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  1. The largest city in Canada is. A. Vancouver B. Montreal C. Toronto D. Ottawa 各国首都及重要城市
  2. According to the United States Constitution, the legislative power is invested in__. A. the Federal government (the executive) B. the Supreme court (the judicial) C. the Cabinet D. the Congress (the legislative) 各国政治体制,政府机构
  3. Which of the following is the oldest sport in the United States? ? A. Baseball (1840s,Cartwright N.Y.) ? B. Tennis (1870s, Britain) ? C. Basketball (1891, Massachusetts) ? D. American football (1870s) ?
  4. The head of the executive branch in New Zealand is. ? A. the President B. the Governor-general ? C. the British Monarch D. the Prime minister
  5. The Canterbury Tales, a collection of stories told by a group of pilgrims on their way to Canterbury, is an important poetic work by__ ? A. William Langland ? B. Geoffrey Chaucer ? C. William Shakespeare ? D. Alfred Tennyson ? 作家及其作品
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  6. Who wrote The American? A. Herman Melville B. Nathanial Hawthorne C. Henry James D. Theodore Dreiser
  7. All of the following are well-known female writers in 20th-century Britain except__. ? A. Gorge Elliot B. Iris Jean Murdoch ? C. Doris Lessing D. Muriel Spark ? 作家所处的时代 及所属文学流派(英美现当代作家)
  8. Which of the following is not a designed feature of human language? ? A. Arbitrariness B. Displacement ? C. Duality D. Diachronicity 语言的特点 ?
  9. What type of sentence is “Mark likes fiction, but Tim is interested in poetry.”? ? A. a simple sentence B. a coordinate sentence ? C. a complex sentence D. none of the above ? 句法学
? The phenomenon that words having different meanings have the same form is called . ? A. hyponymy 上下义关系 ? B. synonymy 同义关系 ? C. polysemy 一词多义 ? D. hemonymy 同音同形异义关系 ? 语义学
  7. Introduction to Linguistics What is language?** Designed features of language** Functions of language* What is linguistics?** Main branches of linguistics*** Macrolinguistics* Important distinctions in linguistics**
? I. The basic difference between vowels and consonants : with or without an obstruction of the air stream. ? II. Phonology ? Phoneme** ? Allophones* ? Minimal pairs*
? ? ? ? ? ? I. The formation of Word***
  1. Morpheme and morphology***
  2. Types of morphemes*** Free and bound morphemes Root, affix and stem Inflection, inflection affixes and derivational affixes
? Word formation: compound and derivation ? II. Lexical change*** ?
  1. blending, abbreviation, acronym, backformation, borrowing. ?
  2. Semantic change*** ? Broadening (extension), narrowing, meaning shift (elevation, degradation)
  1. Transformational Generative Grammar:** Chomsky. Deep structure and surface structure ?
  2. Systematic-functional grammar: Halliday** ? The systemic part and the functional part
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  1. Sense and reference*
  2. Major sense relations*** Synonym Polysemy Homonymy Hyponomy Antynomy
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I. Speech Act Theory**:John Austin
  1. Performative and constative*
  2. A theory of illocutionary act** II. The cooperative principles*: Herbert Grice Quantity maxim Quality maxim Relation maxim Manner maxim
? I. Saussure*** ? “father of modern linguistics”, “Course in General Linguistics” ? His theory ? II. The London school: Firth ? Halliday: Systemic-Functional Grammar** ? III. Chomsky: Transformational-generative grammar**
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Speech community** Speech variety** Varieties of language Regional dialect Social dialect Ethnic dialect Register Standard dialect Pidgin** Creole** Bilingualism
? ? ? ?
  1. Language acquisition
  2. A behaviorist’s view
  3. An innatist’s view Chomsky: universal grammar
? ? ? ? ?
  1. Definition
  2. Acquisition
  3. Contrastive analysis
  4. Error Analysis
  5. Input Hypothesis

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