Speaker: Welcome to our conference, ladies and gentlemen. Can you tell me where you come from? First, the girl over there with the fair hair. Your name's Lisa, isn't it?
Lisa: That's right. I'm Lisa. I come from Germany. I'm German.
Speaker: Thank you, Lisa. Now the tall man with the black hair. Is your name Tony?
Tony: That's right. I'm Tony. I come from Italy. I'm Italian.
Speaker: Welcome, Tony. And now, the small girl on the left. What's your name?
Francoise: Francoise.
Speaker: And where do you come from?
Francoise: I'm French. I come from France.
Speaker: Welcome to the conference, Francoise. And now it's time for coffee. Can you please come back in half an hour?
Speaker: Now the coffee break is over. We have people from ten different countries here. Please write their countries and nationalities. You know Lisa and Tony and Francoise.

  1. Lisa comes from Germany. She's German.

  2. Tony comes from Italy. He's Italian.

  3. Francoise comes from France. She's French.

  4. Carmen comes from Spain. She's Spanish.

  5. Hans comes from Holland. He's Dutch.

  6. George comes from Brazil, He's Brazilian.

  7. Ingrid comes from Sweden. She's Swedish.

  8. Maria comes from Venezuela. She's Venezuelan.

  9. Skouros comes from Greece. He's Greek.

  10. Ahmad comes from Egypt. He's Egyptian.


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