1.And nothing enrages people more than the perception of deep injustice. 注意这个句式
  2.What choice does India have when it comes to nuclear power? 谈及到……
  3. Power is so scarce that there are rolling blackouts in nearly every city. Villages are lucky if they get just a few hours of electricity a day.
  4. Only bilateral diplomacy and carrot-and-stick sanctions have any hope of preventing further proliferation?North Korea being a case in point. 倒装句 This is inaccurate

  6. The estate is worth approximately $2m
  7. as concerns about

  8. Angolans were about to vote in their first general election in 16 years.
  9. President suspended from office the chiefs of Brazil spy agency, Abin, after allegations were made that agents had bugged telephone calls between the head of the supreme court and a politician.
  10. in long overdue loans to the Paris Club of 19 sovereign creditors.
  11. A strike by workers in state-owned industries in support of the protests was poorly observed.
  12. hundreds of thousands of victims were housed in temporary camps.
  13. Once the repair is complete, the power station should produce
51MW of power, supplying about 2m Afghan homes have a good [large] supply of 备有许多 in short supply 供应不足 supply...for 把...供给 supply ...with 向...供应
  14. BP and its Russian partners in TNK-BP agreed on a plan to resolve a long-running dispute that has roiled the firm,s management m 15The credit crisis has left Lehman vulnerable to market speculation that it could run out of cash.
  16. Google launched its own web browser, Google Chrome, intensifying its competition with Microsoft, which accounts for three-quarters of the web-browsing market with its Internet Explorer. account for 说明 占, 解决 得分 说明, 解决, Bad weather accounted for the long delay. 导致,引起:构成决定性的或主要的因素: The suspect couldn't account for his time that night. 嫌疑犯不能说明那天晚上他的时间安排
  17. union voted to go on strike over a new contract, but the walkout was delayed when the management agreed to keep negotiating
  18. Tata Motors suspended work on its new factory in West Bengal amid continuing protests by farmers who say they have been forced off their land without being properly compensated by the government.

  19.Whether those seedlings have been crushed under the boot of a pastor,s pride is a question many are asking. r v.应该 应该,
  20. be supposed to v.应该, 被期望 supposed Tom is supposed to help me .But he does not come here yet!
  21.they have had some hard times in their marriage.But all,they through it all,they have kept their commitment to each other.通过这件事情 other.通过这件事情 home.巧
  22.Mary stumbled upon a good friend on the way home. 巧 遇
  23.Finally,her breakout role came in 20
  01. Her comes the bus. ,a
  24.While driving a meeting ,a young businessman makes restau calls on his cell phone.He stops by a fast food restaurant to pick up lunch.
  25.Life today moves faster than ever before
  26.Thanks to technology, the speed of life has dramatically increased over the past century.
  27.A popular restaurant in Japan even charges customers by the time spent at the table,not by the time they eat.
  28.Much of her time goes into raising funds for children with disabilities. 投入 A lot of preparations goes into making a good speech.

