英语专业 2004 级毕业(论文)题目汇总表

Research on College Students' Reading Strategies 大学生阅读策略研究 The Pragmatic Value and the Social and Cultural Background of English Loanwords in Modern Chinese
现代汉语中英语外来词的社会文化背景及其语用价值 A Study of Cultural Default and Compensation in Tourism Translation 论旅游翻译中的文化缺省与翻译补偿方法 An Illustration of Metaphorical Mechanism from Connectionism and Its Challenge to Traditional Philosophical
Thought 联结主义对隐喻机制的阐释及其对传统哲学基础的挑战
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On The Translation Of The Book Of Odes
A Tentative Study into the Four Chinese Versions of Mr.Wu Mi --A Scholar and a Gentleman
对 Mr. Wu Mi ?A Scholar and a Gentleman 四个中文译本的对比研究
Functions of exotic language in the modern poem 现代诗歌中的外来词汇功能性探究 On the Chinese Translation of News Titles ? A Crosscultural Study 从跨文化角度看新闻标题的英译汉 The Role of Language Skills in Commercial Negotiations 语言技巧在商务谈判中的作用 A Study of University Students' Motivation of English Learning--by Comparison of English Majors and Non-English
Majors 大学生英语学习动机的研究英语专业学生与非英语专业学生的比较
C-E Translation of Euphemism: A Tentative Study 试论委婉语的英译 A Study of Teachers’ Asking Questions in EFL Classrooms and Strategies to Optimize Teachers' Asking Questions EFL 课堂内教师提问以及教师提问最优化研究 Sino-Western Culture Differences in Advertisements 广告中显现的中西文化差异 Conflict between Sophistication and Innocence ? Analysis of the Love Tragedy in The Age of Innocence 世俗与纯真的冲突??《纯真年代》中爱情悲剧分析 A Study of the Humorous Function of English Euphemism in Movies 电影中英语委婉语的幽默功能研究
A Comparison of Yang Xianyi's and Wang Honggong's Translations of Li Qingzhao's Poems 从杨宪益和王红公的译本出发比较研究李清照词的翻译
On the Origin and the Expressing Techniques of English Euphemism 浅谈英语委婉语的起源及其表达技巧 How to Deal With Cultural Default in Translation 如何处理翻译中的文化缺省 Cultural Transfer of English Education on Chinese Children 英语教育对中国儿童的文化迁移作用 Learning Interest and English Teaching in Middle Schools 学习兴趣与中学英语教学 The Mother Tongue Migration Phenomenon in English Acquisition of Chinese Learners 得中的母语迁移现象 On the Treatment of Implied Meaning in CE Literature Translation 文学作品汉译英时隐含意义的翻译策略探讨 The Important Function of Cross-Cultural Awareness In English Teaching 作用 Figurative Meaning of Animal Words in English and Chinese Cultures and Their Translation 化中的喻义及它们的翻译 动物词汇在中英文 跨文化意识在英语教学中的重要 中国英语学习者习
Amplification and Omission: A Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Thought Patterns 从中西思维方式探究 翻译中的增词与省略 Jane Austen and Visual Art?On Visual Artistic Features in Sense and Sensibilit 简奥斯汀和视觉艺术?论《理智与 情感》中的视觉艺术特色 Light of Humanity in Light in August 《八月之光》的人性光辉
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On Five Versions of Jing Ye Si: A Comparative Study 《静夜思》五个英译本之比较性研究 On the Translation of Brand Names from a Consumers' Perspective 从消费者的心理看商标翻译 Application of Task?Based Language Teaching in Junior English Classes 课堂中的运用 The Art of Making Contrasts in O Henry's Short Stories 欧亨利短篇小说中的反衬艺术 A Rereading Into the Figure of Robinson Crusoe 对鲁滨逊的人物形象再解读 A Cross-cultural Study of Daily Greetings between English and Chinese 比研究 he Madwoman in the Attic: Reinterpretation of Wide Sargasso Sea 阁楼里的疯女人:重读《藻海无边》 中英日常交际用语跨文化对 任务型教学在中学英语
