第一篇 Why do men die earlier than women? The latest research shows that the reason could be than men’s hearts go into rapid decline (衰弱)when they reach middle age. The largest study of the effects of ageing on the heart has found that women’s longevity may be linked to the fact that their hearts do not lose their pumping power with age. “We have found that the power of the male heart falls by 20-25 percent between 18 and 70 years of age,” said the head of the study, David Goldspink of Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. “Within the heart there are millions of cells that enable it to beat. Between the ages of 20 and 70, one-third of those cells die and are not replaced in men,” said Goldspink. “This is part of the ageing process.” What surprises scientists is that the female heart sees very little loss of these cells. A healthy 70-year-old woman’s heart could perform almost as well as a 20year- old one’s. “This gender difference might just explain why women live longer than men,” said Goldspink. They studied more than 250 healthy men and women between the ages of 18 and 80, focusing on healthy persons to remove the confusing influence of disease. The team has yet to find why ageing takes a greater toll (造成损失)on the male heart, said Goldspink. The good news is that men can improve the health of their heart with regular exercise. Goldspink stressed that women also need regular exercise to prevent their leg muscles becoming smaller and weaker as they age.
  1.The underlined word “longevity”(in paragraph
  2) probably refers to A. health B. long life C. ageing D. effect
  2.The passage mainly talks about. A. men’s heart cells B. women’s ageing process C. the gender difference D. hearts and long life
  3. According to the passage, the UK scientists have known that . A. women have more cells than men when they are born B. women can replace the cells that enable the heart to beat C. the female heart loses few of the cells with age D. the female heart never loses the pumping power with age
  4. If you want to live longer, you should. A. enable your heart to beat much faster B. find out the reason for ageing C. exercise regularly D. prevent your cells from being lost
第二篇 If you travel around the world , you will be surprised to find just how different the foreign customs can be from your own . A visitor to India would do well to remember that people there consider it impolite to use the left hand for passing food at table . The left hand is supposed to be used for washing yourself . Also in India , you might see a man apparently shaking his head at another and assume that he is disagreeing . But in many parts of India a shake of the head is a gesture that shows agreement of acceptance . Nodding your head when offered a drink in Bulgaria is likely to leave you thirsty . In that country you shake your head to indicate “yes” ?a nod indicates “no”. The Arabs are known for their hospitality . At a meal in countries on the Arabic Peninsula , you will find that any drinking vessel(容器, 器皿) repeatedly refilled is as soon as you drink it up . In Europe it is quite usual to cross your legs when sitting talking to someone , even at an important meeting . Doing this when meeting an important person in Thailand , however , could cause offence . It is too informal an attitude for such an occasion . Also when in Thailand you are not supposed to touch the head of an adult ?it’s just not done . In Japan , it is quite usual for men to plan evening entertainments for themselves and leave their wives at home . In Europe such attitudes are disappearing . Customs vary from country to country . Visitors may be at a loss as to what to do in a foreign environment . In such circumstances , the golden rule to follow is : When in Rome , do as the Romans do . .
  1.In which country , a left ? hand is not welcomed ? A.Thailand B.India C Arabic peninsula D.Bulgaria
  2.In which country , if someone shakes his head at another , it shows that he agrees or accepts ? . A.Bulgaria B.Thailand C.China D.Arabic Peninsula
  3.Which of the following is impolite in Europe ? . A.to cross your legs B.to touch the head of an adult C.That men plan evening entertainment and leave their wives at home D.To drain the glass in your hand
  4.If you don’t know the customs in the country where you visit , the golden rule . to follow is A.to do as the Romans do B.to do nothing C.to visit Rome only D.to do as the natives do 第三篇 Boxing was long viewed sickly. Generally forbidden by law in earlier days, the fighting was usually done with bare fists, and matches often lasted forty or fifty rounds. In 1882 John L. Sullivan, a fighter of great power, won the world heavyweight
championship from Paddy Ryan in a bare fisted battle marked by hitting, scratching, and biting without any rule. Five years later, while fighting Patsy Cardiff at Minneapolis, Sullivan broke his right arm in the third round, but he continued fighting to the sixth round and won. In 1889, Sullivan defeated Jade Kilrain with his bare fists in another championship fight, winning twenty thousand dollars and a diamond prize medal. His admirers talked then of running him for the next governor, but he traveled to Australia for a boxing tour instead, coming back only to lose his title in a twenty-one-round match with a young Californian named James J. Corbett. “Gentleman James” victory in this match marked a turning point, for it showed scientific boxing was over strength. But Corbett’s title ended in 1897, when another boxer, Bob Fitzsimmons, in less than three seconds, achieved his feats and then Fitzsimmons knocked out an Irishman, won the heavyweight championship of the world, and invented the terrible “solar plexus punch.”
  1.Boxing matches in the early days were. - . A. short and bloody B. usually spare-time competitions C. governed by strict rules D. cruel
  2.Sullivan held the world’s heavyweight title for. . A. at least seven years B. only a year C.five years D.twenty-one years
  3.Sullivan’s fight with Kilrain was . A.the first boxing championship match B. a bare-fisted championship fight C.the last boxing match to be fought bare-fisted D.a six-round match
  4. Sullivan was so popular that his admirers . A.encouraged him to be a governor B.raised twenty thousand dollars for him C.advised him to take boxing tour of Australia D.refused to believe he could be defeated 第四篇
Stay and Play for 2 Days
Stay in the magic with your friends and family and book a hotel stay at either Disney’s Hollywood Hotel or Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. As a hotel guest, you can enjoy an extra day at Hong Kong Disneyland Park during your stay when you buy a one-day ticket! How It Works Hotel guests staying at either the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel or Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel who buy a Hong Kong Disneyland Park ticket will receive an extra park admission for the following day. Guests can buy Stay and Play for 2 Days tickets as soon as you check in at the Front Desk. Ticket price will be based on the first day a guest visits the Park. If the first visit day is a Regular Day, guests can buy Regular Day tickets even though the following day may be a Peak or Special Day. If the first visit day is a Peak Day, Guests should buy Peak Day tickets even though the following day may be a Regular Day.