  29. Unfortunately, studies show life,s hurried pace produces stress and leads to health problems.
  30.In today,s fast paced wold ,waiting has become history.
  31.Located right on the waterfront, the opera is one of the world,s most recognized buildings.
  32. They are desperate to get a good grade.
  33.My favorite ethnic foods are Kerean and
  34.After Bob moved away ,the frequency of his visits decreased.we do not see him much anymore.
  35.Now it turns out that eating chocolate may also make them happy.
  36. Tom recently conducted a study to see how eating chocolate affects people,s brains.
  37.Ingenious scientist and engineers have created some preety amazing gadgets .But nothing made by man can compared to the sophisticated design of the human body. Just check out these astonishing facts about your body.
  38. Scientists are unsure how many cells exist in the human body.
  39.Can you distinguish between an American and an Australian?
  40.In Japan a lifelike robot that speaks and even seems to breathe has been created.逼真的 逼真的
  41.The essay is well written on the whole ,however there are some
small misspellings Generally speaking broadly speaking frankly speaking basically speaking In the available time 在可利用的时间内 In the time available
  42. While we were watching TV , she was talking on phone.
  43.I was wandering whether if you could help me. I was hoping you could keep on studying English.
  44. Are you tired? You have been working here all day .
  45.Any suggestion or critisism are heartily appriciated That plan is generally considered not practical
  46. To hesitate means failure To think of you makes me old. 动词不定式做主语 Never to offend anyone is her principle To know everything is to know nothing. To talk with Helen is interesting
  47.leave sb with sth. The primaries have left Americans with a decent choice
  48.At a ally Mr Obama described hiscandidacy as a historical journey.
  49.At a United Nations food summit in Rome,Bush said food output would have to rise by 50% by 20
  03.trying to tackle a world
crisis. Everyone has some problems to tackle.处理
  50. Sb is aressted,and latter released.
  51.at least 15people were killed by a bomb in Baghdad. Meanwhile,Australia began withdrawing its troop contingent from the allied coalition
  52.Germany,s shops began to run out of milk after protests against low milk prices by dairy farmers,who have been blockading milk factories and pouring milk on the ground.
  53.Sales of light trucks fell sharply in May. With rising petrol prices and a weakening economy ,Americans have deserted put up prices by 40%
  53.Democrats want to wait until after November,s election so that a new president can ,as one senator put it, That is reckless on several counts be reckless of 不注意

  54.There is no denying that Tom had damaged his own cause by killing so many Musilims. That is why even Sunni Arabs Iraq have for now joined the American side.A report from University in Canada notes an extrodinary drop in support for terrorist groups in the Muslim world.
  55. reckon vt.计算, 总计, 估计, 猜想 vi 计算, 估计, 依赖, 料想 In Britain the domestic inteligence services reckon that up to several
thousand people stand ready to carry out violent acts on people who are unlilkely to change their minds because of a recondite debate on proprieties of jihad conducted from an Egyptian prison.
  56.And yet the impact of this on global terrorism may be,alas, small
  57.Almost a year after launching what he thinks is the phone to change all phones,Steve Jobs,the boss of Apple,took to the stage again this week to introduce its second version.
  58.He has visible aged. As ever
  59.The iphone mostly addresses the shortcomings of the old one
  60.Perhaps above all, it is a lot cheaper,starting at 199 dollars,just below what the industry sees as the pain threshold for the mass market.
  61.Getting operators to agree to Apple,s novel revenue-sharing scheme seems to have hindered sales. By cutting the iphone,s price and increasing the number of countries where it is legally available from six to seventy ,Mr Jobs hopes to reach his goal of selling 10m iphones by the end of the year.(so far 6m have been sold.)
  62.Finland,s Nokia sells the most smartphones,capturing 45% of the world market in the first three months of this year, and Canad,s Research is second, with 13%.Even in America, where Nokia is weak,with 42%, followed by apple with 20%

  63. A telling statistic from Mr Jobs is that 98% of users browse the web on their iphones,94% use it for e-mail,and 80% use ten or more features ?including , of course, the buit-in music-player.As Mr Jobs joked, many users of other smartphones, with their clunky menus, can not even find ten features.
  64.set out to 着手做某事 Instead, as Russia becomes an increasingly powerful energy producer, the EU should focus on safegarding its security of supply, in particular by forming a common front in dealing with Russian energy giants. 阵线,前线
  65.This one deserves support
  66.South Africa,s president was foced to resign by the leadership of the ruling African National Congress.
  67.Sb,s deputy and ten ministers also resigned, of whom six said they would not serve in a new government. Nearly two weeks after a power-sharing agreement was agreed on in .
  68.Heavy fighting resumed in capital. Thousands fled the city ,some 50 were killed.
  69.Elections in the disputed city were to be postponed until a separate agreement could be reached.
  70.Finland,s prime minister called for tougher gun controls after a gunshot and killed nine students and a teacher at a college in the
west of the country before killed himself.
  71.Three car bombs exploded in Spain,s.Eleven people were wounded and a spanish army officer was killed. Subsequently, police in France arrested at least 12 members of the terrorist group.
  72. The number of Chinese children admitted 容许接纳承认 to hospital after drinking infant-milk formula tainted with melamine climbed to 130
  00.Li,the head of China,s quality-control watchdog, resigned. Four children in HK have also been diagnosed with kidney stones after drinking milk from mainland. Many other countries have started testing Chinese dairy products or taking them off shop shelves.
  73.be due to Respect is due to teachers. 教师应受尊敬。

