6 It's important to learn about protecting our environment. Here is a 5R rule for us:
  1. Reduce If you want to reduce waste, you should use things wisely (明智地). A large number of trees are being cut down to make paper. If everyone uses a little paper carelessly and throw it out, soon we would not have any trees left. Other things are also being wasted, and people don' know what t to do with the waste in big cities. So it is necessary to reduce the waste.
  2.Reuse You should always think of reusing the usable things before throwing them out. Give your clothes you do not use or the ones which too small to the poor. In a family, you may pass on such clothes to younger brothers or sisters.
  3.Recycle Bottles, cans (罐子) and paper can easily be recycled. By doing so we save lots of time and money. For example, coke cans are sent to a factory, where they are smashed flat (压平) and melted (融化) and the metal things are made for new coke cans.
  4.Recover When you buy a box of apples, there may be few rotten (腐烂的) apples, you have two choices: one is to throw the whole apples away, or you could cut off the rotten parts and use the good parts. In this way, you are recovering the eatable parts of food.
  5.Repair If one of the begs of your table is broken, you can repair it. If you want to change for better ones, it is better for you to sell the old things or give them to other people who can use them after doing some repair. It is true that North America is a "throw-away" society, but the time has come to change our way of life so that we can protect our environment. Every one of us should try our best.
  1.The "Reduce" rule mainly requires (要求) us . A. to use things wisely B. to cut down many trees C. to use a lot of paper D. to throw away your old clothes
  2.What's the right order (顺序) of recycling coke cans? a. collect the used cans b. melt them c. smash them flat d. send them to a factory A. a b c d B. a d c b C. d b c a D. c a b d
  3.The "Recover" rule mainly requires us . A. to throw waste things away B. to cover waste things with earth C. to get back the useful parts D. to throw the whole things away
  5.Which is the best way to do with your broken tables? A. Throwing them away. B. Requiring them. C. Selling them. D. Putting them away. 7 To: President Bush, the White House From: Saddam Hussein, in Baghdad Dear President Bush, Well, you sure ruined (毁掉) my birthday…. OK, you won, and your prize is Iraq. Are you
ready for it? I don't think so. Truth is, I hope you fail. Yes, Iraq was the way it was, in part, because I was the way I wasand I was a bad boy. But what you're seeing now is that I was the way I was, in part, because Iraq was what it isa very difficult place to rule (统治) without an iron fist (铁拳). You see, I know the Iraq people didn't want me. And you will soon find they don' want you. The big question here has always been: Do t they want each other? Can Kurds, Shiite and Sunnis (库尔德人,会叶派,逊尼派) find a way to live together without an iron fist holding them together? If you want to build a self-governing (自治的)country here, you had better understand that "shock and awe (威慑)" is not just for war-making. It' an everyday tool for running this place. s Your powerlessness (无能为力)will make people more afraid than your power. Mr. Bush, I know you are wondering why I didn't do more to keep away from the war, which ended my political (政治的) life. What in the world was I thinking? Who was I listening to? The answer is: I was listening to myself. Don't make my mistakes.
  1.Who do you think is the real writer of the letter? A. Kurds. B. Saddam. C. A news reporter. D. Bush
  2.What ended Saddam's political life according to the letter? A.That he didn't do more to keep away from the war.B.That Iraq was what it is. C.That Kurds, Shiite and Sunnis found a way to live together. D.That Iraq was a very difficult place to rule without an iron fist.
  3.What advice (建议) does Saddam give to Bush if Bush wants to build a self-governing country? A.Bush should know "Shock and awe" is not just for war making. B.The Iraq people want Bush. C.Bush was only listening to himself. D.Let Iraq be the way it was.
  4.The last sentence of the letter "Don't make my mistakes" suggests (暗示)that . A. Bush should not do as Saddam did B. Saddam was correct C. Bush is right D. Saddam was a bad boy 8 "Tom? Are you in bed yet?" called Mrs. White. There was no answer. Mrs. White put down her book and went to her 14-year-old son's room. Tom was sitting in front of a bright computer screen on which a motorbike was running fast. "Oh, Tom. You' still playing on that computer. You must stop now, it' half past eleven. If re s you don't go to bed soon, you'll be very tired tomorrow." Said Mrs. White. "But I' nearly won the game." Said Tom to Mrs. White. She could see the excitement (激 ve 动) on his face. She sat down beside him. "You' always playing on the computer. You spend more time on this machine than on your re homework." Today more and more families have computers. Parents hope computers can help their children improve their study at school. But, many of their children use computers to play games, to watch videos, instead of studying. We often see that computer game houses are crowded with people, especially young boys. They spend a lot of money competing with the computerized machines. The more they lose, the more they want to win. The result is that they don't want to work or study.
