30 Most animals only have animals of a different kind for food. But sometimes two kinds of animals come together in a partnership (伙伴关系) which is good for them. You may have noticed some birds on the backs of sheep. This is not because they want a ride, but because they find easy food in the parasites (寄生虫) on sheep. The sheep let the birds do so because they can stop the parasites from troubling them. So though they can do with it by themselves, they can do better together with each other. Sometimes an animal has a plant partner. The relationship develops until the two partners cannot do without each other. This is so in corals of the sea. Inside their bodies they have very small plants, which act as "cleaners", taking the useless things from the coral and giving oxygen in return. That is what the animal needs to live. If the plants are killed, or are even kept from receiving light so that they cannot live as usual, the corals will die.
  1.Some birds like to sit on a sheep because . A. they can eat its parasites B. they enjoy traveling with the sheep C. they can't live without its parasites D. they want to find the warm place
  2.The underlined word "they" in the first paragraph means . A. birds and parasites B. birds and sheep C. parasites and sheep D. birds, parasites and sheep
  3.We learn from the passage that corals need plants for . A. friends B. light C. food D. oxygen
  4.The Chinese for the word "oxygen" is . A. 氧气 B. 空气 C. 废气 D.二氧化碳
  5.What is the second paragraph mainly about? A. Some animals and plants cannot live without each other. B. Some animals and plants cannot develop their friendship easily. C. Some plants eat each other. D. Some animals live better together. 31 Henry was an office worker in a big city. He worked very hard and enjoyed traveling in his holidays. He usually went to the seaside, but one year he saw an advertisement in a newspaper. "Enjoy country life. Spend a few weeks at West Hill Farm. Good food. Fresh air. Horse riding. Walking. Fishing. Cheap and interesting." "This sounds a good idea," he thought. "I' spend a month at West Hill Farm. I think I can ll enjoy horse riding, walking and fishing. They'll make a change from sitting by the seaside and swimming." He wrote to the farmer. In the letter he said that he would like to spend all of July there. Then on the first of July, he left for West Hill Farm. But four days later, he returned home. "What was wrong with West Hill Farm?" his best friend, Ed, asked him. "Didn' you enjoy t country life?" "Country life was very good," Henry said. "But there was another problem." "Oh. What?" "Well," he said, "the first day I was there a sheep died, and we had roast mutton for
dinner." "What's wrong with that?" Ed asked. "Fresh meat is the best." "I know, but on the second day a cow died, and we had roast beef for dinner." "Lucky you!" "You don't understand," Henry said. "On the third day a pig died and we had roast pork for dinner." "A different meat every day," Ed said loudly, " and you are complaining!" "Let me finish," Henry said. "On the fourth day the farmer died, and I didn't dare (敢)stay for dinner!"
  1.How did Henry find out about the farm? A. He saw it in a newspaper advertisement. B. His best friend told him. C. He wrote to the farmer. D. Maybe he learned it from the radio.
  2. Henry came back home several days later because . A. he didn't like the country life at all B. the farmer wasn't friendly to him C. his holiday was over D. he thought he might have to eat the farmer
  3. "…and you are complaining!", the word "complain" means . A.夸奖 B.说三道四 C.抱怨 D.故弄玄虚
  4.Which of the following sentences is true? A. Ed could eat a different kind of meat every day. B. Henry thought he could enjoy a change. C. Henry couldn't think of anything else to do, so he went to the farm. D. The farmer died because of the bad meat he ate.
  5.Which is the best title for the passage? A. What a beautiful farm! B. Have a good time. C.A short holiday D. Henry and the farmer. 32 After returning from her round trip, the angry woman stood outside the ticket office of the station. "The railway owes me 12 pounds," she said to Harry Jenks, the young man working at the office." You sold me a ticket for May 22nd, but there was no ship from Jersey that night. So my daughter and I had to stay in a hotel. It cost me 12 pounds." Harry was worried. He remembered selling the woman a return ticket. "Come into the office, Madam," he said politely. "I'll just check the Jersey timetable for May 22nd." The woman and her little girl followed him inside. She was quite right, as Harry soon discovered. There was no sailing on May 22nd. How could he have made such a careless mistake? He shouldn't have sold her a ticket for that day. Wondering what to do, he smiled at the child. "You look sun burnt," he said to her. "Did you have a nice holiday in Jersey?" "Yes," she answered, shyly. "The beach was lovely. And I can swim too!" "That's fine," said Harry. "My little girl can't swim a bit yet. Of course, she's only three…" "I'm four," the child said proudly. "I'll be four and a half." Harry turned to the mother. "I remember your ticket, Madam," he said. "But you didn't get one for your daughter, did you?" "Er, well…" the woman looked at the child. "I mean…she hasn' started school yet, she' t s only four."
"A four-year-old child must have a ticket, Madam. A child's return ticket to Jersey costs … let me see…
  13.50 pounds. The law is the law, but since the mistake is mine…." The woman stood up, took the child's hand and left the office.
  1. The woman was angry because . A. she couldn't use the ticket for her round trip B. she had to return home a day earlier than she had planned C. she spent more money than she had expected D. Harry had sold her a ticket to Jersey where there was no sailing
  2. Harry was worried . A.the woman was angry with him B.he had not done his work carefully C.the Jersey timetable was wrong D.the little girl didn't have a return ticket
  3. Harry started talking to the little girl . A.because he was in trouble and did not know what to do B.because he had a little girl about the same age as this girl C.because he wanted to be friendly to the little girl who looked so nice D.when he suddenly realized that he could find a way out from the little girl
  4. When Harry said, "The law is the law, but since the mistake was mine…" he meant that . A.they must follow it without other choice, even though the mistake was his B.he had to be strict with the woman because of the law, although he didn't want to C.the woman had to pay him
