英语专业八级(TEM) 英语专业八级(TEM)英国文学复习资料
一般掌握) Chapter One (一般掌握) Chapter Two English Literature of the Late Medieval Ages I.可出选择题有: ( )
  1. Apart from original poems, Chaucer translated various works of French authors, among them is the famous A. The Canterbury Tales B. The Romance of the Rose C. The Parliament of Fowls D. The House of Fame ( )
  2. Generally speaking, Chaucer's works fall into three main groups corresponding roughly to the three periods of his adult life, which period is wrong? A. The period of French influence B. The period of Italian influence C. The period of his maturity D. The period of American influence ( )
  3. Which of the following information about Chaucer is wrong?
A. He died on the 25th of October 1400, he was the first to be buried in the writer's corner of Westminster Abby B. He was considered as "father of English Poetry" C. He was one of the narrative poets of England D. His masterpiece is The Canterbury Tales
( )
  4. Of the following, the one which employs the form of romance is. A. Amoretti C. The Tempest B. Venus and Adonis D. Sir Gawain and Green Knight
( )
  5. The characters in the Canterbury Tales can be divided into the following groups except. A. rural dwellers ( by A. Chaucer B. Shakespeare C. Marlowe D. Bunyan ) B. church members C. tradesman D. nobles

  6. Piers the Plowman is similar in form to the work written
Chapter Three English Literature in the Renaissance I.可出选择题有: ( )
  1. English Renaissance Period was an age of
A. prose and novel B. poetry and drama C. essays and journals D. ballads and songs ( )
  2. "Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore art thou Romeo?" is one of the most famous lines from Romeo and Juliet. Which of the following comments on the line is NOT true? A. Juliet speaks the line in the balcony scene. B. She is unaware of Romeo's presence. C. She asks him to deny his family for her love.
D. A major theme in Romeo and Juliet is the tension between social and family identity and one's inner identity (represented by one's name) . ( )
  3. The Elizabethan literature
A. had a marked unity and the feeling of patriotism and devotion to the queen. B. witnessed a decline of degeneration C. expressed age and sadness, even the brightest hours were followed by gloom and pessimism. D. was not romantic. ( )
  4. One of the following plays takes its subject matter from Chinese history A. Henry IV ( B. Macbeth C. Tamburlaine D. Alchemist
  5. Dr Faustus sells his soul to the devil because he.
A. is faced by Mephistopheles B. wants to gain more money C. wants to live an extravagant life D. ( ) wants to know more about the world
  6. Shakespeare is a poet , playwright and . B. novelist C. an actor D. both b and c
A. critic
( )
  7. Of the following, the one which employs the form of romance is. A. Amoretti C. The Tempest B. Venus and Adonis D. Sir Gawain and Green Knight
( )
  8. The difference of Surrey's contribution to English poetry from that of Wyatt lies in that Surrey. A. wrote the first English sonnet B. introduce the couplet into England C. wrote the first English blank verse D. made the sonnet popular ( )
  9. The one who first made blank verse the principal instrument of English drama is A. Surrey ( . ) B. Marlowe C. Shakespeare D. Jonson

  10. The recurrent theme of Marlowe' s play is the praise of
A. capitalism
B. feudalism
C. individualism
D. nationalism
  1. Rough winds do shake the of May, And has all too short a date.
  2. Sometimes too hot the shines, and often is his dimmed.
  3. Shakespeare produced plays and sonnet.
  4. is praised by Marx as "the progenitor of English Materialism". III.可出简答题有: Analyze Shakespeare's four periods of career concisely. Chapter Four English Literature of the Seventeenth Century I.可出选择题有:
( )
  1. was a progressive intellectual movement which began in France and had a wide impact throughout Europe in 18th century. A. The Renaissance B. The Enlightenment C. The Religious Reformation D. The Chartist Movement ( )
  2.Which of the following comment on the image of Satan in Paradise Lost is NOT correct? A. The finest thing in Paradise Lost is the description of Hell and Satan was the real hero. B. He is firmer than the rest of the fallen angels C. He remains obeyed and admired by all the angels D. It is he who makes man revolt against God. ( ) NOT true?