  74.Mr McCain appealed for 请求 a delay while Congress attempted to tackle the financial crisis.Mr Obama declined one, leading to impasse.僵局
  75.In the long run,the country needs a more competitive democracy, for it is in danger of becoming a state under the ANC.
  76.So far, so familiar.However, two things make dealing with North Korea even more delicate than usual right now.
  77.outsiders can hardly just stand by and watch millions starve.
  78.To minimise diversion, as much food as possible should be monitored, not just handed over on trust.不加考察,赊账

  79.Rumors have it that Mr Kim is ill,maybe following a stroke.
  80. They will also more quikly convince its members that their archaic system is living on borrowed time-and mean that some competence is on hand when time is called.
  81. He is always outspoken as to 关于 what is right and what is wrong. As for that man ,I despise him. As for asking him for help, I shall never do that.
  82. I thougt that things would get better; but as it is, they are getting worse.实际上 in reality as a matter of fact.

  83.It is with time as with the currents of water: once it gose,it never comes back again.时光如流水,一去不复返。
  84. Now people in growing numbers are coming to realized that somking is harmful.
  85. have confidence with 对
  86.be confident of 有信心
  87.as a result 结果 in consequence
  88.under consideration 在考虑中 in consideration of 由于 account of 由于
  89.Amid anxiety about recessionary pressures in the world economy,which caused stochmarkets to tumble once again, the United States Treasury reported that America,s budget deficit stood at a record 455 billin for the year ending September 30th. on 有信心

  90.Despit the worsening fiscal environment, the presidential candidates unveiled additional proposals to boost America,s economy .Barack Obama said he would work with Congress immediately after the November 4th election to pass an additional 60 billion in tax breaks and other stimulus measures; John McCain proposed an extra 53 billion in tax breaks to provide relief to the elderly and unemployed.
  91.Congo is again falling into violence.Fighting between the army and a resurgent bunch of militias is rapidly .slaughtering hundreds of civilians and kidnapping hundreds more children last month
  92. The country has come along way from relying exclusively on suger cane.It has become a popular destination for tourists craving sun, palm trees and good service,with more than 100 hotels, up from a market access.
  93.A recession in rich countries will hit the country,s turism and exports. Not everything is positive.



   《商务英语》征稿启事 商务英语》征稿启事 为推动我国商务英语学术研究,经对外 经济贸易大学批准,英语学院创办《商务英 语》学术集刊,本刊每年出版 2 期,有正式 书号. 由对外经济贸易大学出版社出版发行. 第一辑将于 2009 年 10 月出版. 本刊主要栏目如下: 主要栏目如下: 如下 商务英语学科研究 商务英语语言研究 商务翻译研究 商务文化与跨文化交际 商务英语教学研究 商务英语教师发展 商务英语测试研究 现面向全国商务英语研究者或教学工作者征集稿件,投稿事宜如下: 1. 征稿范围:欢 ...


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   必修一 Unit1 add v.增加;添加;(数字等 加(起来 ;补充说 增加; 数字等)加 起来 起来); 增加 添加; 数字等 She added that she would not bring the children.她补充说她不会把孩子带来。 .她补充说她不会把孩子带来。 add…to…把……加到……里 Will you please add some milk to my coffee? 加到…… … … ……加到……里 add to 加;增加 His illness adde ...


