给定观点型 对比选择型 自由发挥型
It Pays to Be Honest (
  1)?给定观点 Reduce Waste on Campus (
  1)?给定观点型 Say No to Pirated Products (
The Celebration of Western Festivals (
  23)?自由发挥型 The Importance of Reading Classics (
  24)-- 给定观点型 Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good Deed? (
  6)? 自由发挥型 Digital Age (
In recent years, 某话题 (Reducing Waste On Campus) has become a hot topic both on and off campus. (某话题 , a hot topic both 某话题 on and off campus, has received much public attention.)
Nowadays,某话题 (pirated products/ 某话题 the importance of reading classics) has/have aroused much public concern in China. Recently,某话题 has been brought into 某话题 focus in our society.
There is a public debate today about某话 某话 题. (the celebration of western festivals/
whether one should expect a reward when doing a good deed)
It has long been a controversial issue as to 某话题. 某话题
There’s no denying (the fact) that某话题 . 某话题 (It pays to be honest) A common ground has been reached that 某话题 . (digital products have penetrated into every corner of our society/ are prevalent in our society.) Now there is a growing awareness that某 某 越来越认识到… 话题 . 越来越认识到
There are many reasons for… The answer to this problem involves many factors.
Firstly,…Secondly,…Thirdly To begin with/ First of all/On one hand,… On the other hand,…Besides,… For one thing,…For another,…Last but not the least,…
For instance/example A good case in point is… Considering the case of… Let’s take …as an example,…
Some people stress/argue/would agree that…; others suggest/ believe that… Some people applaud it as 正面观点 正面观点….; While/However, there are those who see it as负面观点。 负面观点。 负面观点
In my opinion/ Personally speaking,… From my point of view,… As for myself/ For my part, As far as I am concerned, I cannot agree more with the idea that…
In a word,… In short,… In brief,… In conclusion,… On the whole,… To sum up,…
From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that… Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that… Thus, it can be concluded that…
A saying goes like this,“谚语”. 观点总 谚语” 谚语 结. “谚语”. That is an old saying 谚语” 谚语 concerning 话题 观点总结 话题. 观点总结. Just as an old saying goes, “谚语”. 观 谚语” 谚语 点总结. 点总结
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A Letter to The Victims in The Earthquake-hit Regions of Sichuan Province A Letter of Appealing to The Public to Donate Money for The Earthquake Victims
May the dead rest at peace and the survivors grow strong. Wish the victims peace. Let the survivors be conscious.
The disaster/ catastrophe/ calamity has taught me not to have regrets in life. The earthquake provided a rare chance for us to reflect on the meaning of life.
There is a kind of endless and great love transferring to you all. I am praying for a better life for all you survivors.
Unity is strength. (众志成城) 众志成城) 众志成城 We dedicate our love to fighting the earthquake and relieving the disaster. Let’s use our love to protect the faint light of life.
Save the money for a hot pot to pay for a bottle of water for Sichuan people. One third of the pork China produces is from Sichuan. The people there need you to donate the cost of just one sausage.


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