  3. Which of the following information about John Donne is
A. He was born in a Roman Catholic family. B. He received his education at Oxford and Cambridge. C. Later he gave up his Catholic faith and took orders in the Anglican Church. D. He wrote only religious poems. ( )
  4. Dryden's contribution to English literature lies in the following except. A. he established the heroic couplet as one of the principal English verse form B. he clarified the English prose
he raised the English literature criticism to a new level
D. he raised English comedy to a higher level ( )
  5. Apology for Poetry is . B. a romance C. a criticism D. a sonnet
A. a poem
II.可出判断题有: ( )
  1. John Donne is famous for his metaphysical conceit, that is, a comparison between the two strikingly resemblant objects. ( )
  2. Newspaper was born in 17th century.
( )
  3. One of the characteristics of the English bourgeois revolution was that it was carried out under the cloak of religion. III.可出填空题有:
  1. is the glorious pioneer to introduce blank verse into non-dramatic poetry. IV. 可出术语有:
metaphysical poets Chapter Five English Literature in the Eighteenth Century I.可出选择题有: ( )
  1. In the 18th century, satire was much used in writing, English literature of this age produced some excellent satirists, such as A. Swift B. Defoe C. Blake D. Burns
( )
  2. In the 18th century English literature, the representative poets of Pre-romanticism were A. Blake and Wordsworth
B. Burns and Coleridge C. Blake and Burns D. Wordsworth and Coleridge ( )
  3. Which of the following information about William Blake is NOT true? A. He was born in London, the son of Irish hosier. B. He was a poet as well as an engraver. C. His first book of poem was Songs of Innocence. D. His later poems are mysterious and hard to understand. ( )
  4. The main literary stream of the 18th century was. A. Romanticism B. Realism C. Pre-romanticism D. Critical realism ( )
  5. was considered as "father of English Novel".
A. Swift B. Fielding C. Chaucer D. Jane Austin ( ) Review". A. Swift
  6. In 1704, founded the periodicals "the
B. Blake
C. Milton
D. Defoe
II.可出判断题有: ( )
  1. Pope established the heroic couplet as one of the principal English verse forms. ( )
  2. Burn's poems are largely based on imitation and revision of folk ballads of his motherland. ( )
  3. Neo-classicism means restraint, thus it is unfit for the
requirement of French Revolution, which aroused the age of Romantic Revival to unfetter spirit of humankind. ( )
  4. Swift is known as a pioneer novelist of English and also a prolific writer of books and pamphlets on variety of subjects. ( )
  5. The Houyhnhnms represent an ideal rational existence, a life governed by sense. III.可出填空题有:
  1. is the glorious pioneer to introduce blank verse into non-dramatic poetry.
  2. People in 18th century believed in and their watchword was "common sense". V.可出术语有: Enlightenment Age Chapter Six English Literature of the Romantic Age I.可出选择题有: ( )
  1. The Romantic Age began with the publication of "The Lyrical Ballads" which was written by A. William Wordsworth B. Samuel Johnson C. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
D. Wordsworth and Coleridge ( )
  2. Which poet does not belong to the Active Romantic Poet? B. Shelley C. Keats D. Blake
A. Byron
( )
  3. The first poem in "The Lyrical Ballads" is Coleridge's masterpiece A. Kubla Khan B. The Prelude C. The Rime of Ancient Mariner D. Tintern Abbey ( )
  4. In 1805, Wordsworth completed a long auto-biographical poem entitled . A. Biographia LiterariaB. The Prelude C. Lucy Poems ( D. The Lyrical Ballads