In some other countries, even scientists hate computers. They say computers cause millions of people to lose their jobs or cause them a lot of trouble. Computer game addiction (瘾) is a serious problem in social life. Something has to be done to solve the problem.
  1.What was Tom doing on that late night?
  2.How did Mrs. White feel when she saw her son was playing late?
  3.What do parents think computers can do to their children?
  4.Does the writer agree to spend much money on computer games?
  5.Why do some scientists hate computers? 9 Kate Holmes was visiting a friend, old Mrs. Sydney. Mrs. Sydney had known Kate all her life. She liked to tell Kate about mysteries (神秘故事) and see whether Kate could solve them. "You are very good at solving mysteries," she said to Kate, "but some day I'll fool you! Maybe I'll be able to fool you today. Did I ever tell you the story of the Unknown Brother?" Kate said no and listened. She liked Mrs. Sydney's stories. "Well," Mrs. Sydney said, "Jed Wright was my friend when I was a child. He ran away from home when he was very young and lived for years by doing all kinds of jobs. Finally, in 1927, he went to Michigan, where he found a copper mine (铜矿). He bought the land and ran the mine and became a very rich man. " "Jed never married. His parents had died years before, and his only relative was a brother. "One day Jed knew he was dying. He sent for a good friend, Dan Cole, who had worked for him for years. " "Jed gave Dan two envelopes, 'This one is for you,' he said, 'and please give the other one to my brother Alf. He is … while he was speaking, Jed died. " "There were his dying wishes in Dan's envelope. It gave him Jed's mine and house. The envelope for Alf had some money and business papers in it. Dan and Alf were each to get about half of Jed's fortune (财富). They would both be rich. " "Dan had never seen Alf. He had only two clues (线索). One was an old photo that showed Alf and Jed. But it was taken on their tenth birthday, fifty years ago. The other clue was a post card from Alf. I had no address. It has been mailed in Boston the month before Jed died. " "Dan went to Boston. He put an advertisement in the newspaper. It said there was good news for Alf Wright. It told where Dan was staying. " "The next day, more than a hundred men came to Dan's hotel. They all said they were Alf Wright. But though he had never seen Alf, Dan was able to pick him out right away." When Mrs. Sydney finished her story, she smiled. "All right, Kate," she said. "How did he know Alf?" Kate smiled too. "That's easy," she said. "You told me how. The clue was the photo." "Yes, it was," said Mrs. Sydney. "But it was taken when Alf and Jed were boys. How could that help?" "You said it was taken when both boys were ten years old, so they were…"
Kate gave Mrs. Sydney the answer and she had to admit that Kate Holmes had won again. 根据短文内容回答下列问题,每个小题不得超过 5 个单词.
  1.What made Jed Wright a rich man? The made him very rich.
  2.What was in the envelope for Dan?
  3.Did Dan do what Jed asked him to do?
  4.What helped Dan to find Alf? and the advertisement.
  5.What was Kate's answer to the mystery? Kate said, "…so they were ".
  6.Were they brothers or friends? Kate and Mrs. Sydney were friends; Jed and Alf were brothers; Jed and . 10 The way that people allover the world watch films has changed these years. People don't just go to the films any more. They take the films home! The VCR (录相机), has made this possible, and it has helped change people's lives. VCRs make it possible for us to watch films at home instead of the cinema. People can just go to a video store near their houses, rent (租) one or more films for a day or a weekend, and watch them in their own homes. They cost just a few dollars each day. May different films are on videotape, from exciting films to interesting plays. Watching a film at home can be very easy, and a lot cheaper. VCR owners can make snacks (零食) and sit back and enjoy a film with family and friends. They can stop the film to make more snacks, answer the phone, or take care of the baby. There are no lines to stand in, no tickets to buy, and no uncomfortable (不舒服的) cinema seats.
  1.What has changed people's way of watching films?
  2.How do people usually get videotapes to watch films at home?
  3.Is it expensive to rent videotape for one day?
  4.What does the writer prefer, watching video films at home or seeing films at the cinema?



   Son’s Help Mr. Lang worked in a factory. As a driver, he was busy but he was paid much. His wife was an able woman and did all the housework. When he came back, she took good care of him and he never did anything at home. So he had enough time when ...


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