News Item 1 Choose the Best Answer: Choose the Best Answer:
  1. What is the percent of people who think President Bush is doing a good job? A. 39 percent. B. 46 percent. C. 1 5 percent. D. 30 percent.
  2. Who believed that President Bush should issue an apology to the nation? A. Lindsey Graham B. John Cornyn C. Charles Schumer D. Harry Reid News Item 2 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is NOT true about Mr. Michael Chertoff? A. H e used to be former top Justice Department Official. B. He,S Mr. Bush,S first pick to replace Tom Ridge in the Department of Homeland Security. C. He said that protecting individual rights is a priority. D. He is a judge of the federal appeals court.
  2. According to President Bush,Mr. Michael Chertoff possesses all the following qualifications EXCEPT that A. He has shown a deep commitment to the cause of justice. B. H e has an unwavering determination to protect the American people. C. He is a practical organizer,a skilled manager and a brilliant thinker. D. He has worked for many years as the chief of New York City police. News Item 3 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. How many years will the two senior officials face in prison? A. Up to 1 2 years. B. Up to 2 years C. Up to 1 4 years. D. Up to 13 years
  2. The two officials are accused of the following crimes EXCEPT for A. abusing power. B. intentional wrongdoing C. embezzlement. D. slander. News Item 4 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is TRUE about the election? A. People felt indifferent to the right to vote. B. The President felt confident of winning a second five-year term. C. Thousands of policemen have been deployed in the capital Pretoria. D. South Africans do not appear to be confident that the election will be peaceful and well-organized. News Item 5 Note-taking &Gap-filling: its White House spokesman Scott McClellan says Syria knows what it needs to do to
  1. behavior and become a
  2. member of the region and of the international community. He says the Bush administration continues to have
  3. about members of the former Iraqi regime operating across the border in Syria. Mr. McClellan says Washington is also concerned about Syria’s
  4. support for terrorism,including the most recent bombing in Tel Aviv. He says the Bush administration has firm evidence that the violence was planned by Islamic
  5. 1eaders in Damascus. News Item 6 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. According to the news broadcast,which of the following is TRUE? A. The Prime Minister issued an apology last night in London. B. The Prime Minister,S apology does amount to an admission that the allegations are true.
C. It has been proven that British soldiers were involved in abuse of prisoners in Iraq. D. Two international Organizations warned the British government of allegations of abuse up to a year ago.
  2. Which of the following is the best conclusion that we can draw from the news story? A. No. 10 will reveal when it first became aware of the claims under the increasing pressure. B. No. 10 will soon admit that British soldiers were involved in the abuse of prisoners in Iraq. C. No. 1 0 will cooperate with the International Committee of the Red Cross to investigate the case. D. No. 1 0 will bring those who were involved in the abuse of soldiers in Iraq to court. News Item 7 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. According to the news broadcast,which of the following is NOT true? A. Mr. Berlusconi says that Italy has the duty to demand the complete truth from its ally. B. Italy is demanding the United States to participate in the inquiry. C. The United States has no intention of evading the truth. D. The U. S. version of the events coincided with the Italian version.
  2. How many agents were wounded in the incident? A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.
  3. On the Italian side,who were going to join the investigation? A. An Italian military official and a diplomat. B. An Italian military official and an intelligence agent. C. An Italian diplomat and a journalist. D. An Italian diplomat and a lawmaker. News Item 8 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is NOT true according to the broadcast? A. Opponents of the delay say that it would make people doubt about the government,S resolve to implement the pullout. B. The settlers in Gaza want the pullout to be cancelled. C. Most settlers in Gaza strip are employed in agriculture. D. The stormy meeting has failed to reach any conclusion on a possible withdrawal. News Item 9 Note-taking & Gap-filling: outside Sonia Gandhi's home in New Delhi
  2. into cheers of The crowds
  1. 'bring back Sonia Gandhi ' when they were told that all the members of an important committee had resigned. They have given up their posts after Mrs. Gandhi's
  3. announcement that she won't be the next prime minister. Mrs. Gandhi has been
  4. that hers is a final decision and she will not change her mind. Her choice of the party's next leader is thought to be the former
  5. minister, who will also be the prime minister. News Item 10 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. What was the focus of President Bush's only speech during his three-nation tour of Central and South America? A. Safeguarding democratic ideals in the region. B. Calling for people of Latin America to defy dictators to win their freedom. C. Accusing some leaders of Latin American countries of rolling back the democratic progress of the past two decades. D. Praising Brazil's role in helping other countries seeking freedom and social justice.

