英语中考考纲基础知识练习(动词的时态) 英语中考考纲基础知识练习(动词的时态)20
  11. 中考考纲基础知识练习
  1.Betty can’t join us the card game. She the classroom. A, has cleaned B, was cleaning C, had cleaned D, is cleaning
  2.A: Did you hear someone shouting? B: No, I didn’t. I to the music. A, listened B, have listened C, was listening D, had listened
  3.She Shanghai to attend an important conference in Japan the week after next. A, leaves B, left C, will leave D, has left
  4.My friends some foreigners around the ancient church this time yesterday. A, are showing B, were showing C, showed D, had shown
  5. By the end of last year, they five tunnels under the Huangpu River. A, built B, have built C, had built D, were built
  6. By the end of last month, the students all the subjects they learned. A, have reviewed B, had reviewed C. reviewed D. were reviewing
  7. John and I are good friends. We each other for ten years. A, knew B, had known C, know D, have known
  8. Don't turn on the radio. Grandpa . A, sleeps B, is sleeping C, has slept D, was sleeping

  9. We a physics lesson when the fire out. A, are having, broke B, have, breaks C, had, broke D, were having, broke
  10. Dick would rather a vocational school than a high school. A, enter B, entering C, to enter D, enter into
  11. When I got to the cinema, the film for five minutes. A, has begun B, had begun C, has been on D, had been on
  12.He films in Asia for more than twenty years by the time he arrived in America. A, had made B, has made C, made D, would make
  13.Shanghai government many international art festivals since last year. A, has organized B, organized C, is organizing D, would organize
  14.Hurry up! The editor for us at the gate for a long time. A, is waiting B, waits C, has waited D, had waited
  15. A: It’s said all the hotels are full of tourists. B: Don’t worry! I a room in Garden Hotel A, will book B, have booked C, booked D, had booked
  16. As a very quiet boy, Eddie anything to you unless you ask him a question. A, said B, will say C, didn’t say D, won’t say
  17.While I dinner in the kitchen, the bell . A, have, rings B, had, was ringing C, was having, rang D, am having, is ringing
  18.When I saw Dick yesterday, he to the music with an earphone. A, listened B, has listened C, was listening D, had listened
  19.A: What did your son say in the letter? B: He told me that he the Disney World the next day. A, will visit B, has visited C, is going to visit D, would visit
  20.Since the rain , why not go shopping now? A, has stopped B, stopped C, is stopping D, stops
  21.Aids is a kind of dangerous disease. Actions must to stop it from spreading.
A, have been taken B, take C, have taken D, be taken
  22.My uncle English in the school since he left university. A, teaches B, taught C, will teach D, has taught
  23.Mr. Smith dinner when I rang him. A, was having B, had C, are having D, were having
  24.John can’t join us in the game. He the room. A, has cleaned B, is cleaning C, cleans D, was cleaning
  25. By the end of last term, we ten English songs. A, learned B, have learned C, had learned D, would learn
  26.By the time Mrs. Jackson arrived in Shanghai, Mr. Jackson many famous cities in China. A, visited B, was visiting C, had visited D, has visited
  27.A: the flight MU823 ? B: No, not yet. A, has, arrived B, Do, arrive C, will, arrive D, Is, arriving B卷
  1.A:I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer. B: Oh. I am sorry I dinner at my friend’s home. A, have B, had C, was having D, have had
  2.I like this silk dress, and it so soft and comfortable. A, is feeling B, feels C, has felt D, is felt
  3.The English teacher isn’t here. She to the office and she will be back in a minute. A, would go B, went C, has gone D, has been
  4.We won’t do morning exercise if it tomorrow. A, rains B, will rain C, rained D, rain
  5.She didn’t go to see the dolphin show (海豚表演) with us because she it already. A, sees B, saw C, has seen D, had seen
  6.In old China, many palaces in Beijing, Xi’an and Nanjing. A, built B, have built C, were built D, were building
  7.A: What did your son say in the letter? B: He told me that he the Disney World the next day. A, will visit B, has visited C, is going to visit D, would visit
  8.I when she knocked at the door. A, cook B, am cooking C, was cooking D, cooked
  9.The Macao Red Cross has
  1.3 million US dollars for tsunami victims (海啸遇难者). A, raise B, risen C, to rise D, raised
  10.Do you know if he to play basketball with us? I think he will come if he free tomorrow. A, comes. Is B, comes, will be C, will come, is D, will come, will be
  11.When he got to the station, the train for a long time. A, had been away B, had left C, has been away D, has left
  12.Where did Mr Smith work before he to Shanghai? A, came B, had come C, comes D, would come
  13.John off his bike and hurt himself while he . A, fell, were riding B, had fallen, was riding C, fell, was riding D, had fallen, rode

