(Elina Malinen was in fact invited for an interview at the "Bon Appetit Restaurant". Here is part of the interview.)
Johnson: Good evening, Miss Malinen. Won't you sit down?
Elina: Good evening. Thank you.
Johnson: Now, I notice you left the Hotel Scandinavia in l9
  80. What are you now doing in England?
Elina: I'm spending a few months brushing up my English and getting to know the country better.
Johnson: And you want to work in England too. Why?
Elina: I'm keen on getting some experience abroad, and I like England and English people.
Johnson: Good. Now, I see from the information you sent me that you've worked in your last employment for nearly four years. Was that a large restaurant?
Elina: Medium-size for Finland, about forty tables.
Johnson: I see. Well, you'd find it rather different here. Ours is much smaller, we have only ten tables.
Elina: That must be very cosy.
Johnson: We try to create a warm, intimate atmosphere. Now, as to the job, you would be expected to look after five tables normally, though we get in extra staff for peak periods.
Elina: I see.
Johnson: I'm the Restaurant Manager and Head Waiter, so you'd be working directly under me. You'd be responsible for bringing in the dishes from the kitchen, serving the drinks, and if necessary looking after the bills. So you'd be kept pretty busy.
Elina: I'm used to that. In my last position we were busy most of the time, especially in summer.
Johnson: Good. Now, is there anything you'd like to ask about the job?
Elina: Well, the usual question?what sort of salary were you thinking of paying?
Johnson: We pay our waiters forty pounds a week, and you would get your evening meal free.
Elina: I see.
Johnson: Now, you may have wondered why I asked you here so late in the day. The fact is, I would like to see you in action, so to speak. Would you be willing to act as a waitress here this evening for half-an-hour or so? Our first customer will be coming in, let me see, in about ten minutes' time.
Elina: Well, I'm free this evening otherwise.
Johnson: Good. And in return perhaps you will have dinner with us? Now, let me show you the kitchen first. This way, please ...


简介英语中级听力短文Listen To This

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