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John Ruskin's "The King of the Golden River” Under the Ecological Perspective 生态学解读 Acquisition of English Words in Terms of Semantic Fields 从语义场角度看英语词汇习得 The Dark Side of Human Nature in Hawthorne's The Birthmark 从霍桑的《胎记》里透露出来的人性之恶 On the Self-identity of Black Feminism Through The Bluest Eye An Analysis of Anson Hunter in Rich Boy 评析《富家子弟》中的男主人公安森亨特
On the Translation of Chinese Dish Names: A Study Based on the English Translation of Dish Names in Beijing 中文 菜单翻译方法研究??以北京市菜单英译为例 On Semantic Vacancy in the Translation of Animal Names from a Cross-Cultural Perspective 从跨文化角度看动物词汇翻译中的语义空缺 The Great Influence of Oral English to Writing 口语表达能力对写作水平的重要影响 The Role of Mary Magdalene from the Aspect of Symbolism in the Davinci Code Revisited 从达芬奇密码中的符号学角度重新审视抹大拉的玛利亚 The Application of “You ?Attitude” in Intercultural Business Negotiation 跨文化商务交流中的换位思考
A Tentative Analysis of the Self-improvement of Mulan's Personality in Moment in Peking 试评《京华烟云》中木兰个性的完善 Morphological Structures of English Neologisms in Finance 金融范畴内英语新造词的形态结构 The Influence of Intonation on English Listening 语调音变对听力的影响 The Research of English Word Introductory Study 英语词汇的入门教学方法的研究 On the Inadequacy of Translation Equivalence: A Case Study of the Translation of “国家” into English 翻译中的不等效问题??以“国家”一词的英译为例 The Cultural Impact on the Word Formation of Chinese Loan Words in English 响 Research into the Influence of Mother Tongue on English Sentences ComposingUsing Middle School Students as 英语中文化因素对汉语借词的影
the Subjects 汉语思维对中学英语句子写作的影响
52 53 54 55 56
On Information Loss in EC Translation: A Case Study of the Translation of Character Names in Harry Potter 翻译中的信息流失??以《哈利波特》人名翻译为例 A Study of the Inter-Cultural Perspectives in The Woman Warrior 论《女勇士》中的跨文化视角 The Characteristics of Brand Name Translation and the Effects on International Marketing 国际营销的影响 An Ecofeminist Study of Rappaccini's Daughter 《拉巴契尼的女儿》的生态女性主义研究 On Benefits From Reading English Newspapers And Periodicals 论阅读英文报纸及期刊的有利之处 商标翻译的特色及其对
57 58
A Cross-cultural Analysis of “Refusal” Speech Act Between China and the USA 中美拒绝言语行为的跨文化研究 On the Horror Effect of Poe's Novel The Black Cat 心灵的恐惧??评爱伦坡《黑猫》的恐怖效果 A Brief Study of the Translation in E-sport 电子竞技翻译简略探悉 The Effect of Dictionary Use on Chinese English Majors' Writing Proficiency 词典运用策略对英语专业学生英语写作水平的影响 The Effect of Cultural Familiarity on Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition 文化熟悉度对词汇附带习得的影响 An Analysis of the Character Bloom in Ulysses 《尤里西斯》中布鲁姆的形象分析 An Analysis of the Features of English Disaster News in Press 英语报刊灾祸新闻写作特点
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On the Expression of Loneliness in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers 论卡森麦卡勒斯的《心是孤独的猎手》中对孤独的表述 Age Difference and EFL Teaching 年龄差异和英语外语教学 Cultural Metaphoric Meaning of Food Language in English 英语中饮食语言的文化喻义 跨文化因素对商标翻译的影响
The Influence of Intercultural Factors on the Translation of Trademarks
A Study on the Strategies in Negotiating Clauses of International License Agreement 国际技术贸易合同条款商定的策略研究 A Tentative Research on the Case-study-based Teaching Model and Its Adaptability to the Commercial Courses in English 案例教学模式在商务英语课程中的应用研究 Effects of Tolerance of Ambiguity on the English Reading Proficiency 歧义容忍度对英语阅读能力的影响 An Analysis of Fraudulent L/C Clauses 信用证中的陷阱条款研究 On the Translation of Metaphors in Sci-Tech English 科技英语中的隐喻翻译 A Study of Cognitive Function of Metaphor 隐喻认知功能研究 An Analysis of Chinese and English Advertisements from a Cultural Perspective On Ye Zinan's Translation Theory and Practice 叶子南的翻译理论和实践 Genre Analysis of Business Promotional Texts 商业促销文章的体裁分析 EFL Learners’ Attitudes towards Autonomous Learning EFL 学习者对于自主学习态度的研究 Cultural Differences Between China and West: A Case Study of "Dog" Idioms in Chinese and English 从英汉关于“狗”的习语翻译看中西文化的异同 从文化角度研究汉英广告差异
