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中考英语综合复习汇编中考英语综合复习汇编-阅读理解 22 篇 阅读理解( ( 阅读理解(一) 每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 阅读下列短文,从各题所给的四个选项中选出最佳答案。 阅读下列短文,从各题所给的四个选项中选出最佳答案。 (一) 分数
Where is Love? How can we find Love? Once a little boy wanted to meet Love. He knew it was a long trip to where Love lived, so he got his things ready with some pizzas and drinks and started off. When he passed three streets, he saw an old woman sitting in the park and watching some birds. She looked very hungry. The boy gave her a pizza. She took it and smiled at him. The smile was so beautiful that he wanted to see it again, so he gave her a Coke. She smiled once again. The boy was very happy. They sat there all the afternoon, eating and smiling, but they said nothing. When it grew dark, the boy decided to leave. But before he had gone more than a few steps, he turned around, ran back to the old woman and gave her a hug. The woman gave him her biggest smile ever. When the boy opened the door of his house, his mother was surprised by the look of joy(快 乐)on his face and asked what had made him so happy. “I had lunch with Love. She has got the most beautiful smile in the world.” At the same time, the old woman,s son was also surprised at his mother,s pleasure and asked why. “I ate a pizza in the park with Love,” she said, “and he is much younger than I expected.” If the world is full of love, we can enjoy a better life. ( )
  1.When the little boy saw the old woman, she was . A. looking for a seat in the park B. passing the street C. looking at some birds D. having a pizza ( )
  2.The little boy gave the old woman a Coke because . A. the old woman still felt hungry B. he wanted to see the smile again , C. he didn t like the drink D. the old woman paid him for it ( )
  3.The old woman gave the little boy the biggest smile . A. after the little boy went home B. before it grew dark C. when she was drinking Coke D. after the little boy hugged her , ( )
  4.The boy s mother was surprised to see her son was very when the door opened. A. pleased B. sad C. unhappy D. angry ( )
  5.Which of the following is TRUE? A. The little boy failed to find Love. B. Both the little boy and the old woman found what they wanted at last. C. The little boy decided never to go home. D. The old woman gave the little boy a hug to thank him.
Dick was born in a poor family. His father had a small boat and went fishing in the morning and sold the fish in the market in the afternoon. Then he bought some food for his family. When winter came, they were often hungry. One morning the hungry man fell into the river and wasn’t found. Dick’s mother left her three-year-old son without saying good-bye. His aunt had to look
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after him. Twenty years passed. Dick became a tall, strong man. He found work on a farm. He worked hard and wanted to get more money. He often went to see his aunt with some nice presents. The woman was very happy but one day she died in a traffic accident. The young man was very sad. After he buried her, he decided to buy a beautiful tombstone(墓碑)for her. He went to town and came in a shop, but all the tombstones were too expensive. He asked, “Do you sell an old tombstone, sir?” “Yes, we do, sir, ” answered the shopkeeper. “Is it as expensive as the new one?” “No, it’s much cheaper,” said the man. “But another name was engraved (刻) on it.” “It doesn’t matter, ” said Dick. “My aunt couldn’t read. ” ( )
  1.If , the family members were hungry. A. Dick’s father could catch no fish in winter B. Dick’s father had a boat in winter C. Dick’s father had to look after him in winter D. no food was sold in winter )
  2.The woman had to look after Dick because . A. she was rich B. his father asked her C. she was kind-hearted D. the boy loved her )
  3.Dick wanted to get more money to . A. marry a wife B. give his aunt nice presents C. buy a farm D. build a house )
  4.Dick often went to see his aunt because . A. she felt lonely B. she was often ill C. she had no children D. with her help he grew up )
  5.Dick wanted to buy an old tombstone because . A. he had enough money to buy a new one B. his aunt couldn’t read whose name was engraved C. his aunt wasn’t going to mind it D. nobody knew what his aunt’s name was
Henry had studied in a university before he came back to his hometown. He thought he had lots of knowledge and he was supercilious(目中无人). At first he was easily given a job in a bank. But he couldn,t get on well with his workmates and often made mistakes. And soon he was sent away. Then he found a job in a post office, but he still couldn't be competent(适任) at it and before long he had to leave. After he had lost the work, his life got worse and worse and he was often worried about food and clothes. When he hardly asked for some food in the street, a friend of his aunt,s felt pity for him and asked him to work in his restaurant. Of course he didn,t like the work at all but it was much better than being hungry. He had to work there. One day a young beautiful woman came into the restaurant. She wanted two eggs, some chicken and a glass of milk. Henry thought she wore beautiful clothes but didn,t have much knowledge. When he was taking the milk to her, he found there was a fly in the milk, but he still bring it to the woman. As soon as he left her table, he heard her crying behind. “What,s in my milk, waiter?”the woman shouted at him. “Haven,t you seen it,s a fly, madam?”asked Henry. “It,s terrible!”the woman said angrily. “Don,t be angry, madam,” Henry said quietly. “It,s too small. It can,t drink much of your
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  1.Why was Henry supercilious? Because . A. he was rich B. he thought he knew much more than others C. he could be competent at all the work D. he came from a big family )
  2.Why was Henry sent away from the bank? Because . A. he didn’t like there B. he couldn’t get on well with his workmates C. he was careless in his work D. B and C )
  3.Why did the man tell Henry to work in his restaurant? Because . A. he liked the young man B. he needed a learned man C. he wanted to help the young man D. the young man had lots of knowledge )
  4.Henry didn’t bring the woman for another glass of milk because . A. he didn’t like the young woman B. he knew her well C. he hoped she went out D. he hoped she could ask for another drink )
  5.Which of the following is TRUE? A. Henry wanted to find another piece of work. B. Henry would soon be sent away again. C. Henry would be given a piece of important work. D. The manager would be afraid of Henry.
