美国概况 练习题: 1 is the largest city and the chief port of the United States. A Washington D.C. B Los Angeles C San Francisco D New York City 2 enjoys the worst social and economic conditions. A Blacks B Hispanics C Indians D Asian Americans 3 Washington D.C. is named after. A the U.S. President George Washington B Christopher Columbus C both George Washington and Christopher Columbus D none of them 4 American and British English are two of the English language. A varieties B elements C parts D form 5 The first American president to be elected from the Republican Party was. A Thomas Jefferson B James Monroe C James Madison D Abraham Lincoln 6 Of the fifty states, the smallest state in area is. A Rhode Island B Virginia C Texas D Montana 7 The national flag of the United States is known as. A the Star-Spangled Banner B Uncle Sam C Hot Dog D Union Jack 8 The number of the Representatives from each American state depends on the . A contribution a state has made to the nation B population C size D none of the above 9 The tern “Father of Waters” is used to refer to . A the Amazon River B the Mississippi River C the Nile River D the Hudson River 10 The statue of liberty was given to American people by as a gift in 18
  84. A France B Spain C Italy D Britain 练习题答案及题解: 1 D, 纽约是美国最大的城市同时也是最重要的经济中心和最主要的港口。 2 A, 黑人在美国的经济和社会地位都最为低下。 3 C, 首都命名为华盛顿是为了纪念美国的第一任总统乔治?华盛顿, 而联邦直辖区命名为哥 伦比亚特区是为了纪念第一位从欧洲横渡大西洋到达西半球的探险家克里斯多拂?哥伦布。 4 A, 美国英语和英国英语是英语语言的两种变体。 5 D, 美国历史上的第一位共和党总统是亚伯拉罕?林肯。 6 A, 美国国土面积最小的是罗得岛。 7 A, 美国的国旗是星条旗。 8 B, 美国每个州派往众议院的代表人数应与本州人口成比例。 9 B, 美国的“众河之父”指的是密西西比河。 10 A, 美国的自由女神像是法国人赠予的礼物。 美国概况 练习题: 1 Ernest Hemingway is .
A Englishman B American C Dutch D Denmark 2 John Fitzgerald Kennedy is president. A 35th B 34th C 33rd D 32nd 3 In 1837, the first college-level institution for women , Mount Holyoke Female Seminary , opened in to serve the “ Muslim sex”. A New England B Virginia C Massachusetts D New Yorkr 4 The capital of Massachusetts is . A Providence B Boston C Montpelier D Augustar 5 is the dividing line between the South and North. A The Hudson River B The Potomac River C The Ohio River D The Missouri River 6 is Washington’s largest city. A Boise B Denver C Tacoma D Seattler 7 Washington D.C., the capital of U.S. is situated on the River banks. A St. Lawrence B Hudson C Potomac D Missourir 8 When did the American Civil War break out? A 1775 B 1812 C 1861 D 1863 9 Who prepared the draft of the Declaration of Independence? A John Adams B Thomas Jefferson C Benjamin Franklin D John Hancockr 10 In which day is Halloween celebrated? A 5 November B 31 October C 17 March D 25 Decemberr 练习题答案及题解: 1 B,文坛巨匠海明威是美国人。 2 A,肯尼迪是美国的第 35 任总统。 3 C,美国的第一所女子学院开设于马萨诸塞州。 4 B,麻省的首府是波士顿。 5 D,美国南北的分界线是密苏里河,东西的分界线是密西西比河。 6 D,华盛顿州的最大城市是西雅图。 7 C,华盛顿特区位于波托马克河上。 8 C,美国内战爆发于 1861 年,结束于 1865 年。 9 B,为美国起草独立宣言的是托马斯?杰弗逊。 10 B,万圣节前夕是 10 月的最后一天即 10 月 31 号。 美国概况 练习题: 1 The following were the founding fathers of the American Republic except . Unt 中 国英语学习网 A George Washington B Thomas Jefferson C William Penn D Benjamin Franklin 2 The New Deal was started by . A Franklin Roosevelt B J.K. Kennedy C George Washington D Thomas Jefferson 3 The United States was rated in the world in terms of land areas. A second B third C fourth D fifth