79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89
On Vague Language and Its Application in Business English Writing 论模糊语言及其在商务英语写作中的运用 A Study of the Chineseness in The Joy Luck Club 论《喜福会》中的中国文化属性 A Study of Code-Mixing Between Chinese and English 汉英混用初探 Some Differences between English and Chinese Synonyms and their Implications for English Learning 英汉同义词之不同及其对英语学习的启示 The Charm of HorrorA Comparative Study of the Cask of Amontillado and the Psycho 恐怖的魅力??关于《一桶白葡萄酒》和《精神病患者》的比较研究 Research on Chinese English Majors' Motivation and Strategies in Oral English Learning 关于英语专业学生口语学习中动机策略运用的调查研究 Interpreting American Social Changes Through 解读新词背后的美国社会变迁 Why Don't We Laugh ? The Research on the Differences between Chinese and Western Humor Senses Neologisms
我们为什么不笑? 中西方幽默感差异浅析 On Pessimism in "The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock" 论《普鲁弗洛克情歌》的悲剧色彩 A Comparative Study of the Water Image in Thoreau with the Water Image in Zhuang Tsu 梭罗写作和庄子写作中水的意象比较研究 How to Transmit Aesthetic Function in C-E Translation of English Advertisement Slogans 如何在英语广告标语汉译时传递美感功能 A Study of Cultivating College Students’ Awareness and Competence of Intercultural Communication in the Context of
Globalization 全球化背景下大学生跨文化交际意识和能力培养的研究
91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
On the Translation of 旅游景点名称翻译
Names of Scenic Spots
Kurtz as an Image of Colonist in Heart of Darkness 论《黑暗的中心》中库尔茨之殖民者意象 A Comparative Study of the Teaching Approaches by Chinese and Foreign Teachers 研究 Can We Construct a Cultural Utopia ?--Rethink of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 能否构建一个文化乌托邦???重读《哈克贝利弗恩历险记》 Truth and Fiction in Da Vinci Code 论《达芬奇密码》的虚构与真实 Lawrence’s Theory of Painting Arts and Lady Chatterley’s Lover 劳伦斯美术理论与《查泰莱夫人的情人》 A Study of the Peer Feedback in College English Writing 大学英语写作的同伴反馈研究 Language Fraudulence in Verbal Communication - from the Perspectives of Pragmatic failure and Misunderstanding 从语用失误和误解看话语交际中语言的欺骗性 The Analysis of the Symbol of Rhododendrons and the Sea in Rebecca 分析 《蝴蝶梦》中石兰花和大海的象征意义 中外教师教学方法的比较
100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107
A Study on the Translation of Terminologies of Traditional Chinese Medicine On the Image of Dracula in Bram Stocker's Dracula 论布莱姆斯托克的《德库拉》中吸血鬼形象 Cultural Differences through 异 On Storytelling in EFL Teaching 论外语教学中的故事教学法 An Aesthetic Analysis of Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince and Other Tales EFL Learners’ Needs in EFL Listening Materials EFL 学习者在英语听力材料中的需求分析研究 Personality of Bush from His Radio Address 从电台演讲看布什个性 The Influence of Non-linguistic Factors on International Business Negotiation 非语言因素对国际商务谈判的影响 Wedding Customs in China and Western Countries
The Coherent Usage of Metaphor and Metonymy in Chinese College Students’ English Speeches and Their Translation
Strategies 全国大学生英文演讲辞中隐喻与转喻的篇章构建功能及其翻译策略
109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122
On the Translation of