One day Jack’s wife was cleaning out a closet(壁橱). “Look at all these umbrellas,” she said to Jack. “There are eight and they are all broken.” “I’ll take them to the umbrella shop and have them mended,” Jack said. Jack took the eight umbrellas to the shop and left them there. “They’ll be ready tomorrow,” the shopkeeper said. That evening Jack went home from the office by bus as usual. He sat next to an old woman. She had an umbrella on the floor near her. When the bus reached his stop, he picked up her umbrella and stood up. “Hey!” the woman said. “That’s my umbrella!” “I’m sorry,” Jack said, and at the same time he gave the umbrella to her. “I wasn’t thinking. Please excuse me.” The next day he got back the umbrellas from the umbrella shop and got on the bus. As he sat down, a voice behind him said, “You certainly have a successful day!” He turned around and saw the woman whose umbrella had almost been taken by him the day before. ( ( ( ( )
  1.Jack’s wife found umbrellas in the closet. A. eight broken B. broken eight C. eight new D. new eight )
  2. had the broken umbrellas mended in the umbrella shop. A. Jack’s wife B. Jack C. The shopkeeper D. The old woman )
  3.That evening the old woman’s umbrella was almost taken by . A. the shopkeeper B. Jack’s wife C. Jack D. the driver . )
  4.The next day Jack saw the woman A. in the shop B. at home C. on the train D. on the bus
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  5.Which of the following is True? A. Jack had an umbrella shop. B. The woman’s umbrella was Jack’s. C. The woman thought Jack was a thief. D. Jack bought eight umbrellas from the shop again.

  2.26-meter-tall Yao Ming made his NBA debut(初次登台)on October23, 2002 and got 6 points 得分) the Houston Rockets in the game. The next day, he got 13 points is another game. ( for Most people think that Yao Ming is a born basket-ball player. But Yao said, “When you watch it on TV, it looks very easy. But when you are playing in the NBA, it is really not so easy.” He asked that joining the Houston Rockets was a new start and a new challenge. “I hope that through very hard work I can make everyone happy and help the Rockets win more games,” he said. Yao Ming speaks some English. Both he and his teammates can understand each other. They don’t think there is a language problem. While Yao Ming faces this new challenge, the people of Houston have shown great interest in him and they hope Yao Ming will bring new energy(活力) to the Rockets. The team has started having lessons to learn more about China, and many people who work for the Rockets have learned to speak some Chinese. ( ( )
  1.Yao Ming got13 points on October , 20
  02. A.22 B.23 C.24 D.26 )
  2.Yao Ming said that . A. playing in the NBA was difficult B. it was hard to watch NBA games on TV C. he was an NBA star D. it was boring to play basketball )
  3.The people of Houston hope Yao Ming will . A. speak excellent English B. bring new energy to the Rockets C. make NBA games easy D. face new challenge )
  4.From the passage we can know that Yao Ming . A. will work hard for his team B. made the highest score in his first NBA game C. can’t understand his teammates D. teaches the Rockets workers Chinese himself )
  5.The passage is probably . A. an advertisement B. a notice C. a news report D. an instruction
Today there are policemen everywhere, but in 1700, London had no policemen at all. A few old men used to protect the city streets at night and they were not paid. About 300 years ago, London was starting to get bigger and more and more people began to live there. The city was very dirty and many people were poor. There were so many thieves who stole money in the streets that people stayed in their homes as much as possible. In 1750,Henry Fielding started to pay a group of people to stop thieves. They were like policemen and were called “Bow Street Runners” because they worked near Bow Street. Fifty years later, there were 120 “Bow Street Runners”, but London had become very big and
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needed more policemen. So in 1829 , the first Metropolitan(or London)Police Force was started with 3,000 officers. Most of the men worked on foot, but a few rode horses. Until 1920 all the police in London were men. Today, London police are quite well paid and for the few police officers who still ride horses, the pay is even better than for the others. ( ( )
  1.In 1700, the men who protected the streets were paid . A. a few B. nothing C. a little D. a lot )
  2.About 300 years ago, many people . A. wanted to leave London B. had big houses in London C. became policemen D. came to live in London )
  3.People didn’t leave their houses because . A. they had no money B. they were afraid of losing money C. the city was not clean D. they liked homes )
  4.The “Bow Street Runners” . A. stopped people stealing B. stole money C. paid people to steal D. stopped people riding horses )
  5.Today, police officers who ride horses are paid . A. the same as their workmates B. more than their workmates C. half as much as their workmates D. less than their workmates
Jill lived with her grandma. The old woman was strong enough that she could do everything herself at home. As soon as Jill began to tidy the rooms or wash something, her grandma stopped her and told her to work hard at her lessons. Jill had to listen to her grandma and spent all her time on her study. So she went to collage at last. Now the girl has left college. She did well in all her subjects and easily found work in Mr Brown’s company. She was sure Mr Brown would put her in an important position(位置). On the first day the boss gave her a broom and said, “Your first work is to sweep the offices.” “What?” the girl called out in surprise,“I’m a college student, you know.” “I’m sorry I don’t know that. Here, give me the broom and let me show you!” ( )
  1.As Jill’s grandma was strong, . A. the girl would live with her B. she did all the housework C. she kept doing morning exercise D. she could help her with her lessons )
  2.Jill had enough time, so . A. she put her heart into her study B. she had time to rest C. she could play games D. she



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