1) 美国概况 练习题: 1 The traditional dividing line in America between “east” and “west” is. 2 The earliest part in America to be found and taken over by early settlers is . 3 The largest racial group in the whole population of U.S.A is. 4 Before 2000, the largest minority group in the United States is. 5 has the world’s oldest written constitution and political party. 6 The economic problem caused by the depression in 1929 was eventually solved by. 7 In the United States, primary education requiresyears. 8 Most college students in the United States are ininstitutions. 9 The three main levels of courts of the federal judicial system in America are. 10 (which state )is not governed by the common law. 练习题答案及题解:
  1. The Mississippi River, 密西西比河是美国传统的东方和西方的分界线。 2 .The Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain, 最早被早期定居者发现和占领的地方是大西洋及其沿岸 平原。 3 .Non-hispanics white, 非西班牙裔的白人是美国最大的种族群体。 4 .African Americans, 2000 年以前非裔美国人是美国最大的少数民族群体。2000 年以后, 拉丁裔美国人的人数超过了非裔美国人的人数,成为美国第一大少数民族群体。 5 .America, 美国拥有世界上最古老的宪法和政党。
  6. World War II, 第二次世界大战的爆发帮助美国走出了经济困境。
  7. Six years, 美国的小学要花费大约六年的时间。
  8. Public, 大部分美国大学生都在公立学校就读。 9 .美国的联邦法院系统包括:the United States District Courts; the United States Courts of Appeal ; the United States Supreme Court. 10 .Louisana, 路易斯安娜州不受共同法的约束。
  2) 美国概况 练习题: 练习题: 1 Of the fifty states of America, states now have the death penalty as punishment. 2 The four major regions of the United Sates are. 3 region’s culture character was shaped largely by Puritan spirit. 4 is the largest state in terms of size and population in America.
  5"Hollywood"is often used as a synonym for 6 The most important and largest river in the United States of America is. 7 The north-eastern part of the United States ――New England enjoys a climate. 8 To the west of mainland American lies the Ocean. 9 Detroit, a U.S. city bordering Lake Erie, is famous for its. 10 The natives of the continent of the America are the.
练习题答案及题解: 练习题答案及题解
  1. 38, 美国现有 38 个州惩罚罪犯采用死刑。 2 .Northeast, South, Midwest and West, 美国的主要四大部分不包括北部。
  3. The New England Region, 美国的新英格兰地区, 也就是东北部地区深受清教思想的影 响。 4 .California,加利福尼亚州是美国最大的州,拥有人口也最多。 5 .American films,好莱坞是美国著名的电影制造地。
  6. the Mississippi River,美国最长的河流是密西西比河,也是美国最重要的一条河流。被 美国人视为“众河之父”,沿河流域也是美国的主要农作物产区。 7 .typical continental,美国东北部的新英格兰地区是典型的大陆性气候。冬天寒冷,夏天 炎热。 8 .Pacific Ocean, 美国东临大西洋,西濒太平洋,北接加拿大,南靠墨西哥及墨西哥湾。 9 .automobile industry, 底特律是美国著名的汽车城。 10 .Indians, 美国的本土居民是当地的印第安人。
  3) 美国概况 练习题: 练习题: 1 .is the largest city and the chief port of the United States. A .Washington D.C B .Los Angeles C. San Francisco City
D .New York

  2. enjoys the worst social and economic conditions. A. Blacks B .Hispanics C. Indians D. Asian Americans 3 .Washington D.C. is named after. A. the U.S. President George Washington B .Christopher Columbus C .both George Washington and Christopher Columbus D .none of them 4 .American and British English are two of the English language. A. varieties B. elements C. parts D. form
  5. The first American president to be elected from the Republican Party was. A . Thomas Jefferson B . James Monroe C . James Madison D .Abraham Lincoln 6 .Of the fifty states, the smallest state in area is. A . Rhode Island B . Virginia C . Texas D .Montana
