new
(northern)of Guangxi.
(come).Let me introduce myself to you. (visit)are interested in Nanning City.

  5.More and more foreign
(hour) ride is not so long. (half)?

  7.Could you cut the pear into two
  8.Olease take the second
  10.Several Friday. 参考答案 I. 1-5DDACA 6-10 DCBCD 11-15 ADDDC
(turn) on the right.
(travel) come to visit Hainan every year. (Frenchman) and (German) visited our school last
16-18 DDDBB
  10.key Ⅲ.
  4.sports shoes/running shoes/sneakers



   中考英语语法考点系列导练( 中考英语语法考点系列导练(三) 冠词 考点精析 冠词是一种虚词, 不能单独作句子成份, 它们一般用于名词之前. 冠词有不定冠词 (a, an)和定冠词(the)之分.根据英语教材中冠词的用法及对各地中考英语试题的分析,有 关冠词的和考点如下: 的用法: 一.不定冠词 a/an 的用法: 不定冠词 a 和 an 的概念及基本用法.不定冠词 a/an 泛指人或事物中的一个,不与不 可数名词连用,也不与复数的谓语动词连用;第一次提到某人或某物,一般用不定冠词; a(an ...


   中考英语语法考点系列导练( 中考英语语法考点系列导练(五) 形容词 考点精析 形容词是用来修饰名词,表示人或事物的性质,特征,状况或属性的词.在中考中,形 容词考查热点主要集中在以下几点: 一,形 容 词 的用 法: 形容词在句中作定语, 表语, 宾语,补语.如: She is a good student, and she works hard. 她是一个好学生,她学习努力. This bike is expensive. 这辆自行车很贵. I am sorry, I'm busy now ...


   www.zk5u.com 中考资源网 中考英语复习一: 中考英语复习一:名词考点讲解和训练 【考点直击】 1.可数名词和不可数名词的用法; 2.名词所有格的构成及用法; 3.近义名词的辨析。 【名师点睛】 一、名词的数 1.单数和复数 可数名词有单数和复数两种形式。复数形式通常是在单数形式后加词尾“-s”构成,其主 要变法如下: (1)一般情况在词尾加-s,例如:book→books,girl→girls,boy→boys, pen→pens,doctor→doctors, boy→boys ...


   2011 届中考英语专题复习一:名词考点讲解和训练 【考点直击】 1.可数名词和不可数名词的用法; 2.名词所有格的构成及用法; 3.近义名词的辨析。 【名师点睛】 一、名词的数 1.单数和复数 可数名词有单数和复数两种形式。复数形式通常是在单数形式后加词尾“-s”构成,其主要变法如下: (1)一般情况在词尾加-s,例如:book→books,girl→girls,boy→boys,pen→pens,doctor→doctors, boy→boys。 (2) 以 s, ch, 结尾的词加-e ...


   高考英语写作系列训练 连接词的分类和运用 谷红英 连接词的分类和运用 连接词是指在文章中用来说明上下句或 连接词 前后两个意思之间关系的词或词组。连 接词通常用于开篇,引出扩展句;也可 用于句中,尤其是用于较长的复合句中, 以作为上下文的连接纽带;还可以置于 文末或段末,用于总结上文或结束本段 落的内容。 1、表示平行、对等或选择关系:and, both…and, as 、表示平行、对等或选择关系: well as, as well, neither…nor, or either…or…,n ...


   1 语法专项 讲座 (I) 名 词 (Noun) 2 一、分类 1. 按照用法,名词可分为可数名词和不可数名词两 种。 可数名词包括单数(book, student, bus, city, etc.)和 复数(books, students, buses, cities, etc.)两种形式。 不可数名词包括抽象名词(work, weather , health, progress, news etc ),物质名词(rice, bread, grass, steel etc.)和专有名词(E ...


   高考资源网(ks5u.com) 您身边的高考专家 www.ks5u.com 高中英语语法讲解与训练一: 高中英语语法讲解与训练一:名词 1. 名词 名词可以分为专有名词和普通名词,专有名词是某个(些)人,地方,机构等专有的名称, 如 Beijing,China 等。普通名词是一类人或东西或是一个抽象概念的名词,如:book,sadness 等。普通名词又可分为下面四类: 1)个体名词:表示某类人或东西中的个体,如:gun。 2)集体名词:表示若干个个体组成的集合体,如:family。 3)物 ...