  14.Tommy’s used to getting up early in the morning, he? A, wasn’t B, hasn’t C, isn’t D, doesn’t
  15.The students of Class One football when I saw them. A, had played B, played C, were playing D, was playing
  16.They each other since 20
  02. A, won’t see B, didn’t see C, hadn’t seen D, haven’t seen
  17.April Fool’s Day hundreds of years ago in France. A, begins B, began C, has begun D, had begun
  18.With the development of China, more and more foreigners to invest (投资) in China in the future. A, choose B, will choose C, have chosen D, chose
  19.Because of the bad service, the restaurant a lot of complaints since last December. A, are receiving B, have received C, has received D, received
  20.I will call you as soon as my cousin in Beijing tomorrow. A, will get B, arrives C, reaches D, will arrive
  21.Mr King has South Africa. He will be back next month. A, been to B, been at C, gone to D, gone in
  22.If it tomorrow, we won’t go on a trip to Hangzhou. A, rains B, rain C, will rain D, raining
  23.A: Have you ever Wuzhen and Taohua Island. B: No, never. But I’m going to either of the places this summer. A, been in B, gone in C, been to D, gone to
  24.Who my pen away? I used it minutes ago. A, has taken B, will take C, takes D, took
  25.Jenny the text of Lesson 3 at 8:00 last night. A, read B, was reading C, is reading D, would read th
  26.Prince Charles and Camilla married on 9 , April. They in love for a long time. A, get, are B, got, have been C, have got, were D. got, were
  27.The frightened girl let his brother the TV set. A, turns off B, turn off C, to turn off D, turned off
  28.The doctor on the wounded boy as soon as he there. A, operates, gets B, operates, will get C, will operate, gets D, will operate, get C卷
  1.Sorry, I didn’t quite what you said. Would you please say that again? A, know B, hold C, get D, catch
  2.Yao Ming has lots of NBA games since 20
  02. A, joined B, been in C, taken part in D, attended
  3.The reporters many questions about the war to the US Secretary of States (美国国务卿). A, rose B, answered C, said D, raised
  4.The famous French actress Beijing, capital of China, for almost ten days. A, has arrived in B, has reached C, has been in D, has come to
  5.When the quests came in, he to welcome them. A, raised B, rose C, stood D, fell