  1.50 pounds and the railway would pay her for the hotel D.she should pay
  1.50 pounds, but he had made a mistake, she could go without paying
  5. The woman left the office without saying anything because . A.she wanted to go home and get money for the child's ticket B.she was so angry that she didn't want to have anything more to do with the young man C.she was moved (感动) by Harry's kindness D.she knew she would have to pay the railway if she insisted (坚持) 33 Three travelers, Allan, Carl and Paul were sitting on the chairs in a train station. They were waiting for a train that was very late. To pass the time, they began talking to each other. At first, they talked about the weather and their work. Then Paul said, "Tell me?what would you most like to do if your doctor tell you that you have only three months to live?" The other two men thought about this for a while, then Carl spoke. "Well," he said, "if I have only three months to live, I' take all my money out of the bank ll and go to foreign countries for holidays with my best friend, Erik. I'd like to travel to the places in the world as many as possible. And I'll stay at the best hotels and then eat the best food. I think I'll have a wonderful time." "That's very interesting." Paul said. With these words, he turned to the other man, saying, "And what about you?" "I'll tell you a secret," Allan said. "I always want to be a racing driver. So if I have only three months to live, the first thing I'd like to do is to sell my house. With the money I'll buy the
fastest car in the world. Maybe I can enter all the big motor races." Then he laughed, "I might even end up (以……而告终) world champion." "Now it's your turn," Allan went on, "If your doctor tell you the bad news, what would you most like to do?" "Oh," said Paul with a smile. "I'll go and see another doctor."
  1.The three men were talking . A. in the post office B. in the waiting room C. on the train D. on the chairs
  2.The man called answered the question first. A. Carl B. Allan C. Erik D. Paul
  3.The men began to talk about the weather and the work because they . A. didn't know anything new B. wanted to pass the time quickly C. had nothing to do D. were very interested in each other's work
  4."I might even end up world champion." Here the word "champion" means in Chinese. A.名人 B.赛车手 C.大款 D.冠军
  5.Which sentence is right according to the passage? A. The train didn't arrive on time. B. Paul wanted to buy a racing car very much. C. Allan was the second man to answer the question. D. Carl didn't like traveling at all. 34 An English traveler found himself in Norway with only enough money to buy the ticket for his journey back home. As he knew that it would take him only two days to get to England, he decided that he could easily spend the time without food. So he bought a ticket and got on the ship. The man closed his ears to the sound of the lunch bell. When dinnertime came, he didn't go to dinning room, saying that he was not feeling very well. The next morning he still didn't have breakfast and at lunchtime he again stayed in his room. But at dinnertime he was so hungry that he went to the dinning room and ate everything the waiter put in front of him. He got ready for the quarrel. "Bring me the bill," he said. "The bill, sir?" said the waiter in surprise. "There isn' any t bill. On our ship meals are included (包括) in the money for the ticket," said the waiter.
  1.The story happened . A. in England B. on a ship from Norway to England C. in Norway D. on a ship from England to Norway
  2.Why didn't the traveler go to the dinning room first? A.Because he had no money B.Because he didn't feel very well C.Because he didn't want to eat anything D.Because he didn't hear the sound of the bell
  3.The traveler went to the dinning room to eat something because . A.his friend had given him some money B.the waiter had asked him to change his mind C.he learned that there was no bill on the ship
D.he was too hungry
  4.How many meals did the traveler have on the ship? A. Only one B. Two C. Three D. None
  5.After the traveler finished eating, . A.he had a quarrel with waiter over the bill B.he drank a lot C.he asked the waiter to bring him the change(零钱) D.he came to know that travelers on the ship had free meals 35 A farmer had a cow. He took very good care of this cow and one day when it was ill, he was very worried. He telephoned the vet. "What's the problem?" The vet asked him when he arrived. "My cow's ill," the farmer said. "I don't know what's the matter with her. She's lying down and won't eat. She's making a strange noise." The vet looked over the cow. "She's certainly ill," he said, "and she needs to take some very strong medicine." He took a bottle out of his box, put two pills into his hand and said, "Give her these. The pills should make her better." "How should I give them to her?" the farmer asked. The vet gave him a tube (管子)and said, "Put this tube in her mouth, then put the pills in the tube and blow. That'll make it." The next day the vet came to the farm again. The farmer was sitting outside his house and looked more worried. "How's your cow?" the vet asked. "No change," the farmer said, "and I'm feeling very strange myself." "Oh?" the vet said, "Why?" "I did what you said," the farmer answered. "I put the tube in the cow's mouth and then put two pills down it." "And?" the vet asked. "The cow blew first," the farmer said.
  1.In the story, the vet must be . A. the farmer's friend B. a milk factory C. a hospital for cows D. a doctor for animals
  2.The farmer asked the vet for help when his cow A. couldn't lie down B. didn't eat the pills C. couldn't make any noise D. was ill
  3.What medicine did the vet give the farmer? A. Bottle of pills. B. A long tube. C. Two pills. D. A small box.
  4.The vet taught the farmer how . A. to blow the tube B. to make the cow take the pills C. to take the medicine D. to put the tube in his mouth
  5.Which of the following is true? A. The farmer ate the pills himself.
B. The cow got better after taking the medicine. C. The vet came to help farmer change the cow the next day. D. The farmer waited for the vet outside his house the next day. 36 Several years ago, a television reporter was talking to three of the most important people in America. One was a very rich banker, another owned one of the largest companies in the world, and the third owned many buildings in the center of New York. The reporter was talking to them about being important. "How do we know if someone is really important?" the reporter asked the banker. The banker thought for a few moments an