   英语专业毕业论文题目汇总 语言与语言学类 001 从历史文化的发展看某个英语词或短语的语义演变 002 英诗中常用的修辞 003 英语谚语的修辞手法 004 委婉语种 005 英语中的缩略语 006 英语词汇中的外来语单词 007 英语新词新意探究 008 美国英语的特色 009 如何正确把握英语定语从句(或其他各种从句或语法形式)在句子中的确切含义 010 Fuzzy Words and Their Uses in Human Communication 011 Ambiguity and ...


   英语专业毕业论文题目汇总 语言与语言学类 001 从历史文化的发展看某个英语词 或短语的语义演变 002 英诗中常用的修辞 003 英语谚语的修辞手法 004 委婉语种 005 英语中的缩略语 006 英语词汇中的外来语单词 007 英语新词新意探究 008 美国英语的特色 009 如何正确把握英语定语从句 (或其 他各种从句或语法形式) 在句子中的确切含 义 010 Fuzzy Words and Their Uses in Human Communication 011 Ambiguit ...


   题目 Probe into the Cultural Origin of Chinese and English Euphemisms The Deformed Love in the Sons and Lovers Effects of Anxiety on Language Learning Study on the Different Locations of Buddhist and Taoist Temples in China and the Christian Explorin ...


   四川师范大学文理学院外语系 毕业论文题目 2010-2011 学年英语专业毕业生论文选题可从以下五个方向选定: 学年英语专业毕业生论文选题可从以下五个方向选定 个方向选定: I. 英语文学 学生可自选某个作者或某部作品从某个角度来分析该作者或该部作品的特点。 参考题目: &f &f &f &f &f &f &f &f 论华盛顿?欧文小说中的讽刺 解构《黑暗之心》的话语及叙事线索 论《坎特伯雷故事》的多样整合性 试析纳博科夫作品《洛丽塔》的后现代主义 论凯瑟琳?曼斯菲尔德作品中的象征意象 莎士 ...


   西南大学网络教育学院 2007 年秋 英语专业毕业论文题目 1. 多元智能理论在小学英语教学中的应用 2. 小学英语教学中的故事教学 3. 小学英语教学与智力开发 4. 初中英语教材 Go for it 的适应性研究 5. 如何有效地进行初中/高中阅读教学 6. 初中/高中英语教材中的文化因素 7. 初中/高中英语教材中的文化因素 8. 合作学习在中学英语学习中的应用 9. 角色扮演与高中英语教学 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 任务型语言教学 ...


   四川外语学院成都学院本科毕业生论文参考题目(一) 论文参考题目 一 论文参考题目(一) 题目 1. 《红字》中海丝特 ? 白兰不理智的一面(The Irrational Side of Hester Prynne of The Scarlet Letter) 2. 《董贝父子》中的矛盾冲突(The Conflict in Donbey and Son) 3. 论文化不同对联想意义及翻译的影响(On Influence of Cultural Differences on Associativ ...