4 The expenditure in American public schools is guided or decided by . A Teachers B students C headmaster D boards of education 5 The Bill of Rights consists of . A 10 very short paragraphs in an amendment B 10 amendments adopted in 1787 C 10 amendments added to the Constitution in 1791 D the amendments concerning the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press and the freedom of religion 6 The United States produces as much as much as half of the world’s . A wheat and rice B cotton C tobacco D soybeans and corn 7 Which invention marked the beginning of “The Age of Visual Information”? A Newspaper B Telegraph C Laundry machine D Television 8 The theory of American politics and the American Revolution originated mainly from . A George Washington B Thomas Jefferson C John Adams D John Locke 9 The District of Manhattan is in the city if . A Washington D.C. B San Francisco C New York D Chicago 10 The seats in the Senate are allocated to different states. A according to their population B according to their size C according to their tax paid to federal government D equally 练习题答案及题解 1 C, 华盛顿、杰弗逊和弗兰克林都是美国创建时的元老功勋、而 William Penn 是美国宾州 的创始人。 2 A, 新政是罗斯福为了应对美国经济大萧条而提出的。 3 C, 就面积而言, 美国是世界第四大国。 4 D, 对此有决定权的是教育委员会。 5 C, 人权法案是于 1791 年增补到宪法法案上来的前十条修正案。 6 D, 美国出产占世界一半的是大豆和玉米。 7 D, 开创人类视觉信息革命的重大发明是电视机。 8 D, 美国的许多政治观念都是来源于英国著名哲学家约翰?洛克。 9 C, 曼哈顿是纽约市的著名经济和商业区, 也是纽约的中心地带。 10 D, 美国每一个州在参议院中均有两位议员作为代表,与各州人口无关和众议院不同) 。 美国概况 练习题: 1 The Rocky Mountains is located in . A Great Britain B Australia C South Africa D North America 2 Hollywood, the centre of American movie industry, is closest to which city? A Los Angles B Chicago C New York D Washington 3 Which of the following is an American newspaper? A The Guardian B Newsweek
C The International Herald Tribune D The Daily Telegraph 4 The U.S. is called a “melting pot” because . A its steel industry is highly developed B it has great influence on the world C it is an important economic center of the world D people from different races live there together 5 The first Puritans came to America on the ship . A Codpeed B Susan Constant C May Flower D Discovery 6 Americans celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday in May to honor those who have . A given their lives for their country B made great scientific discoveries C won American great reputation in sports D donated large amounts of money to the country 7 “Trick or Treat” is a phrase that children often use when they celebrated . A New Year’s Day B Veteran’s Day C Halloween D Christmas 8 The Easter egg and the hare, two of the symbols most frequently associated with Easter, are considered to present . A vigor and bravery B fertility and new life C originality and speed D happiness and fun 9 Which of the following books is not written by Mark Twain, whose real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens? A The Adventures of Tom Sawyer B The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn C Life on the Mississippi D Leaves of grass 10 Which of the following books is written by Washington Irving? A Nature B The Scarlet Letter C The Sketch Book D Farewell to Arms 练习题答案及题解: 1 D, 落基山脉位于美国西北部, 向东南延伸。 2 A, 好莱坞和迪士尼均位于洛杉矶。 3 B, 《新闻周刊》是美国的报纸, 而《国际先驱论坛》是法国的, 《卫报》和《每日电 讯》为英国的。 4 D, 美国被称之为“大熔炉”是因为来自世界各地的人们所带来的各自的文化在此交融形成 独特的多元文化特征。 5 C, 首批清教徒到美国时乘坐的船是“五月花号”。 6 A, Memorial Day 是美国的阵亡将士纪念日。 7 C, 万圣节是美国的传统节日。万圣节前夜, 孩子们带着各种面具, 穿着奇异的衣服, 跑到邻居家门前,高声喊着:“Trick or Treat”,向大人们讨要糖果。不给的邻居就会遭到小 孩的恶作剧。 8 B, 复活节彩蛋和兔子是“多产和新生”的象征。 9 D, Leaves if grass 是 Walt Whitman 的作品。 10 C, Washington Irving 被称作是美国文学之父, 这是他最有名的作品。A 是 Ralph W. Emerson 的作品, B 是 Nathaniel Hawthorne 的作品, D 是 Earnest Hemingway 的作品