  7. The national flag of the United States is known as. A . the Star-Spangled Banner B . Uncle Sam C . Hot Dog D .Union Jack
  8. The number of the Representatives from each American state depends on the . A .contribution a state has made to the nation
B. population C. size D. none of the above 9 .The tern “Father of Waters” is used to refer to . A. the Amazon River B. the Mississippi River C. the Nile River D. the Hudson River 10 The statue of liberty was given to American people by as a gift in 18
  84. A . France B . Spain C . Italy D .Britain 练习题答案及题解: 练习题答案及题解 1 .D, 纽约是美国最大的城市同时也是最重要的经济中心和最主要的港口。
  2. A, 黑人在美国的经济和社会地位都最为低下。 3 .C, 首都命名为华盛顿是为了纪念美国的第一任总统乔治?华盛顿,而联邦直辖区命名为 哥伦比亚特区是为了纪念第一位从欧洲横渡大西洋到达西半球的探险家克里斯多拂?哥伦 布。
  4. A, 美国英语和英国英语是英语语言的两种变体。
  5. D, 美国历史上的第一位共和党总统是亚伯拉罕?林肯。
  6. A, 美国国土面积最小的是罗得岛。 7 .A, 美国的国旗是星条旗。
  8. B, 美国每个州派往众议院的代表人数应与本州人口成比例。 9 .B, 美国的“众河之父”指的是密西西比河。
  10. A, 美国的自由女神像是法国人赠予的礼物。
  4) 美国概况 练习题:
  1. Ernest Hemingway is . A. Englishman B. American C.Dutch D. Denmark 2 .John Fitzgerald Kennedy is president. A. 35th B. 34th C. 33rd D. 32nd
  3. In 1837, the first college-level institution for women , Mount Holyoke Female Seminary , opened in to serve the “ Muslim sex”. A. New England B. Virginia C. Massachusetts D. New York
  4. The capital of Massachusetts is . A .Providence B. Boston C. Montpelier D. Augusta 5 . is the dividing line between the South and North. A .The Hudson River B. The Potomac River C. The Ohio River D. The Missouri River 6 . is Washington’s largest city. A .Boise B. Denver C. Tacoma D .Seattle
  7. Washington D.C., the capital of U.S. is situated on the River banks. A .St. Lawrence B. Hudson C. Potomac D. Missouri
  8. When did the American Civil War break out?
A. 1775 B. 1812 C. 1861 D. 1863 9 .Who prepared the draft of the Declaration of Independence? A .John Adams B. Thomas Jefferson C. Benjamin Franklin John Hancock
  10. In which day is Halloween celebrated? A .5 November B. 31 October C .17 March D. 25 December 练习题答案及题解:
  1. B,文坛巨匠海明威是美国人。 2 .A,肯尼迪是美国的第 35 任总统。
  3. C,美国的第一所女子学院开设于马萨诸塞州。 4 .B,麻省的首府是波士顿。
  5. D,美国南北的分界线是密苏里河,东西的分界线是密西西比河。 6 .D,华盛顿州的最大城市是西雅图。
  7. C,华盛顿特区位于波托马克河上。
  8. C,美国内战爆发于 1861 年,结束于 1865 年。 9 .B,为美国起草独立宣言的是托马斯?杰弗逊。 10 .B,万圣节前夕是 10 月的最后一天即 10 月 31 号。
  5) 英国概况 练习题: 练习题: 1 Britain was the first country to industrialize because of the following factors except . A Britain was well placed geographically to participate in European and world trade. B Britain had many rivers, which were useful for transport. C British engineers had sound training and the inventors were respected. D British government was increasingly interested in overseas and colonies after the 17th century. 2 The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy. The has very little power. A queen B monarch C prime minister D king 3 Which party has always had strong links with the trade unions and received financial support from them? A the Labor Party B the Conservative Party C the Liberal Party D the Social Democratic Party 4 On accepting , the age of constitutional monarchy, of a monarchy with powers limited by Parliament, began. A Constitutional Law B The Declaration of Independence C Civil Law D Bill of Rights 5 Females were allowed to vote in national elections until . A 1918 B 1916 C 1920 D 1896 6 The British North America Act of 1867 established as a domain. A Australia B Canada C New Zealand D India 7 During World War II, as a war leader, received massive popular support and led his country to final victory in 19