   详细是:阅读的三大层次; 做题九个技巧; 文章的四大总结; 一般来说,阅读一篇文章可以分为三个层次。 第一,从文章的整体结构上来把握文章的大意。这个阶段,需要做 到的事把文章所想要阐述的事物弄清楚, 比如这篇文章说明的什么样的 社会问题, 或者介绍了什么样的风土人情, 或者描述了个什么样的事件。 当然,很多情况下不可能马上就把文章所希望阐述的问题具体搞清楚, 但是起码要找到关键的名词, 也就是说起码要弄清楚文章的目的事物或 目的事件。这样子看文章才能有的放矢。要做到这点其实只需要找到一 两个 ...


   英语阅读理解怎么提高? 足够数量的词汇和娴熟的语法知识是提高阅读理解能力和增强阅读速度的基础, 阅读理解的技巧和方法有助于提高答案正确率及答题速度. 这段时间要合理安排 时间,掌握大量词汇,熟悉一些语法知识,培养语感. 一,充足的词汇量 充足的词汇量不仅是应试阅读理解部分的基础,而且是整个考试成功的关 键, 因此考生在备考之初必须花大力气积极扩展词汇量. 在考研大纲规定的 5 500 个词汇和词组中,考生至少应该掌握其中的 90%以上,而且应该选择其中一部分 词汇和词组做重点记忆.不仅如此, ...


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   Onions 资料库:2011 年高考英语总复习??高考英语阅读理解解题技巧探究 高考英语阅读理解解题技巧汇总 高考英语阅读理解解题技巧汇总 提 要:高考英语试题中阅读理解占 40 分,是试卷中所占比例最大的一部分。阅读理解能力的高低, 是能否取得高考英语成绩好坏的关键所在。阅读理解的重要性已被广大英语教师和考生所共同认识。本文 要主要讨论两个方面的问题:(1)了解高考阅读理解题型和命题方法;(2)熟悉高考英语阅读理解解题方法和 技巧。 关键词:高考英语;阅读理解;解题技巧 关键词 众所周知 ...