美国概况 练习题: 1 The world-famous Havard University is in . A Massachusetts B New York C Washington D.C. D Maine 2 Which of the following statements about American education is wrong? A Elementary and secondary education in America is free and compulsory B Private schools are financially supported by religious or nonreligious private organizations or individuals. C There are more public colleges and universities than the private ones D Credits taken at community colleges are normally applicable to requirement for a four-year bachelor’s degree. 3 is a symbol of American theatre and world-class entertainment. A Broadway B Wall Street C The Fifth Avenue D Times Square 4 is not a tourist attraction in the United States. A Yellowstone National Park B Grand Canyon C St. Patrick’s Cathedral D Stonehenge 5 was an actor before he became the President. A Ronald Reagan B Abraham Lincoln C Herbert Hoover D Jimmy Carter 6 New Englanders were originally known as , which come to stand for all Americans. A Hippies B Yankees C Uncle Sam D Brother Jonathan 7 On the 30th of April 1789, George Washington took the oath of office in , which housed the government then. A New York B Washington D.C. C Philadelphia D Boston 8 Which of the following people was not an American President? A John Hancock B John Adams C John Q. Adams D Jimmy Carter 9 Henry Fond was the first man to . A design a plane B fly an aeroplane C mass-produciton D design and make a car 10 “That government of the people, by the people, for the people, … ”were the words by . A Thomas Jefferson B Abraham Lincoln C Andrew Johnson D Theodore Roosevelt 练习题答案及题解: 1 A, 哈佛大学位于马萨诸塞州的剑桥(Cambridge)镇。 2 C, 在美国, 私立高等教育机构要多于公立的。象麻省理工, 耶鲁大学, 哈佛大学都是 私立的。 3 A, 百老汇是一条由南向北贯穿曼哈顿全岛的大道, 其中心地带是在第 42 借“时代广场” 附近, 周围云集了几十家剧院, 上演被称为现代歌舞剧的剧目。 4 D, Stonehenge 在英国, 是古代城池的遗迹。 5 A, 里根从政前曾经在好莱坞闯荡 20 多年,参与演出了 50 多部电影。 6 B, Yankees 一词具有丰富的含义。 现在用于代表美国人,俗称美国佬。 在美国南部, Yankee 是指美国北部各州的居民, 即北方佬;而对多数美国人来说,Yankee 意味着新英 格兰人。 7 A, 1789 年 George Washington 在纽约宣誓就职, 1790 年首都迁往费城。 1800 年以后 定都华盛顿。
8 A, John Hancock,因其当时在《独立宣言》上的签名很大,他的名字在美语里变成了签 名的代名词。 9 C, Henry Ford 早期是一名技师, 虽然没有发明汽车, 但他是第一位批量生产汽车的人。 10 B, 这是 Abraham Lincoln 于 1863 年 11 月 19 日在葛底斯堡阵亡将士墓举行落成仪式上 发表的著名的《葛底斯堡演说》的片语。 。 英国文学
  1.refers to some contrast or discrepancy between appearance and reality. A Allegory B Conflict C Irony D Flashback
  2.was recognized as the greatest poet of Victorian England. A Tennyson B Robert Browning C Mrs.Browning D Robert Burns
  3.James Joyce is the author of all the following novels EXCEPT A Dubliners B A Potrait of the Artist as a Young Man C Jude the Obscure D Ulysses
  4.Which of the follwing poets is different from the others? A John Donne B John Keats C Lord Byron D Percy Bysshe Shelley
  5.William Wordsworth is an English A poet B novelist C playwright D critic
  6.The compiler of A Dictionary of the English Language is A Joseph Addison B Richard Steele C Samuel Johnson D Laurence Stern
  7.My Last Duchess is a monologue poem written by A William Shakespeare B Robert Browing C Ben Jonson D Robert Herrick
  8. "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" is an epigrammatic line by A John Keats B William Blake C William Wordsworth D Percy Bysshe Shelley
  9.Paradise Lost is a masterpiece by A Christopher Marlow B John Miltom C William Shakespeare D Ben Johnson
  10. James Joyce mostly wrote about his hometown A London B Dublin C New York D Edinburgh 答案:
  1.D irony 是指“反讽”,揭示事物表面与真相的差别。
  2.A Aflred Tennyson 被称为维多利亚时代最杰出的英国诗人。他的主要作品为:The Princess,Maud 和短诗 Break



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   英语语法知识汇总 词类: 一、词类: 1、 动词 、 这里所说的动词是指各种动词总称,其中包括行为动词(就是我们平时总说的那种动词) 这里所说的动词是指各种动词总称,其中包括行为动词(就是我们平时总说的那种动词) 、 be 动词、情态动词。 动词、情态动词。 (1)行为动词 ) 就是我们平时上课时说的动词,表示某一动作或行为。 就是我们平时上课时说的动词,表示某一动作或行为。如:sweep、live 等。 、 行为动词我们已学过它们的四种形式: 行为动词我们已学过它们的四种形式: 原形、 原 ...


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   ! 一、关于听力!! 关于听力! 第一招: 第一招:相关保留原则 当选项中有两项表达意思相近时,那么正确答案必在这两项之中!这时只需稍 微听一听对话,即可知答案,如果出现了双重相关,便可直接确认正确选项,只需 听完对话加之认证一下即可! 典型例题: 4. A) Visiting the Browning. B) Writing a postcard. C) Looking for a postcard. D) Filling in a form. 例题分析:B、C 两项均含有 a posca ...

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