  5. The following stanza is from a poem written by.
When we two parted In silence and in tears, Half broken-hearted, To sever for years. Pale grew thy cheek and cold Colder than thy kiss; Truly that hour foretold Sorrow to this! A. Percy Bysshe Shelly
B. William Blake C. George Gordon Byron D. Robert Browning ( )
  6. The Lake Poets include all the following members except the author of the following work. A. The Prelude B. Don Juan C. The Ancient Mariner D. Joan of Arc ( )
  7. Scott's chief contribution to English literature lies in his novels of. A. war B. C. city D. romance II.可出判断题有: ( )
  1. With the establishment of the Jacobin dictatorship in France, Wordsworth's attitude toward revolution changed into active. ( )
  2. In the revised version of Lyrical Ballads, Coleridge held that poetry is the "spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling". ( )
  3. Romanticism is a literary trend. It prevailed in England in the period (1798??18
  32) ( )
  4. The most important impetus of the Romantic movement was the French Revolution history
( )
  5. The ideals of French Revolution are liberty, democracy, and equality. ( )
  6. The brilliant literary criticism "Biographia Literaria" is written by Wordsworth. III.可出填空题有:
  1. marked the transition from romanticism to the period of realism which followed it.
  2.In 1843 Wordsworth was made . IV 可出术语有: lake poets V.可出简答题有: What are the qualities of Romanticism? Chapter Seven English Literature of the Victorian Age I.可出选择题有: ( )
  1. The following statements are features of Dickens's novels except. A. The power of exposure B. Complicated and fascinating plot C. Broad humor and penetrating satire D. Tragic mood and feeling of depression II.可出判断题有: ( )
  1. A Tale of Two Cities belongs to the first writing phase of Dickens's career, and the two cities are London and Paris.
( )
  2. Though the Victorian poets are called The Third Generation of Romanticism, they showed no vigor and power in production of poetry as their previous poets. III.可出填空题有:
  1.In the 19th century English literature, a new literary trend appeared after the romantic poetry.
  2.The title of the novel Vanity Fair is suggestive of that Vanity Fair in Bunyan's masterpiece , where all sorts of vanities are on sale.
  3.The central characters of The Mill on Floss are Tom and his sister .
  4. is the representative of New Romanticism in the novel writing at the end of the 19th century. IV.可出术语有: Dramatic monologue V.可出简答题有: The contribution of the setting to the expression of the speaker's situation in "Crossing the Bar". Chapter Eight English Literature of the First Half of the Twentieth Century I.可出判断题有: ( T )
  1. Symbolism, Surrealism, Imagism, Expressionism, etc, all belong to School of Modernism. ( T )
  2. The Rainbow is D. H. Lawrence's autobiographical work.
II.可出简答题有: The significance of the theme of Araby.
March the works in column A and authors in column B and write the letter of your choice in the brackets
A (g ) (d ) ( f ) ( b) ( j ) ( h) ( a) ( i ) ( e) ( c)
  1. Robert Burns
  2. Shakespeare
  3. Andrew Marvell
  4. Samuel Coleridge
  5. John Keats
  6. Henry Fielding
  7. Ben Jonson
  8. Walter Scott
  9. Oscar Wilde
  10. T. S. Eliot a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j.
B To Celia The Rime of the Ancient Mariner The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Macbeth An Ideal Husband To His Coy Mistress A Red, Red Rose Tom Jones Rob Roy Ode to a Nightingale A B
( e) ( I ) ( g) ( j ) ( a) ( c) ( b) ( f ) (d ) ( h )

  1. Henry Fielding
  2. John Milton
  3. Jane Austin
  4. Shakespeare
  5. Thomas Gray
  6. Dickens
  7. Oscar Wilde
  8. H. G. Wells
  9. Thomas Hardy
  10. Byron
a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j.
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard The Picture of Dorian Gray Great Expectation Jude the Obscure Joseph Andrews The Invisible Man Emma Don Juan Paradise Lost King Lear



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