   教你“五个绝招” 教你“五个绝招”破解英语阅读理解 阅读是增长知识获取信息的主要途径,阅读能力是英语教学的重点。近年来,注重对初中生阅读理解能 力的考核已成为中考的一大趋势。阅读理解能力影响并制约听、说、读、写能力的形成和发展,中学英语 教学大纲也把培养阅读能力作为一个主要的教学目标。要做好阅读理解,应从以下几方面入手。<BR< P> 分门别类识别文体<BR< 分门别类识别文体<BR< P> 随着信息时代的到来,阅读内容更趋于信息化、时代化,突 ...


   号网网址: 考研 1 号网网址:www.ky007.com 考研英语基础知识点必知: 考研英语基础知识点必知: 英语基础知识点必知 1:考研英语真题的结构: :考研英语真题的结构: 考研英语满分 100 分。 完形填空【10 分】 ; 阅读理解: 【60 分】 阅读理解 题型及分数 PartA 4 篇阅读【40 分】 PartB 新题型(排序、填空、小标题) 【10 分】 PartC 英译汉 5 个【10 分】 作文:小作文: 【10 分】 大作文: 【20 分】 2:学术型研究生考英语一, ...


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   如何提高中学生英语阅读理解能力 阅读是学生接触外语信息,参加外语实践的重要途径。大量阅读有助于扩大词汇量,丰 富语言知识,了解英语国家的社会和文化。结合历年的中考情况来看,阅读理解题的分值比 重越来越大。最近几年,中考阅读理解就一直是 4 篇,所占分值达 40 分,约占总分的 30% 左右,这就要求学生在阅读的速度、阅读技巧等方面要下大工夫。阅读理解能力的高低直接 影响学生的英语成绩。阅读既然如此重要,那么有哪些好的阅读方法呢? 一、广泛阅读,保证一定数量 俗话说“读书破万卷,下笔如有神”, ...


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【人教版】2011中考英语考前错题本全集 (E字母篇)

   2011 中考英语考前错题本 (E 字母篇) 字母篇) each  [误] Every of them has his habit. [正] Each of them has his habit. [析] each 可以作形容词,但也可作代词,而 every 只能作形容词。 [误] The manager comes to America almost each month. [正] The manager comes to America almost every month. ...

史上最牛英语试题 看看你能答对多少

    I’m Bond,   handsome Bond?sexyBond?JackieBond?James Bond?   1、本试卷由选择题、判断题和连线题组成 2、请按题号一一作答 3、考试时间45分钟 4、试卷满分100分   一、选择题(请睁大眼睛仔细阅读题目,实在看不清允许使用放大镜。   每道题目只有一个正确答案。20分)   1、请问下面四个汉译英短句中,哪一个是正确的?   A、超女快男:super girl fast boy   B、给你点颜色看看:give you some  ...


   He is Father Christmas . He is an old man. 他是圣诞老人。他是一位老人家。 他是圣诞老人。他是一位老人家。 My uncle is a young man. 我的叔叔是一位年轻人。 我的叔叔是一位年轻人。 He is tall. He is short. 他很高。 他很高。 他很矮。 他很矮。 He is a strong man. 他是一个强壮的男人。 他是一个强壮的男人。 My math teacher is a thin man. 我的数学老师 ...


   高中英语新课程写作教学漫谈 摘 要:写作是一种思维活动,是学生表达思想的方式.写作能力训练是发展学生思维能力 和表达能力的有效途径,也是衡量教学效果的标准之一.从历年的高考结果来看,学生的写 作技能一直处于停滞不前的状态, 甚至有下降的趋势: 2001 年全省的写作平均分为 17.8 分; 2002 年为 13.11 分;而 2003 年只有 11 分左右.因此,在高中英语教学中,有步骤地培养和 提高学生的写作能力是非常必要的. 本文从英语写作的重要性和教学策略展开, 着重针对高 一的新教材 ...


   Farming and gardening 更多资源xiti123.taobao.com 更多资源 Pre-reading A scientist of physics Elbert Einstein A theory of relativity A scientist of biology Charles Darwin discovered evolution--ancestors of humans were monkeys A scientist of physics Madame C ...