   2011本科生毕业论文课题征集表 2011本科生毕业论文课题征集表 导师及题目 李燕 副教授 论商务谈判中语言沟通技巧 研究思路 1 商务谈判有其特殊性,进行沟通有其技巧性,本论文拟探讨技 巧种类及其作用。 论商务谈判中委婉语的理解和运用 委婉语在商务谈判的语境中正确理解和运用可以有效促进商务 谈判,本论文拟讨论委婉语理解和运用的正确途径。 论美国文化对进出口商品翻译的影响 在进出口商品翻译中如何有效地考虑文化的影响,寻求最佳翻 译方法 涉外商务信函的语言特征及其翻译 商务信函有其特有的语言 ...


   英语专业毕业论文题目汇总 语言与语言学类 001 从历史文化的发展看某个英语词或短语的语义演变 002 英诗中常用的修辞 003 英语谚语的修辞手法 004 委婉语种 005 英语中的缩略语 006 英语词汇中的外来语单词 007 英语新词新意探究 008 美国英语的特色 009 如何正确把握英语定语从句(或其他各种从句或语法形式)在句子中的确切含义 010 Fuzzy Words and Their Uses in Human Communication 011 Ambiguity and ...


   Comparison of English and Chinese Taboos 英汉禁忌语的比较 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am greatly indebted to Professor Li. Thanks for her patient and constant encouragement and guidance. She has walked me through all the stages of the writing of this thesis. She re ...


   The Use of Body Language in Children English Teaching I. Introduction Children were born with a unique feeling and a special observational angle to the world, they are lively, curious about the surroundings; and they have a strong imitation ability ...



   Part II Translation from Chinese into English Directions: Translate these sentences into English. 1. 他走得慢是因为他腿有毛病. 2. 他尽管病得很重,但还是来参加会议了. 3. 他确保同样得错误今后不再发生了. 4. 现在他们之间的了解多了一些,他们相处得就好些了. 5. 此时我发现自己被五六个男孩子围住了. 6. 在这幸福的时刻,我向你致以最美好的祝愿. 7. 昨天我去牙科医生那儿将我的一 ...

新东方英语 生而为赢词1-3学生用

   1.Youth Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of ;it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple ; it is a matter of the will, a quality of the ,a vigor of the ; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.Youth means a temperament ...


   表演??小学英语课堂的一种有效载体 愤悱国际英语教研室 [内容提要 内容提要] 内容提要 本文通过教学实例介绍了小学英语教学中对话角色表演,歌曲演唱表演,语音节奏表 演,单词拼写表演等各种表演形式;阐述了表演这一载体在小学英语课堂教学中的重要作 用以及组织表演时应遵循的原则。表演,它如磁铁一般紧紧地吸引学生,使学生以最大的 热情积极投入到教学活动中,也能让学生在各种表演中学会交际、体验成功、树立自信、 磨练意志的同时,也使学生的想象力、创造力、综合语用能力也得到发展。真正让学生学 会学习,学 ...


   多项选择题答案 Lesson 1: bcbdc adbac cc Lesson 2: cdcca bbadc db Lesson 3: cacac bccba bb Lesson 4: dbabb acbca cc Lesson 5: cadbc dabcb bd Lesson 6: dacdd adaba da Lesson 7: bccda cdacb ab Lesson 8: dbbac cbbad bb Lesson 9: cbdaa bbdbb dc Lesson 10: addc ...


   一级目标词汇 1 性别及家庭成员 boy 男陔 girl 女陔 mother 妈妈,母亲 father 父亲,爸爸 grandpa,爷爷,外公 grandma 奶奶,外婆 grandmother(外)祖父 grandfather(外)祖母 dad 爸爸 mum 妈妈 uncle 叔叔,伯父 aunt 阿姨,婶婶,伯母 sister 妹妹,姐姐 brother 兄,弟 Ms 女士 Mr 先生 Miss 小姐 2 动物 panda 熊猫 monkey 猴子 dog 狗 cat 猫 bird 鸟 ...