深圳市潜龙学校九年级备课组 20
  8)同步练习 第 II 卷 笔试部分(共 85 分) I. 单项选择 (共 15 分) ( )
  16. -- Last Saturday, I gave a talk how to learn English. -- Really? Where did you give talk? A. for; a B. on; a C. for; the D. on; the ( )
  17. ? Why did Angela take part in the contest? ? Because one of was faint. A. the contestants B. the contestant C. the contest D. the contests ( )
  18. ?Would you like anything else? . ?Yes. I’d like A. six apples more B.
深圳市潜龙学校九年级备课组 20
another apples six C. apples six more D. another six apples ( )
  19. ? Pency was sent to the hospital the H1N1 flu. ?Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. We should be careful. A. because B. because of C. as D. since ( )
  20.. ? How long have your parents ? -- Over 10 years. In 1995, they each other and got married two years later. A. married, fell in love to B. been married, fell in love to C. been married, fell in love with D. married, fell in love with ( )
  21. ?I need computer now. May I use yours? ?Sorry. There is with it.
深圳市潜龙学校九年级备课组 20
A. using; something wrong B. to use; wrong something C. to use; something wrong D. use; wrong something ( )
  22. .Is it possible her to have long hairstyle? I’m afraid not. The long hair her. A. of, is suitable B. for, doesn’t suit C. for, isn’t suit for D. for, isn’t fiting for ( )
  23. He felt nervous at first but then he became relaxed. A. a bit of B. little C. a bit D. a lot ( )
  24. What did your son say in the letter? He told me that he the Disney World the next day. A. will visit B. has visited C. is going to visit D. would visit
深圳市潜龙学校九年级备课组 20
( )
  25. She was the singer in the opera and they were all jealous her. A. most popular, for B. most popular, of C. popularest, for D. popularest, of ( )
  26. Christine pulled his mask and she was shocked his face. A. off, at B. off, on C. on, at D. on, at ( )
  27. She forced him home when he was still a child. A. left B. leaving C. to leave D. leaves ( )
  28. -- Be careful. the bus. ? Thank you! A. Here is come B. Here come C. Here comes D. Here ( )
  29. I am , I never feel
深圳市潜龙学校九年级备课组 20
. A. But, alone, lonely B. Although, lonely, alone C. Though, alone, lonely D. But, lonely, alone ( )
  30. Which of the following is true? A. Could you tell me what is the matter with him? B. Do you know where does Elizabeth live? C. I've got no idea how to do with it. D. There are many people read in the library . V. 解释句子。 (10 分,共 5 题,每题 2 分)
  71. He taught her how to sing well.
深圳市潜龙学校九年级备课组 20

  72. The little girl was so excited that she couldn’t keep till.
  73. They went shopping. They didn’t go to the cinema.
  74. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  75. They presented me with the nice bike.
深圳市潜龙学校九年级备课组 20
16-20 DADBC 21-25CBCDB 26-30 ACCCA
  71. He taught her how she could sing well
  72. The little girl was too excited to keep still.
  73. They went shopping instead of going to the cinema.
  74. Breakfast is more important than any other meal of the day.
  75. They presented the nice bike to me. / They gave me the nice bike as a gift.


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   09 年 12 月英语四级真题 A 卷答案 In recent years, extravagance and waste have become increasingly serious in some of the university campus. We can see that papers, bottles and cans are thrown away after use; food is wasted just because of its poor taste; clot ...


   <b><font color=#FF0000>问题一:我听不懂,怎么办?</font></b><br>问题质量:低<br>提问频率:极高<br>这是个令老师极度难以回答的问题,因为这个问题的答案会有N多种。<br>首先,是什么材料听不懂?是对话?文章?还是听写?<br>其次,是否是语速过快导致你没有听懂?还是某个单词的发音本身你就读错了?<br>还有,那些单词你学过么?< ...


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   课程名称 课程特色 ① 根据中国人语音误区对症下药;通过系统训练培养学员地道美 根据中国人语音误区对症下药; 式发音,是练好口语的基础前提。 式发音,是练好口语的基础前提。 ② 新东方口语名师秉承口语“强化意念”教学理念,通过引导你反 复不断地重复相同的发音,比较相近的发音,对比不同的发音来强化 你的意念。使你的发音从模仿过度到自觉,从自觉过度到自然,使你 的发音无限地接近native speaker。 ③ “强化意念”从语音到语调,从汉英比较到英美发音差异,从节 奏到语气,通过列举大量的语 ...


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   大学英语六级考试听力易听混的 151 对词组 1) quite 相当 quiet 安静地 2) affect v 影响, 假装 effect n 结果, 影响 3) adapt 适应 adopt 采用 adept 内行 4) angel 天使 angle 角度 5) dairy 牛奶厂 diary 日记 6) contend 奋斗, 斗争 content 内容, 满足的 context 上下文 contest 竞争, 比赛 7) principal 校长, 主要的 principle 原则 ...


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