Unit 1
  1. John Cabot, the person who first discovered Canada in 1497 was a(n) __ explorer. A. Italian B. French C. Spanish D. Dutch
  2. Canada gained final independence from Britain in. A. 1774 B. 1838 C. ]949 D. 1982
  3. Australia is a continent in and lies between Indian and South Pacific Oceans. A. Asia B. Europe C. Oceania D. America
  4. Which of the following countries locates in the southern hemisphere? A. New Zealand. B. Canada. C. Ireland. D. Britain.
  5. In Ireland, has an integral and pervasive influence on the life and culture of the country. A. Protestantism B. Puritanism C. Buddhism D. Catholicism
  6. The two most important parties in New Zealand are. A. the National Party and Labor Party B. the Alliance and New Zealand First C. the National Party and the Alliance D. the Alliance and Labor Party
  7. Which of the following countries is unicameral in its parliamentary system? A. Britain. B. New Zealand. C. Ireland. D. Canada.
  8. Among the sports in Canada, is the sport which Canadians usually enjoy playing most. A. skiing B. basketball C. ice-skating D. ice hockey
  9. In Canada, each province is governed under a and a single elected legislative chamber. A. premier B. governor C. governor general D. speaker
  10. Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, is the capital of__ state. A. Queensland B. Victoria C. South Australia D. Western Australia
Unit 2
  1. Which of the following countries is also called "the world's largest farm"? A. Australia. B. New Zealand. C. Canada. D. Ireland.
  2. According to the Australian Medicare system, Australians can enjoy free care at public hospitals. A. all B. two-thirds C. three-fourths D. fourth-fifths
  3. The indigenous people in Australia are , which have
  2.2% of the total population in 20
  01. A. Aborigines B. Maoris C. Cherokees D. people from India
  4. In Canada, the Senate members are appointed from geographic regions while members of the House of Commons are elected by popular vote for a period not to exceed years. A. four B. five C. six D. seven
  5. Australia is the only continent that contains one country. It is the world's largest country. However, as a continent, it is the smallest one. A. fourth B. fifth C. sixth D. seventh
  6. The most well-known Irish writer of the modem times is __, who introduced the stream of consciousness technique. A. William B. Yeats B. Virginia Woolf C. Doris Lessing D. James Joyce
  7. New Zealand's education is seen as one of the best in the world, and school is compulsory for all the children aged from years of age. A. 5to16 B. 6to17 C. 5to17 D. 6to16
  8. The capital city of Ireland is A. Dublin B. Cork C. Galway D. Belfast
  9. Kiwi is the national of New Zealand. A. plant B. flower C. bird D. tree
  10. Canada participated in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the year A. 1941 B. 1949 C. 1951 D. 1955
Unit 3
  1. In Australia, is the most populated city. A. Sydney B. Melbourne C. Canberra D. Newcastle
  2. Canadian literature is written in both English and French. Historically there is connection with; geographically, the U.S.A. influenced Canadian writers naturally. A. France B. the United States C. England D. Italy
  3. Which of the following is NOT one of the three major political parties in Canada? A. The Liberal Party. B The Conservatives. C. The New Democratic Party. D. The Labour Party.
  4. It was in that Australia passed the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act, which officially established Australia's complete autonomy in both internal and external affairs. A. 1938 B. 1942 C. 1946 D. 1950
  5. The indigenous people in New Zealand are the A. Aborigines B. Maoris C. Cherokee D. Indians
  6. The national day of Canada is as a commemoration of the passage of the British North American Act in 18
  67. A. July 1st B. July 4th C. August 1st D. August 4th
  7. The Republic of Ireland is located on the Ireland island, facing the Irish Sea to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the A. north and east B. south and east C. north and west D. north and east
  8. Canada's most important trading partner is __ __ A. Japan B. the U.S. C. Britain D. France
  9. The Great Barrier Reef, which is a natural wonder called "a garden under sea" is located in A. Australia B. New Zealand C. Canada D. the U. S.
  10. In Canada, elementary education includes kindergarten through the grade. A. sixth B. seventh C. eighth D. ninth
Unit 4
  1. Which mountain boasts the highest point in Canada? A. Mount Columbia (Alberta). B. Urmamed Peak (Northwest Territories). C. Mount Logan (Yukon). D. Summit Devon Ice Cap (Nunavut).
  2. Throughout 1600s, founded permanent settlements in Canada. A. England and Spain B. Spain and Italy C. Italy and France D. France and England
  3. Australia was first colonizxxl on January 26th , , which is now known as Attstmlia Day. A. 1770 B. 1787 C. 1788 D. 1861
  4. The official language(s) of New Zealand is( are) A. English B. French C. Maori D. English and Maori
  5. The Republic of Ireland has the original counties of the 32 of Ireland. A. 24 B. 26 C. 28 D. 30
  6. It is through the Treaty of Waitangi in that the United Kingdom established British sovereignty in New Zealand. A. 1790 B. 1810 C. 1840 D. 1860
  7. "Which of the following statements is NOT true about Australia? A. Elections for the House of Representatives can only be held within certain periods prescribed in the Constitution. B. Executive power is vested in the Federal Executive Council, which gives legal form to cabinet decisions. C. The Senate has 76 members, representing the states and territories. D. The House of Representative has 150 members, representing electoral districts.
  8. Canada is a highly developed industrial country. In economy, it bears the most similarities with A. Britain B. France C. the United States D. Germany
  9. The capital city of Canada is __, which is an important financial and commercial center, especially for agricultural trading. A. Ottawa B. Toronto C. Quebec D. Montreal
  10. Australia is a hot and dry continent and of the country lies in the tropics. A. 0ne-third B. half C. two-fifths D. three-sevenths
Unit 5
  1. The largest city of New Zealand is A. Wellington B. Auckland C. Dublin D. Ottawa
  2. On the Commonwealth Blue Ensign (the Australian National Flag), the largest star has points, which stands for the six original states and the Territories of the Commonwealth. A. five B. six C. seven D. eight
  3. In Austraha, the Medicare system also meets of the bill for private hospital treatment, while patients pay the rest. A. one-third B. two-thirds C. three-fifths D. three-fourths
  4. The backbone of Canada's economy is A. forestry B. agriculture C. service industry D. manufacturing
  5. The Canadian Pacific Railway was built inwhich was one of the two major events in the history of Canada foundation and exerted foremost influence on modem Canada. A. 1848 B. 1882 C. 1885 D. 1898
  6. Among all the states in Australia,__ is the second largest and youngest state. A. New South Wales B. Queensland C. Victoria D. South Australia
  7. New Zealand has an economy and culture similar to its neighbor but a much smaller land area. A. Canada B. Ireland C. India D. Australia
  8. The official language(s) of Ireland is(are) A. English B. Irish C. both A and B C. neither A or B
  9. New Zealand has a population of about
  3.6 million people, the majority of whom live inarea. A. the South Island B. the North Island C. the Stewart Island D. the small islands surrounding the country
  10. Sydney was the host of the summer Olympic Games for the year. A. 1992 B. 1996 C. 2000 D. 2004



   Unit 1 1. John Cabot, the person who first discovered Canada in 1497 was a(n) __ explorer. A. Italian B. French C. Spanish D. Dutch 2. Canada gained final independence from Britain in. A. 1774 B. 1838 C. ]949 D. 1982 3. Australia is a continent in ...


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