   考研英语十二大基础语法体系 对于任何英语句子,要分析其结构,这样才能找到英语语言的规律。 每种语言都有它的难 点,汉语的难点在于汉语不是拼读语言,汉字很难写,而且有四种声调。其实,许多接触过 多种外语的人都认为,英语的语法比法语、德语、俄语、日语等都简单,是最容易学的。著 名语言学家乔姆斯基说过,语法是内生的、也就是随着语言的诞生而诞生的。因此,学习语 法和学习语言是相辅相成的。 一、 英语动词的时态 英汉两种语言在时态表达方式上的差异: (一)英汉两种语言在时态表达方式上的差异: 英语的词 ...


   第一卷 第一章 英语语法讲义 说明: 学习英语语法的目的: 要回答这个问题,先简要讨论一下要不要学习英语语法的问题。这个问题,答案也许是很清楚的。主张英语语法可 以不学的人往往这样说:我们中国人,如果智力正常,从小就会说汉语,能遣词造句,没见过哪个小孩先学语法再 学话的。再说,英语讲得多了,有了语感,语法还不是水到渠成的事。 这种实践出真知的说法,绝对是正确的。但我仍主张学一点英语语法。本人没受过很好的教育,更不懂高深的语言学 理论,但一直有这样的看法:在我们中国,百年都没有营 ...


   高考英语语法巧记口诀汇总 高中阶段的语法知识在现行的教材中分布得较分散、零碎,学生学起来颇感吃力,难以记牢。一般说来,学习语法知识的途径很多,但教学中常用的主要有如下二种:一是通过教师的讲解,对所学语法规则的概念、结构,用法有个确切的了解;二是通过大量的练习,在英语实践中正确、熟练地掌握语法规则的用法。仔细惦量这两种方法,其实都强调了同一个极其重要的东西,即是“记忆”。记忆的方式、方法很多,诸如分类记忆法,直观形象记忆法、奇持联想记忆法,特征记忆法等等。这里,主要从词法与句法两大块对巧记英语语 ...



   高中英语常用短语及句型归纳 1.高考高频动词短语 (1)act 短语: act as 担任……职务,起……作用 act for 代理(某人职务) ,代为(处理某事) act out 表演(对话、故事等) act up 捣乱,出毛病 例如: I acted as an interpreter while I was in Xiamen. Mr Black is acting for the old man in his case. (布莱克先生代那个老人处理他的案件。) The childr ...


   词 汇 表 本表收单词约 6000 个。其中 C 级要求的词汇是 4000 个;8 级要求的词汇是在 C 级的基础上累加 1000 个(标有* 符号),共有 5000 个;A 级词汇是在 B 级的基础上累加 1000 个(标有+符号),共有 6000 个。此外,词汇表也收入常 用词组约 800 个。词条的选择主要参考:Collins 5000 万词核心语料库的词频统计, 《大学英语教学大纲通用词汇表》 (1~4 级,5~6 级),COLLINS COBUILD ENGLISH DICTION ...


   日志 分享给好友复制网址 日志地址: 请用Ctrl+C复制后贴给好友。 隐藏签名档小字体 上一篇 下一篇 返回日志列表 [转] 2010年英语四六级新话题新范文(为今年六月份的四六级准备) 编辑 | 删除 | 权限设置 | 更多% 更多▲ 设置置顶 推荐日志 转为私密日志 转载自 乐乐 转载于2010年05月23日 07:18 阅读(2) 评论(0) 分类: 燕子典藏 权限: 公开 The World Expo in 2010(世博会)英文作文 The World Expo in 2 ...


   Wavelet 小波 1. 概述 小波是满足一定的数学条件的函数,用于表达其他数据和其他函数。这一思 想并不新鲜。早在 19 世纪,约瑟夫?傅立叶发现了可以用含有正弦和余弦的叠 加式子来表达其他函数,由此产生了使用方程叠加原理的近似法。然而,在小波 分析法中,我们用来查看数据的量程时起到了特殊的作用。小波的算法中以不同 的分辨率或量程来处理数据。如果我们观察信号时用一个大窗,我们会看到总的 特征;类似地,如果我们观察信号时用一个小窗,我们会看到小的特征。小波分 析的结果就是既看到森林又看到树 ...


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