  2. Which of the following is the last stop of President Bush's three-nation visit to Central and South America? A. Brazil B. Venezuelan C. Cuba D. Panama News Item 11 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is NOT a reason for the Pentagon's opposition to sweeping changes to the intelligence apparatus? A. The changes could possibly lead to new obstacles for the forces defending the nation. B. The changes could not save billions of dollars for the nation. C. The nation's security could have been jeopardized rather than improved. D. The changes could possibly create bureaucratic obstacles for those who rely on that information on the battlefield. News Item 12 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. How many people were killed in the school siege? A. More than 300 people. B. At lease 600 people. C. Some 900 people. D. More than 25 people.
  2. Which of the following is TRUE according to the news story? A. All the hostage-takers have been killed in Friday's battle. B. It remains unclear what the heavily-armed men and women wanted, apart from a general demand that Russian troops leave Chechnya. C. Local officials know exactly how the militants have stockpiled weapons of such high caliber on the school's territory. D. No one has claimed responsibility for the school siege. News Item 13 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is NOT a critic of the US-led invasion of Iraq? A. John Murtha B. Craig Thomas C. Carl Levin D. Jack Reed News Item 14 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is NOT true according to the news story? A. Ms Sarobi has served as a minister for women's affairs before she is appointed Afghanistan's first-ever female provincial governor. B. Ms Sarobi's new position used to be taken by former presidential candidate Masooda Jalal. C. The Islamist Taleban government did not allow women to participate in government and political affairs. D. The Afghanistan government has decided to place more women in positions of power.
  2. Which of the following is the best title for the news story? A. Ms Habiba Sarobi and her new post. B. The Islamist Taleban government's severe limitation of women’s rights. C. Afghanistan appoints first-ever woman governor. D. A wider political role for women in Afghanistan. News Item 15 Choose the Best Answer:

  1. Who did the attackers want to assassinate? A. Shaukat Aziz. B. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. C. Anwar el-Sadat. D. Both A and C.
  2. Which of the following is TRUE according to the news story? A. The government has arrested all the suspects of the assassination. B. The prime minister-designate has been killed in the assassination. C. It's evident that the group is named for an Egyptian officer who led the assassination of then Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat. D. Mr. Ahmed believes that there's a connection between the attackers and an outlawed extremist Sunni Muslim group. News Item 16 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is NOT the reason why were some Lebanese not pleased with the US resolution? A. They thought the fate of Arab countries should be decided only by Arabs, not by the United States or Britain. B. They thought the resolution is manipulated by the United Stats. C. They thought Syria had nothing to do with the slaying of Mr. Hariri. D. They thought the United Nations is being pressured by the Americans. News Item 17 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following best summarizes the main idea of the news story? A. President Jacques Chirac avoids to talk about Iraq with President Bush. B. President Bush and President Jacques Chirac worry about the situations in Lebanon. C. Middle East tops agenda of Bush-Chirac talks. D. President Bush is pleased to meet President Jacques Chirac. News Item 18 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is FALSE according to the news story? A. Rosa Lee Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man, and for that refusal she was arrested and fined. B. Rosa Lee Parks organized an eight-one day boycott of the bus system in Montgomery, Alabama. C. Rosa Lee Parks became a symbol of the civil rights movement. D. Rosa Lee Parks could not find a job in Alabama after she was released from the prison.
  2. Why Rosa Lee Parks was not afraid when she did the "frightening thing"? A. She has Martin Luther King Junior to support her. B. She was the leader of the civil rights movements. C. She wanted to know once and for all what rights she had as a human being and a citizen. D. She was an aide to a Democratic Congressman, and no one dared to arrest her. News Item 19 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is the best title for the news story? A. Bush on a Five-week Vacation in His Texas Ranch B. Bush Is Optimistic about the Constitutional Process of Iraq C. Bush Seeks Boost in Public Support for Iraq War D. Bush Speaks to National Guard Troops in the Western State of Idaho News Item 20
Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Why does President Bush choose Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court? A. She understands the restrained and modest role of .judges to interpret laws as written, not to legislate laws. B. She is a woman of intelligence, strength and firm beliefs. C. She has involved complex matters of constitutional law when working as White House counsel. D. All of the above.
  2. Why do the conservatives oppose the nomination? A. She has never been a judge. B. She does not know how to handle political-divisive issues. C. She is a Democratic. D. Both A and B. News Item 21 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is NOT a fact mentioned in the news story? A. The Christian Democrats won much less support in the East than in the West. B. Living standards in the East is much lower than in West. C. A huge number of people have moved from East to West to seek opportunities. D. A trillion Euros will be transferred from the West to the East until the year 20
  2. Which of the following is NOT a progress having been made according to the annual reunification report of the government? A. Net incomes have doubled in the last fifteen years in the East. B. Pavements and roads have been repaired and replaced. C. Unemployment is no longer a problem for people in the East. D. Efforts are being made to improve the motorway and rail network. News Item 22 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following is TRUE according to the news story? A. The threat to the September 18 legislative elections is from militias operated by warlords in Afghanistan. B. The worsening security situations are posing difficulties for the elections, but a representative new national assembly will be established. C. John Bolton is the UN envoy to Afghanistan. D. A separate UN-led force has boosted to a strength of more than 23,000 for the elections. News Item 23 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. President Bush believes Syria holds responsibility for A. blocking democratic reform in Lebanon. B. allowing terrorists to cross the border into Iraq. C. not being full transparent about what they did in Lebanon. D. all of the above. Economy News Item 24 Note-taking & Gap-filling: of Palestinians in the occupied territories live in poverty. According to a survey of the
  1. times Bank of Israel, the number of families living under the poverty line in 2001 is
  2. larger than that in 19
  88. In the past three years, Israel's economy has been
  3. by the second intifada
or Palestinian uprising. Tourism has taken a nose-dive. And the bursting of the
  4. bubble in the to Israel. United States and other western countries in 2000 dealt a severe
  5. News Item 25 Choose the Best Answer:
  1. Which of the following best summarizes the main idea of the news story? A. John Browne discusses world oil prices. B. World oil prices reach another new high. C. The head of BP. optimistic about the stabilization of oil prices. D. Unexpected jump of oil price hit world economy in 20
  04. News Item 26 Choose the Best Answer.
  1. Which of the following is NOT true according to the news story? A. The United States and the EU have been quarrelling on*t



   政治新闻常用词汇 absolute majority 绝对多数 ad hoc committee 特别委员会 advisory body 咨询机构 anti-establishment 反政府情绪 all-embracing agreement 包罗万象的协定 arbitration 调停 bipartisan diplomacy 两党一致的对外政策 carrot-and-stick 威胁利诱政策 deadlock 僵局 shoe-string majority 微弱多数 embargo 禁 ...


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   新闻英语特点 新闻报道与其他文体相比, 其具有自身的独特风格。 从新闻报道的结构看, 通常有两种形式: 一种是依照事件发生的先后, 也就是按照时间顺序的写法, 通常用于报道体育新闻或犯罪新 闻;另一种是依照事实的重要性来陈述的新闻导语法。VOA 和 BBC 英语新闻通常采用的 都是第二种方法。 新闻导语是每条新闻的重心要点内容, 它概要的表达每条新闻的主要内容, 是整条新闻的核心所在。通常新闻的第一句话就是导语,简明扼要、开门见山的概括新闻的 主题, 回答了 5 个 W (what had ...


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