This offer is available 13 May through 30 September 20
  06. Guests who have bought their Hong Kong Disneyland Park tickets before 13 May 2006 can exchange their unused and not expired(过期的)tickets to Stay and Play for 2 Days tickets at the Hotel Front Desk. Where to Buy Guests can book their hotel stay through the following: Call Hong Kong Disneyland Reservation Center at +852 1-830-830, opens daily 9 am-6 pm. OR Get in touch with your travel agent. Dates to Remember Offer Period 13 May 2006 ? 30 September 2006 29 September 2006 Last Day to buy Stay and Play for 2 days tickets Last Visit Date 30 September 2006 For more information, please click here.
  1. As a guest at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, you can enjoy an extra day in . A. Disney’s Hollywood Hotel B. a Hong Kong family C. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel D. Hong Kong Disneyland Park
  2. You can get a Stay and Play for 2 Days ticket . A. from 13 May 2006 to 30 September 2006 B. by calling 852 1-830-830 any time of the day C. by getting in touch with your travel agent D. with your used Hong Kong Disneyland Park ticket
  3. This advertisement is probably taken from . A. a newspaper B. a magazine C. the website D. a travel handbook 第五篇 This wireless transmitter allows you to listen to music from your iPod/MP3 player, on your home or car stereo without any wires. It acts like a miniature radio station, transmitting your music via the FM frequency to the nearest radio. Simply plug the transmitter into the headphone hole of your MP3 player, select a frequency on the transmitter and then set your radio to that same frequency. Then sit back and enjoy your digital music in full stereo sound wherever you are. It Can be used with iPods, MP3 players, portable CD players, cassettes players, games consoles(控制台)or even your laptop computer whenever you want to hear full stereo sound from your radio. Features include: ?LCD display with background lighting (shows time/date/ temperature) ?Full FM frequency range, so you can select the best performing frequency ?Choose from 2 power supplies: 2 AAA batteries or car charger(adaptor provided) ?4 memory channels for storing best performing FM frequencies ?Frequency response: 100Hz ? 15000Hz The unit is wireless so there are no disorganized cables.It is lightweight and easy to carry. Adds a whole new part to your MP3 experience! Takes 2 AAA batteries(not supplied).Click here to buy batteries for this product…
GIFT STATS: iPod/ MP3 Transmitter Measures:
  7.5 x
  4.5cm Packaging: Gift pack We can deliver this item to the UK, Europe, and North America.
  1. You may find the above advertisement . A. in a newspaper B. in a store window C. in a website D. on a company notice-board
  2. What is iPod/MP3 Transmitter? A. An MP3 player which allows you to enjoy music wherever you are. B. A kind of equipment that allows you to enjoy music from your iPod/MP3 player. C. A mini radio station transmitting your music via the FM frequency to the nearest radio. D. A radio that receives music from your MP3 player.
  3. From the advertisement above, we can learn that . A. the product can be used with a lot of electronic equipment B. the transmitter can only be powered by 2 AAA batteries C. the unit has organized cables so it is light and easy to carry D. this item can be delivered to any place around the world 第六篇 I have been teaching in the United States for three semesters. During this time, I have been very impressed with the hardworking American students. Tuition fees in American universities are pretty expensive. Most American students receive little, if any, financial support. As a result, they have to work hard to pay for their tuition and other basic expenses. Tertiary( 高 等 ) education is a necessity in today's workforce. Young people with a higher education are rewarded with a good career and better salary. So how do American students support themselves? All my American students have to work to pay for their tuition. For this reason, most universities provide limited jobs for students who need economic help. They also help students search for jobs in the community. I have been touched to see some students are so worn out from their jobs that they take naps in my classroom. In addition to holding down part-time jobs, students are also expected to take part in various social and sporting activities and, in fact, those who do not take part in are often looked down upon by their peers. A number of American university students are married with families, or are single parents. These students are faced with the additional burden of raising a family. Last year, one of my best students missed several of my classes. When I called him to ask why, he told me he and his wife, who is also a student, were weighed down with the responsibilities of caring for their two- month old daughter along with their studies. He felt the only answer was to leave temporarily from his studies. Most American university professors are strict. They test students on every unit in their courses, in addition to mid-term and final exams in each semester. A lack of preparation by students may result in their failure. This means the loss of a lot of money and possibly future employment opportunities for these students. For this reason, many American students will study or stay up all night before an exam, in an effort to pass. In contrast, Chinese students have a much easier time, because most Chinese parents pay for their kids' tertiary education. Moreover, Chinese students do not need to worry about raising children or maintaining a family. So, Chinese students have no reason for not studying hard and achieving good marks.
  1. All the following are difficulties American students have to face
except . A. they have to work hard to pay the high tuition fees B. many American students have a burden of a family C. they need a good educa



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