situational dialogue
his conversation is about two freshmans meet another wo by chance in college
张: Excuse me, is this your book?
钟: Yes,It is mine,Thank you .
张: You are welcome. Are you new admits? :
钟: yes. We just came to register yesterday. My name is : hongzhaohui. Nice to meet you. This is my best high school hengpeng.
张: My name is Zhangyue. Nice to meet you, too. This is my f : ince childhood, Ronghui.
hi! We both came from xxx.
really? I am from that city, too. We are all town fellows aren’t h a small world.
absolutely. We both major in computer science. What’s your
I am major in computer ,too. my parents said this school offe ellent computer programs and it will be easier for me to get a r on.
My major is education. I want to be a teacher. I think it is coo
I picked my own major because I know what I want. I just like mputers a lot. I would like to be a computer programmer in the re.
Well, I don’t know wether I really like it or not. I just follow Ro ere he goes.
I feel bad for those students who make it to the top but had t ool because of financial problems.
My parents paid some of my tution and I said to myself that I a somebody. But no matter how much I do, I will never be ab ay my parents for what they have done for me.
I think I will find some off campus jobs in summer. I don’t wa a burden to my family . My parents have been working hard a s. you are great.
look. The boys are playing basketball now. I will join them. S
let’s keep in touch, ok?
I don’t have a cell phone. Can I send you e e-mails?
Sure. Here is my cell phone number: 123456
  78. d this is my e-mail address. Please write to me. mail
I will.
this is mine:876543
  21.I am so glad to meet you. Take care!
and 朱: bye!



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