  6.We learn that computers cannot completely human beings to do all kinds of work. A, instead of B, instead C, take place D, take the place of
  7.The trash is dirty. Please . A, throw it B, throw away C, throw away it D, throw it away
  8.The moon in the east and in the west. A, rises, sets B, raises, sets C, sets, rises D, sets, raises
  9.The earth is our home. We should the land, air and water clean. A, change B, share C, notice D, keep
  10.It will them a few years to build the underground. A, pay B, cost C, take D, spend
  11.Al, together with his two friends, to Beijing for a holiday this summer. A, are going B, was going C, will be going D, is going
  12.Something must be done to the bird flu. A, turn off B, take off C, put off D, keep off
  13.Please the map before you drive around the city. A, read B, watch C, see D, notice
  14.It’s cold outside. You’d better your scarf to protect your hair from the wind. A, wear B, cover C, put on D, put up
  15.At first I really didn’t know how to so many problems when I took over Mr White’s job. A, make up B, deal with C, pick up D, take off
  16.David had few friends when he was in college, ? A, has he B, didn’t he C, hadn’t he D, did he
  17.A: When did China WTO? B: In November 20
  01. A, join B, go in for C, take part in D, enter for
  18.Feng Ai, a volunteer from Shanghai, books and pens to the kids in the village as soon as she got there. A, gave out B, gave off C, sent out D, sent off
  19.The story was so funny that every listener . A, interested B, laughed C, understood D, disliked
  20.A: How long may I the book? B: For two weeks. A, borrow B, get C, lend D, keep
  21.Here are your test papers, children. Who’d like to help me ? A, pick them up B, give them out C, look them up D, let them out
  22.The poor man has in bed for two days. He has no money to see a doctor. A, laid B, lay C, lain D, lied
  23.He wasn’t able to the race because of his recent accident. A, join B, attend C, go to D, take part in
  24.If you have some new words in the passage. 9in the dictionary. A, look up them B, look for them C, look them up D, look them for
  25.The VIPs from 21 countries the APEC in shanghai that autumn. A, held B, attended C, joined D, took part in
  26.Bob as well as his friends some reading every morning.
A, do B, does C, is doing D, are doing
  27.Who do you think the first? A, will be B, of being C, to be D, about
  28.Li Hua went to university in London to study low. But he didn’t like it. He after one year. A, give up it B, give it up C, gave up it D, gave it up
  29.The sun in the east and in the west. A, rises, sets B, raises, sets C, sets, rises D, sets, raises
  30.The children run the Children Restaurant. A, take part in B, go fast to C, have meals in D, are in charge of D卷
  1.He wondered what had happened. A, didn’t know B, knew clearly C, could understand D, wanted to know
  2.Suddenly something in the street his eye. He slowed down his steps. A, found B, looked at C, caught D, pointed at
  3.The foreigners went to Japan two days ago. So they have Japan for two days. A, been away to B, been away at C, been in D, been away from
  4.I don’t know whether it or not, but if it , I’ll stay at home. A, snow, is B, snows, will C, will snow, will D, will snow, does
  5.There are some new words in the passage. in your dictionaries. A, Look them at B, Look up them C, Look at them D, Look them up
  6.What did the teacher our monitor to at the class meeting? A, tell, say B, say, tell C, tell, talk D, say, talk
  7.The teacher said to the students,” your schoolbags home and your dictionaries here tomorrow.” A, Take, carry B, Bring, take C, Carry, bring D, Take, bring
  8.If the homework done, you may go out to play for a while. A, will B, will be C, is D, has been
  9.Some girls like skirts all the year round. A, wearing B, dressing C, putting on D, dressing up
  10.I to watch ball games on TV. A, enjoy B, keep C, prefer D, allow
  11.They are having a meeting in the next room. Could you the radio a little bit? A, turn up B, turn off C, turn on D, turn down
  12.Jackson has the national record for the 100-metre dash for 3 years. A, done B, broken C, held D, got
  13.The weather report it is going to rain tonight. A, tells B, says C, speaks D, talks
  14.A farmer to see a UFO on a clear night two weeks ago. A, happened B, took place C, used D, was used
  15.The film for five minutes. A, has begun B, began C, has on D, has been on
  16.It’s raining heavily. The students have to stay in the classroom, they? A, have B, do C, haven’t D, don’t

  17.Has he here since last Sunday? A, been B, arrived C, come D, got
  18.What will you on your trip to Suzhou next week? A, carry B, get C, bring D, take
  19.What did the manager you to at the meeting? A, tell, say B, ask, speak C, tell, speak D, ask, talk
  20.I my notebook at home, sir. I will it to school tomorrow. A, forgot, take B, left, bring C, forgot, bring D, left, take
  21.I’m not sure if he . If tomorrow, I’ll let you know as soon as possible. A, comes, comes B, comes, will come C, will come, will come D, will come, comes
  22.He hesitated for a while, and then told me the truth. The underlined word means . A, rested D, stopped C, felt uncertain D, waited
  23.I hear that there is going to a discussion about sports and games tomorrow. A, take place B, be held C, have D, be
  24.So many cars have the street that we can hardly go across it. A, been filled B, crowed C, filled D, filled with
  25.Did you see anyone into the library? A, enter B, went C, came D, go
  26.If Miss Yang tomorrow, Miss Chen



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