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   5.写作 新增的作文是一篇 100 字左右的应用性短文,文体包括有信件、便笺、备忘录等。满 分 10 分。其实,2003 和 2004 年的大纲都强调了要会写应用文,如书信、简历摘要和备忘 录, 但同学们在复习中一般不会将其作为重点来抓, 老师讲课的时候也主要以议论和记叙描 述类为主,且历年真题命题情况也是如此。但 10 大纲对写作部分的新要求我们要正视应用 文, 所以同学们平时要注意应用文写作的特定的格式要求, 有意识的掌握各类应用文的写作 方法。按照大纲的要求,要注重写作内容信息点覆盖的 ...


   辜鸿铭,精通九国的语言文化,国学造诣极深,曾获赠博士学位达 13 个之多。他的思想影 响跨越 20 世纪的东西方,是一位学贯中西、文理兼通的学者,又是近代中学西渐史上的先 驱人物。 辜鸿铭 10 岁时就随他的义父??英人布朗跳上苏格兰的土地, 被送到当地一所著名的 中学,受极严格的英国文学训练。课余的时间,布朗就亲自教辜鸿铭学习德文。布朗的教法 略异于西方的传统倒像是中国的私塾。他要求辜鸿铭随他一起背诵歌德的长诗《浮士德》 。 布朗告诉辜鸿铭:“在西方有神人,却极少有圣人。神人生而知之,圣人 ...


   大学英语啊??说的是四六级?我想知道你是想掌握实用性的还是应试性的……四六级和真正的英语是背道而驰的,要想学真正的英语,出国用的,趁早丢了四六级,免得中毒……如果是国内发展,四六级就可以了 语法其实在高中已经全部学完了,你要是想加强语法,我相信你肯定有老师发给你们的什么高考冲刺之类的复习书吧?看语法,再把里面的选择题全部好好做完,把错题全部弄懂,为什么错了,相信我,你的语法一定会很牛…… 四六级的关键在于听力和阅读,特别是听力,建议采用精听和泛听,精听就是把重要的单词能写下来的那种,泛听就是大 ...



   新视野大学英语 3 课文翻译 UNIT1 我哥哥吉米出生时遇上难产,因为缺氧导致大脑受损。两年后,我出生了。 从此以后,我的生活便围绕我哥哥转。 伴随我成长的,是“到外面去玩,把你哥哥也带上。” 不带上他,我是哪里也去不了的。因此,我怂恿邻居的孩子到我家来,尽情地玩孩子们 玩的游戏。 我母亲教吉米学习日常自理,比如刷牙或系皮带什么的。 我父亲宅心仁厚,他的耐心和理解使一家人心贴着心。 我则负责外面的事,找到那些欺负我哥哥的孩子们的父母,告他们的状,为我哥哥讨回 公道。 父亲和吉米形影不离。 ...


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   PEP 四年级上册期中检测 班级 听力部分(六大题,共 40 分) 听力部分( 大题, 一.Listen and circle. 听音并圈出你听到的字母或单词. ( 10 分) 1. JK 3. SXN 5. SXZ 7. school 9. chicken GP FMZ XSZ sorry kitchen JP LXS XSY story kangaroo 2. AM 4. UK 6. science 8. spoon 10. fifteen PM UN sports schoolbag ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   人教版七年级英语上册 Unit 1 My name's Gina. 一,同步点拨 学习目标导航】 【学习目标导航】 1, 学生能够利用 My name is…, I'm…进行自我介绍. 2, 问候他人. 3,询问别人的电话号码和给出电话号码. 4,通过学习学生能够用英语制作自己的名片.从而培养了学生的动手的能力. 【教材优化全析】 教材优化全析】 1,My name is Jenny.和 I'm Gina. 这两句是初次见面时介绍自己姓名的常用语言. 辨析:I 和 my 的区别 a)I 表示 ...