A Harold Wilson B Edward Heath C Franklin Roosevelt D Winston Churchill 8 The Falkland Islands war was between Britain and . A France B New Zealand C Argentina D Australia 9 In Britain, a is held when a Member of Parliament dies, retires or resigns. A civic election B by-election C popular election D general election 10 In the United Kingdom, ministers are appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of . A the Lord Chancellor B the Monarch C the Prime Minister D the King 练习题答案及题解: 1 D, 英国之所以能成为世界上最早开始工业化的国家,原因有很多。 但英国是从 17 世纪以后 逐步开始对海外贸易和开拓海外殖民地产生浓厚兴趣的。 2 B, 英国是君主立宪制国家,国王或女王(君主)几乎没什么实质性的权力。 3 A, 保守党和自由党是英国最早成立的两个党派。大致来说,保守党是中上层阶级的党, 它得到大公司财政上的支持;而工党,主要得到工会的支持,它的支持者主要是中产阶级和 知识分子。 4 D, 《权利法案》的签署,标志着英国进入了君主立宪制时代,一个君主几乎没有什么实 质性权力并受制于议会的时代。 5 A, 直到 1918 年妇女才在全国大选中享有选举权。 6 B, 《1867 年英国北美法案》将加拿大纳为它的自治领。 7 D, 在第二次世界大战中,当时的英国首相丘吉尔作为战争统帅受到了英国人民的广泛拥 戴,并带领英国人民赢得了战争的最后胜利。 8 C, 福克兰群岛战役是发生在英国和阿根廷着这两个国家之间。 位于大西洋南部的福克兰群 岛从 1892 年起就是英国的海外殖民地,1982 年阿根廷开始控制这些岛屿,但是英国最终打 败了阿根廷,并重新占领了这些岛屿。 9 B, 英国的下院议会成员中有人去世、退休或辞职时,就要进行补缺选举。 10 C, 在英国,部长们是由首相推荐,女王加以任命的。
  6) 英国概况 练习题: 练习题: 1 How many members are there in the House of Commons? A 650 B 524 C 72 D 651 2 Which of the following people didn’t use to be the British Prime Minister? A Margaret Thatcher B Winston Churchill C Horatio Nelson D John Major 3 By tradition, the leader of the majority party is appointed by the Sovereign in the United Kingdom. A Prime Minister B Member of Parliament C Lord of appeal D Speaker of the House 4 The Tories were the forerunners of , which still bears this nickname today. A the Labour Party B the Conservative Party C the Liberal Party D the Social Democratic Party
5 In the United Kingdom, the party which wins the number of seats in the House of Commons becomes the official Opposition. A largest B second largest C third largest D fourth largest 6 The term “British disease” is now often used to characterize Britain’s decline. A political B educational C military D economic 7 The 1980s was remembered as the decade of . A globalization B nationalization C privatization D competition 8 Today, in Britain, is called a “sick” industry. A coal mining B iron and steel C textiles D shipbuilding 9 The first steam engine was devised by Thomas Newcomer at the end of the 17th century, and the Scottish inventor modified and improved the design in 17
  65. A Abraham Darby B James Watt C John Kay D Richard Arkwrightthe 10 created the industrial working class, the proletariat, and it later led to trade unionism. A The Chartist Movement B The Industrial Revolution C The French Revolution D The Glorious Revolution 练习题答案及题解: 1 D, 下议院共有 651 名议员。 2 C, 撒切尔夫人,丘吉尔和梅杰都曾经做过英国首相;而纳尔逊(1758-18
  05) ,英国海军统 帅,因作战负伤,右眼失明,失去右臂。后任地中海舰队司令,在特法尔加角海战中大败西 班牙联合舰队,本人受重伤阵亡,号称 Viscount Nelson。 3 A, 在英国,按照传统,多数党的领导人由君主任命为首相,首相从本党内部挑选一些领 导人担任各部部长职位。 4 B, 托利党是英国保守党的前身。 5 B, 在英国,在下议



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